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Interview with Patricia Gitt

Welcome to author Patricia Gitt. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me. I have included for our readers some information about this talented author.

Brief Author’s Bio



Having built a successful career in public relations, I’ve met and worked with some of the legends of my profession. Fascinated by power, those who amass it and those who are exiled from it, I have used this writer’s resource in creating fictional worlds that will be familiar to businesswomen and men alike. My novel, asap –as soon as possible- is the story of the cofounder of a technology firm, who is also a wife and mother living an already overly scheduled life. Upon learning of a potential theft of one of her company’s innovative products, her life is suddenly thrust into warp speed as she rushes from New York to Macao and back fighting to stop the theft. My previous novel, CEO, asks where and how a woman became the leader of an industrial corporation at a pivotal time in the corporation’s history and whether being a woman empowers the office, or whether the office empowers the woman.







Patricia E. Gitt


Author’s Bio


Patricia E. Gitt is enjoying her second career as an author of novels featuring businesswomen balancing dynamic careers with their private responsibilities. Raised in Kings Point, New York, she earned her BS degree from the University of Vermont and an MBA from Fordham. She is a former Chapter President of American Women in Radio and Television and was listed in editions of “Who’s Who of American Women“, “Who’s Who In Finance And Industry”, and “Who’s Who In Professional And Executive Women.”


Having had a successful career in public relations, during which she worked with business leaders in finance, healthcare, fashion and pharmaceutical industries, she met many of the outstanding businesswomen of our time. She says, “I wanted to read novels featuring their strength, the qualities that made them successful in the corporate men’s club, and how women balanced their dynamic careers with their private lives. With today’s fiction featuring women as detectives, physicians, attorneys, magazine editors, I missed the passion and excitement that women I knew brought to their business careers.”


She is the author of CEO; a story of how one woman reorganized an international but staid industrial corporation, building it into a new level of profitability for the coming decade, while fighting one man who felt she stole his job. The novel asks whether being the chief executive officer empowers the woman, or does being a woman empower the CEO.


Her newest novel asap –as soon as possible- features the cofounder of a technology company, who is the mother of a preteen son and daughter, and the wife of a Wall Street attorney. Already overscheduled, Suzanne Moss’s life is thrust into warp speed with the threatened theft of her company’s proprietary technology. To resolve her business challenges she travels from New York City to Macao and back battling to save her company. On her return, she is confronted by a personal crisis that forces her to rethink her marriage and reprioritize her life.














      Welcome to author Patricia Gitt.


Fran: How did you decide on the topic for your novel?

Pat: I usually begin with a premise. For asap – as soon as possible – I noticed that married career women always placed themselves last on their list of priorities. In doing so their appearance begins to change, their time enjoying their friends is severely limited and the fatigue of trying to be perfect erodes their sense of well-being.


Fran: Why did you start the intrigue with a simple phone call?


Pat: The jolt of an entirely new set of problems with the potential to threaten the safety of not only her company but her family enabled me to take my main character from her normally overly structured life into warp speed. With the phone call I can take the reader on her rush to first confront the new threat, and then follow her as she resolves it.

Fran: Why did you decide to on computer hacking and security? What research did you do before writing this novel?


Pat: I have had the thrill of working with leaders in both the technology and healthcare industries. Technology enabling medicine to be more mobile and effective is evolving and quite fascinating. It seemed to be a natural setting for this corporate drama.


Fran: Why do you choose to focus your novels featuring women in business?

Pat:  I simply find business women endlessly fascinating. Not only do they comprise 50% of today’s business labor force, those I have worked with are among the brightest and most versatile in their fields. I also find that in spite of the long hours they devote to their careers, unlike men, they are capable of balancing both family and work responsibilities.


Fran: As an executive in public relations how do you use your experience in creating the plots and storylines for your novels?


Pat: As a specialist in the business and finance industries, I would meet with people developing new technologies, new drugs to save lives and those with products and services designed to make life easier for all of us. This early knowledge has provided me with information that drives my characters while entertaining and informing readers about something they may not as yet have been aware of.


Fran: How did you create Suzanne and why was she blindsided by what was happening to her company?

Pat: There is a little bit of Suzanne in me. When I am focused on work, I can place everything on hold until that particular project is under control. In doing so I also recognize that I usually ignore myself, my friends and even my health. Suzanne is the wonderful mother I would like to have been. Her devotion to her family would be something that would always be on her mind. Being blindsided by an unknown threat to her company is something that can happen to any business. Until it is resolved it often causes ripples to the lives of all involved.


Fran: What was the situation with her husband and why did she blame herself for his lack of attention?

Pat: Leonard is a demanding ego driven male. She knows he needs her attention and blames herself for her lack of time and energy to cater to his needs in and out of the bedroom. But being male, he only sees her as less enticing and more focused on her business. He is jealous of her success, her wealthy and handsome partner. Suzanne on the other hand, keeps trying to restore the romance and balance in their marriage.


Fran: What happens that causes men to resent successful women? How does this come through in Leonard?


Pat: Leonard uses Suzanne’s visibility and success to entertain and attract clients to his law firm. However, he secretly resents that she out earns him, has more prestige and is totally unaware of her power. He feels emasculated.
Fran: Why does he take it out on her and on others too?

Pat: Leonard has no way to resolve his jealousy other than by tearing down others. Suzanne would rather make love than war, so becomes his main object for venting his anger.


Fran: How does his behavior translate to her children?

Pat: Both preteens need their parents. They are going to privileged schools in a competitive city and aren’t yet totally aware of who they are. As in many families, the son, Jeremy is closer in temperament to his mother, while Shelley, the daughter, is much closer to her father. And, being preteens feeling the tension at home, they begin to act out seeking the attention they crave.


Fran: Who is Bradley and what is his relationship to her and her company?
Pat: Bradley and Suzanne met in MIT and are closer than family. They started Secure Homes and remain co-founders. However, Bradley prefers to be the behind the scenes partner. Having led a highly secretive life in Special Forces, he is more comfortable in the background.

Fran: Who are the main players that help her see everything through?


Pat: The main people chasing down the thieves are Brad Stanton, Suzanne’s partner and friend, and the caller, Smitty. Together the men follow leads, contact people on both sides of the law and vow to protect Suzanne and the children at all costs. Brad is a former Special Forces leader with friends worldwide. Smitty is a former CIA operative and together create a plan to thwart the theft.
Fran: Who are her two real friends and what do they do to help her get even with Leonard?

Pat: Darcey and Grace are Suzanne’s best friends. Darcey, is a renown fashion designer and Grace a top selling romance novelist. As single women they also play the role of aunts to Suzanne’s children. It is the closeness of these women that enable them to see the impact on Suzanne that her growing conflicts with Leonard are causing. And, as women will do, try to support her through the process of facing her problems at home. It is Darcey and Grace who introduce Suzanne to a private eye and convince her to have Leonard followed. But, Darcey and Grace also enlist the assistance of Brad, who never liked Leonard. All four are dear friends.


Fran: How does Suzanne show everyone that she is far from a helpless woman and will not allow Leonard to take her company away from her?

Pat: Once the thieves have been neutralized, Suzanne focuses on restoring order and love to her marriage. As women will do when wronged, she sets about to get even.


Fran: What messages do you want to convey to women that read this novel?


Pat: I would hope that women will recognize universal themes of love, family and friends. But also that business women aren’t weak because they may be quiet and ladylike, and not bitchy fighters. That women can fight for their rights and win.


Fran: What message do you want to give to men?

Pat:  I would hope that by now, there are enough men in business who know and work with dynamic women they also admire. If not, maybe now they will look at these leaders and assess their accomplishments in a more favorable light.

Fran: Suzanne is the cofounder of a technology company: What exactly do they do and what is technology they are trying to steal?

Pat: Secure Homes is in the business of creating computerized systems for the home environment. One of the firm’s patented micro circuits is on a shopping list of a ring of international thieves.

Fran: if they try and steal her micro circuit what exactly would that mean for her company and for the health care industry? What does this do?


Pat: It wouldn’t mean anything to the industry, but would dramatically reduce the company’s leadership in developing new systems, and the future health of the firm.

Fran: What does Leonard do? How does he get away with not coming home?

Pat:  Leonard is a partner in a leading Wall Street law firm. He usually takes clients to dinner once or twice a week, but Suzanne used to accompany him.

Fran: What does she realize when she learns that someone in her company might be leaking information?

Pat: Suzanne only suspects that there is a leak. When she thinks she knows who it might be, she takes a colleague to lunch to see if she can learn more about the employee.

Fran: Who is really after her technology?

Pat: If I tell you the who, then you won’t enjoy finding out who heads the ring of thieves.

Fran: Who is Darcey? Who is Grace? How do they outfox Leonard?

Pat: Darcey and Grace never liked Leonard believing that he wasn’t paying the proper attention to Suzanne. So when Darcey unexpectedly thinks she has found Leonard cheating she enlists Grace in helping her to find more.

Fran: What can everyone learn about loyalty, friendship and smart women from reading this book?

Pat: Business women, both married and single, have a different relationship than those working in other fields. It may have a lot to do with being in a predominantly male environment, however, when they get together, they do discuss business problems and help to resolve the issues each may face. It isn’t all shopping and gossip. These relationships are a mix of both business and personal aspects of their lives.

Fran: Where can everyone learn more about you and get your novels?

Pat: The easiest way to find my novels is on Amazon. Search by Patricia Gitt to find both of my novels along with their reviews. There is a “look inside” feature for both to help introduce readers to each book. Readers can also check out my blog at

Fran: What are your other titles?

Pat: My debut novel is CEO. It is the story on how one woman, named chief executive officer of her corporation must not only fight to save the organization but fight off a man who feels she stole his job.



Fran: What do you think would happen if we spent one day without cell phones, emails and the net?

Pat: We would all have time to breathe. I do it frequently.



Thank you for doing this interview with me. Fran