Her Loving Husband’s Curse

Her Loving Husband’s Curse

Author: Meredith Allard


Raven Mockers are evil spirits. All they care about is prolonging their own life force by feeing from others to do it. Torturing the dying and quickening their deaths in order to consume the heart of the victim and lengthening their life span by the number of years the victim still had to live. An interesting prologue and dialogue between two characters. This is where our story begins. Take a trip to Salem Massachusetts along with Sarah, James, Olivia and the rest of the characters from Her Dear and Loving Husband as author Meredith Allard brings them back to life in this though provoking, research based and heartfelt novel Her Husband’s Curse.


Salem Mass was a magical place to Sarah Wentworth. The seaside, the calmness, the lack of rushing like in big cities and the people comforted her. Her home drew her to it and compelled her to know it just looking at it for the first time. James Wentworth her husband is no ordinary man. James is a vampire who sleeps during the day and works as an English Professor at night. As the author brings the reader along with the characters as she vividly describes the streets, the humidity in the air and the experiences that that brought them together we can feel the love in the air but we know that something is about to happen. Meeting with her Wiccan friends you can feel the tension in the gallery and the last minute adjustments that still have to be made. The exhibition, an artistic interpretation of the Salem Witch Trials brought it all to life. Depicting the scenes, the dungeons, the figures chained created the events in a realistic way bringing shudders to many who viewed them, flashbacks of events they experienced in the past and the dangers that might befall them in the future. As Olivia explains what they endured to those present Sarah’s mind drifts back to the past and relives it again in her thoughts. Comforting Sarah was soon negated as she turned her attention to her husband who looked twisted, tormented and more. As they viewed the exhibit he became transfixed on a woman trapped between the walls. Panicked, and fearful he realized just who the woman was and took hold of Sarah. Remembering she was Elizabeth in her past life the thoughts that came to him brought more than fear into his heart and eyes. Sarah relieved the loss of her child 300 years ago and in order to create some normalcy they decided to meet with their family and here is where things really heat up.


Imagine living during the Salem witch trials, the American Revolution, the Civil War and even World War II? James did. But Sarah had a past all of her own, taking her from James and now that they have finally married and reunited what was going to happen? Would anything tear them apart again? But, as the family comes together a cold feeling envelops Sarah followed by an odd visit from her ex-husband with a confrontation and conversation that would hopefully deter him from ever returning.


But, the past is about to come full circle in the present as the reporter from Her Dear and Loving Husband resurfaced in full force this time. Reporter Kenneth Hempell is relentless and will stop at nothing to bring to light that vampires might be living in this quiet community. Republishing his article from the news in a blog he stirs up more than just a cauldron of spirits. Trying to prove in the past that James was a vampire did not pan out for this man and he took him off of his list. But, did he erase his name from the original one and would anyone find it in the future?


Hempell was about to unleash a demon more powerful than anything that anyone could conjure up and what happens will terrify not only James but also an entire village. Friends that are vampires, children that were turned and people living in the community would all be affected when the article is published. When people are different and they do not meet the standards or fit the mold of others they are often shunned and cast aside. Sometimes what is about to happen will rock the core of this community, create decent among those living there but bring down a hammer so heavy and create a vampire hunt more deadly and wicked than the Salem Witch Trials.


When his superior at the college to teach a course in Vampire Literature he hesitates before accepting the position approaches James. What happens will change the way everyone sees him and the course he hopes will help students understand more about the history and literature than the fact he is one of them. But, one student’s eyes say it all and the discussions get heated but interesting. The end result will definitely not be what he had hoped. One reporter would change the world, their lives and the perspective of so many because he could not let his inner thoughts or feelings go.


Chandresh Mankiller was a vampire because James turned him in order to give him some life. Jennifer would stand by him always. Working along with Sarah at the college library not only cemented their friendship but also gave Sarah the support system and friends she needed in the present and would need in the future.


What if James taught the class from the point of view of the vampire? How interesting that would be! But, Sarah’s fitful dream would bring him back to reality and the thoughts of her lost child came front and center in her dreams. Parenthood was something that she always wanted and he did not because of his curse as he put it. But, when Sarah relates her dream and he hears a voice saying Yes things change for the positive and with the help of many they find themselves at an orphanage. But, what happens here is quite unique as a child is just dropped off whose name is Grace. Grace is the name of Sarah’s unborn child that she lost 300 years ago. Could this be her Grace?


In between the present the author allows James to flashback to the past to his life with the Indians, what they endured at the hands of the soldiers and army and what happens to many of them. As Kenneth Hempell reenters into the picture and posts the names of those he’s accusing of being a vampire. Many comments made on this blog and most disbelieve what he says. But, when he is brutally murdered in his own home the police and the government have no choice but continue with what he started. Throwing a shadow of doubt and fear into the public the media creates a frenzy that would rock the world of so many and change more than just one life. As Grace and Sarah bond the outside world is changing and many will be detained just because of what others think and say.


The author flashbacks to the Trail of Tears and more about what the Indians endured and how it affected his friend Chandresh and how he saved his life. The truth is harsh but Sarah needed to know. As the story continues and the events recounted the author relates just who those two people were in the prologue and what James learned from the medicine man calling him a Raven Mocker. Even more he understood the true meaning of the word Curse. Kenneth Hempell might be dead but his thoughts and work live on as someone publishes his list, the government decides to bear down on those they think are vampires and guilty is passed over them even without a trial.


But, tragedy ensues when James and Sarah decide on an evening out after having to flee their own home and move to Maine. An SUV hits them and Sarah remains critical in the hospital with James at her side. At the same time the school where Grace has been attending told her parents before the accident she can no longer attend for fear she might bite the other students. Guilt by association or just plain prejudice.


But, as the cast comes together and the voices of so many are heard the end result will rip out more than a heart that a Raven Mocker might want from a tortured victim. When fear is instilled in the public and those that are ignorant are heard what finally happens will tear more than just one family apart. Attacks on many of the vampires, some detained for long periods of time and an ending that will separate so many in this second book of the Loving Husband Trilogy. Author Meredith Allard keeps the reader so spellbound to the printed page you might think there is a special spell or incantation attached to the pages in order to make sure that once you start reading it you don’t put it down until you come to the surprise ending. Just what is the fate of James, Timothy, Geoffrey and the rest? What will happen next? Why are so many being hunted, detained and branded before they know the truth? The answers will be found in the final book. Filled with research, real events and a plot that is so interesting you won’t stop reading it until you are finished once again author Meredith Allard pens a five star novel which brings to light the issues of friendship, loyalty, prejudice, hate, deceit, lies and true love. Which prevails? Read the book and decide for yourself.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer






Five Volumes reviewed separately : Corpalism

Corpalism: Arun Ellis


Imagine a world where people are no longer able to voice their opinions, speak up and express their own thoughts and allowed to live, as they want. Imagine living in a repressive socially controlled environment where only a few select or elite few make the decisions where you live, work, what you eat and where you sleep for you. Dystopian societies feature this type of social control repressing those who live under their domination. Ideas and works in these societies explore the concept of people or humans abusing each person’s individuality, collective reasoning, coping, or not being able to properly handle and deal with the technology that has evolved far more quickly and advanced than most humans can handle. Enter the world that author Arun Ellis has created in his breakthrough novel, Corpalism, that will create many questions within the reader’s mind, fear within your own thoughts and definitely keep you glued to the printed page until you learn the final outcome of what happens when the New World Order decides to take over and the end result. Would you want your every move programmed: Would you want someone to have unlimited power over you? Would you want to live in a society run by survival of the fitness and class distinction?


What would happen when corporate greed wins and a new World Order takes over. Set in the UK this unique novel will make everyone one of us search for answers to questions that you might never have asked and be more vigilante when taking what you have fore granted. Let’s me the people of the New World Order and final out more about them. Beginning with Mrs. Mayweather who seems to be in a serious quandary over how do deal with several children who are in her charge and whose placements and adoptions are under her control. But, a communiqué would change that for one child but which one? Which one would disappear Robert or Alan? Which child would never be the same?


Moving to another group of people who work for a unit called Relocations 1. Being late can be hazardous to more than just your job, your welfare and your human rights. Being late for your job can get you arrested, fined, dragged in chains and seriously in debt as one young man named Terry Jones would learn the hard way. Beaten by the police and taken away in chains Terry Jones would learn more than just some harsh realities when his supervisor decides to terminate him on the spot. Losing his housing, his privileges, his job, his money and in total debt for everything from failing to keep his job, using bad language to express himself, fined over 178 thousand pounds, 300 thousand more as fine, a projected welfare debt of 130 thousand and an interest rate of 12 and a half percent over 25 years totally almost 2 million pounds all because he was late a few times. I would hate to think what would have happened if he was a poor worker. Missing the meeting that stated that his division was merging with another and that employees would have to pay for their drinks and the things the company would not do and do and what was expected of them was frightening to say the least. His end result was he was provided with the basic necessities of life and a menial job with sanitation. Would Terry learn how to tell time? But, his first encounter with the crowd where he lived with bring on a fight that some kids thought were great, a new fan club of his own and the hopes of learning what he knew how to do. But, Terry was rude, mean and defiant and never gives anyone a chance. But, then he meets Sandra a caregiver and they develop an unusual friendship after their awkward moments and when she realizes what is he and what he is not. Added to the group are his co-workers and a group of kids that want to be just like him that he teaches self-defense. But, what Terry does not realize is that the world is programmed and different and his every move, word and thoughts are being monitored. This first volume is set in the future as we learn what happens when the terrorist attacks run high, warnings are placed and people are categorized according to genetic defects and intelligence. But Terrence would learn that teaching martial arts to kids is forbidden and the punishment severe.



Joining Dan and Donald in their meetings Terry becomes friends with many others just like him. Working in Relocations gave him a healthy respect for Galaxy’s ability to link Resource Requirements and Resources available across the continents. But, what he did not know was about the upgrade to Signus, which would allow the government to know the whereabouts of every person in the UK at any time. Would you like your life controlled and monitored? Thin about this carefully. When some of their get caught and the realities set in just who will be left in their small group as the author and the characters explain to the reader that the government and the rich want these people in debt forever.


When all of Don’s group are arrested or killed the author provides a twist that you won’t see coming as we learn more Terry, who he really is and his relation to a man named Sir Phillip. As Donald is questioned and he begins to understand what is about to happen they explain the truth behind the organization called the Black Hand and the reasons why they were created. Some people feel that the way the government is being run needs to be changed and if they create a terrorist group that appears on the scene, takes credit for the bombings maybe things we change.


One meeting would not only enlighten the reader but each of the men living in the sink and having little to show for lives. As Terry explains to the unyielding crowd about what the government and the wealthy are doing to the poor and downtrodden that work hard and do not reap the benefits some listen and others are more angered. When all is almost said and done what is revealed is that those at the meeting are government plants or informants that have to report back to the authorities. He also states that he knows that the meeting is being monitored and that they are the majority and the others need to start paying attention to them. What he wants them to do you need to read for yourself and learn what happens when the government and the ruling masses get too greedy and the masses might finally get it and do something about it.


As Terry tries to explain to his audience the point the author is making about capitalism and its definition we learn as Terry states that everyone is supposed to benefit but in the world created in this book that is not so. Those with the most are getting it all and those that are at the bottom get less and are lower down as some might say on the food chain. Added in at the bottom of some of the pages are interesting historical footnotes that the reader might find enlightening. What happens next will surprise the reader as they try to turn the tables and Volume One is completed as the deceptions and lies are revealed and Terry learns some harsh truths.


Volume 2


This Volume begins with the disappearance of Delores Grey and her returning home after forty days and forty nights. Questioned she cannot remember where she was or how she got there. The police however think it was a stunt of some kind and do not believe she was kidnapped. When interviewed on television she presents a strange demeanor, her answers to the questions are way off base and her reactions out of character. Just her definition of religion was shocking alone when you read page 249 and get to know how she thinks. Poor Delores thinks she is in a loony world or is she the loony? But, the end result is the public loved her and praised her honesty. Delores presents to the listening audience her personal viewpoint on how singers and talent gets discovered, why some are successful and others not and why she feels the program called The Talent is fixed. She presents her viewpoint on God and her beliefs about the system and government in general. Her viewpoint on life is quite unique, somewhat disturbing and as her agent and the host listens to her they have to begin to wonder just where she was for the days she was missing and what might have happened to her. The end of the interview is quite startling and her reflections on life even more. The entire volume is devoted to Delores, her thoughts and her ideas. Delores has her own perspective on why the world is so mixed up and why we need to focus on doing something with our lives, which is our only free resource. Think about it. Meet the rest of the staff of this hospital and find out what really happens to Delores, Stephanie White and your decide what is real and what is not.


Volumes 3 and 4

The next two volumes sum up the way people feel about the world, the world is viewed, its problems and the reasons why people need to fight for their rights and change is needed. In Volume 3 the author presents his views and arguments in unique way. Using fictional characters from literature, television, movies and relating their conversations to real historical events allows the reader to come back to the initial first volume dealing with the World Order as we meet Terry, Rob and some of the main characters again flowing right into Volume Five but not before revisiting the prologue and Mary Mayweather and the end of Volume 2. Volume Five begins with the definition of Democracy, the viewpoints of many of the characters calling themselves Independent Candidates and throughout the first section explaining quite clearly to the reader the pitfalls of watching junk TV, the lies you listen to about the economy, the fact that the rich and many corporations have outsourced jobs to third world countries and the fact that armies are willing to crush any workers that ask for more. This is heard throughout Volume Five, which leads to the dramatic conclusion where we learn whether Democracy wins, The World Order takes over, Things stay the same or something else happens leading up to the final finale or 12/12/12/. We meet many new characters in this Volume such as the Preacher, Catherine Jenkins, Colin Carpenter and many others that consider themselves Independent Candidates. It is almost as if we the author created his own debates for a major election where every candidate gives his/her ideas to a huge forum of people. But, intertwined we have Rob, Terry, the Prime Minister and the Terrorists. So, what is the final plan of the PM, Blackmore and the rest? You decide when you read this novel just where the world is going and how we can all work together to keep our freedoms and rid the world of hate and intolerance. A well-written novel that brings to light many issues about our both the UK and America and our viewpoints on economic and world policies in a way that will definitely make the reader think. Fran Lewis: reviewer