Blood Bound: My review

Blood Bound

Karina Gioertz


A young voice was silenced. A life ended. Those in charge either ignored the muffled cries or turned a blind eye. Tommy McCarthy spent time in a cell that would give most people the feeling of being hemmed or closed in and a fear that they would never be released from the confines of this small cell. Lawyers are supposed to defend their clients. Lawyers advise their clients on the proper way to address the judge, their demeanor and dress in court and the respect they are supposed to show to everyone in charge. Tommy adhered to the plan created. Tommy kept silent until the judge passed sentence and the final decision was announced. Cries, yells, screams and hopes died as the sound of the metal door was bolted shut and he was now living in a cage filled with a bed, metal toilet and a radiator that leaked. The night scared him and he realized another person shared his cell. This frightened him even more. Richard Praier- just who is he? Why did everyone die when placed in a cell with this man? Tommy’s body was found the next morning. Who silenced his voice? Why? Questioned by the Warden Praier seemed unfazed and smug. Confident in his actions and feeling in control of his thoughts and words Praier never reacted to the rants and raves of the warden but not so in control when placed in solitary for a week. Even the guards in charge of him had an uneasy feeling.


Scott McCarthy just arrived home. Parking and securing his bike he hoped to be welcome back by his family. That welcome or hello was short lived. Home for his cousin’s funeral Scott appears to be an outcast in this family but why has yet to be revealed. What is the real story behind the hatred in this family? Why shun Scott? Concern for Tommy’s mother neutralized their anger and abated the arguments for now. Learning more about Tommy’s arrest Scott notes many inconsistencies about his behavior. Not believing that Tommy would carry a gun, rob anyone or kill them sets off red flags for him and he is determined to learn the truth. What really happened in that cell? Who killed him? Was he set up? Why?


As storm clouds soared through the already darkened sky Tommy McCarthy was released to his final resting place. Scott, although not really welcomes spent time with his aunt Tommy’s mother to learn more. As he and his cousins discuss what they know and piece some of the information the accountant shared with Scott it becomes apparent that the entire story has not been revealed. The police arrest Tommy and looked no further. What about the lawyer?


Tommy, Ryan, Ben and Scott: Family: Bound by Blood: What happened? No one thought the outcome of the trial was wrong? As the family gathers together after the funeral Scott is introduced to Natasha, Ryan’s fiancé and the conversation gets heated. Before leaving his aunt’s home Scott will find out the truth at all costs. How was he strangled to death on a radiator pipe in his prison cell? Why did the guards miss his corridor that night? What really happened? Why did his family give up?


Going to the prison was his first option and after meeting with a prisoner named Lawrence he is convinced it was not a suicide but a set up. Flashbacks into Scott’s past enlighten the reader about him and his past with his family. Brought into the brotherhood of the family why an outcast now?


What Scott begins to learn at the prison alarms him as he realizes that many things that look real are often just created or staged to make people believe what you want them to believe. Who wanted Tommy dead? Who set off this chain of events?


From the author of Country Girls, Karina Gioertz comes a novel that will bring cold chills down your spine. A novel whose events could have been ripped right out of the pages of the headlines of the news. Just what really happens behind prison doors? Blood Bound: Read my review to learn more.


The family meets to discuss their take on what might have happened to Tommy and something triggers in Scott’s mind and what he does next is short of attempted murder if you really think about it. Cornering the prison guard responsible for handing Tommy over to the man referred to as No Prayer who set in motion all that happened to him, teaching him more than just a simple lesson he would never forget we learn about the corruption within the prison system and the injustices done to many prisoners at the hands of those supposedly protecting them. Money is often the root of their actions as we learn the end result not always what some would like or expect.


The information mounts up as Scott and Ryan visit Sal’s auto shop the place of the robbery and Ryan finds a folder filled with interesting information. Links to the present and employees in their bar might help clarify the reasons for the murder but not all. Just who really killed Brad Horton the man Tommy went to prison for killing? How is the bartender at their pub linked? Who is Hilary McCleen and what is her link to Brad? Just why does everyone think Scott was involved? What do the mechanics working for Sal know? Just who is the one that really manipulated everyone?


When all of the horrors fit together and the final pieces are placed into this intricate puzzle more lives will be placed in danger, a link to Scott’s past will be revealed more family members will suffer and decisions will have to be made. What did the mob have to do with the pub? What part did the accountant play? What about their father or Uncle Teddy might have had something to do with Tommy? What did Tommy know and see that no one wanted repeated? Just who ordered the hit? Who knew about it and made sure it happened? The end you won’t believe and the reasons you have to read for yourself.


One letter would tell it all. Deceits, lies, betrayals, hate, jealously and greed all play a prominent role in what happened to Tommy. Just who and why he was killed will definitely make one family take a closer look at the definition of Blood Ties or Blood Bound. What does Scott learn that gets someone else killed? What is the real motive behind the murders? How does the mob fit in and what did Scott do that was hidden for many years? Shunned, hated, rejected and a secret that would change it all. Blood Bound: Find Out where the ties fell apart and the blood seeped through leaving just the plasma that we need to survive and the blood that binds us: Will they ever be able to repair what was done? Blood Bound: You decide the definition but definitely read this outstanding novel that will give you much pause for thought as author Karina Gioertz takes the reader inside the mind of a diabolical killer and the prison system to learn what happens when greed wins out and some things get out of control. Will there be justice for Tommy? What about Praier? That remains secret as I am Blood Bound not to tell. A voice silenced then heard: You figure out how?


Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Let’s dedicate this review to all those who have been wrongly accused. This book gets: FIVE TOMMYS



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