Rise to the Call: Gerard deMarigny


Before being captured an American scientist hides some important information from his captors. Burying it deep within a hole he hopes that the right people will find it before it’s too late. Taken by the Russians and placed in a cell the American will be interrogated or worse. Laptop found, information not there but the American is now a hostage.

A young Russian student with a brilliant future has the answers to finding out more than most people would want to know. Imagine a program and the ability to read anyone’s emails, delete them and more. Mikhail Salenko is a Russian Spy of the highest caliber and quite adept at his craft. Imagine obtaining a network surveillance system with the capability of spying on anyone’s emails, at any time. NIIS is the system and obtaining his PHD from MIT he managed to obtain this system where he can intercept emails, copy them, modify them and delete them. Under the guise of wanting to use this system for his startup business he got away with it. Imagine stating he owned a security company that searched for breaches in his client’s systems and then stole their information. Checking on these breaches and stealing their data for the Russians and then selling what they did not use on the black market.  But, our young genius was a deep cover agent know to his comrades as Q. Hoping and excited to be working with Master Spy N the author allows the reader to get to know both spies even if it is just for a brief nano second.


A Russian Major and an Iranian General are having a conversation linked to the kidnapping of the American. The final data communicated deleted and the information stored on his drive being handled the only thing left is for them to decide what do with him. Each party questioning the other and the Russians wanting to stay in control while the Iranian inquires on his tactics. However, the Iranian is quite astute and realizes that obliterating files sent to the CIA cannot be easy but he also knows about the deep cover agents that are hiding in plain sight you might say in the United States. Discussing what will happen when they learn of his disappearance did not seen to ruffle any of the edges of the Russian. Competition seems to be the name of part of this game, as the Russians want to test whether their technology is superior to our stealth technology. The Iranian owns and operates a weapons plant and the production of weapons-grade uranium he hopes will triple and no longer be kept a secret. Purpose: to let the world know that Iran is a nuclear threat. Just who is this American and why pay a king’s ransom to Russia for him still remains to be seen?


As the players come into view and the kidnapped victim is revealed we learn more about a deep covert operative who seems to be playing two sides of the fence. Victim tortured and the Russians behind it hoping to learn more about what was stored on his hard drive need to change course before they can strike as something unexpected changes the complexion of the attack.


Fast-forward to Special Agent Ron Weiss concerned about Intel on a hard drive and emails from our kidnapped victim, Dr. Thomas Sean Scully Jr. a civilian field operative for operation Bloodhound. Intel on Fordow nuclear plans it what is of prime concern to all parties involved. But, in order for the Russians to succeed in their mission they cannot allow anyone to learn of their failure to keep the young Doctor and the fact that the Israeli’s are now involved. With the help of an operative from the Mossad they manage to get the young doctor foiling part of the Iranian/Russian plan. Imagine these two countries tied together by the nuclear knot. Scary to say the least. But, someone in the United States government has partnered with them and now its is up to the Watchman and Cris De Nero and his team to uncover the rest as we learn of the link in the White House and which top level person is really part of the Russian Spy team. How can someone infiltrate themselves into the White House as part of its staff, work with the Vice President and go undetected?


So, what is the prime purpose of all this: The newest remote detection devices capable of testing radioactive emissions in the atmosphere. Imagine at the age of 23 being employed as an engineer, soldier and spy for our country. The author explains in detail the Intel, the training and nature of covert work which because it is covert, secret and highly sensitive I cannot divulge much more. As we meet Cris De Nero the star of the Watchman of Ephraim and Signs of War by bestselling author Gerard deMarigny, we learn more about the involvement of other members of the doctor’s family and the problems involved in trying to rescue him. Running the Watchman, a counter terrorism firm they hope Cris and his team will finally rescue the doctor and get to the bottom of much more as you will learn. But, as the senior Skully’s prepare to celebrate a birthday four Russians linked to the Russian Mafia are monitoring their every move. Describing in detail their affiliations, who the Reznik family is and their connections, current status and positions will send chills down anyone’s spine. Reznik is smart, devious, and ruthless and in control of a lot of the criminal activity once run by two other gangs.



Just who is on the double side of a huge deep cover fence will surprise the government when they realize this person is hiding in plain sight. “N” is considered the most dangerous and “Q” is a technological genius providing the Intel needed for their missions and proud to be working with N.  But, let’s not forget the deep cover cop who is Z and backup for N. As the Russians try to strong arm Tom Skully Sr. into doing their dirty work in order to get his son back, De Nero and his team are working hard to foil their operation. When he learns about Tom’s disappearance and understands that a simple email not delivered would set off some red flags the team of the Watchman is in action. The author introduces each member and elaborates by telling us about them, their jobs and responsibilities so that anyone who did not read the first two De Nero novels will be caught up on no time after reading page 70.


One double agent baits another and the end result might be a stalemate. One agent on our side is lost after alerting his boss about the missing American not realizing she is behind some of what happened. Added into the mix is one corrupt police detective who is part of the Russian team and has fooled the police for many years. But, let’s meet some of the players who want to take them down as Michelle Wang VP of Intelligence Services for the Watchman is enlisted by Ron Weiss to stop what his boss is about to do. But, the end result is not always what you expect as the double agent does more than just double cross and Weiss winds up dead. Meanwhile Mossad operative Cindy is protecting our young Doctor.


Things take on a different turn as two attempts are made to kidnap Cheryl Skully. The first is foiled by Cris and the second even though she is under his protection succeeds. Imagine being kidnapped near an underground uranium enrichment facility? Imagine the Russians missile battalion your captors and they have a missile battery close by. Cheryl Skully is taken by the Russian Mobsters and when Ron Weiss the CIA agent in charge of recruiting him alerts his boss he is killed. Michelle Wang was about to obtain the incriminating video of his capture when things turn sour. But, she is sharp, smart and what happens to our double agent cop you won’t believe until you read it for yourself. Tom Skully Sr. is the link or key to the Russian/Iranian operations. Working as a deliveryman for Puritan his job would be to deliver absorbent pads from a company already being watched by the FBI. But, the pads are not ordinary pads found on meat they have a little something extra that would cost many their lives. Ultimate purpose of this mission: to create a situation where the world finally views Iran as a nuclear power. Skully is threatened by his boss a Mr. Pearlman and things get out of hand in a big way for not only Skully but for some of his friends working for this man too. But, with the help of Johnny F the Russians Michelle would be able to stop a lethal killer and turn the tables in our favor but for how long?


Russia and Iran linked together and the Russian mob all hoping to defeat the US. In order to insure that Skully would make the deliveries they kidnapped his wife and son. But, just how Cris and his team take down this spy and destroy what Iran/Russia have planned is something you will have to read for yourself. The action is fast paced, the drama is high and the end result will keep you guessing as to the final outcome. A plan so well executed on author Gerard deMarigny could write it. You won’t believe the startling ending. Players in place, and let’s not forget the Israelis are now involved and the US is teaming with them to stop what would cause WWIII for sure. When the Vice President learns he has a traitor in his midst will he believe Cris and help take N down? What happens when Cris is in danger and one of his team members is missing? Archangel head Scipio is ready and the endgame is near but what really happens to him and why? What happens to the Mossad agent and will everyone come back alive? Will they rescue Tom Jr. in time or will it be too late/ Will Cris get the VP and President on board before it’s too late for everyone? What will the final result be and will American RISE TO THE CALL or will they fall? One blockbuster novel filled with betrayals, deceits, lies and a high degree of realism and research into the story line and plot. Read the ending. You decide who wins.

Fran Lewis: reviewer

Let’s give this one: FIVE AMERICAN FLAGS