In the Dark: Brian Freeman

In the Dark

Brian Freeman



Cindy Star was married to Jonathan Stride despite his mother’s apprehension and fears that she would lose her son to this young girl. Cindy died five years ago but author Brian Freeman has decided to allow readers to get to her know, how she and Jonathan connected the first time and what happens when she wants to share her experience with her sister, Laura. Coming home in total disarray and not wanting to even wash away one shred of evidence that she and Jonathan were together, she goes in search of her sister. Close to a point but not confidants she decides to trust her sister. Going up to her room she finds she is not there. Other alarms go off in her head and she immediately leaves the house in the middle of the night in search of Laura. What she finds would change her life and that of her family as Laura has been brutalized and murdered. Cindy finds her body.


Fast forward to the present as Serena, Maggie and Jonathan meet to work on a case that involves a peeper. But, someone comes into the saloon where they are and changes everything. Someone who knew Cindy in the past and someone who claims to have been friends with Laura. As this reporter does more than approach Jonathan things begin to change and she wants him to reopen the case and find out who killed Laura. Evidence that she kept hidden for over 30 years, notes that were never revealed and photos that never came out because Laura did not want anyone to know. A stalker for sure but who remains to be seen. But, Jonathan does not trust this reporter named Tish and just what is she holding back and not telling him? Why after 30 years does she want to bring this out? Why wouldn’t Laura let Cindy help her and why did she think the notes and photos were a prank?


As Jonathan revisits the police reports and the files in the case he finds that some of the evidence is missing and his suspicions fall on the officer in charge. As we hear both Cindy and Laura’s voices on a night filled with thunder, storms and fear. Just what or who was lurking in the wood and why did Laura know she was being watched? As the author brings us back to Tish who finds that not only does Serena not really want her around but when she returns to her room where she is staying she finds someone else has left her a different kind of calling card letting her know she is definitely unwanted. Someone does not want this case solved and what does it have to do with a man named Peter Stanhope, friend from the past and someone who wants Serena to work for him as an investigator. Why does he appear to be a suspect? How did the bat from 30 years ago belonging to Peter wind up at the crime scene?



Cindy’s voice comes through loud and clear as does Laura’s as the author brilliantly takes the reader back to where it all happened, why Laura was alone that night and the guilt that not only harbored with Jonathan for over 30 years but within Cindy too before she died.


But, within this plot there is a subplot that deals with a peeper that seems to be preying on young blonde teens. One young girl named Mary who is learning impaired sees figure outside of her window and screams for help. Not the first time it happened but recurring so her father reports it to the police and the investigation heats up hopefully to find this man.



Cindy’s voice is heard as the detective on the case along with Jonathan questions her before he entered the force. Questions are asked, innuendos made, references to the Stanhopes and the end result you won’t believe as the one man who took him under his wing was the one man who might have made some of the evidence disappear and then took his own life. Why? Remains to be seen but there is much more as the young mentally challenged young girl is killed in what is supposed to be an accident but was it? Could this murder from 30 years ago have something to do with the vagrant they think killed Laura? In the Dark brings to light many questions about teens, their behavior and desires. This is a great book to teach young girls what not to do when getting involve with a young man and how to act like respectful young adults. Peter Stanhope feels that money talks. He is immune to the law and that although he claims that his behavior was anything but respectful he says he never killed Laura? But evidence does point to him but is he really the killer? Her parents divorced but devastated the circumstances unusual as the author relates what Donna Biggs remembers about the incident that resulted in her daughter’s death. Guilt for many reasons as Maggie and Stride try to link the cases together. More flashbacks about the man named Dada and his real role in what happened to Laura and the truth about Peter Stanhope. Just who is Finn, why was he there the night Laura was killed, what did he see, why didn’t he go for help and what really happened? What happens next will surprise the reader as Tish is awakened by a loud noise in the middle of the night and a piece of evidence appears between the spokes of her steering wheel.


Tish then reveals her mode of delivery as she tells Stride as the reader knows the story and the book is told in Cindy’s words and through Cindy’s eyes.


When all of the pieces finally come into place you will not believe just how far back all of this goes and who was involved and why. Tish finally reveals her secret and many lives would definitely be changed and Jonathan’s opinion of her will let the reader know that she interfered with the case, claims to have gotten a confession and her motive for returning to Duluth a lie. As the reader hears what really happened between Tish and Laura we learn more than just a deep dark secret. But, Tish is relentless and won’t give up until she solves the case for the police. What will Mary’s father do to get justice for her death? Author Brian Freeman brings to light child predators, abuse, murder, lies, deceits, parent abuse of a child, rape and many other issues that makes this book one that so many parents and teens can learn from. What happens when emotions get carried away and young girls do not think about the consequences of their actions? What happens when a mother abuses her son and he turns into a peeper or stalker? An ending that will reveal more than just the killer but a secret that was buried within someone he loved. Read In the Dark and learn what happens when the truth comes into the light. Once again Stride keeps you riveted to the printed page and hoping for the next chapter in his life along with Serena and Maggie.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer



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