Terror Comes Knocking: my review

Terror Comes Knocking

Author: Aaron Paul Lazar


From the author of Healey’s Cave comes another dramatic mystery thriller starting our favorite retired doctor Sam Moore. As the story unfolds Sam and Rachel are attending his late brother Billy’s funeral and the thoughts that have revolved in his mind for over fifty years come flooding through. From the reasons why he never learned of his brother’s death to the causes and who was responsible for his makeshift burial, Sam is trying to come to grips with the past as he tries to move forward in the present. Small distractions do not help, taking care of his grandchildren is a joy but fear and worry once again enter when Rachel cannot locate or get in touch with their daughter Beth. When a close friend and her roommate call to speak with Beth as Sam’s home, learning that she is not there alerts her friend and of course Sam that something is wrong. Contacting Beth’s boss brings to light that she just might be missing and hoping to collaborate his thoughts with her friend Zafina might shed light on her disappearance.


Going out to the garden after breakfast with his green marble in his hand he hopes to reconnect with Billy up in heaven hoping he will help him find Beth. Terror Comes Knocking in more than one way as Beth’s Egyptian roommate Zafina Azziz arrives and is concerned about Beth. Throughout dinner you get the feeling that Hashim her brother seems uncomfortable and Beth is holding something back. When the truth about Beth and Zafina’s relationship is revealed Sam becomes more concerned. Would Beth as her friend reveals have a fight over a man? Would she disappear and how can his connection with Billy bring to light her whereabouts as the author also shares a dream he has where Billy allows Sam to see Beth but has no idea where she is or why she is do unhappy. Recalling her boss and her landlord reveals that she is missing and that’s all. As Sam falls back into the past he does not hear Rachel in the present as he relives and event in the schoolyard, a fight with another student and the end result is not what you would expect as the marble pulls him back again and in the present a crisis arises. Rachel falls, dislocates both shoulders and the result is surgery and Sam has to tend to her needs. When Zafina shows up at his house and offers to help him out what is her motive and why does Sam seem to think she is coming on to him?  But something is off and when the truth about Beth and Zafina’s relationship is revealed Sam has a lot to take in and the end result was not what he expected. Calling in the police would be difficult when contacted them in New York but with the help of his friend and Senator Bruce McDonald he hoped to learn more.


But, an incident occurs in town that alerts the reader, Sam and the Presidential hopeful that terrorism knows now boundaries and might have just arrived at their front door. An explosion destroys the cleaners and the man who owns is arrested on the spot but did he do it as Sam sees the desperate look of fear in his eyes when he is taken away. Added in is the sudden disappearance of his son, Andy in Iraq, Rachel’s injuries and the disappearance of Beth being looked into by the FBI? A flashback occurs stronger than ever before and Sam sees his friend Fletcher Biddle and learns what really happened to the kittens, who killed them but hears Billy’s voice promising him that Andy just might be okay. But, what about Beth? What is the link between Beth, Zafina and her brother whose behavior seems odd? A strong circle of fear engulfs Sam and the pain in the pit of his stomach often lets him know that something is wrong. With no ransom note in sight, no kidnappers calling where could Beth be and why does Sam see her in a small room resembling a prison cell? What connection does the explosion have to do with the President coming to town the following week and will more explosions take place. The President is supposed to attend the Art Center’s opening gala and the town is excited will they be able to provide the protection he needs?


But, when the man arrested for the bombing gets ill and Sam is called to the prison to assist in his care what happens strikes more fear within his heart as the end result is fatal, the reason for his death a possible murder, and the end result might link everything to Beth, the bomb and the President’s visit the following week. So, just where does Zafina and her brother fit in? But, she and her friends has many meetings and get-togethers and their relationship with the other tenants in the building was not friendly. Witnessing Zafina move her brother out of the apartment would alert the janitor and create suspicion as tot the quantity of things moved and what they were. Added in as he learns from the FBI is the fact that although she enrolled in school, Zafina never attended classes during the new semester. What was her secret, was she a terrorist and what about her caring for Rachel? Family members were deported for suspicion of terrorism and now Sam would have to decide whether she was one too. Was Rachel’s accident really an accident, what about Beth and what Zafina claims was their relationship and so called fight? What about why she is really here?


Lies have been told and deceits well orchestrated and just what is the truth behind Beth’s disappearance, her relationship with this girl and what is Sam’s plan to uncover the truth? Should Sam confront them both and find out the truth alone? Is it safe explaining her inconsistent behavior towards Rachel and to him? But, what he sees when he enters his apartment will definitely shock Sam and the reader wondering exactly who they are, what her relationship is to this man named Hashim? When the truth is revealed what will Sam think and do? But, what Zafina reveals changes things greatly as she relates some information about Beth but is it true? With Hashim working for Bruce and the lies told when Sam tells him the story what will the end result be?


When Sam comes face to face with the truth, who is behind what happened to Beth will it be too late for him to find her? What will the FBI do with the information they uncovered and will the President be safe when he arrives in Conaroga, New York the following week? The links in the chain are coming closer together and the welder will either solder them so tightly they will never come apart or will they finally come lose and be sent in many different directions? What happens when Sam tries to go after the terrorists and find Beth? Just who is next on their hit list and who is behind the plot to destroy the President?


Just what happens to Beth, Sam and Bruce you won’t expect and just what does this 62 year old retired doctor do to prove that he is not down and out and a force to be reckoned with? Can he stop the plot in time or is it too late? An ending so explosive and terrifying will anyone survive the blast? Just what happens when all is said and done and the fires are put out and the damage is cleaned up? Is Zafina a friend or behind the plot? What about Hashim and the students and will the final plot be foiled? Read Terror Comes Knocking and find out if the plot to destroy the President comes to pass. Sometimes when a caller comes knocking at your door you might consider keeping it locked. Fast paced, true to life, definitely high tension and seriously up there with the best mystery/thriller writers author Aaron Paul Lazar’s green marble series is one of the best I have reviewed in a long time. Let’s hope Sam keeps coming back for more and let’s not forget the green marble and Billy.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Let’s give this book: Five More Green Marbles and one more for me.


Out of His Mouth: Logan Rogers

Out of his Mouth


Logan Rogers


Before reviewing this book I have to state the following: I am reviewing this book based on what the author has shared about his experiences with Fred and Marcella Williams and his Glory in the Lord sermons. I will not state in this review whether I agree or disagree with what he is saying about Fred Williams and his manner of prayer. I am strictly sharing the letter from Fred Williams as told by our author Logan Rogers.




Some events that you experience can change the way you look at life and your perspective at the same time. Meeting one person can teach you many different ways to understand the meaning of many truths that you failed to realize before. As the author introduces not only himself and Maureen to Fred Williams we learn of how he helped those he greets and encounters to experience the Freedom of Worship, the bliss of the Glory Gatherings and the words he bestows on each person as he places his hands on them and restores the many gifts, he as the Lord can that day. The man, Fred Williams, his letters and words and understandings written by first time author Robert Logan Rogers.


As the author describes the energy and the way Fred captures and envelopes those coming to hear his sermon you can feel the fire the fervor and the joys that he bestowed on others as we get to know Fred Williams. With his prayer partner Peggy our author invited Fred Williams to a weekend in the mountains. Sharing his life as he dealt with a divorce, his dark hours and finally releasing himself as spirit sings out the darkness would break. Entering Logan’s house Fred not only made his presence known but that or the Lord too by saying his presence was there in a big way. Reaching out to them and sharing his message about communion, the elements and “our tasting of God’s goodness,” would start the weekend off in a huge way.


The author’s journey did not begin with meeting Fred. It began with a vision that he had before meeting him. A vision that encompassed something so powerful that most people would deny it ever happened yet it did. Imagine seeing people releasing a sound in unison as the crickets did when he broke through the darkness worshipping at home. Powerful and definitely life changing as he would experience this once again with his wife Maureen many times over. Music seems to play an important part and when hearing a song or a tune on the radio, the author states that with Fred, if your “doctrine was established and the need to find it in the Bible critical, the your reference point would be challenged.” If seems that Fred would place a boulder or obstacle in your path in order to challenge your patience. Fred was known as the man who knows all things.


The author includes a short subtopic in Chapter Five titled, “Stumbling Blocks,” which allows the reader along with the others to see if the “subtleness of idolatry existed.” Interestingly enough he sates that many do not believe unless they see it in the Bible. His challenge to those present was whether the Lord’s voice comes through without focusing on his outer appearance. Several though provoking questions follow and the reader can decide their own response as he continues with several other subtopics, such as Nokomis Came by Night, the Kingdom of Heaven Suffers Violence and Rejoice in the Lord. But, what follows next explains their meeting on one Sunday where the wine was starting to turn from water and when he and the others drank is there was a grape aroma, no alcohol taste and the “intoxication from heaven began.”


A Time for Everything Under Heaven, But Be Filled with Spirit focusing on the breaking of the curse, drinking wine not made3 from the elements of earth and therefore not subjected to the curse. Drinking Heaven’s wine and sharing his stories enlightens the reader about the author’s experiences with Fred and many others. But, when Fred refers to the angels he refers to them by name and the author related a story early on in this book and revisits it in this chapter. When Maureen, his wife, that the sign of Heaven fell from the sky in the form of a gemstone as diamond fell at the foot of a pregnant woman, he was skeptical.


The author’s voice comes through loud and clear and his thoughts about Fred, his sermons and much more are discussed and questioned. In Chapter 8 the author shares Fred’s thoughts on jealousy and defines it as a poison feeling in insecurity. He once again refers to the gemstones and questions as to whether these stones who these stones are for what they are missing when listening to Fred as well as doubt being cast as to the value of the diamond that fell being worthless. Fred and his wife Marcella were accused of using sleight-of-hand magic. They would respond by keeping silent. Anger engulfed many of the followers and one follower named Alan stated that darkness came over him and could not understand why. Leaving the trial in pain of rejection both Fred and Marcella could not believe the turn of events. What followed would be numerous phone calls from their leader demanding that they both repent. Their leader, believe it or not was their main accuser and many calls of warnings were received as both refused to repent. Meetings were canceled and doors slammed and Marcella seemed to be affected the hardest by the personal attacks on Fred’s character. Fred was not accepted within his own town and there is much more to come as the author shares Fred’s reflections on his time in prison.


The author is sharing the events that he documented first hand as a journalist and have seen and witnessed from his own experiences. He included eyewitness accounts of what he experienced. He is not trying to convince the reader or anyone else to believe in the super natural or in the possibility of miracles. His voice and thoughts are interesting, honest, truthful and quite insightful.


His prison sentence seemed to be the start of his enlightenment as he had gone through four marriages, four homes, fathered children that he never would know except to provide for them and had time to contemplate his actions and fate. Then, a new cellmate arrived who was a former Assistant Pastor and he asked him poignant questions for the one-month he was there


As the author brings to light the issue of Angels that many people speak to and believe in. Angel of light can appear as an angel of deception and the author discusses the many different controversies about Angels and how they appear and learning to know the difference of each Angel which he states requires intimacy with the Lord to help sharpen out skills in telling good from evil. He follows with other references in the chapter to Angels, Fred’s understanding of Angels and the many that we need and that came to him.


Attending a black Pentecostal church Fred seemed to be accepted at first. But, with so many accusations following him they never knew what would happen next it would resemble a witch hunt and the leader was pursuing him the most and know one knew when the other shoe would fall. Therefore, Logan and many others decided to attend a biker church and the friend who invited Logan invited some of the worship leaders that he knew. Fred would be there too. But, the reception for Fred and the restrictions placed on him were not what Logan expected. But, Fred adhered to them and sat in the rear of the church but our author was angry. There is much more that the author shares about this meeting, the pastor of the church and the warnings she received about Fred. What they decided to do about to this and whether they would fight back was discussed on pages 58-59. In Chapter 12 the author shares some really interesting stories about a man named Joshua Mills and his account of being translated to China and a group of Asian people and the experience was eye opening and the end result you will have to read for yourself. Other references to the Bible are sited within this chapter. With his relationship with Maureen strained he leaves for a retreat with this friends in Kentucky hoping that she will change her mind join him. One phone call and a vivid description of a dream would drastically change things for both Logan and Maureen.


William Branum’s angel came to Fred and he shared his message with the congregation. The message as Fred relates it to the congregation was that there would be a ten -year period of blessings, including unusual signs and wonders. The angel brought this message to everyone through Fred. But the strongest and most powerful part of this chapter was his description of Fred when he anointed people and their reactions including his. There is so much that I could share with you but you need to experience some of this yourself as you read the book, hear Fred’s words and how the author brings them to you in his amazing way. Angels Communicate in Hebrew, Wise Virgins, A special letter from Logan to Fred, A Trip Up North including Fred praying with a waitress, gathering at a kitchen table and feeling the weight of God’s glory in the room and finally Validation and Endorsements ending with the story of the gemstone and how it came out of a man’s mouth and where the stone winds up. The final story about a little boy witnessing or seeing gemstones coming out of Fred’s mouth as a little boy stated that “angels were throwing them at Fred.” You decide for yourself as you read this book what you believe and what you might be skeptical about. Out of His Mouth is where these stones came from as related by our author who witnessed it first hand. A very though provoking book about a man named Fred Williams as told by our author Logan Rogers.


Fran Lewis: reviewer