Wright for America

Wright for America

Robin Lamont


Loud mouth, controversial, says it however he wants, talk show Pryor Wright could care less about what the public wants or thinks is right as long as ratings go up, his career is on target and his audience stays glued to his every word. From hate crimes, to gay rights, state legislator and the ACLU, this man says it all and could care less about the rest.


Maren Garrity is an actress that moonlights as an undercover private investigator. We meet Maren/aka Rita dressed for action to lure the owner of a company that she knows creates knockoffs- AKA: arms or guns that go under the guise of Vuitton or Gucci.  And her goal is to prove it. Rita Johnson/Maren’s job is to convince one man named Halil along with her partner Mas to get this guy to sell his wares. But, was she convincing enough and will he bite? Working for SherFire Private Investigations was great until she got her big break in show business or on Broadway. Until then she would use her acting skills to bring down her mark and work her magic to convince this Turkish man to sell to her. Then she turns the dial on her set to WVBC and the voice of Wright comes out loud and clear slandering the President, saying he lied, raised taxed, slurs about gays and enough comments to make Maren want to slam the screen and hopefully Wright too.



Just how far should a newscaster be allowed to go when presenting his/her point of view. If what is said is so inflammatory and defaming causing another person bodily harm, should they be held accountable? Maren’s twin brother Dell was assaulted and is critically injured in the hospital due to a broadcast by Pryor Wright. Hate crimes are wrong and some will insight the public. As a result of his rants and ravings her brother was hurt. As we listen to Pryor discuss gay rights and his opinions we learn that Dell was beaten because he’s gay. The group that attacked Dell is loyal to Pryor and now it’s her turn to turn the tables on him. As we get to know Pryor even more and what he is capable of you being to understand why so many people, especially Maren want to teach him more than just a simple lesson in journalistic ethics, morals and values. After reading and you can actually hear his words as they are presented by the author you understand the bigotry, prejudice, narrow-mindedness and hate that he has for most people if not all that do not fit into his mold of who he thinks or feels deserves to breathe the same air as he does.


Fighting to be heard is not simple as Maren finds out when trying to file several complaints with the DA, civil liberties suit and even a local Congressman. Each organization seems to side with Pryor stating the First Amendment protects him. But, what happens when the recipient of his ire and thoughts gets critically injured? How far is too far? Attending her theater group just as they were winding down she relates her experiences but at the same time the author lets the reader know that the government is trying to find her, the arms dealer is ready to make a sale and more than just helping her brother is at stake. With a plan in mind she was determined to go after Wright and with the help of her theater group, a makeover and some creative planning he just might go down. What her plan is will definitely spark tons of interest in the reader. Can she convince Wright that she is made about him, his show and his views? Wait and see. But, let’s not forget that the government is still trying to find out who she is and the investigative firm expects her to continue playing Rita Johnson. Each knockoff or bag stands for another weapon and if Rita/Maren can uncover this before the FBI or along with them wouldn’t that be interesting? As Maren got her makeover and you won’t believe what she looks like, a deal goes down and the fun has just begun, as she has to be more than two people at once. Can she keep it straight?


Using the identity of a friend she enters another world and finds herself embroiled with the executives of the radio station hoping to get a job as an intern at Wright’s station hoping to get close to him and let’s not forget bring him down. But, Wright is not easily fooled but Maren is definitely resourceful and clever with friends that are equally as deceitful as she is when necessary Just how she gets the job is ingenious and what happens to get her close to him even more. Imagine convincing a close friend to write a song just for Wright and it turns out so great it becomes his theme song. But, what about the royalties and what about the authorship of the song, who gets the credit and the money? Cole is a good friend in her theater group and with his help and the rest you have no idea what they pull off. But, Wright has other plans for her and Maren does some fast talking to get out of some really sticky situations as the author reveals the truth about Wright, his feelings about his beliefs, his show and why people should not take him seriously, as she says: It’s just a show! Ratings are high. The money is in mega millions and he is riding high on many different levels but Maren cannot forgive what his words cost her brother and so many others. Speaking about political tyranny, hate, gays, taxes, the President and definitely a man filled with tons of prejudices that could fill more than every room in the White House, the only one that seems to get under his skin is Nate Stevens another broadcaster whose words seem to cut him quite deeply. Calling himself El Magnifico, Wright seems on more than just a ratings trip but an ego trip. Learning about his past the reader will understand why the prime cause for his ire is revenge. Why? You need to find out for yourself as Maren learns the truth and the plot thickens even more. Let’s not forget our two FBI agents who do not seem to be very adept at find out anything or getting their man or shall I say girl. Added in we have the Turkish National and the arms dealers who want to take down the United States and poor Maren who is trying to stay under two many radars to close the deal with one and exact revenge for her brother.


Mistaken identities, ridiculous outcomes, FBI blunders, Maren’s mixed up plan, and one man caught in a web of his own lies, deceits and much more as Pryor Wright is about to learn just how powerful words are and let’s not forget actions that often can speak louder. How does this all play out? What is the end result? You won’t believe what happens, where the guns wind up, if Pryor gets what he deserves and if Maren ever figures out just who she really is and much more. The end result and whether the FBI ever makes heads or tails of their scheme. You have to read Wright for America and learn the truth behind it all. Filled with irony, humor, sarcasm, truth, events that could really happen, one man who thinks his word is what people need to hear and one woman named Maren, Katherine, Rita that sends them all into a frenzy and turmoil that they might never recover from. What about Cole and the theater group? Go see the play.


This is a great book that will remind you how powerful the media is and the damage some do just by turning on their mikes.


Fran Lewis: reviewer