The FIve Moons of Tiiana

The Five Moons of Tiiana

Author: Paul T. Harry


Domination and control are what some world orders want no matter what they have to do in order to take control. The Relcor destroyed over 33 planets and now the people of Corin no longer have homes. Those that could were able to go off -world others went to the deepest part of forests or mountains. As our story begins we meet Rez Cantor a lone officer living in Melela waiting to complete his final mission or orders protecting the Emperor and his family. But, a strange message comes to him and he is forced to meet with his immediate superior giving him more than just ordinary pause for thought. The Relcor are everywhere and their spies and traitors might go unnoticed. When Rez steps into the room with General Spires he feels the tension in the air and his demeanor and actions speaks volumes that something odd is about to happen. Left alone to guard the General’s office a voice is heard and this is where our story begins as the Queen enters the room and requests that he alone save her daughter from the fate that she and the Emperor will face. The peace treaty is a ruse and their death sentence is impending. The only hope for their people is her daughter Leanna. But, how is he going to escape even though he knows about the tunnels and the many ways he can do it? How is he going to get Leanna out before anyone is the wiser?  With the help of a memory pin cleverly given to him the answers might unfold. But, first he had to find a safe place to see what was stored on it and then a clever way to execute his plan. Upon securing a room and the necessary materials required he places the memory pin in the comm and what he sees and learns shocks him into action. With the help of a young girl whose services he does not want or need he is able to enlist her in his plan for her freedom. Just how this works out and what he finally does remains to be seen as I review The 5 Moons of Tiana by author Paul Harry.


But, some of the best-laid plans backfire when there are traitors amongst the group. Hoping to safe the life of the Princess and putting his plan into action would cost more lives than Rez expected. First, placing the young girl in harms way by putting her into a medicated state and then hopefully rescuing the Princess did not work out as he wound up beaten and parched on a beach. Trying to communicate with the glowing figures that he met proved futile and the end result of his stay on another planet would prove harmful to him as he was captured, tortured and placed in an underwater community as a slave. Those living on Aquella the Dolla as they wanted to be called would do more than just try to beat the spirit out of Rez but he would not give up. When people, or in this case aliens see someone that is different they fear them. The author brings to light what happens when first impressions and differences come to light and the lack of communication between people or in this case different species instills fear and hate. It seems that our author has brought sci-fi world right into our world with his story and this characters as we continue to learn the fate of those who tried to help him pilot out of danger, the Relcor’s power and where he winds up next hoping to escape Aquella.


As the author allows the reader to take the journey along with Rez he spends two years in captivity being tortured and tormented by the Aquella before making his escape to another place. Each time he thinks he is home free more obstacles are placed in his way, more creatures and more ways to prove that he is a survivor and will not give up on himself. As he winds up on Urlena and finds himself in danger again, the Dolla come to his aid but the Aquella are close behind and what happens next when a large dark nasty surprise would not only allow him time to escape but take care of the Aquella too. Darkness overtook everything the fever that raged within him would ravage his body and the end result would take him to another place. This time he was on Boutal and those he meets there would show him some kindness. Oolat and Ahska would be his saviors even though they were different races. Ahska was thought to be a healer or as he refers to her maybe a witch when things started to change. Throughout the years he meets with cruelty, savages, torture and now he learns more about these people. Hoping to remain there she tells him his next step and what happens next will change everything for him and Oolat. Meeting Wakula he learns that its King wants Ahska on Casita as a royal command but the reason has yet to be revealed. Casita is vividly described as a thriving metropolis more advanced than most of the cities described. But, as they made their way to this place they encountered a vile and savage group called the Brata who showed up. Circling overhead like a black funnel of clouds but what happened to them and their end was quite puzzling to the reader and the Rez. Entering the hall to meet the King there was a great deal of panic and fear. Would they surrender because the Brata ordered them to? They want children to feast on how savage. King Hazadek the king of the Motula would defend and was ready to fight. What followed were the demands of the Brata and the reaction of his people as he and the Queen entered. As Rez or now renamed Roolka comes forward he is considered a seer and his plans revealed. As you find out what happens on this moon of Tiiana called Casita. Threatening him as he states that he can make him even more powerful and stating he would spend his days trying to see the light of Tiiana. One yellow crystal and small leather pouch with white powder holds the answer to ridding the world of the Brata. But how? The plan to rid them of the Brata is graphically and vividly described by the author. As you meet each group of people, creatures or aliens you experience the adventures, the strife, frustrations and the tortures inflicted on Rez as he for the first part of the book experiences his life much like that of Robinson Crusoe on a deserted island alone with only his instincts and what was there to survive.


The battle started and the end result in sight but many lives would be lost before all was said and done. Princess Leanna was forever on his mind and next we will learn her fate. Finding her would bring great joy to him but what she reveals about the King would change everything and cause him great danger. Sometimes too much knowledge can be dangerous and those that are threatened by what you know often try to harm you even though you are just trying to help. As the King offers him and his friend more than just money to rid the world of the Brata but in doing so he was giving this King unlimited power and could he live with that? Communicating with the Princess proves his feelings for her and why he wants to protect her. Receiving note revealing the truth about her confinement and the King’s plans angers him and what is set in motion hopefully will rescue her as he and Oolat leave Casita and hopefully eradicate the Brata from Boutal. Each city would bring new challenges with the hope of returning to Melela. Luskia was next and as Oolat described it was like a dead place. With the help of the Solula they once again had the supplies they needed, the support required and would reach Talith within two weeks. Each step of the way getting closer to Leanna and but first the Brata. When the end result is finally there he finds himself in the company of those he left behind namely a Melelan named Phillip. The next step would be to once again rescue Leanna. Fighting the Zelca would be hard as the Queen’s eggs are bathed in Tiiana’s light and they fear the Princess will be lost. A rescue so daring, so bold that you will have to read it for yourself as you can feel the tension and the fear until the final outcome and they wind up back on Aura. But, at what cost? From Aura to Vashia, the Aristonian Desert and the Valley of Ghosts until they return to Luskia every step of the way overcoming the obstacles and the unknown.


How would they regain for Tiiana what the moons lost in the war with Zecla? Each race and people that he meets have disputes with others that want to take what is there’s. But, when he arrives in the next place and meets with the Holo will the voice believe what he has to say and help him with the necessary arrangements to finally end the war and bring peace? The Aquila are ready for battle and the man requirements and demands spoken. Salokka-Ril must remained unharmed can Rez and Oolat get this done before more lives are lost? What about the Princess? As the beginning of his adventure comes full circle with the present what will be the fate of everyone?


The battles are fought and the next is to see what will happen if he can regain the trust of one in order to save many. Join the battle along with the robots, Rez to find out who wins and who does not? Who will win the battle for Boutal? Will it be the Brutala or the Brata? And ending so explosive, filled with violence, hope, fear, and at stake the five moons of Tiiana and their destiny. Where will Rez and Leanna wind up? That only author Paul T. Harry knows for sure and of course the characters when they come back in the much-awaited sequel. Many worlds collide and many difference overcome but the end you have decide and learn for yourself. Five Moons each with different races fighting for survival. This is a definite must read for Sci-Fi lovers and lovers of intrigue and adventure.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer





Of Time and Place

Of Time and Place

Author: BR Freemont


The year is 2060 and many of the technological advances that the Federal Energy Department put in place are not as advance as you might think. Passengers ride trains filled with litter and dirt and many of the bus-carted passengers are forced to ride poorly maintained vehicles in order to get to and from work. As our main character is introduced the reader hears the voice of James Lenderman as she awaits the tram to return to the rooming house where he is staying. Moving to Savannah he relates the many changes that have occurred none for the better. The company that runs the tram won’t run it unless the passenger count reaches ten. Arriving at Mrs. Pinckney’s house where he is staying you meet his woman who is not only intelligent, curious and alert but quite colorful in her own right. She is definitely curious about James and what he does which she thinks is not much. James has many secrets let’s start by flashing back to where it all begins and learn more about his job at the Department of Energy, how they operate and the meeting that would change his life. Describing his new job and telling how he got it we meet Kate Hastings his new boss as Assistant Secretary. She is powerful, stark, and staunch and definitely has her own ideas on how she wants things done. Motivated to rise to the top and get the ear of the President she will stop at nothing to fulfill her goals. His new job is to find out everything about how the oil shale reserves are being used all over the world and learn the weak points, the misconceptions and much more dealing with our foreign oil suppliers and oil producing countries in order to benefit the United States. The author sets the stage for what will happen next as we learn more about her plan to change the energy police of the our country.


The author flashes to the year 2061. Working as a contractor for the government he is now approached by two men asking him to take a position on the Regional Energy Council in order to assist them in helping the council to operate more effectively. As he ponders the offer and before we learn his decision the author once again flashes back to 2053 and his new position in this woman’s office. She is concerned about the oil shale land leases and the FEC decisions, administrative rules and oil shale usage. But, there are some side plots that come into play as James and Kate’s assistant develop a relationship that is both stark, organized and definitely not filled with tons of sparks. In the present he has a young college student that works as a lap dancer and her goal is to make sure he gets one from her.


Working for the Regional Council and attending a meeting you can tell that he is quite intelligent, prepared and definitely an asset. In the past we are privy to meeting which he, Kate and one other person prepared for in order to present their findings on the oil shale resources to the Merton Commission. The end result would prove to not only the reader, the Merton Commission but to James that she is one force that you do not want to reckon with.


In the present the developer whose plans do not meet the guidelines set by the Federal Energy Department approaches him and this man tries to convince James to help bring his plans up to code. Meeting with his two bosses on the Regional Council they approve James working with this man hoping it will benefit them too. Back to the past we learn that this job and what Kate wants done is top secret as James suggest going to the State for the needed help. Allocations of public storage would prevent them from getting other projects so she wants him to find out more about their energy trading partners and possibly convince them in any way shape or form even strong arming them to give up more of their oil to the U.S. Repositioning our energy policy in order to get a better share of the world’s energy output is her goal by getting “a deep intelligence assessment of petroleum productivity usage in several countries and assessments of the political weakness and strengths.” More than just a tall order to say the least. When James suggests he enlist the help of a friend in the State Kate comes up with a counter plan to see if he can be trusted.


For anyone that is interested in how the government works concerning our oil reserves, federal regulations and how to keep our country Green you might want to read this book. But, things heat up between Kate and James and then he decides to settle down with Jane. Their relationship is not the usual as they now have a son and when visited by his friend Steve what transpires will definitely make you wonder just what kind of person she really is, why she feels she needs to break loose and the end result might surprise the reader. Jane seems so stiff and staunch but what happens on an evening with Steve and his girlfriend will definitely change the complexion of their marriage as James and Jane had moved to San Francisco in order to get a promotion.


The book flashes back from the 2050’s to the 2060’s until the past finally collides with the present and Kate’s plan for the government comes out. Just how much pressure can they put on these countries to give them more of their oil reserves and seem like we are giving them something in return? What does China need? What about Russia? She does not want to strong-arm them but what is the final result? What did the Russians want to know about China? What does it have to do with his trip to Vienna with Kate? The truths would come out and lies and deceits too as the FED is not in the loop and the State and Defense are on point. Who is working for or against what he is trying to do? Who can be trusted? But, then something happens to break this wide open as the Chinese exploded a dirty bomb to stop the Russians. Worried about Jane he called her and the thought that San Francisco would remind everyone of 9/11 and turn into another ground zero is brought to light by the author. As the past comes to the present and Kate snaps her fingers and he comes running. Then tragedy sets in and his wife disappears with his son and Kate needs his support when she becomes ill. But, when all is said and done she returns to her the FED in an even higher position. She seems fixated on James even though he is married and although he still should honor his vows he does move on in many different ways. As Kate once again enters into the picture receives a nomination and job as Deputy Secretary for Energy Policy and once again has an idea that she want to bounce off of James.


But, when the end comes for Kate things change drastically for James. When the final outcome comes into play you will learn what happens to him, his job, his family and his new beginning. One woman who would greatly influence the lives of so many but mainly one man who would never fail her and would honor her even in death. The final result you have to read for yourself. Where James winds up and what he learns about his wife and son are tragic? Of Time and Place takes the reader across many countries, cities, towns but somehow always winding up in Savannah, Washington and the final outcome will surprise you. Who finally wins his heart? All Kate wanted to do was improve the economy by securing a reasonable energy supply for the U. S. Think about the energy crises of this century and others. Think about what she was trying to do. Think about that the time and place do not matter when the situations remain the same. Moving across continents and allowing the reader to visit Vienna, Florence and many other places you meet James debating where his life is going and take the journey with him, Kate, Jane, Jacqueline and many others to every time and place that he visited and you decided the final outcome. Will there ever be a way to make a viable US economy? What is the future for us? These are the many questions the author leaves with this reviewer.


Fran Lewis: reviewer

A Powerful Book

Title: Daniel Kossov: Pictures of an Outstanding Musician

Author: Rosemary Ellen Tingley

ISBN: 9780646480636

Publisher: Advanced Press


Each string of a violin has its own special voice and sound that it wants the world to hear as the violinist plays each note with his bow. Close your eyes and listen to the music as it flows not only from the instrument but also from the emotional connection it has with the musician and the piece being played. Daniel Kossov is more than just a conductor and violinist. Becoming as the author relates a Concertmaster of the Jerusalem Youth Orchestra of the JAMD at age 10, he conducted and lead the string sections. Daniel performed as a soloist with orchestras in Israel and countries abroad. But, there is much more to this amazing young artist. At the age of 17 he entered the Curtis Institute of Music winning the Concertmaster audition. Imagine studying theory and analysis with Edward Aldwell. But out author met him when her daughter was given a special opportunity to play the cello at Anna Sleptsovas’ wedding. The excitement, the practice and the anticipation were great and meeting him would create a friendship that would cross many countries. Listening to him play before writing this review and watching him conduct you can see the emotional pull of the music within him and the sound of the violin creating its own special story as you watch him play. The author and her family loved going to the WASO concerts one which they really loved was Alice in Wonderland. Daniel Kossov took on the most technically difficult music with as she states, “with breathtaking ease and simplicity.” As I listened to him play and watched him conduct you become so enveloped in the music, the sounds and his world you forget everything else.

Daniel is complex and definitely has his own way of thinking and reacting to everyone. As we hear not only the author’s voice and her interactions with him but her daughter’s too we get to know many sides of Daniel. Living with the barest of conveniences, totally devoted to his music Jennifer learns that to be his friend or more requires following his rules. Performances that take the listener away with unforgettable moments that will bring tears to your eyes, Daniel Kossov’s brief entrance into the music world would create an impact no one would ever forget. Sitting in the concertmaster’s chair looked natural to Daniel and each time played the halls were filled and the spectators mesmerized.

There is so much more as the author shares some poems that express the many facets of a musician as she writes The Celebration, The Artist and Like A Cat. In each poem you can feel the music within, the feelings she has about Daniel, his music and how he views the world. Read Contentment to get to know him what things are not stressful and life seems calm and read The Artist as she describes how she feels watching him play from the balcony of a theater. Daniel Kossov took on young students would work hard and understand the high standards that he required and set. Discipline is vital when working with him. But, tragedy ensues when the author’s brother dies and things become more difficult as she is not there to say goodbye. The author shares their good times together, their arguments and her strong feelings for this outstanding man. Flashing back to when he was 9 and the reaction of the conductor and director at the National Music Camp allowing him to take over as concertmaster. So talent, such genius that no one knew what to do with him, often how to react so his mother took him to Holon to play for the most renowned teacher Ilona Feher. But, although she was in awe of him and realized his genius she did not accept him as a student. Ilona Feher was well into her 80’s and the dismay and sadness in her heart was nothing compared to Danny’s. But, his contract was terminated in Perth and no one really understood or knew why. Although the author went ahead and created a petition hoping to change the minds of those at the WASO they could not budge. From his special relationship with a Japanese girl named Akiko, to an American named Karen, this musician and genius touched the lives and hearts of so many. Asked about his music he states that within this music you hear the Truth. Strongly believing in education and allowing students to have numerous and varied experiences would endear him to them and win them over.  International competitions that he won, at present sharing his musical talents between the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra where is the Concertmaster and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra where he also serves in the same capacity the Voice of his violin is heard and the talent of this great man fills the many concert halls he honors. Imagine hearing him play the Kreutzer Sonata. Imagine the difficulty of the piece and the way he executed it without any problem. Can you hear the applause? This is truly a story that everyone needs to read and I am glad that I had the honor of reviewing this book.