Power Play: Patrick Robinson


Power Play: Patrick Robinson


Can a Mossad field agent and a Russian officer work together to bring down what the Russians have in mind? Nikolai Chirkow is a young Russian Navel officer who entered the Israel Embassy with one thought in mind, to betray his mother country and work with the Israel’s and Americans to prevent a nuclear disaster. Rani Ben Adan, Israel spy and Mossad field agent joined forces with this Russian. The two men becoming close and never thinking the Russian should be assigned to a US agent, the alliance would not be discovered. Mossad shared everything with the US but never revealed how they got their information or their specific source. Nikita Chirkow wanted the best for Mother Russia but hated those who ran the country. Trying to rationalize how they could ally themselves with the Islamic Republic of Iran and their goal to produce nuclear weapons sent him on this path to bringing them down. The response of the Americans was heard but he knew that the Russians would counteract by hoping to deploy missiles to the West and South of the country to take out the US systems.  His purpose in allying himself with Israel and the US was to stop the games being played by the politicians whose minds were filled with ignorance and whose goals were more than destructive.
Rani Ben Adan rose to the ranks of when he commanded on of the most elusive and secretive battalions the Israeli Frogmen. But, a friendship was formed and during a battle saving a US combat officer and hurling him off the rig he not only saved himself but they saved each other. Rani Ben Adan and Commander Nikolai Chirkow were meeting to discuss matters concerning the US. What the Russian reports to the Israeli is enough to make him realize that a planned attack against the United States is imminent and the security just about foolproof. What will happen when the Russians, North Koreans and Iranians team up to create power play to bring down the United States? Missile scientists from North Korea and Iran arriving in Russia. A new lab constructed and a “slimmed –down rocket with a nuclear warhead and guidance system that makes it impossible to track.” Think about the devastation if this comes true and they are not stopped. The only problem is no one knows where the attack will be coming from or launched nor do they know the extent of how powerful the missile that has yet to be invented and even more what is the target?


What would cause a Scottish trawler manned with 6 experienced fisherman to go down? What would make them not able to jump ship and get to safety? When the coast guard and the rescue teams try to find the Misty, it disappeared and the crew lost at sea. But, upon further investigation it is clear something sinister is behind the incident and Officers in the Navy Department wanted to real answers and the coast guard knew there was much more to find out. With no emergency contact made of any kind to the coast guard station those investigating seemed to think that they had no time. The trawler went down in seconds without a trace. The discussion continues and the underlying thoughts revealed and some think the US wants to reactivate SOSUS which defined by Wikipedia is: SOSUS, an acronym for Sound Surveillance System, is a chain of underwater listening posts across the northern Atlantic Ocean near Greenland, Iceland and the United Kingdom — the GIUK gap. ning posts are still in operation around the world.


 As the British sea lords discuss the reasons for the lack of their ability to help the US we learn about their cutbacks, their lack of ships to protect their waters but not the lack of loyalty to the United States as they contact the US Navy Department to alert them of what the Russians just might be up to. The year 2018 the target the United States. The NSA and other organizations learning more about the trawler and the final conclusion: A Russian Ship heading home found its way into British waters and brought the trawler down. But why? Now, military minds were on high alert! Enter two men named Marc and Andre who are know to Rani by their first names and for the role they played in the October 2016 Israeli destruction of Iran’s main nuclear plants. As a result the Russians became angry and their S-300 defensive system shattered. The Russians never said a word about it nor did they claim they would plan a counter attack but although it remained quiet for a while in 2018 it continued. The author continues with enlightening the reader to the protocol involved and the agencies that are informed when this type of situation occurs and he takes you through it from the moment the British become aware of the sub to the Prime Minister’s responses and reactions and the end result dealing with the Russians.

Just what the real mission of the Gepard was you will have to learn for yourself. With SOSUS still working the questions asked by the Russians as we meet their president, Nikita Markova, whose authoritarian ways dictate his government and how both houses proceed, we learn what is behind the Russian’s sending the Gepard and how the media hyped it up in order great more of a public frenzy and finally what the Russians plan to do to retaliate against the United States. Project FOM2 is deadly, dangerous and would blow the US right off the nuclear map. Just how this will be stopped has not yet been revealed as we meet U.S. Navy Seal Mack Bedford enlisted by the Mossad Spymaster, Golan, to stop the Russian plot.


As we hear the thoughts of Nikolai Chirkov as he flashes the reader back to October 2016 when Israel pounded Iran’s nuclear production facilities. The fact that they were able to do it stunned many nations all over Asia. The Russians were paranoid and the new President ready to take aim at the United States and blame them for his woes. As the pieces start to explode in place and the field is starting to crowd with weapons and players we learn that the trawler was sent as a trial to see if it was detected. We learn from entering the Rotunda of the Gremlin that the Russians want to strike the United States and seek revenge for what the Israeli’s did to them. They want to destroy the United States Nuclear Football of emergency communication system. This system allows the president to transmit instructions over the secure satellite phone inside a satchel.  “The nuclear football (also known as the atomic football, the president’s emergency satchel, the button, the black box, or just the football) is a briefcase, the contents of which are to be used by the President of the United States to authorize a nuclear attack while away from fixed command centers, such as the White House Situation Room. It functions as a mobile hub in the strategic defense system of the United States.” Imagine if the Russians disable it or worse. As Rani and Navy Seal Mack Bedford meet and discuss the situation the reader is allowed inside the minds of these two great officers and how they plan to bring down the Russian’s plans with limited help from key players in the CIA and Pentagon. After deciding on how to proceed both men would stay in touch but just before ending their meeting Rani gave him the code words: Project FOM2 which is what the Russians are calling their nuclear weapon. Team 10 works with Mack Bedford and it will take him and the skill of this team to stop what the Russians have in mind. With a President who is definitely crazy and bent on bringing the wrong foe down will they be able to stop them? With the attack a total embarrassment to the Russians and with North Korean, Iranian and possibly the Chinese helping them just what would happen if they were successful? The Americans made the weapons and the planes used by the Russians in their defense system and they need to pay for what happened to them?


Markova is determined to attack the United States but first he needs to get all of his weapons to Central America. But, Mack Bedford is aware of the risks and the danger and only he and his team are capable of stopping this diabolical plot. But, will they in time?


Throughout the novel we learn that Great Britain is our best ally but cannot help us due to the cutbacks instilled by the Prime Minister. The United States needs to look outside of their comfort zone to find another country they can trust and rely on. Just which country has a naval station that can help pull this off and carry out the attack? So, how would the United States learn of the Russian’s plan to attack them? Why were they targeting the NSA in Fort Meade? What part would the head of technical design and development of a Chinese company play in this? Just how would he create a satellite beam to take out our nuclear football> what role does the Solovestsky Monastery have to do with this and why does it house weapons?


When the Russians test their missile Iskander –K they are successful? What does the United States do with this information? What is Mack going to do to stop what they have planned? When Nikolai gets caught in a web of lies will his life in be danger and his usefulness to two governments over?


With Nikolai in danger or missing and Mack concerned with the NSA getting hit by a nuclear missile things were heating up for both the American and Israeli. Their main concern was to find out where they were going to launch their missile this Chinese Dr. Yang was going to jam the football. But, first they had to find Nikolai. So, what about Ireland to help them and what would happen if we blew up the freighter obliterated their missiles and the monastery, smashed into the launch site at Pedro Miguel, and knocked out the Panama Canal for 6 month. Why would the US be accused of orchestrating a Power Play? Wouldn’t it be self-defense?


An ending that will keep you on edge as author Patrick Robinson takes not only the navy seals, Mack and his team into the dangerous waters to stop the Russian plot against the United States but you get to experience the entire event first hand. What happens and will they stop what the Russians have planned? Can his team figure out when and where they are going to strike? The explosive ending will make you wonder: just who will win this Power Play and what is next in store for Mack and his team? This is definitely one novel that will keep you thinking: What if this really did happen? Power Play: A must read!

Fran Lewis: reviewer









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