Meet Madison Montgomery and Virginia Templeton

It’s Never Enough   Madison Montgomery   Some women have this insatiable appetite for men. Some cannot ever seem to get enough no matter how many times they get it they need more. Virginia Templeton’s husband died and she is going on a mass celebration. Slater is dead and she could not be happier. His money is all hers. The hotel chain she thinks is all hers and the rest is just gravy. Virginia Templeton uses men until they bore her and then tosses them out like yesterday’s fashions or a worn out pair of shoes. But, Virginia has a master’s in business and is quite shrewd. As the story opens we find her in her favorite place doing her favorite thing with her soon to be ex-toy boy Chandler whose body and him have worn out their welcome. But, Virginia cannot seem to control herself and when her maid Olivia informs her that she had a guest and she learns who it is, why turn down a good time. So, Chandler leaves and Shepp enters and you can just about guess the rest. No, you’d be wrong. The poor man tries to resist her and almost gets away scot-free but you know what I mean. But, little does she know that Shepp might be her new driver but he has his own plans for her and a definite ulterior motive for getting close to her. Just wait until she finds out just how much of her company he owns, who he’s related to and what he has planned for her. But, first there is much more to tell about Virginia.   Nicholas Waters was her psychiatrist until he dismissed her as a patient for her inappropriate and compromising behavior towards him. But, you know men and our Virginia seems to know just how to pull more than their strings, she bursts into his office, disrupts his session with a woman named Kathryn and she cannot understand the fuss. Calling security on her she refuses to realize that she once again horned in on her session, disregarded her privacy and was somewhere she was not wanted.  But, Nicholas listens to Kathryn as she explains her relationship with Chandler, who we all know was doing his thing with Virginia until she tossed him out. As she unburdens herself to Nicholas just what she reveals might give you a better handle on her and why she felt Chandler was perfect for her. What she does not know is the ultimatum that Virginia gave him. While Kathryn keeps talking and he keeps writing Virginia is waiting in the lobby pacing pack and forth and really proud of herself for taking control of the situation but she soon learns she might not be the one in charge as he keeps her waiting while she stews in her own juices so to speak.   While Kathryn made the call that would change her life, Virginia began thinking about taking charge of her hotel business and controlling the board of directors. She even attempted to convince herself that she would change her ways and become the executive needed to run the company. That still remains to be seen in more ways than one.   But, what happens next you wont’ believe and what she does will not endear you to her but definitely let you know she’s not fool and she’s in charge. What she learns about someone kicks the person in more places than one. What she does you won’t believe? Then ending will leave you hungry for more and the so called revenge that she enacts will definitely let you know score one for her side. Just whom she gets and why I will never divulge. It’s Never Enough: In more ways than one for her: Money: Power Men and there is much more! Once again author Madison Montgomery paints a picture of this outrageous woman that everyone would like to be in some way and leaves everyone ready for Part 3. Fran Lewis: Reviewer


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