Some Songs are unique

Song for Papa Crow

Marit Menzin



Some songs are meant to be unique, with no melody and not sweet. Some songs are distinctive of who you are and not what others want you to be. Children all want to be part of a group and popular. Children want to be accepted, loved and cared for by their family and their friends. But, what happens when one trait that you have stands out above the rest and makes you different? What happens when that one trait almost costs you your life?


Little Crow is a special young crow that just wants to be able to sing with the other animals in the forest. Whenever he wants to join the songs, music and sounds of the other birds he’s told not to sing. Every bird has its own distinctive song or sound. Crows caw that’s how you know they are coming or where they are. Goldfinch’s sound is the per-chic-o-ree and the Red Cardinal What Cheer! Each of the birds has his/her own special melody or song. But, Crow just caws and the other birds do not want him to join in. So, poor Crow decides to sing alone.


Parents often encourage their children, as Little Crow’s father did, to be himself, never change who they are and not worry about what others think of how you sing or sound. But, Little Crow just wanted to have a great voice and be part of the forest choir you might say.


Just like we have our favorite rock stars, singing group, individual artist and vocalist so does Little Crow. So, imagine how excited he was when his father got him tickets to see the hottest bird on the charts: The Amazing Mockingbird who just came to town for one show only!


The excitement was electrifying as we see in the amazing pictures created by the author. Each bird present at the concert depicted in a special cut-paper collage bringing it to life on paper and to each child that reads it. The owls look so lifelike as the Hoot! And the Blue Jay so perfectly illustrated as he protects the other birds and says, Too-loo.


Can you hear the voice of the Amazing Mockingbird? Do you hear the hummingbirds hum and see them dance? What about the beat of the Woodpeckers as they drum on the trunk of the tree? The Mockingbird hummed, drummed and Per-Chic-o-ree! Each bird singing along and wanting more1 The standing bird ovation and the all night cheers and singing filled the night air and kept all of the birds transfixed on Mockingbird. But, the most amazing thing happens after the show as Little Crow gets to meet the star and finds out something he might not understand at first but later he will.


As Little Crow talks with the Mockingbird after the show he tells her about his hope to sing beautiful songs. But, Mockingbird explains that he should be himself and his father says in order to know where you are I need to hear your sweet caw! But, poor little crow does not care he just wants to fit in so Mockingbird gives him something special to help him sing better.


When Mockingbird find the other birds and wants to sing with them they cannot believe what they hear. They are totally flabbergasted and excited about the New Little Crow and his new voice! But, something happens to endanger him and when he tries to call for help well you guessed it the perfect CAW sound is gone and the Hawk manages to capture him.


Fear goes through Little Crow’s mind as he is captured by the Hawk and cannot escape. His caw is gone and the other crows cannot find him. It’s like having your won GPS in a sense since that sound and his song helps his father locate him at any time. Just what happens and if he is saved you will have to read for yourself. Some songs are meant to be off key and have not specific melody. Some songs belong to you and you alone. With the help of his father and his friends will he learn that being unique and having his own sound is what makes him special. Fitting in and being accepted by others just to be popular is not how children should be taught. Bullying and making fun of someone who is different is something that educators and parents can teach their children better after reading this book. Added at the end are Fun Facts that both adults, children, science and classroom teachers can use to teach individual lessons about each bird. Added in each child can write a letter to Little Crow telling him that they love him for who he is and that his voice is really just him! Children can create their own cutouts of the birds and create their own scrapbooks of the different birds. Although the author states that this book is primarily for children in grades k-2 there is no reason why older children can’t learn the same lessons from reading this too. The seasons are depicted, the pictures bring the story to life and the reader will fall in love with Little Crow. Papa Crow loves the song and sound of Little Crow. Parents need to embrace their children’s differences, understand their limitations and allow each one to sing their own song and be who they are.


Fran Lewis: reviewer

Let’s give this book: FIVE LOUD CAWS




2 Responses

  1. A long and complex analysis of a children’s tale, yet, wow! Marit Menzin has given parents everywhere a cornerstone on which to build the self-esteem of the child with differences, whatever those differences may be.

    As an adoptive parent in a transracial family, I expected my children to confront any number of issues concerning their differences. Thankfully, they have not been challenged on their identity. They could still sing the song of Little Crow as they soar through their childhood.

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