Vosper’s revenge my review


Vosper’s Revenge




Author: Kristian Alva




In this final chapter of the dragon riders we begin with Elias and receiving his training from Tallin. Hoping to be able to communicate with his white dragon he begins to learn the many spells necessary to protect himself and others. But, danger is imminent and a dust cloud hovers over them as Vosper’s evilness lurks in the distance to make sure that he does not succeed. But, Sela and King Rali her son are trying to deal with the elves and dwarves to come up with treaties to enlist their aid against Vosper. But, what ensues and you hear will remind you of a schoolyard rant, fight and definite loud yelling matches as the clans will not give in, change their minds or even consider helping them without something in return. Each side suspicious of the other and no one willing to budge the orcs are becoming more powerful, danger is coming closer and nothing is getting done. When a Carnesir shows up with two other female dragons the plot gets more interesting as he goes head to head with Tallin. One dragon stone might save the day as one greedy elf named Bolrakei the head of the jewelcutters’ clan meets with Thorin and gives her demands. Will he be able to satisfy her greed with a dragon stone? Where he will get one and will Sela agree to the demands?




Sometimes hidden secrets are revealed and truths come out when you least expect them. Shock treatment is not what Elias needed when he learns about Chua being his father. His reaction is normal the end result will surprise you. As we visit Vosper who is aging fast and is ill. His minions are concerned about him indirectly caring about how what he requests of them will affect their lives and their respective family. Everyone but the Empire and the necromancers respects Qildor, the spellcaster. If Vosper decides to crossover and become one of the undead how will that affect everyone else? Will it change anything? Wanting to confront his father and meet him Elias leaves Parthos.




Dealing with the people in Ironport proves enlightening to Sela as she sees the conditions first hand and learns of the death, destruction and poverty inflicted on so many. Disease runs wild throughout the city and the end result would put her and Thorin in danger. Necromancers are dangerous and what happens next will definitely test Sela’s strength and hopefully get them out alive. But, what happens is tragic as more lives are lost at the hand of the necromancers and one strong character is gone. As Elias meets his father and learns more about his mother, her past and the reasons she aligned with Vosper. Greed and power are two very dangerous things and Ionela wanted both. She was clever, powerful, and defiant. But, there is still much more to come as Sela is in danger, seriously injured and she learns more about Vosper’s plans, what he has done and where he is now. Deciding to crossover he has taken the necromancer’s oath and killing elves, dwarves or anyone that stands in his way and does not pledge their obedience will die at his hand. But, things change as Elias comes to the aid of Sela and finds a way to cure some of what has happened to her. As Vosper’s men and people see him for the first time they realize what he has become and pledge their allegiance to his cause. More fighters, more soldiers and more deaths before all is said and done and the final battle is waged. But, a traitor is in their midst and what happens and who brings him might surprise the reader as the dramatic and explosive ending is near. How will they neutralize him and what about the dragon stone that belongs to him? What happens when the King Hergung learns the truth about Bolrakei and what she wants in order to cooperate? What will he do and will she get away with it? Will anyone believe Tallin or will they side with her?




The end is near and what happens will alert you to many issues that the author brings to light. Loyalty, deceit, hate, power, greed, traitors, and killing a necromancer that wants revenge and is more dangerous than you can imagine. The binding ceremony took place, the goodbyes to her father, the hope that Sela will survive and the fate of the dragon race at stake. Will Elias cure Hanko in order to allow the spirits to leave and reopen the portal?  The end result you will find out for yourself. What will happen and the fate of many that you think are gone will come full circle to the present. Twists and turns at the end that will send chills down your spine and when the battle is finally over who will survive? The end might be near for some but definitely not for others as one war is over, more battles still need to be fought and enemies are still at large. Dwarves and elves cannot relate to each other, kingdoms torn apart and Parthos attacked more than four times that year. What is the fate of Parthos? What will happen if they do not attack Balbur Island and rid the world of the Balborite assassins? The answers will come in 2013 with the first installment of The Chronicles of Tallin. Great stories that teach many lessons in life to YA’S and middle school children. Forgiveness, understanding, teamwork, caring and kindness come through loud and clear as Elias and Rali teach kids that sometimes we need to forgive those that do wrong in order for something things to turn out right.  Will Vosper get his revenge? Find out when you read it.




This is one series that everyone should read. With concealment spells, healing spellings, protection spells and dragons that you will definitely fall in love with and a characters are individual and unique once again author Kristian Alva penned another FIVE WHITE DRAGON STONE BOOK.




Fran Lewis: reviewer