Psychs: My review

Psychs: Ahmed Al-Amin

 Entities all around him entering his space, his mind and every being creating events that either did happen or maybe he imagined it all. Hassan sees images the souls of eight people appear to him and for some reason are connected to him. But, why? As we meet him he is drawn to a window where he sees a woman screaming and hoping for help. Not sure of what he might find when he arrives on the floor that he thinks she is on he opens the door and what greets him would terrify anyone to the core. Imagine seeing eight ghosts but not just any ghosts. Ones that actually seem attached to your being and seem to run in and out of your body to get where they need to go. But, what happens next is terrifying. Wherever Hassan goes he feels their presence. He realizes that he cannot escape them. Since he was born he has been watched but why? Now, at 17 he recognizes that these Psychs have forever altered his life.


The first event begins in Abi Dhabi with a bank robbery and winds up with Hassan being placed in a mental institution by his stepfather. No one seems to believe him and no one sees the images that appear to him. Hassan’s unusual revealed by the author and his stay in this asylum would now trigger more visions of these ghosts or lost souls. But, how can these ghosts or control his destiny and every move? Why are these figures that appear, except for the woman in the window, all attired in military uniforms? Who was the woman that saved him and brought him to the hospital?

Flashing back to four hours before the bank robbery we meet all of the eight ghosts, we learn something about their roles in Hassan’s mind and life as we experience along with him the events that transpired during that robbery. As we enter the bank and here their voices and instructions we learn about the deaths, his role in trying to save the hostages and how he communicates with these ghosts. So, how can eight ghosts take down the robbers? Listening to them argue and discuss their failures left them wide open for the unseen attack that came next. But, back at the police station his movements had been recorded, his words heard and yet no one knew what really happened or saw what Hassan saw in his mind or in his own reality. Solomon a lieutenant was preparing to show these surveillance tapes to his superiors and when viewed they were mystified as one female Interpol officer they claim came so far for no reason as she had more information but would they send her away? Knowing that the money was still out there some where and not found she stated that they are seven not six and she knew who the seventh was, his description and was not leaving until he was found. Added in the security guard at the bank claimed to be a hostage and threatened if he did not assist the burglars. But, the author adds in some male humor as the ghosts weigh in on their assessment of the Interpol officer.


But the author flashes back and forth to different time periods in the main character’s life in order to recreate how he was born, the conditions of his birth leading up to the death of his real mother and his adoption. Next, we learn how these ghosts when alive protected her costing each one their lives. As we learn more about that we also learn about the first time he formally met these ghosts, what jobs they had in the military and how they came to care about Hassan and protect him. Learning more about him we find out he is a doctor and is working with the police. With the help of these eight ghosts Hassan decides to join the military life and uses what he learns from them to gather Intel and information. Even better he uses them to help him when dealing with employees and patients. You might say he appears to be psychic at times. I wonder how many of us wouldn’t mind having 8 ghosts to help guide us when we are in trouble. Interesting story and quite unique to say the least.

Then we meet Shark and a man named Adam whose life terrorists who captured him and many others destroy. The author describes the tortures he endured yet he never fails and never give up. Each time the pain increases and the torture more severe yet he keeps going on with a strong mind and trying to condition his body to deal with the pain. Then we learn just how each of the ghosts met in real life and how they were sold out by someone that was supposed to protect and guide them. Deceit, lies, betrayals and much more within our military are just some of the issues brought to light in this novel. Just how do they survive and Adam Goldfish endured more than most and lived to do more than tell it but how?

Manipulating the police and controlling the investigation with the help of his ghosts Hassan is using everything he can to find out about what the killer and hunt the person down. Deaf as a young teen and learning sign language, the tapes being viewed show masked figures using sign language and when interpreted it make no sense. So, why does Hassan tip the police off about a body that they will eventually find? Hassan has the eight ghosts as his guardians and as the author reflects back to his beginning days in college as he is studying to become a psychiatrist, we learn more about the prejudices against Arabs and the clashes he encounters and how he manages to survive.


Every step of the way we hear Hassan’s voice as he relates the experiences to the reader from the past and then in the present. We learn more about Adam and his ordeal, how he is finally free and what happens when he decides to go after James and seeks revenge against those that betrayed him. Interestingly enough the author shares Hassan’s thoughts as he searches the net to learn more about ghosts and The Egyptian Book of Death which describes the appearance of the person in the afterlife and before. It introduces and allows the reader to understand more about ghosts, their appearances and references to the Bible. Hassan tends to stray but with the guidance of these ghosts he learns to do the right thing but imagine having six ghosts in the shower with you? But sometimes Hassan goes to far as the author once again flashes back to his meeting Elizabeth at school, understanding sign language but getting caught pretending to be deaf.

A terrorist attack one police detective dead and now they want to team with Hassan but he has other plans and as he discusses with Adam a plan to fake his kidnapping, find those that betrayed Adam causing him to be imprisoned for 13 years. With the help of 8 ghosts and the spirit of his mother he manages to get information most police departments could use and might even want to break some rules to get. Just how this all plays out you have to read for yourself. What finally happens as the plan takes place, the killer is in sight, and the ghosts are in position and Hassan well you have to find that out for yourself. When Shark (Adam) and Hassan team up and the end just might be in sight. Will the arms deal go through? Will more lives be taken? Will the terrorists win? An ending so explosive even the terrorists won’t see it coming? Just who makes it out alive and what happens to Hassan and Adam you will not get from me or the eight ghosts that are watching over him and reading this review to make sure that no one finds out what the final outcome or secret is. What is next for Hassan and his team? Only our author knows for sure. This is a really interesting political thriller filled with twists, turns and definitely some miracles. I read this in less than one day because I could not put it down. This is one book that will definitely make you think, give you pause for thought and make you wonder: Who Can I Trust? This is definitely a FIVE STAR BOOK.


Fran Lewis: reviewer