Resurrect and Restore: My review

Resurrect and Restore: Paul A. Zecos

Before presenting my review let me state the following: I am presenting the thoughts, views and information related in this book by the author. I will not present my views or agree or disagree with the author’s viewpoint of message.

My review:

Definitions are often subjective when left to the individual to interpret the meaning of a specific concept or word. The author begins by discussing the word Choice and helping the reading decide how to discern between choosing Life and Death or Eternal Life. “The difference between living forever vs. surviving to exhaustion and death is immense.” Elaborating by explaining the differences between living eternally in joy by the “Spirit of God-Love vs. “Living and Dying.” Struggling with your fears, loneliness and suffering to death as animals is one choice you have to decide about. Choosing your life and your children’s life to be eternal or end in death is another choice. How does someone live forever? Only those living, as the author states, “ In God’s Kingdom of Love,” will live forever. The author continues with numerous definitions of love and incorporates powerful meanings of the word adding strong descriptive words, nouns and verbs to illuminate the reader and truly clarify the meaning of this powerful four letter word: LOVE. Within these definitions he adds the meanings of these words to help us decide and understand ways in which God’s love will restore the spirit and help guide each one of us to revelations of spirit and our souls in order understand the message he is trying to convey. The author defines Love in many different contexts. First by stating, “ Love is Righteous and saves others.” He continues by stating it is “Eternal and resurrects, frees and liberates others.” Love is Kind and Enlightens. Love is merciful and forgives. He includes words equating love as compassionate, faithful and many more definitions ending with love is Just leading to a final statement defining that these are the ways God Loves You.

There are seven great righteous religions of the word each having he states Love’s expression by the seven spirits of God. Each one expressing their form of love and each Spirit of love and faith focuses on a particular expression of love. Every example or thought related is presented in a specific sequence required because of the degree of “difficulty required to get from one stage to the other.” “Justice to wisdom, to forgiveness, to Holiness, to Grace, to Enlightenment to Righteousness. The seven religions, each one corresponding to each of the stages. HE continues with much more about this in the chapter and concludes with what occurs because of the great and unnecessary suffering caused by humans and that the Holy Spirit always ahs the last word. At the end of each chapter the author leads the reader into what he wants us to learn or present next by asking you a question related to the next chapter.

Defining God’s Kingdom on earth and stating these Lands of God must be Independent from the current National government is paramount to the author. He continues to explain by elaborating that without the formation or establishment of a “sovereign, independent, kingdom of love on earth, through independent, demilitarized, disarmed, anti violent, sovereign lands for those who voluntarily chose to live by love and mercy is the only way the we will succeed. In other words you’d choose to live by love and mercy and not by what most do money, power, force, judgments by appearance and justice as most do in this world. The book and the author’s thought provoking and quite compelling ways to rethink the way you and others view God, life, eternity and our government on how we live is discussed in this book and only you the reader can decide whether you agree or disagree with the author after reading the entire book.

Throughout the book the author focuses on the importance of making personal choices and the consequences we face when making the wrong ones. The many ways the World is Wrong is elaborated on in Chapter 6, The Constitution for the Lands of God in Chapter 7 where author Paul A. Zecos states the purpose of the Land of God is not to “Preach about love as is needed in this world and as religious institutions do, but to live by love with others that love, as is most needed.” Quite compelling. Chapter 8 defines love and states if frees and liberates. In Chapter 9 when Suffering becomes Intolerable, Being Truly Free, who needs God’s Kingdom on Earth and elaborating his plan and explaining about an “Independent Demilitarized, Disarmed land for the Kingdom of God is what is needed.” He continues to discuss our concerns with our jobs, our material worth and much more. Explaining the wars, or battles within him and whom he is at war with and why in Chapter 13 and in 14 stating he does care if you disagree with him and why. Discussing his viewpoint about corporations, celebrities and idols and his feelings about the notoriety they receive. Continuing by explaining there should be two separate governments: The Church and the Secular States and he defines each one. There is much more presented including a Biblical references and a discussion about Prayer and the right and the correct answers defining the value of both sides of a conflict in Chapter 20. The religious aspects, the information related and supported by the “Theory of Dimensionality,” and the information imparted in chapters 19-21 I will leave to the reader to decide what you have learned and formulate your own thoughts and opinions. He even continues with a discussion about education and what is truth and fiction and his perception of how people view him. The final section is about the author where he presents his compelling, quite introspective plan and open letter for how we can resurrect and Restore. The messages are directed to politicians, and will direct interest from Christian Politicians and many social leaders too. He defines his feelings about educators, a letter to the United States Council is presented, his practical and current solutions and why nothing will occur until the separation happens. Ending with the 7 spirits of the Holy Spirit taught at each level and how to learn them. His philosophy, change and reactions to change and powerful statements about many religious groups are quite controversial and this reviewer will let you come to your own conclusions and form your own opinions. I will say that some of the statements might foster some interesting discussions and debates. Form religious viewpoints, to the government, education and much more author Paul A. Zecos asks each person, individual to asses themselves, their views on God, eternity, life and accomplishing what you want in life by turning negatives into positives and realizes that the method is the same whether the focus is on one person or individual, a relationship with a spouse, child, business partner and more. He states in order to achieve what you want you must decide on what you truly believe. Use those beliefs as your mission, which you and you alone can turn into objectives and long-term goals. The final phase of the book is directed to the CEO’s of corporations, court orders, our President and politicians concluding with an open letter to many officials. Finally, he asks in Chapter 25 one question that I will leave to you the reader to answer. Resurrect and Restore: You decide how you can achieve what you believe in and what you have learned from reading this book.

Fran Lewis