Meet Madison Montgomery and Virginia Templeton

It’s Never Enough   Madison Montgomery   Some women have this insatiable appetite for men. Some cannot ever seem to get enough no matter how many times they get it they need more. Virginia Templeton’s husband died and she is going on a mass celebration. Slater is dead and she could not be happier. His money is all hers. The hotel chain she thinks is all hers and the rest is just gravy. Virginia Templeton uses men until they bore her and then tosses them out like yesterday’s fashions or a worn out pair of shoes. But, Virginia has a master’s in business and is quite shrewd. As the story opens we find her in her favorite place doing her favorite thing with her soon to be ex-toy boy Chandler whose body and him have worn out their welcome. But, Virginia cannot seem to control herself and when her maid Olivia informs her that she had a guest and she learns who it is, why turn down a good time. So, Chandler leaves and Shepp enters and you can just about guess the rest. No, you’d be wrong. The poor man tries to resist her and almost gets away scot-free but you know what I mean. But, little does she know that Shepp might be her new driver but he has his own plans for her and a definite ulterior motive for getting close to her. Just wait until she finds out just how much of her company he owns, who he’s related to and what he has planned for her. But, first there is much more to tell about Virginia.   Nicholas Waters was her psychiatrist until he dismissed her as a patient for her inappropriate and compromising behavior towards him. But, you know men and our Virginia seems to know just how to pull more than their strings, she bursts into his office, disrupts his session with a woman named Kathryn and she cannot understand the fuss. Calling security on her she refuses to realize that she once again horned in on her session, disregarded her privacy and was somewhere she was not wanted.  But, Nicholas listens to Kathryn as she explains her relationship with Chandler, who we all know was doing his thing with Virginia until she tossed him out. As she unburdens herself to Nicholas just what she reveals might give you a better handle on her and why she felt Chandler was perfect for her. What she does not know is the ultimatum that Virginia gave him. While Kathryn keeps talking and he keeps writing Virginia is waiting in the lobby pacing pack and forth and really proud of herself for taking control of the situation but she soon learns she might not be the one in charge as he keeps her waiting while she stews in her own juices so to speak.   While Kathryn made the call that would change her life, Virginia began thinking about taking charge of her hotel business and controlling the board of directors. She even attempted to convince herself that she would change her ways and become the executive needed to run the company. That still remains to be seen in more ways than one.   But, what happens next you wont’ believe and what she does will not endear you to her but definitely let you know she’s not fool and she’s in charge. What she learns about someone kicks the person in more places than one. What she does you won’t believe? Then ending will leave you hungry for more and the so called revenge that she enacts will definitely let you know score one for her side. Just whom she gets and why I will never divulge. It’s Never Enough: In more ways than one for her: Money: Power Men and there is much more! Once again author Madison Montgomery paints a picture of this outrageous woman that everyone would like to be in some way and leaves everyone ready for Part 3. Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Mandarin Gate

Mandarin Gate: Eliot Patterson



Life for continues to be difficult for Shan Tao Yun. Once a formidable Inspector stationed in Beijing, finally released from a work camp hoping to create some type of life for himself. But, the story opens in an unusual way where he meets him and two monks getting ready for a celebration and the reopening of a shrine. As one monk is chasing a thief and hopes to get back his bounty, Shan and Lokesh the other monk assist him in his quest. But, what happens next will not only surprise Shan but also create a serious void in his heart and life. As he and the monk bring back what was stolen, clean the items and prepare for the celebration Shan spies a rifle among the monk’s possessions. Fearing that this would get him in trouble with the authorities he planned to rid him of the gun before it’s noticed. But, the tables turn deadly as the monk prays, says his final words and uses the gun on himself. Fearful, sad and knowing that the death had to be hidden or more would follow in a different way, Shan and Lokesh plan on the burial and find a way to hide what some might find out anyway. But, not before Shan spies the police in the Tibetan township and comes face to face with a heinous crime scene and much more. Status matters in this world and according to the Chinese government those without official identity do not have the freedom to move about and Shan cannot return to his home in Beijing and lives among the outlawed Buddhist Monks. As the new Inspector of irrigation and sewer ditches, a job, not that vital or important, he falls upon this scene. Jamyang’s agony in death would be great, as he would not go to heaven as one would want to. Jamyang must have as Shan contemplates had some great agony in life that propelled him to take his own. If his death is not hidden, the death of an unregistered monk dying of a bullet self inflicted in his head would definitely flag a red alert to the Chinese police. If as he states the knobs will learn of it, then those in Public Security would use it as an excuse to ship more to the camps. Lokesh would set about the task of carrying him away to be cleaned and hopefully remove him before anyone notices. As the author enlightens the reader into Shan’s past life, his relationship with his son who is in prison and his life right now. Meeting a Public Security lieutenant he learns more about what the police are looking at and the fresh crime scene he came upon. The scene an old Buddhist temple the victims two men and a nun arranged in the pattern of the letter U. The bodies mutilated, defiled and covered with red paint and their hands held down with a stone. The woman wore a Tibetan wool cap and the sight would bring chills down anyone’s spine. As Shan assesses the crime scene more thoroughly as the police go off in a different direction he notices some important things about the murdered victims. One thing for sure someone went to a lot of trouble to orchestrate the scene and not blood but red paint covered the bodies. As he looks closer at the male figures he finds something in a pocket, a striker flint and then a piece of paper he takes with him. Looking closer at the woman he learns she’s a nun and he finds several things on her that he takes too. What is the link to the lama that killed himself and why did the murders take place in the same exact spot? Jamyang cleaned the offerings and his demeanor sad, solemn. Saying goodbye to the deities, Shan realized he knew about the murders.


With no direct supervisor over him he has more freedom to investigate the murders and what he learns from just his observations is quite compelling. Reenacting the murders in his own mind by sitting at wheel where the nun was working he as Lokesh would say picked up the chain of prayer and added his link to the dean woman’s as many did before him for centuries. Sitting at the wheel and lost in his thoughts he forgot it was a murder scene and yet he pictured the events in his mind.


As you learn more about the officers, the officials and the government in this book you learn that in the Chinese Empire a member of any of the nine ranks of public officials are distinguished by the specific kind of button worn on their cap which defines them in Mandarin society.
When Shan meets a woman named Chemno he learns more about the redistribution centers, the transitions communities and the lives of those placed in these prisons without bars. What he is told is not really the truth as he witnesses the conditions with his own eyes when he visits the Clear Water Camp and sees it for himself. Learning that they converted an old army base into a pacification camp and sending children to work in the factories was eye opening for Shan. Meeting with Jigten he learns even more. Reflecting on what happened with the police lieutenant and realizing there was more to her story and as she welcomed him to their model pioneer community and learns that someone stole the bodies and someone attacked her but who and why?


Pain inflicted, gunshots and more were the usual in Tibet and Shan and Meng were now in the middle of what he the author refers to as a hailstorm of death you might say. As he hopes to safe some and he meets a man named Yuan. Yuan Guo was a professor and his life was in Harbin. He established the Chinese History Department and married a professor. As they shared their lives he learned why the families were there, the threats made against their children and the fate of many others. As he learns more about the pacification camps and the people living there he realizes that he has entered once again a dangerous territory. Justice needs to be found and Shan will not give up until he finds the truth behind the murders, protects Cora, the American woman, enters the world of the internment camps and finds himself embroiled with the criminals, pacification teams, the corruption in the government and a gang called the Jade Crow. All throughout the novel you begin to see different shades of Shan as he battle other demons within himself to learn and find just where he belongs.

Author Eliot Pattison takes the reader inside the internment camps to see first hand the conditions, their lives and hear the voices of those sent there. The author allows the reader to get to know Shan in-depth as he struggles to find his own way in Tibet, investigate the murders, help those in the internment camps and find his true identity and worth again. The pain inflicted, the tears shed and hopelessness all come through plus the first hand knowledge he offers the reader as someone who visited and still visits Tibet and has seen the conditions first hand.
As the story continues we learn more about the cells of dissents, those transplanted to Tibet hoping they would not survive, and the pacification settlements and truth behind what is really going on in them and the conditions that the people live in. There are threats made to those living there and there are concessions they have to make in order to protect their young. Shan then leads us back to the murders and the fact that the three bodies were stolen as he meets Professor Yuan and then the encounter with the gang. Attacked by the gang members, questioned about the murders and adding more information than he had before the tensions rise and the situation more volatile for Shan. Then, a twist.


Face to face with Liang and threats made on all sides Shan finally goes to seek out the answers he needs at the nun’s hermitage but will they welcome him and when will all of the pieces of the puzzles fit into place? As we hear the voices of the abbots and learn more about what will happen if they come and interrogate them about the American who witnessed the murders. Just how can Shan help and why him?


Shan delves deeper and we learn the truth behind what Cora and Rutger were filming and what was in the photos and videos. We learn more from Jigten and from Chemno and the Clear Water Camp. How would they show the Chinese that not everyone was blind to what they were doing?


Deceits, thieves, murders, lies and much more comprise the lives of these people as they dig their way to survival but can they? There are so many issues brought to light by the author. Abuses against these people, lies told to them in order to survive, prison camps that were masked as internment camps supposedly to help these people have a better life. As one of the Jade Crow hears more truths than he cares to from Shan and the link to the dead lama is revealed and a secret about him uncovered many worlds would change.



Author Eliot Pattison reminds the reader that what is described in this book really happens, is happening now and is real. Take a trip inside the internment camps, hear the screams, feel the pain and understand the fears, customs, ways, myths, stories and lives of the people of Tibet and the dismantling of Tibet by the Chinese government over the last two generations. Learn what the government of Beijing has done to destroy the culture and beauty that was once Tibet. But as Shan rides with the police, learns the ways of others, allows Public Security to beat and abuse him he loses sight of Shan. What story did Jamyang tell and what was in his journal? Take a picture the lens does not lie unless you doctor what is filmed or photographed what you see as you read this book will remind you just how blind is everyone to the truth?


The Mandarin Gate: the gate Mandarins leave after receiving honors from the Emperor. One man would sacrifice his life for telling the truth but what happens will surprise the reader. A caste system that ranks people according to their position and presents them with a badge to wear for everyone to know their standing or ranking. An ending that will surprise the reader and a people that come together as one.  Voices that will be heard and stories that will be recorded and told. One man Shan: where will life take him next?

Fran Lewis: reviewer




The Spy Game: J.D. Holiday

The Spy Game


J.D. Holiday


Eddie is kind of upset because he now has a responsibility he would rather not have at all. Eddie is now the owner of Sidney a black dog. Personally, I think Sidney is quite handsome, alert and definitely looks like a spy dog. He was named after a famous spy and just by looking at him you can tell that he is smart, alert and notices things that most other dogs would not. Eddie takes one look at Sidney who was watching him talk. Poor Eddie does not want a full-grown dog he wants a puppy.


Walking this dog would not be an easy task for him but each time he tried Sidney looked like he wanted to say something but we all know that dogs let us know their true feelings by the loudness of their barks or bays. Poor Eddie could not even go on the school bus with his two friends because he had to walk Sidney. You can tell how disappointed his friends Joel and Dana are just by looking at the expressions on their faces on page 9 in the colorful illustrations created by author J.D. Holiday.


To Eddie things just looked like they were going to get worse because he could not even play ball after school because he had to care for Sidney. But, something would change everything when his friend Dana comes charging up to him upset. Her cat was stolen and she thinks the cat people took her. Sidney, our clever and smart dog was listening and did not miss a word or a beat. Remember: he was named after a spy and just maybe he inherited some of the skills of a true spy that could help the good guys catch the criminals.


That night Sidney and Eddie hear something in his room. Could it be a burglar or just some noises from someone walking in the house? But, it caused Sidney to stir and bark really loud. Eddie was so grateful that Sidney was there he just might start to change his mind about this black dog. Just maybe that might become friends! So, Sidney and Eddie decided to stick together that night to make sure that everyone was safe and sound.


But, I think it would be more fun to hear the rest of the story from our famous dog: Sidney and maybe he will let you in on some of his training to detect danger, spies and who knows what else this great dog can do.


“Hi Everyone: This is Sidney: You won’t believe what happened the next morning before school. Eddie and I had breakfast together and he began thinking about how I could probably help him find Dana’s cat and maybe even go on some adventures together. That would be cool because I really like Eddie and hope he starts to like me too and forget about trading me in for a puppy.


So, we decided to go for a walk and we bumped into Dana he was really upset that her cat was still missing. Dana wanted to go to the house belonging to the cat people to see if her cat was there. That could be dangerous so Eddie and I decided she needed my professional help. Eddie took Sidney to the cat people’s house and Sidney did not see any cats. The cat people have too many cats and no one really knows just how many. I looked around and pretended to be sleeping but Eddie knew that I was just scouting the area and the territory when a woman opened the door of the cathouse dragging a wagon filled with boxes. Now, I have to find out what is in those boxes. But, the wait was not long because as the door slammed the boxes opened and an orange cat leaped out. Imagine how many others might be hidden in these boxes and where could she be taking them?



That I cannot tell you and I cannot tell you if I found Dana’s cat or what happens that causes Eddie to become my best bud or not. What I can tell you is that you have to read this great story about how a spy dog and a young boy named Eddie decided to give it a try and see where the spy game might take them or not. Can a black dog that is really smart help find a cat? Can a dog named Sidney and a boy named Eddie become good pals and help to find criminals, stray cats and more? That my dear readers and friends you will not learn from me but hopefully author J.D. Holiday will bring us back again for more adventures. By the way check out the cook pictures of the kids, the houses and of course me the handsomest spy dog in the world.”


Thanks for reading this review and I hope you will read this story to your own children, to other kids, to children in school, parents at story time or buy some copies for holidays and birthdays. Till next time. This is Sidney the worlds greatest spy dog and Fran Lewis saying this book gets: FIVE SIDNEYS


Fran Lewis; Reviewer

The Man With the Green Suitcase

The Man with the Green Suitcase:

Dee Doanes



His face is wrinkled, his clothes are tattered and his mind is sharp. This homeless man creates an image that most would shy away from and steer clear of if he came near you. So, why are so many drawn to this man? What about him creates a feeling of warmth, caring and hopeful. As we meet this intriguing man he is walking the streets searching the garbage cans, alleys and streets for something to store in his precious green suitcase. Coming upon some expensive items he quickly locks them away within the confines of his green suitcase. Battered, falling apart yet the most precious item in his life he quickly rushes away from the scene to encounter a police officer. Dropping the items in front of him he explains he thought they might have been stolen leaves them there for the officer to ponder the rest by himself. Moving along even further he finds himself outside of a building he has not frequented for quite some time. Entering what most would call a soup kitchen he and many others hope for a hot meal. Entering he meets Eddie and hears his story, his hopes for a job and the kindness of the new person in charge telling him she will help with that endeavor in any way she can. But, first she seems drawn to our homeless man and requests that he speaks with her in private. What happens will definitely make you wonder just who he is and what kind of power he has to create the visions that come to this woman and thought entering her mind as she touches his face and cannot believe what she sees. Then we meet Gerald Foley whose goal in life is to have a lucrative restaurant business at any cost. Going to a business meeting and collecting tenant rent checks we hear the voice3 of one woman whose life he ruined. A landlord that raised the rent of her husband’s shoe repair shop so high he took his own life rather than lose the business. What she says to him would normally rattle anyone else, but not Gerald. Author Dee Doanes creates the suspense from the first page as the reader wants to know what the connection between the man and all of the rest of the characters might be and how their lives might intertwine.


Gerald meets with his business partner Tony to learn that another one of his enterprises will go forward as one business owner decides to sell to them. But, why as thoughts about his encounter with the old woman drift in and out of his mind. Graft, strong arming, lies, deceit and greasing palms are just some of the high handed business tactics Gerald used as he questions his business partner about their next venture. But, is he in so deep that he won’t be able to see his way out?


Valerie enters our story as a young girl caught in her own web of trying to make money even if it is the oldest business in the world. Clients wanting her attention and in between working another job but she and Gerard are about to meet and their lives will definitely intertwine as his business partner tries to hook them all up. As you hear her thoughts and listen to the interactions you realize that she is not into what she has been doing for 15 years. Reenter Gerard whose nightmares are plaguing him and who realizes he might just need a life change. When Gerard approaches Tony and decides to strike out on his own the threats are heard loud and clear but he’s determined to change his life for the better. Valerie hopes to make a change too but finding a real job does not seem to be happening and making money the way she does is not how she really wants to spend her life. Both Gerard and Valerie are drawn to Open Door and begin volunteering. Gerard donates not only his time but also money and helps repair things and more for Lee and the residents. Valerie is kind and caring and even encourages one man named Ralph to seek out his family knowing that family is vital and important to her and she hopes he will find his way back to his. But, things do not stay the same and both Valerie and Gerard have visions. Gerard after approaching our elusive man with the green suitcase and Valerie thinking about her mother and remembering something she would soon forget. But, fate has drawn these two together but Gerard is now facing another battle that he hoped would not come. As Tony sues him for millions and he has to confess his crimes to his lawyer just what will happen to him and his career still remains to be seen. Gerard is rich and a real estate owner trying to go legit. Valerie is a prostitute trying to change her life. Each chapter is told about one character and sometimes the author blends them together as the narrator relates the events and the reader can experience the incidents first hand as we all wonder just who this man really is and why is he there?


Gerald and Valerie connect and decide to break all ties with their pasts. The visions provided to them by the old man have altered their thinking and changed their perspectives on life. But, Gerald’s past comes front and center in the present and he has one more hard decision to make when he encounters an old girlfriend named Christy who was part of the vision he remembered. But, when he and the old man have the same vision there has to be a reason why their paths and thoughts keep coming together. Added in Valerie recalls her life as a child, her mother’s tirades about her appearance, her school grades and her treatment of her as she learns some harsh truths.


Providing the visions as if he were the medium to their pasts and futures both Gerald and Valerie hope that in the future their choices will be better but first both have to tell each other some difficult truths. Can Gerard tell her about his business dealings and partnership with Tony? Can she tell him about her clients and her relationship with Tony? Sensing the pressure within him the old man decides to take a bus and leave town but what happens at the station is sad, frustrating and yet enlighten more than just the reader but one young lady he meets that his purpose at the Open Door and with Gerald is far from over. The author flashes the scenes between Valerie and Gerald like a weaver intertwines each strand of hair as she creates an extension or weave so delicately and précising you hardly see the openings or where one ends and the other begins.


Observations can be keen and some quite profound to provide the needed ingredients to solve a problem. So, why does the old man want to secretly observe Gerald if he would prefer to steer clear of him? Why did he provide him with more than one vision? Why is he reacting this way?


Returning to Open Door he sees Ralph whose life has finally taken a upward climb and extends a more than just a helping hand to the old man. But, he refuses to accept it. Enter in a young girl named Chantal who finds her way to Open Door and one vision comes true for a special woman. Getting to know this young lady we realize that she has a past that she would prefer to stay hidden. Secrets, lies, betrayals and hopefully forgiveness for those that have wronged others and those that have received the wrath inflicted upon them. A lawsuit that could ruin Gerard and a past that could destroy Valerie and take away any happiness they have as she finally finds a job she can be proud of. The secret about her mother is revealed, her connection with Open Door told and the reader gets to understand the struggles that she encountered and lived through for too long. The author then reveals the harsh realties of what happened to Chantal and why she is so lonely and bitter now. Will she allow anyone to help her?

The old man is the central connection to all of these characters yet he is devoid of any memory of his life except for the last two years. He is sane, he is smart and yet he has no idea who he is but provides the conscience and hope for those who have strayed. You have to look within the souls and at the eyes of each character to really see their inner beings and truths before they are revealed. Whether you consider this paranormal with a touch of psychic injected the Man with the Green Suitcase will definitely make you wonder about yourself the next time you stray and decide to rethink your actions. Can you truly run away from your past and all that you did before? Can you change the way you are and create a more positive life?

As the powerful ending draws this book to a close the revelations made will surprise the reader and hope that the author continues the journey. Just where this man winds up and what happens to all of the characters you will have to read for yourself when you enter Open Door and meet Gerald, Valerie, Lee and of course The Man with The Green Suitcase. Just how far will someone go to release his or her past and have a future? Just how far will someone go to find his or her way?


This is one book that will have you asking these questions and more.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer








Power Play: Patrick Robinson


Power Play: Patrick Robinson


Can a Mossad field agent and a Russian officer work together to bring down what the Russians have in mind? Nikolai Chirkow is a young Russian Navel officer who entered the Israel Embassy with one thought in mind, to betray his mother country and work with the Israel’s and Americans to prevent a nuclear disaster. Rani Ben Adan, Israel spy and Mossad field agent joined forces with this Russian. The two men becoming close and never thinking the Russian should be assigned to a US agent, the alliance would not be discovered. Mossad shared everything with the US but never revealed how they got their information or their specific source. Nikita Chirkow wanted the best for Mother Russia but hated those who ran the country. Trying to rationalize how they could ally themselves with the Islamic Republic of Iran and their goal to produce nuclear weapons sent him on this path to bringing them down. The response of the Americans was heard but he knew that the Russians would counteract by hoping to deploy missiles to the West and South of the country to take out the US systems.  His purpose in allying himself with Israel and the US was to stop the games being played by the politicians whose minds were filled with ignorance and whose goals were more than destructive.
Rani Ben Adan rose to the ranks of when he commanded on of the most elusive and secretive battalions the Israeli Frogmen. But, a friendship was formed and during a battle saving a US combat officer and hurling him off the rig he not only saved himself but they saved each other. Rani Ben Adan and Commander Nikolai Chirkow were meeting to discuss matters concerning the US. What the Russian reports to the Israeli is enough to make him realize that a planned attack against the United States is imminent and the security just about foolproof. What will happen when the Russians, North Koreans and Iranians team up to create power play to bring down the United States? Missile scientists from North Korea and Iran arriving in Russia. A new lab constructed and a “slimmed –down rocket with a nuclear warhead and guidance system that makes it impossible to track.” Think about the devastation if this comes true and they are not stopped. The only problem is no one knows where the attack will be coming from or launched nor do they know the extent of how powerful the missile that has yet to be invented and even more what is the target?


What would cause a Scottish trawler manned with 6 experienced fisherman to go down? What would make them not able to jump ship and get to safety? When the coast guard and the rescue teams try to find the Misty, it disappeared and the crew lost at sea. But, upon further investigation it is clear something sinister is behind the incident and Officers in the Navy Department wanted to real answers and the coast guard knew there was much more to find out. With no emergency contact made of any kind to the coast guard station those investigating seemed to think that they had no time. The trawler went down in seconds without a trace. The discussion continues and the underlying thoughts revealed and some think the US wants to reactivate SOSUS which defined by Wikipedia is: SOSUS, an acronym for Sound Surveillance System, is a chain of underwater listening posts across the northern Atlantic Ocean near Greenland, Iceland and the United Kingdom — the GIUK gap. ning posts are still in operation around the world.


 As the British sea lords discuss the reasons for the lack of their ability to help the US we learn about their cutbacks, their lack of ships to protect their waters but not the lack of loyalty to the United States as they contact the US Navy Department to alert them of what the Russians just might be up to. The year 2018 the target the United States. The NSA and other organizations learning more about the trawler and the final conclusion: A Russian Ship heading home found its way into British waters and brought the trawler down. But why? Now, military minds were on high alert! Enter two men named Marc and Andre who are know to Rani by their first names and for the role they played in the October 2016 Israeli destruction of Iran’s main nuclear plants. As a result the Russians became angry and their S-300 defensive system shattered. The Russians never said a word about it nor did they claim they would plan a counter attack but although it remained quiet for a while in 2018 it continued. The author continues with enlightening the reader to the protocol involved and the agencies that are informed when this type of situation occurs and he takes you through it from the moment the British become aware of the sub to the Prime Minister’s responses and reactions and the end result dealing with the Russians.

Just what the real mission of the Gepard was you will have to learn for yourself. With SOSUS still working the questions asked by the Russians as we meet their president, Nikita Markova, whose authoritarian ways dictate his government and how both houses proceed, we learn what is behind the Russian’s sending the Gepard and how the media hyped it up in order great more of a public frenzy and finally what the Russians plan to do to retaliate against the United States. Project FOM2 is deadly, dangerous and would blow the US right off the nuclear map. Just how this will be stopped has not yet been revealed as we meet U.S. Navy Seal Mack Bedford enlisted by the Mossad Spymaster, Golan, to stop the Russian plot.


As we hear the thoughts of Nikolai Chirkov as he flashes the reader back to October 2016 when Israel pounded Iran’s nuclear production facilities. The fact that they were able to do it stunned many nations all over Asia. The Russians were paranoid and the new President ready to take aim at the United States and blame them for his woes. As the pieces start to explode in place and the field is starting to crowd with weapons and players we learn that the trawler was sent as a trial to see if it was detected. We learn from entering the Rotunda of the Gremlin that the Russians want to strike the United States and seek revenge for what the Israeli’s did to them. They want to destroy the United States Nuclear Football of emergency communication system. This system allows the president to transmit instructions over the secure satellite phone inside a satchel.  “The nuclear football (also known as the atomic football, the president’s emergency satchel, the button, the black box, or just the football) is a briefcase, the contents of which are to be used by the President of the United States to authorize a nuclear attack while away from fixed command centers, such as the White House Situation Room. It functions as a mobile hub in the strategic defense system of the United States.” Imagine if the Russians disable it or worse. As Rani and Navy Seal Mack Bedford meet and discuss the situation the reader is allowed inside the minds of these two great officers and how they plan to bring down the Russian’s plans with limited help from key players in the CIA and Pentagon. After deciding on how to proceed both men would stay in touch but just before ending their meeting Rani gave him the code words: Project FOM2 which is what the Russians are calling their nuclear weapon. Team 10 works with Mack Bedford and it will take him and the skill of this team to stop what the Russians have in mind. With a President who is definitely crazy and bent on bringing the wrong foe down will they be able to stop them? With the attack a total embarrassment to the Russians and with North Korean, Iranian and possibly the Chinese helping them just what would happen if they were successful? The Americans made the weapons and the planes used by the Russians in their defense system and they need to pay for what happened to them?


Markova is determined to attack the United States but first he needs to get all of his weapons to Central America. But, Mack Bedford is aware of the risks and the danger and only he and his team are capable of stopping this diabolical plot. But, will they in time?


Throughout the novel we learn that Great Britain is our best ally but cannot help us due to the cutbacks instilled by the Prime Minister. The United States needs to look outside of their comfort zone to find another country they can trust and rely on. Just which country has a naval station that can help pull this off and carry out the attack? So, how would the United States learn of the Russian’s plan to attack them? Why were they targeting the NSA in Fort Meade? What part would the head of technical design and development of a Chinese company play in this? Just how would he create a satellite beam to take out our nuclear football> what role does the Solovestsky Monastery have to do with this and why does it house weapons?


When the Russians test their missile Iskander –K they are successful? What does the United States do with this information? What is Mack going to do to stop what they have planned? When Nikolai gets caught in a web of lies will his life in be danger and his usefulness to two governments over?


With Nikolai in danger or missing and Mack concerned with the NSA getting hit by a nuclear missile things were heating up for both the American and Israeli. Their main concern was to find out where they were going to launch their missile this Chinese Dr. Yang was going to jam the football. But, first they had to find Nikolai. So, what about Ireland to help them and what would happen if we blew up the freighter obliterated their missiles and the monastery, smashed into the launch site at Pedro Miguel, and knocked out the Panama Canal for 6 month. Why would the US be accused of orchestrating a Power Play? Wouldn’t it be self-defense?


An ending that will keep you on edge as author Patrick Robinson takes not only the navy seals, Mack and his team into the dangerous waters to stop the Russian plot against the United States but you get to experience the entire event first hand. What happens and will they stop what the Russians have planned? Can his team figure out when and where they are going to strike? The explosive ending will make you wonder: just who will win this Power Play and what is next in store for Mack and his team? This is definitely one novel that will keep you thinking: What if this really did happen? Power Play: A must read!

Fran Lewis: reviewer











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Faces Behind the Stones


Where did the idea come from for the book?


After my sister passed away I decided to write a book from the perspective of the person behind the gravestone so that you can hear their story told as it happened before they died. The first story in Faces Behind the Stones is about what I think caused her death and what happened but it is a fictional story based on real life events.


What genre does your book fall under?



Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie?

There are seven stories in this book so I would need quite a few actors to play each one of the people telling their stories. I think that my sister being blonde and really pretty should be played by Meg Ryan or Michelle Pfeiffer. As far as the male lead I think I might want Denzel for one role and the other one Harrison Ford or Sean Connery.




How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

It took about two months and from that point on quite a few rewrites and then edited.
What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

That is hard but someone compared by writing to Stephen King and Alfred Hitchcock.


Who or What inspired you to write this book?

There are many incidents that I recall growing up and in the present of people whose deaths really bothered me and what led up to them really made me wonder what would happened if they could tell it their way. The second story Wrongly Accused is a true story based on what happened to a teacher in my school that wound up in the Rubber Room when accused of misconduct. Before she died she related her story to me the way I wrote it in this book. The other stories are based on real life events but the characters and some of the situations have been changed.


What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

The fact that the main character in each story is telling what happened to them from behind the gravestone and you can hear their voice is unique. Sometimes the choices you make in life will come back and haunt you and sometimes what happens because of the actions or inactions of others will change the course of events in a person’s life. Read Faces Behind the Stones and the sequel Bad Choices to learn more about these real people behind the stones.


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