When Barry Meets Ronnie: My thoughts

When Barry Met Ronnie: Michael Curry


Can two Presidents past and present travel cross-country together in a vintage Caddy and survive? What happens when the President of the United States accidentally chokes on peanut and winds up in a strange place without any identification, money or means of communication? But, sometimes when you least expect it someone comes to your aid and the situation you are in just might turn into a strong learning experience as the President of the United States meets Pete and Dylan and winds up going along with them and many others on an eye opening journey that will take them across many states until reaching their final destination: Washington D.C.


Getting started on the way was not easy as they had several stops to make before starting out. Meeting a man named Ronnie AKA Dutch: The Boss will make you wonder just what past President this might be as you listen to the discussion beforehand, meet his wife and find out where and when they are leaving and their final destination. As they all crowd into his red caddy convertible they settle in for what will be not only a long journey but one that will have stimulating conversation, eye opening revelations and just might make Barry rethink some of his policies and hopefully change his thinking to benefit the American people. When Barry Met Ronnie: Wait until you take the journey with them.


This novel reads as a debate between two candidates and their supporting teams. As they discuss the Cold War, the economic system, our moral underpinnings. They continue to discuss the fact that the United States engaged in the Cold War but it would be quite a risk to engage it as the author relates when it destroys its main external enemy. Pete is the one explaining the many salient points hoping that Barry in his world would no longer turn a blind eye to many of the issues at hand. Hoping to basically change his views, opinions and perspective on immigration, the economy, global warming and many other issues that are often discussed during debates but never really solved. The author through Pete explains in detail National Objectives how they were created and the bipartisan committee that was created to sort through the suggestions and to turn them into an actionable website. There is much more that he shares that the reader can learn when reading the novel and Chapter 3. Then Barry gets into the discussion and begins to wonder about certain things and Pete clarifies a lot hoping that he will understand what he is presenting as he asks what would happen if the objectives created conflict each other? Pete began to think Barry did not have faith in the America people and the electorate to sort through these objectives and come to a decision by themselves. The answer is elaborated on page 37. The author even includes the objectives for the reader to understand and for Barry. Then, Dutch uses California as the example and tries to clarify it for Barry. But, there was more to the trip as Pete and Dylan were laid back about the event excited about going cross country in a car, Manny was just glad to be along and Dutch and Manny were old friends. Manny was the founder and CEO of a medical device the rest you have to learn for yourself. Interesting characters to say the least and quite educational for Dylan to be riding with such colorful and interesting adults. Pete and Dutch met through family connections. Now, they were about to descend on Nevada and hopefully find themselves in Vegas.


They continued with a discussion about nuclear waste, additional fuel to power for every household in American and building of the Nuclear reactors in Georgia. There are many controversial discussions and political issues brought to light in detail in this novel. At one point it seems as if they are trying to convince Barry that he needs to change his attitude, policies and the way he runs the government as they reached the Hard Rock Café Hotel and Casino. But, of course how cool is it to be surrounded by four Elvis impersonators.


The next stop was dinner and that turned out to be neutral and not party oriented. Next discussion was student loans for college and the requirements needed and the explanations as to why some get the loans they apply for and others do not. Added in why students have to submit majors and how that comes into play when asking for a loan.


The author then discusses nuclear waste, solar and wind-power the pros and cons discussed by both Barry and the others especially Pete. Even Dylan weighs in with his own thoughts when it comes to Family Resource Management which starts a whole new discussion and the waiter they have for dinner brings them full circle with college majors and school loans. Barry seems to present his viewpoints and the rest the opposite as they try to explain why he needs to change his policies and much more.



There are two worlds that the author describes: Barry’s and Dutch’s which are totally different. But, first includes a show that is really quite unique, enlightening and adds some humor to the book called the Shareholder’s Report. This show airs on many different networks and allows a civil servant to present a project he/she thinks their superior should look into and should be funded. The first presenter discussed tunnels to be created for turtles in order to have them avoid going over the highway. You have to read this to find out what he says, the questions asked by the three panel members and Kid Rock who is the emcee to see just how ridiculous this is and why money is not always well spent.


Next they continue to Colorado and the author introduces a discussion of the world or country according to Dutch, which includes his views on economics, political environment, and much more, which you can read from pages 71-72. Interjecting comments from Barry about the EPA and oil prices, fuel sources and more. Then Dylan comes into the conversation and the author or Dutch explains how one man was responsible for figuring out how to use hydraulic fracturing to unlock all of that shale oil and gas. He tells him about George Mitchell.


The conversation turns to immigration and a new term that many readers might not be familiar with Red Card. The author explains to everyone including Barry that a Red Card is issued for a non-citizen of the United States to remain in the United States to work. These people remain here in order to get jobs and send money back to their families in another country. Green Cards are issued to those non-citizens who want to work here and eventually become citizens. There was much discussion that continued about the private sector how this worked in enhance our work force and much more. As the author elaborates to the reader and Barry how this came about and why. Next, he continues with the world of Dutch and the oil industry followed by Dylan’s new understanding of our country and where we came from Reading his book Founding Brothers and participating in the discussion and asking pointed questions allows the reader to know that this young man is more than just a passenger in the car. Education and the DOE were the next discussion and national standards and how they differ in many states. Health plans was the next topic. Health insurance seemed to interest Barry and the discussion began to heat up. Doctors and insurance companies and more were the next topic discussed and argued in Chapter 8. The conversation was interesting and dealt with reasons why certain people received better coverage and related the discussion to a person’s health and they talked about diet and employer contributions to health plans for workers and much more.


The remainder of the book focuses on helping Dylan learns in Chapter 9 more about our country, the Civil War and the Revolutionary War. Discussing the history, many of our leaders and a lecture or speech on the Founding Fathers helps to bring it home for Dylan. The author includes the sins of the Founding Fathers and information most readers might not know about. Thomas Jefferson’s philosophy and information about Benjamin Frankin as well as Anger as the term assigned to Madison and Lust to Jefferson. After creating quite a bit of stir and listing all of the wrongs about these men he continued with The Seven Heavenly Virtues: Faith, Justice, Prudence, hope, charity, fortitude, and temperance. The explanation and how this applied to our founding fathers will spark quite a bit of interest in the group that the professor is lecturing to and those in the cross-country group. But, Dylan makes one statement and sums it all up for everyone.


If you want to find out just where they wind up, if Barry learns anything from this trip, if he changes his viewpoints and what Dylan brings to the table you are going to have to read it for yourself. What happens when Barry finally returns to the White House and sees his family? What happens when the medical personnel check him out and his family finally realizes where he has been? The doctors then explain to him what caused him to choke and become disoriented.

An ending that you definitely won’t see coming and a President that just might surprise you. What really happened to Barry and what did he say in his speech? Read When Barry Met Ronnie and find out for yourself. Can 2 Presidents survive a car trip together when they come from opposing parties? Find out when you read this book. You just never know!


Fran Lewis: reviewer


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