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Burnt Offerings: my review

Burnt Offerings: Stuart G. Yates


Some women need to learn that one night or day stands will only lead to disaster. Sarah finds herself involved with a stranger and will soon regret it more than she’ll ever know. A rich husband who understands her needs, a stranger she takes home who leaves her for dead and a woman who would not allow his betrayal to stand. Estate agent Paul Chaise is in Spain showing an elderly couple a specific property. Listening to him speak with the perspective buyers you learn more about the area, the problems that he hides in order to get these people to buy. The author allows the reader to get a hint about this man’s past, coming here to start over and the imminent changes about to come. A man is on the road and seems to need a ride. Picking up a hitchhiker is dangerous and people should think twice before allowing a stranger to enter their car. Paul Chaise has pangs of guilt and wrongly allows a man using a false name into his car and that simple act of kindness will cause a chain of events resulting in a death.


Alex Piers and his wife have a marriage in name only. What appears to be on a definite decline he seems determined to resurrect. But, one little girl named Amy, their daughter is the pawn in this game of takes all you can, and both parents seem blind to what this might be doing to her. As his wife Diane demands a divorce and has decided to leave him for good for another man as Alex finds something under the seat of his car that changes everything. Just what he finds surprises him and makes him wonder who might be watching him and why.


Some situations intertwine as the police questions Paul in the death of the hitchhiker and Alex recovers the package that the hitchhiker stashed under the seat of his car finding out that now he was involved in drug trafficking and more. Just how would these two incidents tie together as both men picked up the same hitchhiker and just why did a lawyer appear out of nowhere when Paul was taken in for questioning? Who is Paul Chaise? Both men are immersed deeply into the world of drugs, criminals and drug dealing. From the start you can feel the tension in both men and realize that Paul is hiding something about himself and Alex has more than just a shady past. But, when Alex contacts a friend about the package and its contents what happens will lead him down a spiral path that will not be on an incline. While Alex and his friend Shaun decide how to handle what he found and find out its worth Paul is questioned again by The Guardia as we learn that everyone is not what they seem, the police cannot find any records or files about him and when push comes to shove their push did not yield them from much. Now living in Costa de Sol, his past is about to resurface into the present as author Stuart Yates creates suspicion, suspense and intrigue as he allows the reader to delve deeper into the pasts and presents of both Paul and Alex.


Things start to come together as the author allows the reader to get to know Paul’s back story and why he is careful not to let anyone really get to know him and who he really is and what he really does. Added in we meet drug lord Anthony Morgan who seems to be linked to not only what happened to Sarah, the hitchhiker and now Paul. With the help of his hit man Jimmy he makes sure Sarah receives a strong warning, hopes that Paul will be eliminated too and still has to turn his attention to Alex and Shaun as one is on the run and the other hoped to score big with the drugs until his contact sold them out. Drugs can are often profitable and each party involved from the drug lord to Alex and his friend Shaun and even the police want a piece or shall I say an entire kilo of the action in more than just dollars and cents. More murders and one man whose life is turned inside out, his wife and daughter gone, his dog gutted and the hope of normalcy fading. Sarah Bradbury was silenced and a dog mutilated to send a message, a drug lord worried about the fallout and more on the way. Using his skills in his former job Paul Chaise faces gangsters, mobsters and to regain the drugs that someone has but whom?

Gangsters hoping to get back the drugs and one man caught in the crossfire Paul. Alex is injured and someone sends him a strong message but what happens when Paul decides to help his old friend and endangers his girl friend. Linny decides the lies and deceit have finally taken their toll on her. Diane and her daughter leave Alex alone and the end result will only be tragic. With the mob after the drugs, the police cramming down his neck and hoping his old friends in London come through for him just how will this all play out and will anyone come out alive? One young woman burned to a crisp and her house in ashes.


As the author recounts the chain of events for the reader we remember that Ricky Treach attacked Sarah Bradbury and beat her hope to wind up dead when he tried to kill Paul. Next, the drugs he stole or had are gone and a petty local criminal tried to score something as a result. Leaving the person who initiated the sale dead or frozen along with the janitor on the block of the apartment he was found in. No one saw anything. Sarah Bradbury is burned to death and everything ties to Paul Chaise but just how you won’t believe and what the author reveals about his true vocation will enlighten the reader to remember that appearance are deceiving at times and deceptions are needed for survival. Captain Domingo appears to be investigating but what is his role in this and just who can be trusted if anyone?


An ending masterfully orchestrated as author Stuart G. Yates brings all of the players together and we learn just who can be trusted and who was hiding in plain sight running the show without anyone’s knowledge. Gangsters after the drugs, killers found dead at the hand of their cohorts, Paul and Alex almost losing it all. One man tortured and alone and another with no place to go as the final bullet is fired and the bodies charred and carried away just how will all of this wind up and what will happen to those left behind? Sarah Bradbury should never have taken Ricky home. Paul should never have given him a ride. Alex should never have given him a lift either. One woman dead, one man gone and just what happens to the drugs and where will the final trail lead you just won’t believe it? Where does that leave Paul and Linny? When the final call to end this is made who is really behind the action and who can be trusted? Twists, turns and lots of surprises before the big reveal at the end and the final chapter is penned. Fast paced and definitely quite interesting this novel keeps you glued to the printed page until the very end.  What is next for Paul if he survives will only be revealed when this outstanding author releases Whipped Up.

Fran Lewis: reviewer