Alyce Joyce: Interview

Welcome: Author Alyce Joyce:


Alyce is the author of the very creative and exciting book Ka Boom. Who better than Sprout to tell you about her and why she wrote this great book and all about this author. So, take it away Sprout:


Have Sprout share about herself and the other characters in the book.



Hi, I’m Sprout the fairy. My friends call me Sprout, because I’m only four inches tall. I am in the service of my queen, Splaminda Herminda, of Spritesville. Queen Splaminda places me in very difficult situations. She does it so I can fire the imaginations of children, who need an inspirational boost in facing unbelievable happenstances, such as me.

To be honest with you, I get into trouble every now and then. now and then. Things can get pretty hairy sometimes. The truth is, because of my usual ingenuity, I’ve always made every botched master plan come out a success.

My friends tease me a lot, because of my shoe fetish. It never has bothered me when they jeer. I like my shoes. No one else has a shoe collection like mine. That makes me happy.



Taylor has long, straight, blond hair. I have short, curly, red hair. Sigh…

it should have been the other way around. I didn’t plan to meet her quite the way it happened. It was such an explosion of emotions…since I blew up her dollhouse (it was an accident), she didn’t trust me. She even grabbed a flyswatter. Said I was a fibbin’ fairy. Can you believe that?

The queen sent me to inspire Taylor into trusting me. Huh! I’m supposed to be an inspiration and she was going to swat me. I had my work cut out for sure, but I never gave up. When at last, I convinced her I was a good fairy, I shrank her to my size, she hopped on a butterfly and we went looking for Sir Leapsalot the bullfrog.


Snilly Snail:

Snilly is a dear friend, who can be very trying at times. She always means well, but things can get a little chaotic, because of Snillys way of dealing with sudden change. When I have to use my powers to bring about sanity, justice or serenity, Snilly loses all sense of control and goes berserk. Snilly is just a silly snail, but we love her anyway.


Miss Chipsie Chipmunk:

Introduced to us by Snilly Snail, she became our sweet, grandmotherly friend. She was very protective of Taylor, especially when things got rough. A wonderful hostess.


Sir Leapsalot:

The most caring, gallant bullfrog you’ll ever meet. Having a sense of humor, he likes the girls because they make him laugh. Sprout is his special sprite.





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