Anthology: The Other Side

Anthology: The Other Side

Hamidah Gul

Life is precious and how we view it depends on our own perspective and how we think others view us. One three voices are heard in this first story titled The Suicide Case in this Anthology called The Other Side beginning with one young man who feels despondent, alone and has decided that his life is worthless. The second faces his feelings about a woman and why he feels he would like to end her life the final about a coma patient. The Walking Dead is how the author refers to our first character that feels his life is not worth living, he has done nothing noteworthy and the only way to create some type of legacy or importance is to end his life. Next, we hear the voice of someone referred to as The Dead Soul an evil man with wicked thoughts describing his hate and feelings for another human being that he hopes will not live and whose eyes he wants to remain closed. Next, we meet the final character called the Living Dead who appears to be in a coma and whose memories flood, a voice that she fears and her thoughts about what would happen if she finally opens her eyes. All three lies held in the balance and each about to meet a different fate. Walking Dead hates life, sits on his car, thinks about how to end it all and then the Dead Soul follows. Each in their cars, each one has their own destination but what will happen will definitely change things for both of them. As the two men are driving and both are in traffic and horns are blaring they each wonder what is holding up the traffic. The Walking Dead steers his car, the honking fades and what happens to him will change the fate of another. The Dead Soul is angry and sees what happens to the Walking Dead but the earth begins to shake, the movement so great and you can predict the rest. Finally, the Living Dead, the woman in a coma opens her eyes, learns the fate of her husband and the voice that she feared coming to see her. What the doctor reveals to her about what would have happened at he arrived will change her perspective on everything, create some fear in her heart and the rest and what happens you will have to read in story one The Suicide Case.


Story Two is called Come Home With Me, which will teach you never to talk to strangers, listen to your mother and be careful for what you wish for. As we meet the main character of the story that was waiting for someone to arrive but instead his mother does. The eerie feeling you get from the mother’s voice, her statements will let you know that they are not alone. The spirit that arrives wants to take the life of another person. The dread you can hear in his mother’s voice as she warns him that she is there. His mother leaves the room and what happens will give you chills all over. A shrill of laughter and the knowledge that death is just a day away as one 15-year-old boy named Jimmy sees a vision and what happens you won’t believe. Sometimes taking someone home with you might be your end. The Other Side is really quite scary as we hear the voice of someone who thinks he has died saving a child. Describing as most might say a Near Death Experience he begins to recount all of the mistakes he made in life with his parents, his sister and brother. The remorse he feels is evident as he meets an angel named Maia and learns the true meaning of love , forgiveness and family while witnessing the end of the world or did he? Floating on a star he sees and envisions many things as he travels to Pluto and meets some other species whose goal it is to destroy human life. Just why you have to read for yourself when you read part one of The Other Side. Does he live, does he open his eyes and what happens that changes him you won’t believe. The Artist is coming to take over and it’s  time for him to go he says. The angel was it real? The adventure was it real? Did he really visit Pluto? What really happened? Where did the smell of roses come from?

Mission of Mercy is next which is part two of The Other Side. You see he did witness the world coming to an end and the earth burned up. Seeing the final moments of his planet from his own ship. He calls himself Darshanas and he claims to be the leader of his nation. Decribing his high command, where they live and he tells about the world that they would inhabit. The author gives the reader much pause for thought in this story as you wonder what is real, whether they really crossed the barrier and were in a universe floating through the Milky Way. Razanash was the high command and he was in charge. Describing the planets, its appearance and where they were headed will surprise the reader. Would the technology be new or will be it old? Are they the only race on this earth or are their others more advanced? Will they present a threat? Are they human? Can different races live together? What really happened and where they wind up you have to read for yourself? Do you care about your planet? Do you really want life to survive? Are they really destroying it? Find out when you read Mission of Mercy and learn the truth.


The next story is The Best Friend. Sometimes your best friend might be someone who is your worst nightmare. Can you hear the voice of this person? What is this person really thinking about you? What would you do if this person was watching your every move? What happens when she opens her eyes? You need to learn just who or what she sees and what is real or not? The next story is the Lonely Heart about a son who feels unwanted and neglected and has decided to end his life. As in the first story we meet another character similar to that of The Walking Dead who feels his life does not matter, feels alone and hates his life. Of course he blames himself for the bad things that happened to his mother, wondered if she would have been better off without them. Sounds like a lot of self -pity. A mother he states that showed him no affection and a girl named Mary Sue did the same.  Each story is sad, each story deals with death and how many view it from their different perspectives.


As the young man in question decides on his own fate, what he is going to do and how to do it, will he leave a note for his mother where would he go to do it and why? But, when his mother comes home and sees the note the author allows the reader to realize more about her than Daniel her son did. Parents need to express their feelings for their children before it’s too late and giving up is never the answer. Where would she go and what happens? Read it to find out.


Mary Had A Little Lamb is next followed by Mother and her Birds. Who is Lucy and what does she do? Read Mary Had A Little Lamb to find out. Next a mother who wants to teach her son a lesson that no mother should ever teach a child followed by The Death Star. Imagine a star that is called Einde 2012. Imagine a star that is born of hope, mystery and innocence. Hear the words directly from the star as she is born and describes her life. From being a baby star that burned so bright and then had no idea what to do or where to go. Passing over the big stars she felt so small and wanted to feel important. Light-years passed and the little star waited like most children do for the guidance of her parent to tell her where to go and what was next. But, it never came until one day: the Journey: An explosion that separated her from her mother sending her to a new home. Where she winds up you have to learn for yourself but first she sees a beautiful planet and hears whispers. For five years that is all she hears. Somewhere within this planet but what was her destiny and what happened at the end? Find out when you read The Death Star and understand its name.


Finally the last story is Children of the Mist. What if your past was a blank and was about to come back to you? What if you were invited to a reunion but received a strange call to attend? What if you were given Joe Cross would enter what some might think is the Twilight Zone and the events that unfold will shake you to the core and bring chills down your spine. Five friends recounting their lives. Why were they there? What really happened to them?  A mist surrounds the shed where they wind up and Joe’s memory is not fully restored. But, when they each remember something that happened what would happen when they confess the truth? Running from their pasts could they really hide? The pain they felt inside and the mist that surrounded them giving each one a wish in exchange for their memories. Would you give up you thoughts to forget something you have done? What if it meant giving up your entire past?


What happens and the decisions each of the five make will definitely make you ask this question: Would you want your past back and your memories if you knew the outcome? Ten stories about death, ten stories that make you appreciate life. This is one book that will definitely haunt you for a very long time. Death if final the author makes you value life and brings to light the importance of embracing it.


Fran Lewis: reviewer