Country Girls: My review

Country Girls


Author; Karina Gioertz


A fire would change the lives of three children forever. As they watch their home burn into ashes and see their lives go up in flames what will be their final fate? Emma, Eli and Evey Wilson have lived through a devastating fire that enveloped their home, took away all of their possessions and would orphan them. Fearing that they might wind up in foster care and separated they were lucky that the social worker was persistent and found their grandfather. Fast forward twenty five years as the girls moved to Louisiana to live on their grandfather’s ranch and now let’s find out what happens to them in the present as once again author Karina Gioertz presents a story that is heartwarming, humorous, sad and will definitely touch your heart.


Moving ahead to the present we meet Emma and Eli along with Harry living and working on his ranch. The dialogue and banter among all three lets the reader know just how much they have grown and how they care about each other. But, the reader also gets a hint that something is definitely wrong with Eve who writes she is having a child but has not been in contact with her family that often. Listening to Eli speak about her sister and their discussion about the man she married leaves the reader wondering about Eli’s marriage and the rest still remains to be seen. Next we see both Emma and Eli at Mike’s bar and the discussion rather rowdy leads to a barroom fight and landing them all in jail. This is one scene that is hilarious. What follows next will alert the reader to the fact that Eli is not only perceptive but right on target about Evey’s husband. One phone call would change the dynamics of everything for these three girls as Emma finds out the truth about her sister’s life. Rescuing Evey brought the wrath of her husband Preston but what Eli does to quiet him down his a riot. Pointing a gun at them a mistake what she does downright amazing. What were they going to do with Preston and how were they going to get away with what they did to him even though he deserved it? But, what happens to him is right out of a Laurel and Hardy movie with a little more drama and tons of humor if you really want to think about it and will bind these sisters forever as they create an illusion that hopefully will remain in place. This is one story of loyalty, love, friendship and hope that you won’t want to miss.


The characters in this novel are all different even though they are sisters. Each one is so well defined and described by the author and their personalities so full of energy and honesty making her novels stand out. The plot line is true to life and the situations although fictionalized in this book examples of real life incidents that could really happen with some comical twists, turns and tears along they way.


But, they are not out of the woods by any means as Preston’s family hires a private detective to find him and Evey reporting them both missing. Eli’s reaction to the PI is a riot as she hampers him from finding the ranch, refuses to give him directions and explains that since he is the PI he should be able to figure how or use his GPS how to get somewhere. When the investigator shows up and the discussion is completed the end result is Harry feels they might need a lawyer. Enter Shawn doc’s nephew and tough Eli gives him jibes, jabs and more flack than you can imagine as two police detectives show up, question Evey and the hunt is on to find out where Preston might be, who will be found guilty if anyone and whether Eli will ever lighten up and give poor Shawn a chance to help her. But, more secrets come out about the truth about their parents, what happened to Harry’s daughter and their father. Lies, secrets, betrayals and one woman’s life hangs in the balance when trying to defend her sister. With Shawn trying to help Eli and the police trying to make a case against her will she see the light and allow someone help her? Why is she so angry all the time and when will the wall come down? As Emma tells the story in her own words we hear the human emotions coming through loud and clear as each character’s individual voice and frustrations are heard.


What happens is short of a miracle as the author allows the reader to see Eli in a different light as Shawn tries his best to clear of her any charges before they are pressed. One family bound together by the secrets of their past, one night that they would never forget and a love that is so strong nothing would or could tear them apart. What Shawn does and how he just might figure it out is great as he baffles the investigators and proves that some lawyers are three steps ahead when the police are more than five behind. Just how this how this all works out and what finally happens you will learn if you read Country Girls and get to know Eli, Emma and Evey and a special surprise at the end when you read this great book. Harry Wilson said it at the end of the novel and I have to agree: When he looks at the three girls he realized that “He finally got something right.” So, did author Karina Gioretz when she wrote this amazing Five Star book. What will the future hold for this family and where will life take all three? Let’s hope she writes the sequel real soon.


Fran Lewis: reviewer