Ripper: David L. Golemon


Mary Jane Kelly had to die. Her life was not worth living according to her killer. Prostitutes are unworthy of breathing the same air as anyone else and women who were pregnant and unmarried needed to be eliminated at all cost to them of course not the killer. As we hear the voice of this horrific man, learn more about him we fear for the life of this helpless young woman. But, all of our fears and her screams will not erase the sight that the police see when they find what is left of her hacked body. Chief Inspector Fredrick Abberline is charged with finding the killer who has been plaguing Whitechapel. Hoping to solve these cold cases, he did not need the added stress and burden of what was to follow. Sitting in a bar having a drink he encounters one of my favorite authors, Robert Louis Stevenson who approaches him with information that he cannot discount. What if you were told the name of the real killer? What if the person giving you the information modeled his novel after this killer or it appears that he might have? What if one man, a professor named Ambrose created a formula and when injected into a person, a mutant gene, would make this person into a human killing machine? What if Queen Victoria was behind what was happening? What if she assigned Colonel Stanley to find out everything that was happening during the investigation and insisted that Ambrose be permanently eliminated? Our story continues with the attempted capture of this man, how the Colonel enlists the help of the police and the final outcome. Ripper by author David L. Goldmon will make you shutter, shake and definitely keep reading until you find out the final fate of everyone.


But, as the scene plays out Alberdine realized that mistakes could not be afforded and Ambrose’s life was not the only one in question or in jeopardy. All traces of the Ripper and many others would be erased. As he gave instructions to cooperate to his Inspector and what happens you won’t believe. As Stevenson was told to remain in the coach, sent away to leave the country to safety as the Colonel explained what was next and how the situation would go down. Learning more about the Colonel and the men of the Black Watch, Abberline realized that the location of where they were was not foreign to the Colonel. This was the exact place where poor Mary Kelly was found and the fact that he knew the killer’s or Ripper’s identity at the time quite enlightening. The scene is set and players are ready but what they see and what they learn is definitely what they expect. The bodies that are present have been mutilated. What and whom they expected to find removed. The scent that overtakes them appears to be from a greenhouse but the end result will make many really sick as the professor challenges them to come to his lab and see first hand what he can do. The author graphically describes what they witness and the police will see first hand the effects of what Robert Louis Stevenson just wrote about in person. What you will witness along with the characters will make you shutter as the figures that come into view will be horrific, the man who created them will disappear and the end result will leave not only the reader but the police totally mystified and much more. What happens to some of the police officers is tragic and the end result to Abberline and his Inspector Washington would definitely allow the reader to know to what lengths they went to get the Ripper. What finally happens and where he winds up not in custody that’s for sure. The death of the Colonel would go unnoticed as that of his men in the Black Watch. The Ripper is well on his way to America and the end is far from near.


As the author sums up the lives of Washington and Abberline the story moves to across the ocean and one final letter the Chief Inspector receives from Stevenson letting him know the fate and whereabouts of Ambrose: AKA the Ripper. Let’s move ahead to 1916 and the return of Jack. As not only Patton but also Pershing have been enlisted to capture and Ambrose. Their job is to kill him and confirm his death the order is straight from the President. Added to that they are to eliminate everything found in the compound as if the man never existed. But, we know he did.


Then we meet the professor himself, witness what he does, hearing the pain of his victims, and understanding what he does. Imagine administering a shot to a person that would alter his personality and appearance and turn them into a monster. When his assistant turns the tables on him he has no choice but to take action. Questioning Ambrose was a mistake for the one man that was with him from the beginning. Imagine injecting someone whose body has been ravaged with cancerous growths still able to use his higher order thinking and brain functions. This man is more than frightening. Then, the cavalry shows up and one single threat made to the village by this man alerts his assistant that he better find a way to delay the cavalry or the wrath of these derange men would be inflicted on everyone. The scene once again graphically described and the end result will set off a chain of events even after the death of the professor. Suddenly the world would not know of his entire theory of chemical balancing of the entire brain and how he releasing controlled violence would never be achieved or would it? The end result will carry over even after he is gone, as you will learn. But, what had to be done even with the dead bodies was horrific. Imagine if a dead person’s brain can still outthink you if you do not remove and destroy it. The end result of what Patton was sent to do will be learned when he relates it to President Wilson. But, was Ripper or Ambrose really dead? What about Perdition’s Fire? What is about to be unleashed in the present will create fear from the past.


Mexico in the present: Sarah McIntire is a geologist whose real agenda is not known to those she works with. As part of the Event Group she is on a field expedition to explore and document what she finds in many excavated caves. Imagine finding the weapons, horses, and other things places their by Pancho Villa. She and her two man team were there to do more than just document what they find in the cave but to also study the ancient cave paintings. If they turn out to be authentic or real then further study might be warranted. So, who wanted those dead and who kidnapped her commissioned her and two other women in massacre that played out in front of her. Enter the Event Group and a man named Hanover Jones or in reality Colonel Henri Farbeaux, who learning about her kidnapping was going to do everything to find her. This group’s purpose was to study and find “parallels in world history with the events unfolding in modern times to avoid the same pitfalls of our shared past.” Quite interesting and exciting to say the least as we learn more about them. Within the vaults of this group you would find history that would fill more than a library of filled with books. The artifacts stored represented finds in archeological history.

When the situation comes light the Director of the Event group needs to move to finding Sarah and the others taken. The Event group has been made aware of the death of two members of her team and the head of the University. They are now meeting with the President via Europa and will discuss how to proceed as one name named Hanover Jones is with the man who took these people under the pretense of buying a valuable artifact. But will he make it out or will the man called Anaconda eliminate him? But, the President puts the brakes on the team, does not want them going over the boarder and Jack Collins the man closest to Sarah and the rest have to decide whether to adhere to what he says or go in before its too late.


An encounter with Guzman turns sour for Collins and what Sarah does will definitely surprise everyone including him. The team is in place and although the President has told them to stand down what they do and how they try to execute their rescue still remains to be seen. Added in is the inadvertent message that went to M16 and M15 in England with the information the President sent to the Director of the Event group. Now, the British are involved and they have to deal with the situation after learning it reverts back to none other than their infamous Professor Ambrose. Added in the British enlist the help of a dangerous group connected to the CIA called the Black Team.


A rescue mission that is beyond any you will ever read and more violent than most. As Jack, Everett their limited team go in to rescue Sarah, Henri and sixteen young girls caught in the web of this sadistic man called Anaconda. But, just how they go about it and what is uncovered will link both the present and the past as what they unleash and what they see will terrify everyone. As Anaconda and his men change into grotesque figures and the end result you have to read for yourself you realize that what seems to be over is really not. Added in is a group that comes to their aid and the wrath of the President of the United States.


The plot becomes more exciting as the author weaves all the intrigue and groups together. The Americans, the British, the Black Team, the CIA and the Event Group plus Sarah, Jack and Henri will fight to the end to find the answers that those from the past could not. Just how this will all play out and who will survive what Ambrose set in motion and has now come to light you won’t believe. Finding the Professors journals containing instructions to create these men or people of mass destruction. What happens will do more than try and destroy this group as someone unleashes the formula in the Event Group and what happens will remind you of the days of the Ripper and more. Who wins and who loses? A cover-up of a magnitude you won’t believe and starting with on man who killed for a reason that you will have to learn for yourself and who ordered it might surprise more than just our side. David L. Golemon gives the reader much pause for thought as one man named Jack Ripper comes full circle with the present and there is much more to come for the Event Group. Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde: Which one or both still lives?


Fran Lewis: reviewer







ASAP: Patricia Gitt


Paying close attention to your business and home life can often yield different results. But, when you focus more on one rather than the other what happens will definitely surprise you as Suzanne Moss learns. As the co-founder of a top notch technology company she learns in a very discreet and unusual manner that someone is trying to steal the technology she has worked so hard to create to keep families safe using her technology from Secure Homes. A phone call from an anonymous caller would enlighten her to the impending theft and meeting with him would clarify that and much more. Suzanne Moss now needed to learn more about the technology involved and only one person could enlighten her and that was Bradley Stanton II her partner. Calling him and following his instructions she finds herself at their old warehouse, contacts another person and what she learns would definitely light a fire under her. Added in Bradley hired a young tech genius to launch their new product dealing with the health care industry and routine tests. Health diagnostics: Wouldn’t it be great if you could take these tests at home and then send them directly to the lab and cut out the middleman and find out what you need to know faster? Sounds revolutionary and let’s hope sometime in the future what this author has created in this book comes true. But, there is much more.


Suzanne’s company is worth over 2 billion dollars and she serves many clients and small countries all over the world. But, what about her family life? Two children a girl named Shelly and a preteen son named Jeremy who are the light of her life and need both parents. But, Leonard Moss is not exactly husband of father of the year. Leonard has his own business and is riding on the coattails of Suzanne to get clients but his behavior and what he is really up to when he claims to have after work meetings is anything but professional. Need I say more!  Leonard is an attorney who works on Wall Street and promised to share the parenting duties with his wife, but is more preoccupied with other things than his growing children. Suzanne, like some women reflects on his behavior, makes excuses within her own mind thinking he is under a great deal of pressure and the potential theft of her technology adds more to her stress.


Her company is dealing with diagnosis and telediagnostics and the design would greatly benefit the way you as a patient can connect with your doctor. As we meet her mysterious caller and learn more about the information he imparts, the miniaturized circuitry that is the heart of her company and the fact that someone is trying to steal it and has in on their list. Could they use her patent and her idea to create arms or weapons? The firm’s system was compromised and a black market organization placed her microcircuit on its have to have list.


After meeting with this man she calls the contact Bradley gave her and explains that somehow has hacked into her system hoping that he finds a way to figure out how to protect her system. Explaining what has to be done and more gave her some comfort and relief. Darcey Manning and Grace St. James are her two best friends. Grace is a well-known author and Darcey a top couturier both in New York. After the preliminary hellos she learns that Grace will not attend lunch and Darcey, very observant and more notices some changes in Suzanne’s appearance that need to be corrected and offers to help. Confiding in her as to what is happening in her company allows her feel somewhat better but then the conversation moves to Leonard and his lack of interest in her and his family. Hoping he will attend an award dinner for her but not too confident but with Darcey’s help she will have the right outfit.


While she is having lunch Leonard is planning a different meal with someone else. Leaving instructions at work and calling his date, he plans his evening, hopes to keep her happy and yet trot back to his wife pretending to be tired and worn out from work. But, when Suzanne approaches him when the kids are away you would think the red flags would go up when she’s turned down. Enter Eddy Patermost, who finally meets her and the interaction is quite interesting.


Let’s get down to the matter at hand and learn more about the people after her microchip and a man named Smitty who is hot on the trail of a van and hopefully get the weapons and close down the ring. On the list was her microchip and Smitty would do everything to try and get this guy but can he? Working with the CIA just might help but finding Secure Homes on the list angered him. Suzanne is relentless and is set on finding out just who is behind what is happening to her company when she realizes there is a leak and someone is giving info the crooks regarding the net worth and value of her company’s assets.


Author Patricia Gitt brings to light many issues that are front and center in the headlines today. Could this really happen? Can someone hack into your company’s system and steal your information? Can you find yourself on the hit list of a black market organization? All this and more can and has really happened if you read the newspapers or understand anything about technology. Is your information ever really safe? ASAP: everyone wants things right now. I bet you can’t wait to find out who is behind this and hope I tell you that ASAP. Not going to happen!


As Leonard seems to be content to be alone but annoyed that Suzanne is out with her friend and hoped she would read his proposal. But, without her help would the proposal be solid? If you were Suzanne would you help him? But, Leonard was into more than just recreational fun. Leonard had some friends that most would shy away from and involved himself in some really high stakes games. Leonard then took the kids for breakfast but his digs about their mother uncalled for as they decided where they wanted to go his statements uncalled for.


As she observes Eddy more closely something about his actions bothers her. Her assistant’s computer seems to have gone down and for some reason, although Bradley likes Eddy she does not. Seems hostile towards her. But why? Discussing the health station with Tina she from the consumer’s viewpoint and Tina from an engineer you begin to learn more about the health station and how it works. But information about someone close to Suzanne raises more than just a simple red flag. But, Bradley has his own past and it was about to come front and center as he tries to help Suzanne and finds himself embroiled in a government matter. Is this connected to what is happening to Secure Homes? Just what did his old friend want and how would he protect both Suzanne and his friend remains to be seen as Operation Asia Road begins. As the black market organization expects delivery of Suzanne’s microchip how could both Smitty and Bradley deliver something to a man called Zeke and protect Secure Homes? Why did Brad and Smitty leave her out of the loop? Were they protecting her or was it something else? Added in is her husband’s lack of attention towards her. Her marriage going down, thinking it was her fault, thinking about the what if’s and the responsibilities they both faced when bringing up their children, it is amazing that Jeremy and Shelly were so grounded. But, there is much more to learn as Brad works hard to uncover who is behind the plot to gain access to her technology and in the process what he learns about Leonard would definitely change the complexion of more than one life. When you learn how he manages his debts and pays them off you won’t believe how underhanded and deceitful he is as he justifies his actions.

Truths, lies, deceptions, fraud, deceits and much more come out as Suzanne learns the truth bout Leonard’s business dealings, debts he incurred plus much more. One private investigator would bring more to light in living video Technicolor and decisions would have to be made, priorities changed and one woman would have to decide where her life was going, what her needs were and how she would learn to find some time to live without the words ASAP always coming into place. This novel will help women understand what happens when their worlds are comprised of emails, cell phones, faxes, the net, work related proposals and family matters all jumbled together and often getting tangled up so that each finds its way into your daily life but none take real precedence in the right way. From our fair city of New York, to Macao and back again Suzanne learns many hard lessons in life that she hopes will be imparted to readers and other women. An ending that will let you know just how tough one woman scorned can be. ASAP: is that how you want to spend your life? What does Suzanne finally learn? ASAP: As soon as possible or rather how about: AS SOON AS I CAN! Just how does this play out and who is really behind the theft you just won’t believe. Find out when you read ASAP. You won’t be disappointed just the thief will be.


This is one novel that you want to read and will help men know that cheaters might not always prosper, women cannot be bullied and made to feel inadequate and one woman named Suzanne Moss: learned that money matters but friendships and family matter more.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer





Two Humans Species Exist: Their Hybrids are Dyslexics, Homosexuals, Pedophiles and Schizophrenics

Two Humans Species Exist: Their Hybrids are Dyslexics, Homosexuals, Pedophiles and Schizophrenics


Author: Bruce Eldine Morton Ph.D.




Familial Polarity I bet is one topic that most people would never ponder, understand or even hear of. But its one that after reading about you will want to know more. Two Human Species Exist: Dr. Bruce Eldine Morton: Ph.D. and find this fascinating, enlightening and for these of us that are educators the knowledge and information imparted will help you to understand why some adults and children are born dyslexic, homosexuals, pedophiles and schizophrenics. Dr. Morton says that in” Courtship and Marriage, there are four possible hemisity combinations: LM-RF, RM-LF, RM-RF and LM-LF where M means male and F stands for female. The old saying opposites attract applies here. There are two kinds of humans. Those who favor the left hemisphere: Splitters: use the top down analysis when looking at important details. Those that are right brained Lumpers: Bottom up analysis of the Big Picture. Therefore, some are Right Brain oriented and others left Brain oriented, hence the term Hemisity. Thus, Left Brainers and Right Brainers view the world differently. Left Brainers see important details and Righter Brainers the Big Picture. Left Brainers are referred to as Splitters and Right Lumpers. RM-RF and LM-LF marriages are crossbreeds and yield hybrid offspring. In hybrid humans there is the contribution of one set of genes from the mother from one species and a different set from the father. Let’s take it one step further by defining Homosapiens Matripolaris as female dominant couples: RF-LM and Homosapiens Patripolaris as male dominant couples: RM-LF. But, RM-RF and LM-LF are crossbreed couples that will create hybrid children.




In the preface the author explains his journey with dyslexia and how it affected him growing up, dealing with school, his friends, his career and finally with achieving his goals. It is amazing how strong willed he was and still is in order to overcome many obstacles. Which group to you fit in? In order to be fair and accurately answer this question I decided to turn to the four questionnaires at the end of the book and answer the questions to understand and learn just where I fit it and what my polarity is. After scoring and rescoring each set of questions in the questionnaires I discovered I am definitely Left Brain Oriented. Left Brain focuses on understanding and Right Brain on Perception. There is much more on this that you can read in Chapter One. In order to illustrate and help the reader understand the information the author includes many tables and examples





Chapter Two is really the core of this book as it focuses how you can find your own Familial Polarity.  Possible combinations defined in this chapter are LM-RF Matripolar pairs, RM-LF Patripolar pairs, LM-LF hybrid pairs and RM-RF hybrid pairs the first being 40%, the second 27%, the third 20% and the last 13 percent of the general population. Observations are noted and many tables are included. Observation 6 explains in detail Patripolar reproduction and Matripolar reproduction. In observation 8 the author explains in detail opposite courtship and child rearing behaviors and how they exist between the two species. An elaborate table describing this follows on page 48. There are many observations and tables included to help the reader understand the information.  Cross breeding is the prime focus of chapter 3 and its effects. The author discusses what spousal hemisity studies tell us, personal suffering form lack of knowledge and ignorance about this and why it is vital to learn about your familial polarity. Prejudice rears its ugly head when dealing with Goths, homosexuals, pedophiles and those that are different, even dyslexics. Therefore, I will focus and spotlight my thoughts on chapter 4 dyslexics, chapter 5, Trans sexuals, chapter 7 pedophiles and 8 schizophrenics.




Chapter 4 explains why dyslexics are cross-wired hybrids and explains in detail the definition, when it was first recognized and the symptoms plus the signs. For those that are interested on page 81 the author includes the signs and symptoms that educators can use. Dyslexics have difficulty learning to read, memory problems, declarative memory: facts about the world, procedural memory and semantic memory: Words, facts. There are many other difficulties that dyslexics face and other associated deficiencies like dyscalcula, dysgraphia and ADHD. Dyslexics are all right brainers. There are many famous people who have the Gift of Dyslexia. John F. Kennedy, Harrison Ford and even Whoopi Goldberg are all dyslexics. Next, he talks about trans-heterosexuals and trans homosexuals in Chapters five and six. Chapter 7 discusses Pedophiles. Pedophiles are intense, obsessed with children. Some pedophiles go back and forth in their relationships between adults and children. Pedophilia is the most common of the sexual deviations mentioned by the author. They are obsessed with those targets they want to get close to. There are two different types of Pedophiles: Situational and Preferential. Situational will target the elderly, handicapped and anyone that is defenseless. Preferential Pedophiles focus on children of a specific age group and usually never deviate. Within both groups there are subgroups: Within the Situational are the regressed offender pedophiles and the Indiscriminate and immature pedophiles.  Regressed Offenders bounce back and forth between adults and children. In preferential the groups are: Seductive and sadistic pedophiles. The remainder of the chapter explains why pedophilia is incurable and the importance of protecting children from this type of abuse, and the infestation of child service institutions by pedophiles.




Schizophrenia is a puzzle to many and the author explains why normal people are stricken as young adults. He then continues with the symptoms that are quite interesting and I imagine most do not know. First, there are positive symptoms, which he states are, “ psychotic behaviors not seen in healthy people.” These people lose touch with reality. The symptoms are: hallucinations, delusions, thought disorders and movement disorders. Negative symptoms are associated with disruptions to normal emotions and behaviors.  These include: Flat affect, lack of pleasure, lack of ability to accomplish and speaking little. Cognitive symptoms are more subtle and difficult to detect: Prior executive functioning, trouble focusing and problems with working memory. The remainder of Chapter eight includes information on why this schizophrenia occurs in young adults, the problems it causes in the brain, survival with a broken brain and in Figure 17, the familial polarity schizophrenia hypothesis is diagrammed that will aid your understanding schizophrenia more clearly.




Understanding the origin of Gothism and the Dark Side is the focus of Chapter 9.  Here, the author includes reactions to self-loathing, caused by drug abuse, depression, self-mutilation and suicide. There are many who hate themselves and this is not a natural state of mind. Some feel that they cannot trust their impulses to take them in the right direction. This leads to despair. Many shift blame and turn to their dark side. This includes bondage, sadism and masochism, which are among the erotic preferences and forms of sexual expression. The consent is usually mutual and the result can include a wide variety of activities. Teens are at high risk. Goths disavow the killer within them but sometimes their only escape is death. In Chapter 10 Familial Polarity Rewrites History, the author goes back in time to Out of Africa Migrations, to prehistory of familial polarity, its manifestations in Christianity, and goes beyond cross-breeding to review the past, present and future including the consequences to us and society due to the existence of two human species. The author concludes with Chapter 11, which summarizes the book and the observations and tables included. He adds a detailed glossary of terms to help readers understand the terminology used, references are included and four questionnaires that I feel everyone reading this book should begin with to understand and learn more about your hemisity. For those with children with dyslexia or any learning difficulties this book might help you understand their disabilities better and also with teens that seem not to adhere to the norm, the chapter on Goths might help you too.  Although there appear to be two species in the world of humans, but we all have to learn to exist together. This is one book that can be used in science classes, behavior education, great for group discussions and for parents of young adults and teens.




Fran Lewis: reviewer