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Welcome author Alyce Joyce


Author: Alyce Joyce


Do you believe in fairies? What would you do if one turned up in your room? What about if this fairy just happened to by accident blow up your favorite dollhouse? What if this fairy was all dressed in green wearing army boots and covered from head to toe in dirt? What if this fairy got zonked, clonked and banged on the head and had no idea why she was there but remembered who sent her? Taylor is seven years old and is used to getting her own way. Seeing this site in front of her not only made her mad but a little afraid. Imagine ruining her new pink Capri pants and thinking she was hearing things but in reality she was not. So, what would you do if this happened to you? If you are Taylor you might start by trying to boss this poor little four- inch fairy around even though she is really not dangerous. But, what if she was sorry for all the damage she has done? What if she escaped from the pages of a book because a Queen named Splaminda sent her here? The Queen is smart and she realizes that our fairy that likes to be called Sprout has issues or problems and maybe with the right help and a little maturity she just might turn out great. Sprout really means well but in between well just wait and see what happens when Taylor learns just how Sprout can help her, joins her on many new adventures and finds herself best friends with she hopes not a fibbin fairy who she thinks is bad at first. But, is she?

Sprout is a little confused at first or as she says, “Discombobulated.” Would you be if you got clunked and zonked on the head? Taylor is not sure about her at first and thinks she needs to do something to let her know that she is in charge and this is her room that she has invaded. Sprout on the other hand explains that she has been stuck in this book that she finally got out of for as she states a gazillion years. But, Taylor needs more to trust her. So, just why did Queen Splaminda send her here from Spritesville? She cannot seem to remember that but she knows she has a job to do. Sprout is not an ordinary fairy she wears a disc around her neck that is sort of like a mood ring, which changes words or feelings as things happen in the story. Starting with Zonked and then changing to Boiling. You figure out why!


But, Sprout just wanted to be Taylor’s friends and when she apologizes Taylor feels bad and then watch what happens next. Would you want to be four inches tall and join this fairy on some cool adventures?     The author introduces some really cool vocabulary words for kids like lollapalooza and cumbersome, imperative, pathetic and many more added to a glossary of Sprout’s favorite words at the end of the book. Just think how cool that will be when you go to school and the teacher asks for words that mean the same as these and you come up with gallant for courageous or even humongous for huge.


But, a miracle happens and her memory comes back and the disc now says Hopeful and she magically repairs herself by taking away the dirt, fixing her clothes and looking quite cute. Then we learn that she wears the army boots because poor Sprout has a thing or fetish for shoes meaning fad and I guess the Queen thinks these boots will have to do for now rather than Sprout buying tons more shoes. But, imagine a fairy that can make you four inches tall, teach you how to ride a butterfly and help a snail in trouble and even meet an Earthworm. But, when the mean Bratts brothers come along will they escape before they do some damage? Hoping to go into the tunnel of Miss Chipsie Chipmunk before anyone is harmed. Would you want to meet Sir Leapsalot Frog? But, Taylor is afraid of the tunnel but Sprout promises to protect her?


But, when Taylor meets Miss Chipsie she complains rather than say hello about her size and how dangerous it is to be so small and babbling on and on about Sprout and that no one has to be afraid because she will protect them. Being afraid can do that to anyone when you don’t know what to expect you sometimes ramble on until you convince yourself you are not afraid.  But, just where is Sir Leapsalot Frog? But when things calm down they really don’t as the earth begins the shake and what happens next you won’t believe. DANGER is what Sprout’s necklace says. Just who is after them and who found them? Why do they have to whisper? Oh Dear: it’s the Brattz! Its Doozer and Loozer looking to make someone pay but who? But, even though they might have managed to escape poor Miss Chipsie is still upset. Why would they call her stupid and why were they being so mean to such a nice chipmunk?


Her adventures are far from over as they encounter many obstacles along the way. Would they confront the Brattz for pushing the tile down the steep incline with Snilly Snail, Taylor, Sprout and Miss Chipsie inside? But, were they out of danger? Then, Taylor meets Sir Leap. Sir Leap was quite big, green and had a twinkle in his eye when he met Taylor. Taylor seemed to always greet someone with a confrontational attitude that others needed to deal with before getting to really know her. But, Taylor was hoping to ride on his back. But, did she? Would she be afraid? But, when a fish hawk endangers them Sprout comes to the rescue after all she is magical in her own way? Can you discompopulate a rotten old bird? But, the necklace remember deals with Sprout’s feelings and this time it says PRIDE. These are great character education words that teacher can use to reinforce kindness and character lessons. Pride, Hope, Relax and more. So, why was Sprout sent to meet Taylor: believe it or not to teach her something that adults need to learn when dealing with kids and kids need to learn when they might have to wait their turn: PATIENCE. Just what is a Behavioral Custodian’s job: what other words would she have to teach Taylor: Patience, Tolerant of other people and much more. Will she succeed? Can’t tell you the rest you have to read it for yourself. Learn the lessons that Taylor learns. Understand the meaning of the words on the necklace the character words that will help her to be a better person and take the journey with her and enjoy the adventures. Look at the pictures or illustrations that are in this book and maybe you will find yourself within the pages of Ka-Boom as you join the Queen, Taylor and Sprout on their adventures as we find out if Sprout remains with Taylor or goes back inside the book. Did she change Taylor’s attitude and help her understand that hurting others is mean, bullying is rude and tolerance is important?      The pictures created and illustrated by Diane Lucas are so lifelike and realistic you see the emotions on the faces of the characters, the fear in their eyes when in danger, the fun they have on their adventures and the inviting look that says: COME JOIN US!



Will she remain in the dollhouse? What will be her next assignment for the Queen? Will Taylor join her in her next adventure? Find out when you read KA-BOOM! But, watch out for a little sprite with flaming red hair, green dress, army boots and special magic. Do you believe in fairies?


Fran Lewis: reviewer




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