Two Humans Species Exist: Their Hybrids are Dyslexics, Homosexuals, Pedophiles and Schizophrenics

Two Humans Species Exist: Their Hybrids are Dyslexics, Homosexuals, Pedophiles and Schizophrenics


Author: Bruce Eldine Morton Ph.D.




Familial Polarity I bet is one topic that most people would never ponder, understand or even hear of. But its one that after reading about you will want to know more. Two Human Species Exist: Dr. Bruce Eldine Morton: Ph.D. and find this fascinating, enlightening and for these of us that are educators the knowledge and information imparted will help you to understand why some adults and children are born dyslexic, homosexuals, pedophiles and schizophrenics. Dr. Morton says that in” Courtship and Marriage, there are four possible hemisity combinations: LM-RF, RM-LF, RM-RF and LM-LF where M means male and F stands for female. The old saying opposites attract applies here. There are two kinds of humans. Those who favor the left hemisphere: Splitters: use the top down analysis when looking at important details. Those that are right brained Lumpers: Bottom up analysis of the Big Picture. Therefore, some are Right Brain oriented and others left Brain oriented, hence the term Hemisity. Thus, Left Brainers and Right Brainers view the world differently. Left Brainers see important details and Righter Brainers the Big Picture. Left Brainers are referred to as Splitters and Right Lumpers. RM-RF and LM-LF marriages are crossbreeds and yield hybrid offspring. In hybrid humans there is the contribution of one set of genes from the mother from one species and a different set from the father. Let’s take it one step further by defining Homosapiens Matripolaris as female dominant couples: RF-LM and Homosapiens Patripolaris as male dominant couples: RM-LF. But, RM-RF and LM-LF are crossbreed couples that will create hybrid children.




In the preface the author explains his journey with dyslexia and how it affected him growing up, dealing with school, his friends, his career and finally with achieving his goals. It is amazing how strong willed he was and still is in order to overcome many obstacles. Which group to you fit in? In order to be fair and accurately answer this question I decided to turn to the four questionnaires at the end of the book and answer the questions to understand and learn just where I fit it and what my polarity is. After scoring and rescoring each set of questions in the questionnaires I discovered I am definitely Left Brain Oriented. Left Brain focuses on understanding and Right Brain on Perception. There is much more on this that you can read in Chapter One. In order to illustrate and help the reader understand the information the author includes many tables and examples





Chapter Two is really the core of this book as it focuses how you can find your own Familial Polarity.  Possible combinations defined in this chapter are LM-RF Matripolar pairs, RM-LF Patripolar pairs, LM-LF hybrid pairs and RM-RF hybrid pairs the first being 40%, the second 27%, the third 20% and the last 13 percent of the general population. Observations are noted and many tables are included. Observation 6 explains in detail Patripolar reproduction and Matripolar reproduction. In observation 8 the author explains in detail opposite courtship and child rearing behaviors and how they exist between the two species. An elaborate table describing this follows on page 48. There are many observations and tables included to help the reader understand the information.  Cross breeding is the prime focus of chapter 3 and its effects. The author discusses what spousal hemisity studies tell us, personal suffering form lack of knowledge and ignorance about this and why it is vital to learn about your familial polarity. Prejudice rears its ugly head when dealing with Goths, homosexuals, pedophiles and those that are different, even dyslexics. Therefore, I will focus and spotlight my thoughts on chapter 4 dyslexics, chapter 5, Trans sexuals, chapter 7 pedophiles and 8 schizophrenics.




Chapter 4 explains why dyslexics are cross-wired hybrids and explains in detail the definition, when it was first recognized and the symptoms plus the signs. For those that are interested on page 81 the author includes the signs and symptoms that educators can use. Dyslexics have difficulty learning to read, memory problems, declarative memory: facts about the world, procedural memory and semantic memory: Words, facts. There are many other difficulties that dyslexics face and other associated deficiencies like dyscalcula, dysgraphia and ADHD. Dyslexics are all right brainers. There are many famous people who have the Gift of Dyslexia. John F. Kennedy, Harrison Ford and even Whoopi Goldberg are all dyslexics. Next, he talks about trans-heterosexuals and trans homosexuals in Chapters five and six. Chapter 7 discusses Pedophiles. Pedophiles are intense, obsessed with children. Some pedophiles go back and forth in their relationships between adults and children. Pedophilia is the most common of the sexual deviations mentioned by the author. They are obsessed with those targets they want to get close to. There are two different types of Pedophiles: Situational and Preferential. Situational will target the elderly, handicapped and anyone that is defenseless. Preferential Pedophiles focus on children of a specific age group and usually never deviate. Within both groups there are subgroups: Within the Situational are the regressed offender pedophiles and the Indiscriminate and immature pedophiles.  Regressed Offenders bounce back and forth between adults and children. In preferential the groups are: Seductive and sadistic pedophiles. The remainder of the chapter explains why pedophilia is incurable and the importance of protecting children from this type of abuse, and the infestation of child service institutions by pedophiles.




Schizophrenia is a puzzle to many and the author explains why normal people are stricken as young adults. He then continues with the symptoms that are quite interesting and I imagine most do not know. First, there are positive symptoms, which he states are, “ psychotic behaviors not seen in healthy people.” These people lose touch with reality. The symptoms are: hallucinations, delusions, thought disorders and movement disorders. Negative symptoms are associated with disruptions to normal emotions and behaviors.  These include: Flat affect, lack of pleasure, lack of ability to accomplish and speaking little. Cognitive symptoms are more subtle and difficult to detect: Prior executive functioning, trouble focusing and problems with working memory. The remainder of Chapter eight includes information on why this schizophrenia occurs in young adults, the problems it causes in the brain, survival with a broken brain and in Figure 17, the familial polarity schizophrenia hypothesis is diagrammed that will aid your understanding schizophrenia more clearly.




Understanding the origin of Gothism and the Dark Side is the focus of Chapter 9.  Here, the author includes reactions to self-loathing, caused by drug abuse, depression, self-mutilation and suicide. There are many who hate themselves and this is not a natural state of mind. Some feel that they cannot trust their impulses to take them in the right direction. This leads to despair. Many shift blame and turn to their dark side. This includes bondage, sadism and masochism, which are among the erotic preferences and forms of sexual expression. The consent is usually mutual and the result can include a wide variety of activities. Teens are at high risk. Goths disavow the killer within them but sometimes their only escape is death. In Chapter 10 Familial Polarity Rewrites History, the author goes back in time to Out of Africa Migrations, to prehistory of familial polarity, its manifestations in Christianity, and goes beyond cross-breeding to review the past, present and future including the consequences to us and society due to the existence of two human species. The author concludes with Chapter 11, which summarizes the book and the observations and tables included. He adds a detailed glossary of terms to help readers understand the terminology used, references are included and four questionnaires that I feel everyone reading this book should begin with to understand and learn more about your hemisity. For those with children with dyslexia or any learning difficulties this book might help you understand their disabilities better and also with teens that seem not to adhere to the norm, the chapter on Goths might help you too.  Although there appear to be two species in the world of humans, but we all have to learn to exist together. This is one book that can be used in science classes, behavior education, great for group discussions and for parents of young adults and teens.




Fran Lewis: reviewer


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