Take this Journey with Me

Take This Journey With Me


Author: John Turner


Words are powerful. They provide joy, fear, and happiness and can often create vivid images in the mind of readers when descriptive passages and language are added describing a scene or event in a novel or poem. Poetry is a unique and distinct media and form of communication. It is not a novel, novella, or short story yet each poem tells its own story, has its own message and presents its viewpoint on life, people, events and feelings. Poems often allow the reader to transcend or journey into the world, places and moments that ordinary prose does not. Whether dramatic, tragedy or comedy, rhymes, ballads or just story poems each one is different and has its own voice.


Author John Turner in his book Take This Journey With Me, allows the reader into his world of more than 100 poems that he shares as you take the journey into his life and enter the universes, corners, emotions and experiences that he writes about in each poem. Each poem’s title is quite distinct and yet each message is the same. As the author looks and observes life through the lens of a microscope he leads the reader under that lens, inside that small round window and allows you to see things that you normally could not with the naked eye. Place the lens over the words of each poem and see the message beneath it and understand the true meaning of life as the author shares his thoughts with you.


There are so many poems there is no way to showcase all of them so I have chosen the ones that I connected with the most. “Life is an Open Book,” is the first poem that I would like to share with you and my interpretation. Remember each one of us reads a poem and comes away with a different feeling or meaning but remember he is talking about life. We allow people into our lives and they look or as he states peers inside. Including the fact that your life our lives can be considered an open book as you understand with technology you really can’t hide yet as he compares you to the many different spices a chef uses to create a dish the real taste or the real words come from you. Life is an open book and everyone enjoys reading your pages.


“ Walk with a Stranger,” is the next poem that I thought interesting to share. When you meet someone that you do not know you often assess each other by appearance. Taking a walk with a stranger is quite interesting as the author thinks about something along the way, as they both say nothing while walking. As the narrator relates his experience walking with this stranger he thinks back to those he misses, the family he wishes he could see and envisions them as he is walking. The memories flood back and the thoughts bring him joy as he looks as the stranger’s shirt and one saying would unite them forever.


“ I Am A Human Being,” defines the many facets of a person and what we can be if we try. As the author relates the many things that a person can be, the jobs you can take and the areas you can enter he states at the end of the poem before anything “ I Am a Human Being.” It means that he is flesh and blood, fragile and needs love and it also encompasses what we are all and need to understand that we are human before anything else. A job is what we do but human is who we are. “ Oh, A Child With An Idea,” is really quite interesting. Children often do have ideas and we need to understand, appreciate and listen to them when expressed. “ A child with an idea would be bad,” states the author depending on the motive. Children have ideas and we are often skeptical about them and wonder where they want to go with their thoughts and feels. Do you really have to agree with everything they say or is it okay for them to think on their own? Children’s ideas need to spread and grow.


Walk into an office that has just been vacated. What do you see? Do you see just the walls, the floors and the empty space or can you envision who worked there, who might have created an idea that took off by leaps and bounds. In the poem “An Empty Desk,” the author takes the reader inside an empty office devoid of everything except one single desk. For those who like to pretend or use their imagination the author creates a world around that desk and inside that office. However, the world he imagines is one where the company is gone, the doors closed and the empty room and the desk is all that is left.


“ Take A Load off Your Feet,” is a unique perspective of how you feel at the end of your day and why you just want to sit down. Some people think about their day and what caused them sadness and despair and glad to be sitting on their favorite chair. Allowing him to think and take and relax and hopefully enjoy his thoughts. There is nothing more comfortable then sitting in your favorite chair, with your feet up and thinking about your day, relaxing and talking to the chair and hoping that it knows that it is more than just fabric and a place to sit. The last line to the broom you have to read for yourself.


There are poems about Memories; this is Your Poem, Engaged in Conversation and one titled Shattered. Each one with its own special message and meaning and each telling its own story.





What About Me? How many times do we hear someone say that? How many times do we misunderstand its meaning? The author is not talking about a selfish person who only cares about himself or herself he is talking about the child who lives in poverty, a child who haunts his nights and helps him to understand that living in a mansion is not everything when some have nothing to eat or a place to sleep. Even though he is far away from this child he closes his eyes, sees the child’s face and hears his voice as he/she says, “What about me?” So true and so sad. There is a poem called Good-Bye, another” You’ll Always Be In My Heart” and one titled “Your imagination.” The one I really loved the best is The Only Thing That Matters. It sums up life in about thirty or forty lines. I love this poem because it says everything we always think but never really say. The only thing that matters is you. Then he ends the next line with us, and then he states the “ only thing that matters is living, hope, giving, ways to cope.” Simple yet complex thoughts that we never really sit down and think about but they are so true. The only thing that matters is to forgive, to be kind , not to be enslaved and finally that only thing that matters is the only thing that matters or whatever you want to put at the end of the sentence. The only thing that matters is the poem, its feelings and the great work presented by this author which will definitely make you think.


Finally, Mom, Bikes, Biscuits and Bruises. Do you ever take time to think about your mom, the amazing things she did for you. Sometimes she played doctor to our cuts and bruises, baked cakes and biscuits, getting your first bike, always being there no matter what, coming to your games and supporting you win or lose. This is a great tribute to his mom and his special thank you to her made this poem number one. Taking the time to remember all that she did was more than just bikes, biscuits and bruises she was his mom.


Take the journey inside the life and mind of author John Turner and decide which poems are special to you and which ones touch your heart. There is Shattered, What Does it All Mean and so many others that you will love. Some will make you smile, others bring tears to your eyes and some create different emotions.


Sit in your favorite chair and read Music and hear the sound of Cole Porter, melodies played, tunes that make you want to get up and dance and hear the orchestra play and the masterpieces that evoke emotions. Music is special and each piece tells its own story.


Take This Journey With Me: Take it with author John Turner and you will transcend into a world where you will see the smallest things we miss under the lens of the microscope and you too will hear the words of each poem in a special and unique way.


Fran Lewis: reviewer