Joe Peace: My review

Joe Peace: Kerry Dunn


Take a pencil and draw a line down the center of your face. One side holds all your good thoughts, positive experiences and things you want others to learn about you. The other side, the dark side holds your secrets, your desires and the things that you decide to do that others might shun you for. In the center directly on that line are the thoughts that you are conflicted and undecided about and do not know where to place. You have turned into three separate faces or people. One your kind side, the other more like Dr. Hyde the evil and one tormented and unsure of where to go and where life will take you. Joe Peace was once a cop and now he’s turned to the dark side of life. Drugs, sex, corruption and more fill his days as before arrests, criminals and getting them off the street did in the past. Joe was wrapped in a different world filled with drug dealers, fancy cars, a driver and women that would stay for a while and leave.


Loyalty is hard to find when dealing in his business and when his driver does not show up he replaces him yet knows something is wrong. Charlie is dead just how and why remains to be seen as the police inform him of his friend’s death. Charlie who handled more than just driving him around but helped center him and deal with those who needed to be reminded when money was late or needed other methods of inducement. But, a friend’s death would change the dynamics of his life when Irving Mankiewitz, a man he worked with when a cop comes to see him. Why would Charlie have pictures of Joe’s ex-partner who dies? Joe, works for a drug cartel, loves women and has more than most have in a lifetime, and now when told about Cassie and new information comes to light what will he do?


The voice of Joe Peace is heard in every line and on every page as he recounts the story from the beginning meeting Cassie, busting drug cartels the fracturing of Una Familia and the take over by another drug lord. But, what happens when he tries to collect his bounty or money from a man he once busted as a cop will definitely make you wonder whether he’s gone soft, Charlie’s death left him without protection or just how far Joe Peace will go to learn more about what really happened to Cassie and why. Warned by the cartel in their own special way and the police in theirs will Joe reconcile himself to one specific way of life or will one side win? Flashing back again we learn more about his relationship with Cassie the poor decisions he made and the threats he hoped to fulfill in order to get justice for Charlie. Cassie seemed like a strong character and tough cop but her relationship with Joe and the decision she made changed things for a while. As Joe goes after the lieutenant that retired that dealt with Cassie’s case. Throughout the novel you learn about his generous side giving money to anyone he feels needs it and his cruel side. But, when his new crew is formed and two wind up dead you begin to wonder who is next, will it be Joe?


Things start to heat up not just for Joe but for the police too as a Councilman is assassinated, Joe questions the Lieutenant in charge of the case when Casey was killed and more secrets and lies are covered up.

As another player comes into the picture and this time it’s Cassie’s daughter Lily who wants answers too. The author flashes back to Joe’s time as a cop, his suspension and how he got involved in the drug business and a drug lord. Then flashing forward again to the present as Manks informs him of what he knows and is happening with the assassination of Billings, the councilman. Crooked politicians working with drug lords, cops that are not on the up and up, one man caught in the crossfire deciding which way to go. Much more on the dark side of that line then on the other. But, when Joe deals with Lily he’s different. When he loses Cassie his life took a definite downhill slide and what is in the middle of his face or that vertical line is all the pent up emotional package that he has yet to deal with and of course the murder of Charlie. Just how does this link to the present has yet to be revealed. Author Kerry Dunn takes the reader inside the minds of drug lords, killers, the police and one man whose life seems to be going nowhere. Money can just buy so much but can it buy you what you really need?


The author creates quite a few back stories where we get know Charlie and Joe as they met working for the drug lord. We get to know the ins and outs of this type of organization, the dangers and the reader gets caught up in the story, the deceptions, lies and Joe’s confusing life. Meeting Javier and his crew then learning more about his relationship with the police you wonder sometimes if he is not working both sides. Getting the know Cassie who now worked narcotics and Joe seemed so transfixed on that he often lost sight of himself and what he needed to do. Working with Charlie proved in his mind the right thing. But, some jobs come with more than just the requirements to do them and others you have no choice but to do. Working with Javier was a done deal for him and the end result would cut him out of the force.

Author Kerry Dunn keeps the reader fixed to the printed page from start to finish as we learn the truth behind Cassie’s death and how she was linked to Charlie. Just what Lily’s story really is and whether she was playing Joe. Working clerical, selling information and dealing with drug lords kept Joe in the money and much more. Lies, corrupt cops and one that would not take the bribes and wound up dead. Drug lords that ran the streets and bought the politician and an author that sets the stage for more than just murder but the inner workings of some Police departments, how the system works and the drug cartels.


Some deals never change and Joe entices a young guy hoping to start a family, going straight but then money talks. What happens when Joe wants to liquidate and his accountant has his own type of math? What happens when he decides to work two sides of the fence? Just what happens and how this plays out you won’t believe. One young girl who wanted to even the score for her mother and one man who would make sure she survived. Joe Peace: Killer, Drug lord, Friend, loyal to those he cared about, murderer and much more. Joe Peace: Would he ever find it? Where do you turn when life leads you in more than one direction? Joe Peace: Just what goes on the dark side and what on the other? Read this outstanding novel and find out why most of his life goes down that center line. An ending you won’t expect and a man you come to really like.



Fran Lewis: reviewer


Cute Poem

Run Hide the Monster Is Outside: A Tale with a Twist


Barbara Bloom


Did you see the shadow that was three feet wide?

Trying to get me and I hope he does not come in side

Coming out only in the dark of night

Hoping to scare me and give me a good fright


Oh No! He screeches and does whine

Trying to get into my window and I am scared and not fine

Close the window hide behind the door

Find the trap door and hide under the floor


Where is my flashlight I am holding it real tight

I hope that the bulb stays on and I don’t lose the light

Check out those green eyes and don’t get too scared

I hope that I catch him because I am getting mad



Dear Mr. Monster I am counting to three

I can promise you that you will never find me

Don’t cough, don’t cry or even dare sneeze

This monster might find you and enter and not say please



But, how would he get the monster oh dear

Calling Uncle Dave took away from of his fear

So, just what is this monster can you do the wave

Open your eyes and try and be brave


Does he find out who the monster is and will he get caught

I cannot tell you that because you need to find out so don’t be distraught

Once again author Barbara Bloom takes the reader inside the world of a little boy

Who just wants to have fun and not be frightened by an monster ruining his joy


Does he ever learn the truth behind the green eyes

Why did his sister tell him it was dead you should not tell lies

But, maybe she did not want him to be afraid you see

After all he’s kind of little and not brave like you and me.




The pictures are great and the cover reveals nothing about the real monster but you never know. You can feel the excitement in each picture as the little boy races to find the monster his heart racing and much more. Once again author Barbara Bloom handles an issue that many parents and kids face when they see shadows at night and think they see a monster. Find out what happens when you learn the twist at the end.


Fran Lewis: reviewer: Let’s give this one : FIVE GREEN EYES!