False Friends

False Friends

Stephen Leather


What would you do if you were standing in the same room with Osama Bin Laden? What would you do if you were the one to decide if this man lives or dies? Wanted for more than must mass murder but genocide and for engineering the events of 9/11 would you execute him even if he was unarmed? Would you take him in and let the courts decide? When the Navy Seals go on a mission to capture him, take down those tied to him something snaps in the mind of the man in charge or the mission or did it? As Dan Spider Shepherd and the Navy Seals finally find themselves face to face with this horrific killer it is up to them to decide his fate? But, Dan is there as an observer for the British government and on assignment for the MI5 agency he works for. Those that know him think he is a journalist those that really know him would never reveal the truth. Two young men are aligned with this mission. Two British students named Malik and Chaudhry who provided the Americans with the information to take down Bin Laden. What if al-Qaeda decided to go after them? How would they learn to live and survive undercover? But, will Shepherd be able to stop what they are planning with thousands of lives hanging in the balance?




The operation in Pakistan was supposedly to bring Bin Laden in. But, the end result was what everyone applauded and wanted from the start. Spider was there as an observer as I stated working with a team of US Navy Seals carrying out the mission. But, when one of the helicopters malfunctions and an alternate plan of entry and attack are needed, Shepherd comes up with a backup plan and becomes ensconced in this operation even if he thinks they are wrong.




But, as with anyone that finds out the end result could be monetary and the purse quite steep, these two young men request some of the money or bounty placed on the head of Bin Laden wanting to use the money to advance their careers and lives. Enter Charlotte Button his immediate superior who has another mission for him equally as dangerous and working with the Met’s Covert Operations Group with an old friend named Sam Hargrove. Just what this assignment is will prove to be even more dangerous and what will the end result be for our two young students still remains to be seen? But, they are far from out of the woods and still under the watchful eye of Muslims and one man named Khalid. Just how Khalid and al-Qaeda will go after Shepherd and the Seals remains to be seen. Just how these two False Friends play into his plot you won’t believe. What would happen if they were able to pull off another 9/11 but more devastating this time? Two young men who are being trained, taught and groomed to play an integral part in a huge massive terrorist attack. What if they don’t really want to do this? What happens when the British use them and their own people too? Spider/Shepherd is now in a different role of handler and he has to try and keep these two young men alive.


Going undercover one more time and protecting the two young Muslims would be more than just a full time job for him. Added in we learn more news about Bin Laden and what others are after the truth about who created the map, who the traitors are in their organization, why the map surfaced, what the Pakistanis are really up to and how he is going to protect Malik and Chaudhry. Added in we also learn of his new identity as a British arms dealer, the concerns he airs to Button and the training he will give the two Muslims. Will al-Qaeda find out who was behind the Intel? What happens when the Palestinian investigates?


There are two separate plots created by this outstanding author. Dealing with white fanatics and Muslims fanatics. The Muslims, Raj and Harvey or our two known as Chaudhry and Malik, are two UK born Muslims caught in this dangerous web having supplied the Intel needed to get the Sheik as Bin Laden is referred to.


Charlotte Button his boss at MI5 sends him as we know to the Met under orders from number 10 where he meets up as was stated with his old comrades Jimmy Sharpe and DCS Sam Hargrove to get inside this right-wing group which is part of the English Defense League based in Birmingham and planning a mass terrorist attack. Their goal is to uncover who the suppliers are and get the guns and ammo before its too late.


But there is much more as Shepherd gives the two young men a lesson in surveillance and how to avoid detection by the other side. Teaching them how to spot if they are being followed and how to blend in so no one knows they are doing the following as the story continues with both Shepherd and Sharpe meeting with the two from the English Defense League Kettering and Thompson. John Whitehill as he is referred to by Malik and Chaudhry and other names the author takes us into the world of espionage, deceit, terrorist cells and much more. Added in we learn about his son Liam.


The author shares with the reader his research into how grenades work, AK47’s and the type of ammunition needed, the rationale behind what these terrorists think about Americans, their own cause and other countries and the inner workings of these organizations that handle covert operations. Shepherd is loyal to his friends and even though told not to divulge certain facts to Sharpe he decides to trust him anyway with the information Button shared with him and Hargrove. Added in we are right up there front and center with Khalid and his group of terrorists as we learn some of what they have in mind, can surmise the rest just from the conversation and understand why if not stopped there will be more than just a repeat of 9/11. Adding in how these terrorists are linked to the man who caused the explosion in Norway and much more. But, not every plan goes according to the way they expect and the terrorists step up their mission and the two young students are afraid that they will be asked to cross that proverbial line that they did not sign up for. The MI5 team is on alert and their eyes and ears on the mission but will they be able to save them in time?


The truth behind his plans are revealed and those naïve enough to allow themselves to do his bidding really sad as some will die as martyrs thinking that is the wish of Allah and some will die at the hand of this terrorist as they plan to kill hundreds of people in a shopping mall. The end result you will not expect, as Shepherd has to think fast, hopefully outfox the enemy and save the lives of thousands before it’s too late. When called by Khalid to meet he senses something is wrong but will he be able to stop what they have planned? The two young students are far from out of danger and things heat up until the twists, turns and explosive ending you won’t see coming. What they are planning to do and who they wanted to execute it will let everyone in every country know that you cannot stop watching, listening and understanding that these people can strike at any time and they will. Author Stephen Leather created a plot so realistic, so credible that the reader gets an upfront taste of what these terrorists do, sound like, feel and want in the name of religion and more. This is one ending and one book that will definitely make you wonder just who is one what side and just what is in store next for Shepherd and the two students. Will it ever be over? Are they really safe? Trust no one!


Fran Lewis: Reviewer



dead peasants

Dead Peasants

Larry D. Thompson


Three families of three refinery workers are killed in an explosion. Several dozen workers are maimed. Waiting with baited breath to learn the final outcome of their suit against the refinery, Jackson Douglas Bryant, attorney for all three families waits along with his clients hoping the jury finds in their favor. Beaumont Texas: The courtroom is filled to capacity, the tension runs high as the bailiff enters the courtroom, everyone rises when the judge enters and the verdict is read on all counts. Finding the refinery liable for negligence in maintenance practices, stating that the negligence caused the deaths of these workers and awarding the three families a total of 90 million dollars monumental which added up both the punitive and gross negligence charges. But, awards of this magnitude are automatically sent for mediation as you can guess the top amount is never really the end result. But, Jack is tough and he will not relent or give in until they reach a final settlement that will benefit his clients. Seventy-five million is nothing to sneeze at and yielded him forty percent. The award was just one surprise of the day.  His announcement that he was going to retire was the second, and this is where our story really gets interesting.


Breckenridge: Football night in a bar and a man named Jim is about to have his last drink. A lone stranger enters and although he mumbles something to Jim no one really pays too much attention to him. Watching him closely after paying his tab, Jim leaves the bar and goes to open the door of his truck only to meet his maker when another truck runs him down and kills him.


Jack decides to move back to his hometown in Fort Worth, Texas hoping to retire and get closer to his son J.D. who is going to play football for TCU. But, things are not always what they appear and meeting Colby Stripling, his realtor, would bring out emotions in him that he thought were lost. Colby is bright, curious and wants to know more about Jack but not in a romantic way. Asking him about his past, his career opens up new avenues for her to get to know him and for Jack to explain he wanted everyone to realize that he is a success and the house that would land her a huge commission would be his home and a status symbol of his accomplishments. But, this story has much more and many twists as we meet Dwayne Allison whose car dealerships are in trouble of being closed if he does not come up with a way to pay his loans. The bank refuses to renew his loans, his customers cannot get money to fund a loan to buy cars and his brother who manages his insurance programs cannot do anything to remedy the situation. But, Dwayne is crafty and thinks he has the solution. Why not cancel the life insurance policies he took out on 7000 current and former employees and use the money to pay off his debts. But, some decisions made early on backfire and the only way he can collect is if the employee is deceased.


Business empires often start small. Dwayne Allison bought one car dealership, obtained a bank loan and it snowballed into 125 dealerships. But, things began to decline with the recession and the loans and bills could not be paid and the empire started to shrink. With bank beating down his door and wanting their money he had to come up with a sure fire plan to recoup his losses. But, what he hopes to accomplish would not be possible when the truth about certain things came to light. But, Dwayne is smart and thinks he is so shrewd that he plants an idea in someone’s mind fostering more than must a garden of flowers and hopefully save his businesses.


Jack gets his dream with the help of Colby who agrees to decorate it for him. Hoping to get closer to her, she keeps things at arms length for personal reasons, which will be revealed later. When Jack decides life is getting too dull he decides to rekindle his career but in a different way. Giving back to those who are needy and cannot afford lawyers is a great way to help the people of his new community and to stop some of the illegal practices that seem to be plaguing some of the people living there. One involves a credit card company that jacks up the interest when a client is late and then demands more than just the minimum payment each month plus extra. It is followed by a huge case brought to him by Colby. June Davis is the wife of Willie who worked for Allison’s dealership as a porter. Willie’s death is definitely suspect as are others that follow. But, when J.D. explains to Jack the meaning of Dead Peasant policies and how they relate to this case things begin to heat up in more ways than one. Dead Peasant policies are insurance policies taken out on employees without their knowledge. In this case the policies were taken out on workers who are current and those that are no longer with the company. Premiums are paid and the company is the beneficiary. When the case comes to court and June Davis is questioned, what happens will let the reader know that she is wiser than the lawyers expected and the end result will surprise you. But, when Colby is once again attacked more drastic measures come into play as she reveals the truth behind her visits to a nursing home and the man she visits who worked for the same car dealership as Willie. Three attempts on her life and the killer is still out there. With the trial coming to pass and the hope of getting June’s case settled what happens at this trial will enlighten the reader as to courtroom procedures, legalities, insurance fraud, a judge’s integrity and how far Jack will go to prove his client deserves the money. Added into the mix are his feelings for Colby, what happens to her husband and how he tries to clear her name. Dead Peasants is a legal/ murder thriller that will keep you on edge from start to finish until you come to the surprise and shocking conclusion. Once again Larry D. Thompson has penned a five star novel that far surpasses other legal/mystery thrillers. Jack Bryant is a solid character who with the help of our esteemed author will enlighten readers as to why you need to be careful when working for any company: Dead Peasant Polices: You don’t want one taken out on your life!

Fran Lewis: reviewer





Unclaimed Legacy

Unclaimed Legacy

Deborah Heal


( This is a great YA BOOK)

Promises to young children should never be broken and Merrideth learns once more the true meaning of loyalty, friendship and love as we revisit Miles Station and learn more about the computer program that brought her closer to her tutor, Abby in Time and Again by author Deborah Heal. As Merri is feeling left out when Abby begins dating John Roberts little does she expect to be invited on their date to lunch and to explore the town of Alton. As the story opens we meet both Abby and Merri and they discuss their relationship, John arrives and the three leave for a leisurely lunch that does not turn out as Abby would have liked or expected. But, when Merri is excited that her father is going to join her for lunch and Abby agrees to take her to the restaurant. Resilient to a point yet almost 12 years old, Merri is once again let down by her so-called father. A short text message stating he could not make it is all she receives but when John shows up with a friend they forge ahead to try and convince him that the program on her computer can take them back in time and his skepticism unfounded if his friend can fix it hoping to learn more about Charlotte from Miles Station. The program Beautiful Home invites the visitor to take a virtual tour of the old homes and go back in time to visit and get to know the residents who lived there and experience some of the events of events in their lives. Did someone infect the program with a virus, was caused by the storm or just a simple malfunction? But, John is not sure if this program really exists and his friend offers to fix it but cannot. Just how will they reconnect with Charlotte and what happens you will have to read by review of Unclaimed Legacy to find out. But, another idea comes about and Michael reenters the story and we meet Lucy who is a speech therapist who is willing to help Michael overcome his speech problems and work with him with her special dog Dr. Bob. But, having to leave for a lecture she enlists, John, Abby and Merri to take over some of the duties needed in her house and that is where the real story is about to begin as we meet Eulah and Beulah Edwards two twins whose story will definitely intrigue the reader. The computer program to learn more about Charlotte might be gone but what happens when they bring the laptop to Lucy’s house and fire it up you won’t believe. The program might not work in Merri’s house but it renews itself in Lucy’s and the house on the screen is the one they are staying in or Lucy’s house and the people they see are the Old Dears or the twins in the 40’s and we learn more about their lives, the time period and an ancestor that was quite colorful to say the least. Added to that these two women are quite strange, eccentric and what they cook or bake is definitely not what you or anyone should eat. Staying overnight in Lucy’s house would not only ignite the program for Beautiful House but it would reveal more about the residences and its history. Time travel even if virtual can really be exciting, educational and a great way to keep Merri on the right path. Added in is the fact that she is quite intelligent, wants to be accepted, is trying to lose weight, definitely looks better and her attitude about school and learning has improved thanks to Abby.


The program cannot be fixed but the end result will definitely surprise the reader as Abby, John and Merri refuse to give up on their quest to help the Old Dears and what happens when they bring the laptop to Lucy’s house is totally amazing. In order to help the Old Dears with their family tree they need to do some research and going to the library, the Lewis and Clark Museum and going through many books helps them uncover some of the names of the relatives on the tree but not all. But, with one click of the wrist the program comes back to life and what they see will definitely give them more than just pause for thought. This program works and displays the house that the resident is in at that time. Whatever house they are researching and if you are in it the program will work and help you uncover what you want to know. But, will it help them to learn everything? What about what happened to Charlotte? Let’s go back in time and take this second trip with them and find out what they learn about Eulah and Beulah and a secret that Beulah does not ever want revealed. Entering the home of the two sisters we see Beulah sitting at the piano that belongs to her sister playing my favorite piece Fur Elise. Eulah inherited the piano and the Yellow House too where this part of our story in virtual reality time takes place. Although the sisters are close one had no trouble finding a husband and the other did not. When Carl, Eulah’s husband returns from War and enters the Yellow House he thinks he is greeting his wife. You have to read and picture what happens. Is it mistaken identity or just one sister wanting what the other one has even if it is just for a little while? As they learn more about their family tree they uncover someone named Priscilla but their visit is cut short since she is quite ill. Finding a Bible they learn about Frances Edwards their grandmother and then the story really heats up. Delving further they learn the true history of where they live and the fact that they are related to the first governor but there is much more. Bertram White and he was anything but wonderful to her as they witness an incident that if they could have stopped it he might have wound up anywhere but where he was. The author brings to light that spousal abuse is not something just relevant to the 21st century. We learn more about a man named Reuben Buchanan and his relationship to the sisters and to Frances. What they learn will cause them to look further as an article in the paper relates that he was arrested and tried for murder and arson. His young son was brought up by his grandparents and the family tree is still lopsided unless they can learn more about Reuben and find out if he really did commit the crime of killing Bertram White’s wife or did he?



What they learn and uncover about the fire will definitely spark more than just interest as they learn about how Franny tried to help Mrs. White learn about the Bible and understand its true meaning. But, her husband had other ideas and then the fire broke out and she was killed. But, was Reuben really there? How can they clear his name after so many years? Added in is Merri’s dad is arrested at lunch and she learns why her mother took her away and much more.  But, when Abby actually learns the truth and what happened she falls apart.


The history behind the Lewis and Clark expedition is added; Merri’s essay is completed but the link between the sisters and the Buchanan’s you have to read for yourself. The end result and whether they clear Ruben you won’t get from me. Some research you have to do on your own to learn just how exciting one computer program can be, the knowledge you can impart to kids, adults and just how interesting it can be to create a family tree. One ending you won’t expect and a family that just might surprise you.


Fran Lewis: reviewer






Time and Again: my review

Time and Again: Charlotte of Miles Station

Deborah Heal



Creativity and ingenuity are two ways that educators can motivate their students. First impressions often set the tone for relationships, job interviews or first meetings. Not all jobs as you will learn are created for your enjoyment or convenience yet we hope our career choices will yield more than just a monetary reward. Educators face many stumbling blocks each day when they try to impart their knowledge to their students. Abby Thomas is hoping to complete a service project she has been assigned for Ambassador College during her summer break. Forgoing a trip to Europe with her friend she embarks on a new adventure that would take her to a town that no longer has flair, energy or color where the people have resigned themselves to their way of life and where one young adolescent named Merredith is about to test not only her patience, her skills as a potential educator but her stamina and persistence too. Merredith’s family is not well to do. She and her mother live in an old house her mother inherited. Merredith is an underachiever.  She also neglects her personal care making it hard for people to be too close to her and a mother that is compensating for her separation from her father by indulging her every whim including over doing it with chocolate treats. Kids love computer games and programs and Merredith is a true example of a computer game addict who eats herself into Kit Kat oblivion daily. Merredith does not want to deal with Abby and makes it quite clear that she does not want her interfering in her life in any way. Her attitude and reception when she meets her lets the reader know that Abby has her work cut out for her and success is going to be a long way down the road for both of them. But, sometimes intelligence, creativity and a smart young woman can overcome more than just the barriers and obstacles placed in front of her in order to help this young child.


As the author allows the reader to get to know Merredith we see that she also harbors some resentment when dealing with her mother and her separation from her father and the late night phone calls to connect with him let you know that she wants the relationship but he might not. Buying her all the computer programs and a state of the art phone help this young child justify in her own mind that her father is there for her and that he cares. But, does he? Hating where she lives and feeling that this is just a stopgap for her before she returns to Chicago she relates her feelings to Abby. Yet, when Abby confronts Pat, Merredith’s mother about her father she states she will block any visits but not why.


Abby forges ahead with preparing lessons for her from antiquated textbooks that are provided by the mother. So what secrets can she find in them and what happens she notices that the Merredith’s computer turns on by itself and a blue light flashes and something amazing appears on the screen. Beautiful House flashes across the screen” Take A Virtual Tour. Could this computer program be the answer to her problems? Is this computer trying to tell her something? This house is quite old and the history behind it quite compelling. The information she learns is about a young girl named Charlotte that lived in this same house and the town was called Miles Station. Just how all of this comes to light is quite interesting as Abby finally convinces her student to take a tour of the neighborhood, meet some of the colorful people and learn about where she lives. Interactive learning motivates young learners and adults too. It can ignite a spark that would ordinary go unlit and if approached and used the right way a computer program can take a child to new heights of learning. As they venture out in the neighborhood they see a young boy on the tracks and save him from injury. Going to his home they meet some very interesting people especially Mrs. Arnold. She seems to know a lot about the history of the town, the people and who lived in the house her mother inherited. Using this tactic she manages to ignite some interest in her but does not pick up on something she says she sees on the computer until after they come home. Beautiful House is the key to everything and what they find out when they take the virtual tour simply amazing. Miles Station is the name of the town and the young girl that lived there was Charlotte Miles. When Abby and Merredith look closely at the house on the screen she notices a young girl on the screen. Will Charlotte take them back in time to learn more? What else does Mrs. Arnold share besides her knowledge of gardening and making great treats? Find the soul of the house! What does that really mean? Finding a Plat Map of the house ignites excitement at least in Abby and some interest in Merredith. Getting her to do learn her multiplication tables and number facts her first success.


When Abby and Merredith find the lock key to the Virtual Reality Tour and they enter the world of Charlotte and her father Jonathan Miles. Hearing her voice, learning about the hard life she lived and more about the town brought them closer to together as they decided to explore more of neighborhood, find the old train station that was in the Virtual Tour and learn more about the house. But, Abby decides to go to church and during her time there she not only meets some special people but one special young man named John. Sometimes life hands us something that might be difficult to endure and then something really special as Abby even realizes how important it is to thank our parents for all they do and have done for us. That is what makes this novel so special and unique that the author reminds younger people and adults to embrace family love, education and learning.


As the author and Merrideth take us back in time we meet Charlotte, get to know her family and the excitement she must have felt when she was introduced to Abraham Lincoln. He is one President that I would have loved to have met too. This is a creative way to teach history, encourage independent learning and customs that children should learn about the past and perhaps use in the present. But, the research continued and the author shares more about Lincoln before he became President and the Lincoln Douglas Debates. Merrideth realizes that Charlotte’s life was not easy and that she cooked baked and took care of her father most of the time and never got to the Alton State Fair. Would she learn to appreciate where she lived the history? What would she learn from Charlotte to help her appreciate her life in the present? What about Abby’s project?


What happened to Charlotte and her life you will have to learn for yourself when you join Abby and Merrideth and take the journey back in time with them. Just how this ends you won’t believe. The research about this town the people and Miles Station is all explained in the note from the author at the end of the book. What will Merrideth learn about life in her town next? Will she ever resolve herself to her life? Will she ever realize just how special and smart she is and why who she is makes her special? The author brings to light what happens when kids are mean to Michael who might be learning disabled but capable of doing quite a lot. Meet Mrs. Arnold you will love her and want to learn more about her and her connection to the Miles family. Learn more about Charlotte and what happens to her and why President Lincoln made a huge difference during the war and the important part he played in our history. This is a great book for young readers and teachers to use to show that there are many ways to stimulate learning and get reluctant readers to want to explore history, math and even English.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

In the Dark: Brian Freeman

In the Dark

Brian Freeman



Cindy Star was married to Jonathan Stride despite his mother’s apprehension and fears that she would lose her son to this young girl. Cindy died five years ago but author Brian Freeman has decided to allow readers to get to her know, how she and Jonathan connected the first time and what happens when she wants to share her experience with her sister, Laura. Coming home in total disarray and not wanting to even wash away one shred of evidence that she and Jonathan were together, she goes in search of her sister. Close to a point but not confidants she decides to trust her sister. Going up to her room she finds she is not there. Other alarms go off in her head and she immediately leaves the house in the middle of the night in search of Laura. What she finds would change her life and that of her family as Laura has been brutalized and murdered. Cindy finds her body.


Fast forward to the present as Serena, Maggie and Jonathan meet to work on a case that involves a peeper. But, someone comes into the saloon where they are and changes everything. Someone who knew Cindy in the past and someone who claims to have been friends with Laura. As this reporter does more than approach Jonathan things begin to change and she wants him to reopen the case and find out who killed Laura. Evidence that she kept hidden for over 30 years, notes that were never revealed and photos that never came out because Laura did not want anyone to know. A stalker for sure but who remains to be seen. But, Jonathan does not trust this reporter named Tish and just what is she holding back and not telling him? Why after 30 years does she want to bring this out? Why wouldn’t Laura let Cindy help her and why did she think the notes and photos were a prank?


As Jonathan revisits the police reports and the files in the case he finds that some of the evidence is missing and his suspicions fall on the officer in charge. As we hear both Cindy and Laura’s voices on a night filled with thunder, storms and fear. Just what or who was lurking in the wood and why did Laura know she was being watched? As the author brings us back to Tish who finds that not only does Serena not really want her around but when she returns to her room where she is staying she finds someone else has left her a different kind of calling card letting her know she is definitely unwanted. Someone does not want this case solved and what does it have to do with a man named Peter Stanhope, friend from the past and someone who wants Serena to work for him as an investigator. Why does he appear to be a suspect? How did the bat from 30 years ago belonging to Peter wind up at the crime scene?



Cindy’s voice comes through loud and clear as does Laura’s as the author brilliantly takes the reader back to where it all happened, why Laura was alone that night and the guilt that not only harbored with Jonathan for over 30 years but within Cindy too before she died.


But, within this plot there is a subplot that deals with a peeper that seems to be preying on young blonde teens. One young girl named Mary who is learning impaired sees figure outside of her window and screams for help. Not the first time it happened but recurring so her father reports it to the police and the investigation heats up hopefully to find this man.



Cindy’s voice is heard as the detective on the case along with Jonathan questions her before he entered the force. Questions are asked, innuendos made, references to the Stanhopes and the end result you won’t believe as the one man who took him under his wing was the one man who might have made some of the evidence disappear and then took his own life. Why? Remains to be seen but there is much more as the young mentally challenged young girl is killed in what is supposed to be an accident but was it? Could this murder from 30 years ago have something to do with the vagrant they think killed Laura? In the Dark brings to light many questions about teens, their behavior and desires. This is a great book to teach young girls what not to do when getting involve with a young man and how to act like respectful young adults. Peter Stanhope feels that money talks. He is immune to the law and that although he claims that his behavior was anything but respectful he says he never killed Laura? But evidence does point to him but is he really the killer? Her parents divorced but devastated the circumstances unusual as the author relates what Donna Biggs remembers about the incident that resulted in her daughter’s death. Guilt for many reasons as Maggie and Stride try to link the cases together. More flashbacks about the man named Dada and his real role in what happened to Laura and the truth about Peter Stanhope. Just who is Finn, why was he there the night Laura was killed, what did he see, why didn’t he go for help and what really happened? What happens next will surprise the reader as Tish is awakened by a loud noise in the middle of the night and a piece of evidence appears between the spokes of her steering wheel.


Tish then reveals her mode of delivery as she tells Stride as the reader knows the story and the book is told in Cindy’s words and through Cindy’s eyes.


When all of the pieces finally come into place you will not believe just how far back all of this goes and who was involved and why. Tish finally reveals her secret and many lives would definitely be changed and Jonathan’s opinion of her will let the reader know that she interfered with the case, claims to have gotten a confession and her motive for returning to Duluth a lie. As the reader hears what really happened between Tish and Laura we learn more than just a deep dark secret. But, Tish is relentless and won’t give up until she solves the case for the police. What will Mary’s father do to get justice for her death? Author Brian Freeman brings to light child predators, abuse, murder, lies, deceits, parent abuse of a child, rape and many other issues that makes this book one that so many parents and teens can learn from. What happens when emotions get carried away and young girls do not think about the consequences of their actions? What happens when a mother abuses her son and he turns into a peeper or stalker? An ending that will reveal more than just the killer but a secret that was buried within someone he loved. Read In the Dark and learn what happens when the truth comes into the light. Once again Stride keeps you riveted to the printed page and hoping for the next chapter in his life along with Serena and Maggie.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer



Haven: My review

Haven: Kay Hooper


Can you dream in vivid color and actually experience someone running for his or her life and seeing him or her die? Nightmares, visions, colors within the darkness can plague your inner most thoughts like a mirage on an oasis as you hope to see the water in the hot desert as a young girl envisions a woman’s life hanging in the balance. But, was it real? Did she really see her running for her life? What does this all mean?


Emma Rayburn’s dreams are filled with death, dying and are so graphic she becomes enveloped in the events that she sees and literally experiences them. Hers are so real, so vivid that she often awakes in a cold sweat with an elevated heartbeat and a fear of doom knowing that someone is dead. Night terrors or reality? Catherine Tolbert was 21 years old. Is she dead or did Emma just imagine it? Emma witnessed the outcome and heard the screams. Was it a dream? Each time she witnesses these events she records them in a journal. Someone unknown to her has died. In the time span of about two years a violent hand has struck down a dozen girls and none reported. Did this really happen? Emma had an accident causing her to have these dreams. Riding on a guided horse trail on horseback something or someone spooked her horse and she was thrown. But, what most think would have been the end result did not occur. The only side effects of this fall are the dreams.


Jessie Rayburn is haunted by nightmares that she has been dealing and is staying with a group of psychics run by an organization called Haven. John and Maggie Garrett with the help of Special Agent Noah Bishop created this organization to train assist and help psychics, who have had difficult experiences, need more training or have to recoup from a job. John and Maggie created this privately owned organization to train operatives to do investigative work. The fact that they have specific psychic powers makes Haven unique. Maggie’s powers are geared to healing emotional and physical traumas (empathy). Jessie Rayburn is about to return to her hometown and leave the confines and safety of Haven to face her demons and her past. Special Agent Noah Bishop is the Unit Chief and the third member of this group working with Haven and as Special Crimes Unit of the FBI. They created the group. Noah has special psychic powers called precognition and he knew that Jessie was returning home. Baron Hollow is her home filled with ghost story tours, paranormal research and strange things happening. Emma and Jessie are about to reconnect after a long time. There is a voice we now meet that seems bothered by Jessie and knows why she is there and what she is hiding.


A voice is heard and the torment within the character real as Jessie sees a spirit before her. Only viewed by her this spirit appears transparent in body yet wearing outdated winter apparel. Jessie receives a disturbing message from this spirit and if she does not find out whom the killer is that has lived in Baron Hollow for years more will die and disappear. So, why haven’t the police looked into these murders? Why don’t they know about them? Reporting to Maggie as requested her findings and what happened she will no longer be operating alone in order to find out why she left or ran away from this place, her inner memories and what about the dreams? Nathan Navarro will descend on Baron Hollow, unknown to her, and hopefully uncover more of the mystery. Skilled in finding the remains of the deceased, drawn or pulled to them will he succeed where others might fail? Who is behind the other murders and threats related to Haven as Noah Bishop and Tony Harte, two special agents try and find out more about why Miranda’s task force if being targeted.


Let’s listen to the voice of the killer as this person watches Jessie, tries to find another prey within this small town of unsuspecting residents and tourists to fill his need to kill but why? Secrets that he harbors, lies that he wants to reveal, truths about so many he wants to tell and yet he bides his time. Just what will Jessie remember about one party that caused her to leave? What happens when Emma and Jessie attend church? Why did she want to attract the attention of everyone? Why stir the pot?


A vivid revelation gives her a clue to the killer’s appearance. The events so graphically described you feel as if you, the reader are experiencing each nightmare along with Jessie and each vision too. The author continues with the killer’s thoughts, tracking his new prey and his creating a whole persona or name for this as he states “worthy prey.”



The author explains many of the characteristics of different types of psychic abilities and how each of the investigators uses their powers to help solve a case. But, sometimes they call “wall up,” or block others from knowing what they see, hear and find. Jessie blocked her thoughts form others and when she finally decides to take on a killer the end result will leave many wondering just where she is and why she went alone. As the puzzle pieces seem to fit together Emma and Navarro learn more about her past, piecing more together as the town’s festival draws Jessie’s attention and the paranormal researchers sense danger but where. As Jessie makes her way to a cabin that is owned by her cousin Victor what she uncovers would change things radically and what she finds there will give up more than just chills. As Navarro reveals to Emma what he senses, seeing the spirit of a woman warning him to find the killer and protect Emma, Nellie’s blood stained note will this person win in the end or will they finally stop him?

Hearing his voice loud and clear we learn that each body becomes a plant in his garden or Roses or death you might say. Justifying in his own mind for the killings and wanting to eliminate all loose ends leaving no one there to remember what happened 15 years ago when Jessie left town and Emma’s traumatic past. Nellie decides to investigate and learn more about Jessie from a reporter’s viewpoint; the town becomes involved when Jessie goes missing. Victor comes clean but is it too late.


Storms that affect the powers and mental acuity of both Navarro and Emma whose powers seem to falter when the weather is harsh. A town filled with secrets, lies, betrayals and deceit and many who would rather leave the past buried in the same garden with the bodies. One man who is bent of making the past and Jessie disappear forever. One spirit who will not rest until the killer is found and stopped. Rayburn House: Just what really lies behind the closed doors? What secrets are tormenting Emma that she has blocked them out forever? Why does Jessie feel responsible? What is the final fate of Baron Hollow? Why do paranormal researchers and ghost hunters flock there?


Author Kay Hooper keeps the reader glued to the printed page and hoping to join in the investigation as she brilliantly allows the reader to experience the dreams, the nightmares, the killer’s thoughts and the hunt for one man who has decided to create not a haven for people to live in but a nightmare for those living. What finally happens and who survives? What is Bishop’s role in this and what does Navarro learn about Jessie, Emma and will they be in time to save her? Unless you have your own psychic powers the only way to find out the answers to these questions is to read Haven. Let’s see what the author has in store next for our team of psychics. The author includes a glossary of psychic terms and abilities at the end plus other abilities that are unnamed too. She also includes a list of the characters and their bios for those who have not read her series before to learn more about these outstanding and interesting characters. Can you see someone dying in your dreams? Can your nightmares come true? Read Haven and then decide!



Fran Lewis: reviewer






Resurrect and Restore: My review

Resurrect and Restore: Paul A. Zecos

Before presenting my review let me state the following: I am presenting the thoughts, views and information related in this book by the author. I will not present my views or agree or disagree with the author’s viewpoint of message.

My review:

Definitions are often subjective when left to the individual to interpret the meaning of a specific concept or word. The author begins by discussing the word Choice and helping the reading decide how to discern between choosing Life and Death or Eternal Life. “The difference between living forever vs. surviving to exhaustion and death is immense.” Elaborating by explaining the differences between living eternally in joy by the “Spirit of God-Love vs. “Living and Dying.” Struggling with your fears, loneliness and suffering to death as animals is one choice you have to decide about. Choosing your life and your children’s life to be eternal or end in death is another choice. How does someone live forever? Only those living, as the author states, “ In God’s Kingdom of Love,” will live forever. The author continues with numerous definitions of love and incorporates powerful meanings of the word adding strong descriptive words, nouns and verbs to illuminate the reader and truly clarify the meaning of this powerful four letter word: LOVE. Within these definitions he adds the meanings of these words to help us decide and understand ways in which God’s love will restore the spirit and help guide each one of us to revelations of spirit and our souls in order understand the message he is trying to convey. The author defines Love in many different contexts. First by stating, “ Love is Righteous and saves others.” He continues by stating it is “Eternal and resurrects, frees and liberates others.” Love is Kind and Enlightens. Love is merciful and forgives. He includes words equating love as compassionate, faithful and many more definitions ending with love is Just leading to a final statement defining that these are the ways God Loves You.

There are seven great righteous religions of the word each having he states Love’s expression by the seven spirits of God. Each one expressing their form of love and each Spirit of love and faith focuses on a particular expression of love. Every example or thought related is presented in a specific sequence required because of the degree of “difficulty required to get from one stage to the other.” “Justice to wisdom, to forgiveness, to Holiness, to Grace, to Enlightenment to Righteousness. The seven religions, each one corresponding to each of the stages. HE continues with much more about this in the chapter and concludes with what occurs because of the great and unnecessary suffering caused by humans and that the Holy Spirit always ahs the last word. At the end of each chapter the author leads the reader into what he wants us to learn or present next by asking you a question related to the next chapter.

Defining God’s Kingdom on earth and stating these Lands of God must be Independent from the current National government is paramount to the author. He continues to explain by elaborating that without the formation or establishment of a “sovereign, independent, kingdom of love on earth, through independent, demilitarized, disarmed, anti violent, sovereign lands for those who voluntarily chose to live by love and mercy is the only way the we will succeed. In other words you’d choose to live by love and mercy and not by what most do money, power, force, judgments by appearance and justice as most do in this world. The book and the author’s thought provoking and quite compelling ways to rethink the way you and others view God, life, eternity and our government on how we live is discussed in this book and only you the reader can decide whether you agree or disagree with the author after reading the entire book.

Throughout the book the author focuses on the importance of making personal choices and the consequences we face when making the wrong ones. The many ways the World is Wrong is elaborated on in Chapter 6, The Constitution for the Lands of God in Chapter 7 where author Paul A. Zecos states the purpose of the Land of God is not to “Preach about love as is needed in this world and as religious institutions do, but to live by love with others that love, as is most needed.” Quite compelling. Chapter 8 defines love and states if frees and liberates. In Chapter 9 when Suffering becomes Intolerable, Being Truly Free, who needs God’s Kingdom on Earth and elaborating his plan and explaining about an “Independent Demilitarized, Disarmed land for the Kingdom of God is what is needed.” He continues to discuss our concerns with our jobs, our material worth and much more. Explaining the wars, or battles within him and whom he is at war with and why in Chapter 13 and in 14 stating he does care if you disagree with him and why. Discussing his viewpoint about corporations, celebrities and idols and his feelings about the notoriety they receive. Continuing by explaining there should be two separate governments: The Church and the Secular States and he defines each one. There is much more presented including a Biblical references and a discussion about Prayer and the right and the correct answers defining the value of both sides of a conflict in Chapter 20. The religious aspects, the information related and supported by the “Theory of Dimensionality,” and the information imparted in chapters 19-21 I will leave to the reader to decide what you have learned and formulate your own thoughts and opinions. He even continues with a discussion about education and what is truth and fiction and his perception of how people view him. The final section is about the author where he presents his compelling, quite introspective plan and open letter for how we can resurrect and Restore. The messages are directed to politicians, and will direct interest from Christian Politicians and many social leaders too. He defines his feelings about educators, a letter to the United States Council is presented, his practical and current solutions and why nothing will occur until the separation happens. Ending with the 7 spirits of the Holy Spirit taught at each level and how to learn them. His philosophy, change and reactions to change and powerful statements about many religious groups are quite controversial and this reviewer will let you come to your own conclusions and form your own opinions. I will say that some of the statements might foster some interesting discussions and debates. Form religious viewpoints, to the government, education and much more author Paul A. Zecos asks each person, individual to asses themselves, their views on God, eternity, life and accomplishing what you want in life by turning negatives into positives and realizes that the method is the same whether the focus is on one person or individual, a relationship with a spouse, child, business partner and more. He states in order to achieve what you want you must decide on what you truly believe. Use those beliefs as your mission, which you and you alone can turn into objectives and long-term goals. The final phase of the book is directed to the CEO’s of corporations, court orders, our President and politicians concluding with an open letter to many officials. Finally, he asks in Chapter 25 one question that I will leave to you the reader to answer. Resurrect and Restore: You decide how you can achieve what you believe in and what you have learned from reading this book.

Fran Lewis