The Way of Nacor

The Way of Nacor

Author: Jeff Horton


Jessie Seekers refuses to speak as a result of a traumatic experience. Watching her father’s image fade from view as he closes the closet door that housed his family and prevented them from harm would be the last thing she remembers about him for the rest of her life. Jessie and her family would never be the same as a result of a tornado inflicting its wrath and destruction on so many. Author Jeff Horton hits the mark with his astute and authentic beginning of his outstanding novel that brings to light an important issue from the onset. Children can often withdraw from others and face the world living sheltered in a world of their own that they create where everything is perfect and the way it should be after living through something that causes them fear, distrust and danger. Added in we meet Rachel who takes over the place of her mother who is now has to work in order to provide for her family. Michael and Eli the two brothers who round out the family and are dealing with the tragedy each in their own way. Living with their grandfather when their mother is at work the children learn to become somewhat independent, have a nurturing grandfather who cares and listens to them taking pride in each one of their accomplishments. But, then something odd happens that changes everything. As Jessie is sitting with her grandfather at the start of the novel we learn about her fascination with the chickadees on his farm. The reader realizes that for some reason she cannot seem to take her eyes off of them and no one in the family sees what will happen next. When the grandfather goes off to do some errands the children remain under the care of Rachel who is older and then get caught in the web of a light or glimmer that draws Jessie towards it for some reason. As the glimmer becomes stronger and the pull becomes even more intense Jessie goes off in its direction followed by her family and then the real adventure begins. Drawn into this portal and crossing over they find themselves in a dark and cold place. While trying to figure out their new environment they realize that the atmosphere and the sky, although filled with stars is not quite the same as that on earth. The constellations are gone and in their place Rachel sees vague shapes and vegetation that looked like grasses and small bushes bluish in color. Added in just as they were going to explore the area and find shelter they meet one of the aliens who identifies himself as a rephaim. As they talk he relates to them where they are and although he appears huge he’s not threatening at least not at first. With the author’s creative stroke he injects in the plot the ability of people of from two different worlds to be able to communicate even though they speak different languages. Imagine a force or power enabling your words to be translated and understood by another person of a different nationality or origin. Think about the summit conferences and the need for no translators or misunderstandings if we had this great power.


As Michael introduces his siblings to this man they teach more about his people and the fact his council never mentioned the planet Earth to the Alliance. Imagine wondering if the Earth was ever part of this world or their Alliance. As they speak the alien whose name is Varuth Terakon, questions them about the scientific capabilities of those on earth and how they learned to travel from between the stars? The Earth does not have interstellar flight capabilities and according to this man it is dangerous. But, he reveals even more about his planet called Zantura, the fate of his people and the plagues that obliterated many of those living there. Sarin, unleashed these plagues on his people and therefore many died. But, although in a foreign place they are treated with kindness and hospitality which shows that people of different races can get along and there are children in this world that are not only smart but polite too. As Varuth shares with the children how his home planet was destroyed the reasons why Sarin felt the need to unleash these plagues and as in all worlds or countries unwarranted takeovers can lead to death and destruction. As Sarin spread his evil word to the people that followed Nacor, you learn more about the weaknesses that some have when tempted with power and lies as he told the people of Zantura that Nacor’s existence was a myth and that he should rule in Eden. But, he was banished but that did not stop him from unleashing the plagues that swept the planet. Added in is the fact that Nacor might be the only one that can help them find the portal to return home. But, will he and when?


Imagine something called a nourishment processor that can create any combination of food or beverage you want. Okay: You have to admit that would be great! As Varuth explains that there is an ancient relic that if found might be able to transport them home. The relic has the power within it to allow someone to pass through a gateway to the destination the person desires. Next, we learn about a professor that might have some answers for the children. In order to find their way home they need to find the ancient relic and only Nacor can provide it but first they have to go through the seven trials, which are tests, and the danger can be great. These trials if passed are designed as the author states to endure that the “character of the one seeking the Relic of Nacor is worth of find it.” These trials are different he states for each person and as I said can be dangerous. What happens if you fail? Let’s hope they don’t.


As they started their journey down the road to find the Way of Nacor the children asked many questions of the elderly professor. Learning more about the history of what caused the plagues and the downfall of this planet they became more aware of why this could prove dangerous and how people could become corrupted by others. Technology and believing more in themselves then in Nacor caused many to sway but what no one realized is that the eyes of evil were upon them and would report back to Sarin of their journey on the road. Just what obstacles and dangers would they face?


While stopping at the town of Glamor something unusual happens. The people greet Rachel and thought to be their new queen but was this an attempt to separate her from her family and the professor? While she is given the Royal Treatment her family and the professor are thrown into a dungeon awaiting their fate as sealed by Sarin. But all of the children but none more than Michael learn many lessons when he convinces the professor to veer off the road or way of Nacor to explore the riches of a town. What happens will teach him the true meaning of greed, friendship and loyalty and a lesson he will never forget as he risks his life for what he thinks are all the right reasons. As Michael meets Rubicon their first link to Nacor. “ Eli was tested when fighting with a friend, Rachel tempted to be Queen and deciding to take the throne or save her family, Michael’s was one dealing with greed, another was test dealt with gluttony and still Varuth’s would be the hardest as the man who took the lives of his family now faced him. Does he kill him or is this trial on the Way to Nacor? Taking the slave trader Plator with them was that the right move? Will Sarin win?

The path to finding the portal has been blocked so many times and still they move on as a team. Next we learn something about the fate of Varuth’s family and Sarin’s true motives as the author takes the reader inside his palace.  But, the trials are far from over and the danger still very real as the final test is bestowed on Plator. Facing the enemy brings to light just who can be trusted and who cannot not. Four children and three rephaim face the wrath of one Sarin who is evil to the core. What happens and will they ever find that portal to return home? What happens when they enter the Cave of Sorrows and memories flood back? What happens will surprise the reader as author Jeff Horton takes us inside the minds of four children who face more than just a series of tests in order to survive.


Just how they manage to outsmart Sarin you have to read for yourself. What happens when the relic is destroyed? What happens when they face Nacor? Will he save them and will they free all of the slaves before it’s too late? Will Nacor’s words make Jessie speak and let go of the bitterness she feels? An ending that will definitely endear you to the people of Zantura, Nacor, Varuth and one great professor. But, what happens at the end will definitely give you much pause for thought. Will they return home or will they remain in Zantura? What happens if they never find that portal? Read The Way to Nacor and take the journey along with Rachel, Michael, Jessie and Eli as these four amazing kids learn many important lessons in life that will definitely make them stronger, braver and just maybe wiser. This is a great book for children of all ages and I think teens too. Adults you just might learn some important lessons in what is really important in life. What is next in store for them only the author Jeff Horton has the answer to that question?

Let’s give this book: FIVE POSITIVE TRIALS

Fran Lewis: reviewer


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