The Idea Tree

Author: Mary Elizabeth Fam


What would happen if one simple and amazing idea changed the way we look at our outside world and ourselves everyday? Trees are beautiful and I often admire their grandeur and splendor while taking long rides or observing seasonal changes. But, I bet you did not know that these amazing changes did not come about as a result of some horticulturalist, scientist or botanist coming up with some great scientific breakthrough. No! This magnificent idea to create the many changes in trees came from one unique and special tree called “ The Idea Tree,” and her story is told not just by anyone but by the Idea Tree herself created by author Mary Elizabeth Fam.


Before cars, buildings and dinosaurs guess what? There was a forest. In this vast and amazing forest lived many different kinds of trees. But, as with people each tree is unique and different making the trees in this forest truly stand out. Tall, short, skinny, round some green and one special one greener than the rest. Imagine a sea of amazingly beautiful trees but one whose story you are about to hear and who better than to present it to all children, parents, educators and readers than the tree herself as she relates her grandest idea! Let’s have our tree tell it. “The Idea Tree,” as she calls herself will now relate all of the magical experiences she created for the forest, herself and all of her tree friends.



“ I am a beautiful green tree. I live in the forest. My leaves rustle in the wind, roots crawl and I have been around and lived here all my life. Now, don’t get me wrong. Age has nothing to do with this story or what happened. But, for someone with so much let’s say “Tree Wisdom,” I can tell you that when you hear my story you will be as excited as I am about what happened.


Did you ever get bored with an old pair of shoes, a dress or even a car? Did you ever look in the mirror and want to make just one change in your appearance? This story is about taking chances, making a change, a single thought, idea that set off a chain of events called “The Seasons.” Excited: I cannot wait to tell you the rest!


One morning on a bright and really sunny day I looked around at my fellow trees and assessed my own leaves and wondered: “What if one of my leaves turned yellow? Not a radical idea or change but nonetheless quite insightful and unique. Imagine my leaves or even one looking as magnificent as the sun. One single yellow leaf and the rest remaining green. What do you think? You know kids can be mean and laugh at you because you are different. I wonder if that is the same with trees! But, my courage and persistence won out and one of my leaves did turn a golden yellow. This was amazing. I waited for a while and listened and wondered if anyone of my fellow trees would laugh or snicker at me. But, something else happened? Can you guess what? Look at the magnificent illustration next to this page and I am sure you can figure it out. You guessed it. Instead of a forest of all green trees with all green leaves every tree had one that was golden yellow. But, why stop there. Another idea came to me and colors are amazing so why not turn all of my leaves yellow. Just wait until you look at the illustrations to see what happens when the entire forest is now filled with trees with golden yellow leaves. Doesn’t it make you want to smile?


Ideas come to me quite often and colors are amazing, green, yellow so why not RED? I love RED. Let’s turn one of my leaves Red. Do you think anyone will notice? Do you think they will laugh at me? Courage dear Idea Tree! Stick to your beliefs. Go ahead give it a shot! Do it! I did! Imagine all of my leaves turning a magnificent Red and guess what? The entire forest turned Red too. As author Mary Elizabeth Fam says,” It was a terrific kaleidoscope of colors.” So, why not one more idea? What would happen if all of my leaves fell to the ground? I could admire them on the ground. What a great idea! Can you guess what happened next? What do you think the other trees did? Look at the amazing colorful and descriptive illustration to help you with your answer.


I think this is truly startling and grand. I am going to call this time of year FALL. I think it is a great name since all of the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. But, let’s not forget winter, look at the beautiful snowcapped trees in this picture, but when the snow melts what you see is truly breathtaking. What happens to my branches will remind you of a precious gem. One tree in the forest stands out. One tree was greener than the rest. Can you tell which one? Can you see what happens every year? Look at the amazing transformation in the illustration and find out for yourself it the only way you will learn things. Some mysteries need to solve by you the young reader. Some questions need to be answered by parents, educators and older brothers and sisters that can read my story to you and teach you about the seasons, trees but even more important that one idea and taking chances can change the way people view or see you in a positive way.  Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid to let others know what you think. It’s our differences that make each of us unique and special. Your thoughts can become realities and your dreams, like mind just might come true. One idea presented and one great story for young readers written by author Mary Elizabeth Fan with colorful and descriptive illustrations that will help young readers that have not learned to read understand and enjoy the story too. This is a great book to teach the seasons, colors, changes in our trees and character education. Children need to learn that not everyone is the same and that being different is great it what makes you stand out. I really hope the author continues writing for young readers and it would be great to hear a story told from a Rainbow, or an Animal or other things in nature.”

Your friend: The Idea Tree


Fran Lewis: reviewer and The Idea Tree.


Let’s give this book: FIVE MORE GREAT IDEAS


Recommendation of Endorse:


Children’s literature or books should teach a lesson or send a message to young readers. Author Mary Fam goes above and beyond that is this insightful, well written illustrated book about a clever tree that had a great idea to make the forest more beautiful and take a chance and change the way people view trees and differences in general. One simple thought, one single idea to turn one of her leaves a golden yellow, then all of them yellow and the same with Red with snowball into a creating a forest filled with magnificent colors. The book focuses on teaching children and even adults to embrace our differences, understand that not everyone looks the same, is thin, tall, or even the same color and that it is these differences that comprise and compose not only the kaleidoscope of colors in the forest but the kaleidoscope of colors of the people in this world. This truly a creative and great way to teach children about the seasons, learn colors and character education: Kindness, Fairness and Understanding.



Blood Bound: My review

Blood Bound

Karina Gioertz


A young voice was silenced. A life ended. Those in charge either ignored the muffled cries or turned a blind eye. Tommy McCarthy spent time in a cell that would give most people the feeling of being hemmed or closed in and a fear that they would never be released from the confines of this small cell. Lawyers are supposed to defend their clients. Lawyers advise their clients on the proper way to address the judge, their demeanor and dress in court and the respect they are supposed to show to everyone in charge. Tommy adhered to the plan created. Tommy kept silent until the judge passed sentence and the final decision was announced. Cries, yells, screams and hopes died as the sound of the metal door was bolted shut and he was now living in a cage filled with a bed, metal toilet and a radiator that leaked. The night scared him and he realized another person shared his cell. This frightened him even more. Richard Praier- just who is he? Why did everyone die when placed in a cell with this man? Tommy’s body was found the next morning. Who silenced his voice? Why? Questioned by the Warden Praier seemed unfazed and smug. Confident in his actions and feeling in control of his thoughts and words Praier never reacted to the rants and raves of the warden but not so in control when placed in solitary for a week. Even the guards in charge of him had an uneasy feeling.


Scott McCarthy just arrived home. Parking and securing his bike he hoped to be welcome back by his family. That welcome or hello was short lived. Home for his cousin’s funeral Scott appears to be an outcast in this family but why has yet to be revealed. What is the real story behind the hatred in this family? Why shun Scott? Concern for Tommy’s mother neutralized their anger and abated the arguments for now. Learning more about Tommy’s arrest Scott notes many inconsistencies about his behavior. Not believing that Tommy would carry a gun, rob anyone or kill them sets off red flags for him and he is determined to learn the truth. What really happened in that cell? Who killed him? Was he set up? Why?


As storm clouds soared through the already darkened sky Tommy McCarthy was released to his final resting place. Scott, although not really welcomes spent time with his aunt Tommy’s mother to learn more. As he and his cousins discuss what they know and piece some of the information the accountant shared with Scott it becomes apparent that the entire story has not been revealed. The police arrest Tommy and looked no further. What about the lawyer?


Tommy, Ryan, Ben and Scott: Family: Bound by Blood: What happened? No one thought the outcome of the trial was wrong? As the family gathers together after the funeral Scott is introduced to Natasha, Ryan’s fiancé and the conversation gets heated. Before leaving his aunt’s home Scott will find out the truth at all costs. How was he strangled to death on a radiator pipe in his prison cell? Why did the guards miss his corridor that night? What really happened? Why did his family give up?


Going to the prison was his first option and after meeting with a prisoner named Lawrence he is convinced it was not a suicide but a set up. Flashbacks into Scott’s past enlighten the reader about him and his past with his family. Brought into the brotherhood of the family why an outcast now?


What Scott begins to learn at the prison alarms him as he realizes that many things that look real are often just created or staged to make people believe what you want them to believe. Who wanted Tommy dead? Who set off this chain of events?


From the author of Country Girls, Karina Gioertz comes a novel that will bring cold chills down your spine. A novel whose events could have been ripped right out of the pages of the headlines of the news. Just what really happens behind prison doors? Blood Bound: Read my review to learn more.


The family meets to discuss their take on what might have happened to Tommy and something triggers in Scott’s mind and what he does next is short of attempted murder if you really think about it. Cornering the prison guard responsible for handing Tommy over to the man referred to as No Prayer who set in motion all that happened to him, teaching him more than just a simple lesson he would never forget we learn about the corruption within the prison system and the injustices done to many prisoners at the hands of those supposedly protecting them. Money is often the root of their actions as we learn the end result not always what some would like or expect.


The information mounts up as Scott and Ryan visit Sal’s auto shop the place of the robbery and Ryan finds a folder filled with interesting information. Links to the present and employees in their bar might help clarify the reasons for the murder but not all. Just who really killed Brad Horton the man Tommy went to prison for killing? How is the bartender at their pub linked? Who is Hilary McCleen and what is her link to Brad? Just why does everyone think Scott was involved? What do the mechanics working for Sal know? Just who is the one that really manipulated everyone?


When all of the horrors fit together and the final pieces are placed into this intricate puzzle more lives will be placed in danger, a link to Scott’s past will be revealed more family members will suffer and decisions will have to be made. What did the mob have to do with the pub? What part did the accountant play? What about their father or Uncle Teddy might have had something to do with Tommy? What did Tommy know and see that no one wanted repeated? Just who ordered the hit? Who knew about it and made sure it happened? The end you won’t believe and the reasons you have to read for yourself.


One letter would tell it all. Deceits, lies, betrayals, hate, jealously and greed all play a prominent role in what happened to Tommy. Just who and why he was killed will definitely make one family take a closer look at the definition of Blood Ties or Blood Bound. What does Scott learn that gets someone else killed? What is the real motive behind the murders? How does the mob fit in and what did Scott do that was hidden for many years? Shunned, hated, rejected and a secret that would change it all. Blood Bound: Find Out where the ties fell apart and the blood seeped through leaving just the plasma that we need to survive and the blood that binds us: Will they ever be able to repair what was done? Blood Bound: You decide the definition but definitely read this outstanding novel that will give you much pause for thought as author Karina Gioertz takes the reader inside the mind of a diabolical killer and the prison system to learn what happens when greed wins out and some things get out of control. Will there be justice for Tommy? What about Praier? That remains secret as I am Blood Bound not to tell. A voice silenced then heard: You figure out how?


Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Let’s dedicate this review to all those who have been wrongly accused. This book gets: FIVE TOMMYS



The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby : My Review

The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby

H.L. Grandin


Can you hear the sounds of nature? Do you hear the voices of the animals, the whispers of the trees and know when the rains are about the come? Can you foretell the future and events before they happen? What happens when a six-year-old child named Tyoga experiences things many will never learn in a lifetime. The year 1688 the place is the New World. The family the Weathersby’s and the union between them and the Indians cemented for life. When his grandfather rescued Powhatan Chief Opencanecanough in 1622, the Weathersby’s became part of their tribe for life. When his father realized that he had awakened to the sounds of nature he realized it was time to explain how one day he would fulfill what was you might say prophesized for him to do. How will he handle this great power you might say and what will his fate be? The author then describes the Appalachians in such a picturesque manner it is as if you are there with Tyoga going along on the journey with him and his Indian family. When his blood brother Tes Qua Ta Wa (the One Who Opens the Door) is seriously injured and his snared in a trap he manages to stop the profuse bleeding, save his life and protect them both from a group of dangerous marauding wolves. Here lies the beginning of the legend of this amazing young man. The place Colonial Virginia the time period somewhat volatile and the end result will definitely endear you to more than just Tyoga.


Throughout the novel the author shares many back stories about some of the characters including how his grandfather saved the Powhatan Chief’s life and how he the chief repaid him and his family bringing them to safety. Recounting how Emma, his mother met his father and became a healer plus the death of his younger brother brings to light the true meaning of the word Choices. As Tes Qua is finally on the mend with the help of Emma or the white man’s medicine he and Sunlei continue their relationship. Caring for each other and hopefully meant to be they share their emotions, feelings and much more with the reader. Tyoga no longer looks at the world as we do but in a disconnected way as if he is observing events and not living them. He experiences life in the context of time, space and dimension. His allegiance, loyalty and friendships are tested in many odd ways. His identity and self are often lost as he helps others and begins to question why. Choices are and sometimes we suffer at our own hands. As his younger brother decided to care for a snake rather than leave it to nature to tend it he dies. Why? Once we make a decision there are only two outcomes we are told. Nothing in nature is good and nothing is evil. Interesting thought! Caring for the snake or nature was good but Davey was not meant to die the snake was. Sometimes Tyoga says it is killed or be killed. As his mother realizes the strong spirit within him and how he has changed we now meet him and Sunlei as they go on a journey together.


Indian raids are not uncommon and what they are about to experience would take courage and much more. The Shawnee Indians were fierce warriors and he and Sunlei would have to leave Mount Rag before something happened. But, Tyoga proves himself wise and brave as he saves her life and they continue on home. The relationship between Tyoga and the commander of the wolves is a great story and keeps the reader wondering if he will encounter him again.


Politics is not just for those in the present or for the political parties that try to capture our votes. The Indians had their way of creating their own friction, making deals with other tribes and often wind up fighting their own kind or facing the French against the British or with the British against the Spanish. Not used to the deceits of others the Native Americans were like pawns in a chess game used to decide who would win. Foreign countries deceived these people, were ruthless and the injustices inflicted on these people worse than cruel. Cheated by the white man out of monies for their land, taking about their cattle, chasing away their game in order for them to eat and provide for their families and selling Indian women and children into slavery. The remainder of Chapter 14 engages the reader in the history of what the Indians endured, the Shawnee raids, The Native American code of civility and the breach of it that the Cherokee had never forgotten. Four young Shawnees died on Mount Rag but they would not be the last. But, the end result would not be the one you would expect as Tyoga and Tes Qua have to face the Shawnees for what they think they did and are responsible for. Silver Cloud the chief and many others join them as they journey to the Shawnee tribe. Trying to speak civilly Chief Yellow Robe and Silver Chief hope to settle their differences but can they? But, the outcome was anything but what was expected and retribution was what Yellow Robe wanted. The author also brings to light the mixed feelings Tyoga has for Sunlei and the chief’s daughter Prairie Day. The payment would bring more than just anger to Tyoga and the accusations would destroy lives. Doubting Tyoga’s power and the spirit of the wolf they claim it is false and therefore he killed his sons. Doubting that he posses the spirit of Wahaya-wacon lives within him and Chief Silver Cloud believes that he would never take a life and he did not kill the sons of Yellow Robe. In order to make piece Sunlei is sacrificed and made to join with Seven Arrows to replace the six children lost. Nine Moons has no choice but to send her to live with the Shawnee and Silver Cloud said they couldn’t interfere. But, Tyoga could not bear to live without Sunlei and said he would leave a find a place for himself. Cruelty is what Sunlei faced at the hand of Seven Arrows and the violence unthinkable. Spousal abuse is something not knew to us and definitely part of the Shawnees as Seven Arrows needs to prove his manhood and authority by beating Sunlei. But, what she does to survive will surprise the reader as she escapes after a brutal beating and what happens to Seven Arrows is well deserved. As the wolf comes back, communicating with him and his role is to protect Sunlei not him. Tested to the limit and loyal to a fault Tyoga will do anything and everything to protect his people. Intertribal feuds that remind you of fights between countries today, defeats, deceptions and lies and one man whose legend will live on in the hearts and minds of his people forever. What is his final destiny? Where will life finally take him? Will he question his perception of who he is and where he should be? Author H.L. Grandin brings to light just how far some will go to please others, live by their creeds, fit into their ways and forget who they are. Loyalty, friendships and love are all testing in this historical novel that brings to light many issues we deal with today. Arbitrations that go wrong. Abuse that is overlooked by those who feel it is right.


As Tyoga forges an alliance to help the people of the Mattaponi he meets Trinity Jane and together they have a rich and productive life. But, Tyoga will never be satisfied and the wolf returns, the land of the Mattiponi is threatened and they need him to deal with the Lord Governor. As he makes the deals, forges his own alliance, even frees a slave and proves that he is more than just an ordinary man the restlessness within him will not die until he finds Sunlei and returns to where he belongs. An ending that will give you much pause for thought and one man who is more than just part white and you might say part Indian in his ways. What will his final destiny be? What is the right decision for him? Where will the journey take him? What happens when he learns the truth about Sunlei? What about his friendship with Tes Qua Ta Wa? Massacres, murders, stealing, slavery and distrust plague his life. When Wahaya-Wacon returns what does it mean? Find out in Book Two: The Search for Sunlei. Trust, loyalty and one man’s search to find out where he belongs and who he is. Should you judge your worth on what others think about you? Are you really just a legend or are you more?

This is one interesting novel that brings to light all of the issues I have highlighted and much more. Characters that are vividly described and events graphically depicted. This is one book that brings to light just how far one man will go to find his true destiny. Can you hear the sound of the wind? What are the animals telling you Tyoga? Where will life take you next?


Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Ramblings of A Mad Southern Woman: Ashley Fontainne

Ramblings of A Mad Southern Woman: Ashley Fontainne


Inner torment, rage, fear of the unknown, emotional upheavals, childhood nightmares or fears comprise the various themes of this diversified collection of vividly and graphically depicted poems and short stories by author Ashley Fontainne. Throughout the collection of poems you hear different voices of this author as she relates incident in her life, her inner most thoughts and feelings as we enter her world, get to really understand what so many would hesitate to write as she takes the reader on a journey that will make you laugh, cry, angry and entranced with her amazing thoughts and words. As you open the book and read the dedication and forward you get just a glimpse of the true Ashley but not until you begin your journey or tip into her poetry and experience the emotions, fears, rage, revenge and her constant faith in her God, her family and herself will you truly understand The Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman.


Beginning with the first poem “A Question” which sets the stage for Morality Be Damned where she imparts her victory, her creativity and joy at destroying her possessions, as the smoke fills the room and the match is lit and the morality of more than just her possessions goes up in flames. The smile as she does her work and feels no anger or remorse says it all. Quite compelling. “Words” is really quite interesting almost like a pyramid poem starting off with a positive description of the ocean breeze, describing the beauty of someone, lovely words, feelings of love and hearts that intertwine but then there is a radical change in her emotions. The person no longer feels anything but deceit, rage and hate for this person as she emits her own form of poisonous words destroying what was once beautiful. A toxic relationship that turns even more toxic. Following by “Pulsating Wound,” which expands on her true feelings or an extension of the poem Words. Rage as she describes her anger, fears and hoping something will pull her through but all she sees is RED.


Each poem centers on a different emotional event in the life of the person whose voice you hear as “Snickering,” describes the backstabbing, the harsh words not supposed to be heard behind your back, with an end result that is filled with bruises, battering and yet faith in him.


The first short story really strikes a chord with me as we relates what happens when she decides to enter the sea, swim, overcome a fear that many have of the ocean. Some feel they will be dragged down with the current if they go in too far, too fast and too deep. The thoughts that invade her head each time the ocean calls her as she relates in the introduction, and immerses herself within the confines of the warmth of the ocean almost forgetting her fears until something happens that creates pain and fear within her body. What happens is not uncommon and her reaction and ability to overcome amazing. The Climb is a great poem that tells a story about how triumph, success, defeat, fear and finding your purpose and begging or asking for help. “Another Day” almost seems like she is describing her feelings as she goes through the motions at work trying to type, write what’s needed or even express her thoughts on paper. “White Knight,” is another opposite poem, which starts out describing her feelings about someone in a beautiful way and then midstream changes to hate and anger.


There are so many stories in this collection that I have decided to spotlight just four in my review. Stained Concrete, Death By Shadow, How 9/11 Saved My Dad and A Tale of Two Bulbs. Revenge comes when you least expect it and often justice takes what some think a blind eye when money is involved and power. Stained Concrete is the story of Marie and her loyalty to her friend Cara. Cara is brutally beaten and the suspect needs to pay and serve his full sentence. Right out of Edgar Allan Poe this story is eerie, frightening and has all the earmarks of a Poe ending. Ashley Fontaine creates a story so graphically depicted, told by Marie in her own voice and ending in the true classic way of a create horror story. Revenge and Justice: Marie’s way. Read it to find out just how Marie gets justice for Cara but the courts do not. “Death by Shadow,” is next in her collection of short stories. Fear stalked the night of a nine-year-old child that thought she witnessed someone in her room. Describing what she saw to her mother and trying to explain her fears did not get her too far. Screaming and yelling for her mother brought her to her side but all the soothing in the world did not calm this child. Her mother thought it was just a nightmare but what was it in reality? What shadow did she see hovering over her? Afraid to stay alone in her room her mother allowed her to keep her cat there for the night. Why did the cat stand guard over her? What did her see? Next, How did 9/11 Save My Dad, which is quite uplifting and unique? The story offers hope, joy and redemption not only to her but to her father too. As the author describes her father’s conflicts and feelings towards God and how this single event changed his perspective and life, we learn more about the author’s deep devotion to her faith in the Lord. Discussions with him about salvation did not meet a positive response for many years. But, her stepmom felt that things just might change and with her help she was able to finally communicate her thoughts and he finally accepted God. The smoke, ash, the carnage and the senseless murders of so many still flood the hearts and memories of so many. As she meets with her father what happens will make you smile and even bring tears to your eyes. What we witnessed that day will never disappear from our minds nor will anyone ever allow the terrorists to blindside us again. America needs to stay alert now and forever let there be no more ashes.


Finally A Tale of Two Bulbs rounds out the four stories that I am spotlighting. Patience is a virtue that many do not have but need to cultivate. In this simple yet thought provoking story of two maidens you might find the answers to many other questions. Two young maidens find magnificent bulbs with a sweet aroma on a grassy hilltop. One decides to take care of her bulbs and leave them in the soil, water them and care for them daily. Patience and nurturing her babies and making sure they would be cared for. The second wanted immediate gratification and decided she could improve on Mother Nature and tore the bulbs from the soil and planted them in a cold and hard ceramic pot. The end result is truly remarkable. Both maidens had bulbs that grew but the differences you have to read for yourself. Instant gratification does not always yield the results you want. Find out why after reading this story. Who is Michael is the next story and Purple Mountains Majesty round out all of the outstanding stories in this collection. Ramblings of A Mad Southern Woman is more than just ramblings it is pure writing and story telling at the highest level. Let’s give this book: FIVE RAMBLING ROSES


Fran Lewis: reviewer

I am a Five Star Reviewer: Thank You So Much

Internal Security : My review

Title: Internal Security

Author: David Darracott

ISBN: 9781475059007

Publisher: Lighting Rod Books


How dangerous can it be to deliver furniture? Hector Mendez learns the hard way about just how dangerous it can be? An extra 200 dollars in his pocket would go a long way. Trust is often overrated when you are blindsided. Money becomes paramount and all too often we do not see the inner truth behind a person’s real motive until it is too late. Taking the job and bringing the truck to the destination requested by the man who hired him, Hector arrived at the Tropical Fiesta Hotel as requested and found his way to the dock to unload the furniture. But, the events that happen whether in slow motion or fast will shake up the world, awaken their complacency and let everyone know that terrorism can occur and an attack on our soil equal if not worse than 9/11 can happen at any time. When Hector tries to expedite matters and opens the back of the truck with the required key what happens will create a chain reaction of carnage, fear, destruction and violence that will do more than just annihilate people and crumble the hotel. Internal Security by author David Darracott don’t miss my review and definitely read the book.


The news often brings out reporters who provide the public with fluff, flare and the mundane as the author so aptly states. Defining it as “pseudo news,” to fill the airwaves and entertain the listener. Tom Darden works for a third rate news network and learns about the explosion. Hoping to rise above his station in the news business he chances using his press credentials to get him closer to the scene. At first glance he thinks it might be just an ordinary explosion with a closer look and more discerning eye he realizes the there is much more to this than the eye can see. The author graphically describes the burned bodies, charred tree stumps, melted street signs, the stench of burned plastic, woo, cloth and the chemicals that permeate in the hot, stick and balmy air that create an odor that will take more than your breath away. Pieces of torn clothing stained in blood as well as stained suntan oil provide the backdrop for a canvas if painted by an artist would bring to light a scene that many would not want to see. Rethinking about his decision to come face to face with this scene Tom begins to think about his true motives for doing this and is brought out of his reverie when stopped by the police and questioned.


Dr. Josiah Baines has a vision that he wants to present to a group called the Wise Men. A vision that will enhance pockets of the wealthy and deplete those who are not. A vision that will take away many civil liberties we all enjoy but require the American people to allow themselves to be controlled or brought under control as many races were. Subjugation, enslavement what exactly was his motive and his plan? Peyton Marshal a former Admiral and advocate of this plan and a powerful Senate Committee Chairman died after this meeting. Peyton thought to have a heart attack and the committee member an accident. Why did they die and why did the Wise Men turn down the plan? But, what happens next will surprise the reader as Dr. Josiah Baines is approached by someone we will call the Great Man, given the resources necessary and the authority to implement his Master Plan to create a better security plan for our country. Just what this Master Plan is has yet to be revealed? Why would it cost the American Taxpayer? Why is the government willing to go along with this? But, when he presents the truth to his editor instead of realizing that he created a great story he sends him to Iraq to cover the war and what happens there will really enlighten the reader. When he witnesses a murder and bombing, takes pictures of the incident instead of appreciating his efforts he’s questioned by the military, treated as an outcast and the photos he took are stolen as someone left the camera minus the memory stick. But, Tom is resourceful and what he does let’s you know that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants and his story out there. Tortured, mistreated by those he’s supposed to trust he never gives up.


What would happen if the government decided to turn the United States into a police state filled with detention and concentration camps, detainees, inhumane treatment and liberties denied? As Tom investigates more finds himself embroiled in this plot just how will this all end and will those at the top of our government win or will his story break this wide open? Militia groups to arrest innocent people that come up on their computers as terrorists. As Tom and a man named Arvin Webber seek the answers there are others that claim they are doing this to enhance the Internal Security of our country and mend the breach of security the claim exists. Just how high up does this go and what happens to those involved and to Tom? You won’t believe the ending and you have to read this book. One man who risked it all for his beliefs and his country. Internal Security: What’s your definition?

Fran Lewis: reviewer










i am flying my review

                         i am Flying

                       James F. Ross


The canvas of an artist’s painting often reflects his feelings, emotions and life if he chooses to create the important moments he has lived through his artistry. Each picture, each stroke of his brush that he paints will depict an important moment that will live forever. The lens of a camera often provides the ability to record a sunset, a single rose a favorite place as the shutter is press and the picture is taken with a camera that has seen many years. Martin Connor has reached the final sunset or twilight of his life and what he remembers and will leave to the world has been stacked and packed within the tight confines of boxes he has placed in his lonely room. Married for many years to his precious Marie he recounts the many special moments that spent together. But, living in a community barren of family and few friends, Martin Connor contemplates his life and his next step.


Living in this home or community he is subject to the rules imposed by others, the frustrations he faces each day and the loneliness he feels in his heart. An administrator who is dictatorial and commanding a social worker who needs retraining and the few possessions that he owns Martin Connor has only one choice that will set things straight and give him the feeling and ability to soar or fly.


Throughout this novelette you hear the voice of this man, read his words as he shares his journal that only you the reader and Martin can read and comprehend to understand the final moments of this man’s life. Planning his exit would take energy, fortitude and the help of two others. Trying to convince the administrator to forgo giving him his meds ingenious. With his plan in place and convincing everyone he overdosed on aspirin and the way he managed to do it, Martin Connor was one man who no one could get one over and who was determined to execute his plan and final day his own way.


While he explained to his friend Brenda who lived in the room opposite him what he wanted done with his boxes, where to send the contents when he was gone, he managed to take one more ride to visit the one person he cherished the most. Did you ever decide to plan your exit from this world? If you were diagnosed with a terminal illness would you decide to give up or would you fight to live longer? What if you put your thoughts and ideas in a journal and yet only you could read them and only you could fulfill your thoughts and words?



Living alone and feeling that life has no more journeys and paths the author relates quite graphically, vividly and clearly the feelings that many people have when they realize they have no where to go, no one to care for them and nothing else they want to do. But, Martin Connor is special and his departure would be unique and definitely well defined and planned out as he enlists the help of a past student to take one last ride. With his camera at hand he enters Dann Memorial Park for the last time. A place that was special to him as a child where he planned and near where his family lived. The Bench: a reminder of his wife Marie. Something so ordinary yet so precious in his thoughts and mind as he hopes to spend one final hour there sitting and watching the world go by and hoping for a jelly doughnut. The memories he shares with the reader relate to his life with his wife Marie whose mother would visit his mother as they played as children together. The Bench: held some special memories as remembers sitting there holding Marie’s hand on their Bench Date watching the sunset. “I came back,” he says. “ Our last date. Until now, courage eluded my desire to come here and sit with you one more time.”


A story told from the heart in the first person by the character himself you feel the pain in his heart, the love he felt for his wife and the freedom he wants to take his final journey the only way he can. Author James F. Ross takes the reader along with Martin Connor, Brenda and one special man named Bobby on the lasting journey that will be so memorable and heartwarming yet heartbreaking it will remind everyone what happens to those who are forgotten and put aside in homes where they feel all alone and just one person who really does not matter to those who run the facility. Everyone has dreams and no one should deflate those of another person. As Martin returns to the home and Bobby to his wife they both realize the precious things in their lives, what will be left behind the wonderful thing he did for this man’s family that will keep him in their hearts and minds forever.


As he returns to the home and falls asleep from a fever what he does will surprise the reader and make you realize how precious life is, how we need to care for the elderly in the right way and the honesty and determination of one way to find his own way to Freedom: I am Flying: just what that means and how this title fits so perfectly you need to read this for yourself.


Just how does someone get their final piece of mind? Just how does someone say farewell when there is no one to say goodbye too? Read i am flying to find out. This is definitely a book that will give you much pause for thought, make you understand how people feel when diagnosed with a terminal illness and understand that those running facilities need to show more compassion, understanding and love to those that have been placed in their care.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Let’s give this book: FIVE BEAUTIFUL SUNSETS