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English: Dr. Martin Luther King giving his &qu...

English: Dr. Martin Luther King giving his “I Have a Dream” speech during the March on Washington in Washington, D.C., on 28 August 1963. Español: Dr. Martin Luther King dando su discurso “Yo tengo un sueño” durante la Marcha sobre Washington por el trabajo y la libertad en Washington, D.C., 28 de agosto de 1963. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Martin Luther King leaning on a lectern. Deutsch: 1964: Martin Luther King Português: Martin Luther King (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Through Angel’s Eyes

Author: Steve Theunissen


The color of your skin should not define the person that you are on the inside but unfortunately sometimes it does. People had a hard time accepting those of other races and colors back in the 60’s and some still do now. Through Angel Eyes brings back a time period where many struggled for more than just racial equality but their existence too. Through the eyes of a young girl named Angel Dunbar we hear the voices of so many ring out as she tries to understand why people have to fight to be educated and learn about their heritage, hide truths from others because they are afraid and understand that standing up for what you believe does not mean carrying a weapon. The time period is the 60’s and the place is Alabama and the family might be the Dunbar’s but it could be any family or families that lived through the prejudice, injustice and indignities that so many endured but did not deserve.


We meet Angel and her family when her brother Jimmy tries to explain to his parents that he’s working hard to get more Black people the vote. His father’s reaction and what he shows him explains his feelings about what his son is doing but does not stop him from forging ahead. Angel is a smart yet impressionable child who admires her brother but who wants to understand the world as we relive this time period in the South when the Civil Rights Movement was growing and a young child named Angel Dunbar narrates the story in her own dialect which brings the events to light as if they were happening right now. Angel learns about hate, racism, abuse the fears of many who live near her and the lack of understanding so many have for the injustices faced by the blacks and the tortures inflicted on them because of the color of their skin.


Angel’s class in school is filled with students that want to learn and some that even ask the right questions. Sitting in class and listening to Mister Newton read Tom Brown’s Schooldays started a discussion that would change everything for the students in her class. Ronny Jackson was outspoken and often got into trouble for being disrespectful. But, Mister Newton had a way about him that could handle this young man.


Change is difficult to handle for some. There are those that embrace it as they would a warm hug and others fear it like a cold winter’s snowstorm. Those who speak out are often shunned or criticized and silenced some hide from the truths that the world needs to face. Angel and Jimmy are not reactionaries, they are not militants. They are hopefuls; visionaries who seek to understand the injustices faced by their families, the slaves in the past and others in the present hoping to change it for the better. But, can they and will the world listen?


Non-violence: Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee: How to Understand their mission or goals are explained by a young man named Dave to readers and young adults as the author takes everyone back in time to the 60’s to a Woolworth’s in Greensboro where four young black boys sat down at a lunch counter and just wanted to be served. Calm, not creating a disturbance and sitting there waiting to be treated just like white people, these four young men took segregation down in a dignified, orderly and coordinated manner. Sit-in movements began in this Woolworths but did not end or stop there. This was just the beginning of what was to come as these four young men had as the speaker, Angel in the novel relates and describes this focal point of some many lives and the force that allowed these young men to persevere: Guts, conviction and the right way to get their point across. Nothing stirred up anger; the police had no reason to intervene and the young men made a strong impact on so many that day. Dr. Martin Luther King was the one who spearheaded this movement and whose ideals and commitment to this movement the author now relates.


Angel was so taken by the thoughts and words at this meeting she goes to the one person who supports and understands what is happening, Miss Hattie. Speaking to her about her troubles and concerns always clarifies things for her and puts them into perspective. Doubts come to all of us but before leaving Miss Hattie she tells Angel to remember: Harriet Tubman. Kids do not always understand the thoughts of others and when one young girl in her class blurts out the information that she does not want to share not only does it snowball but also her mother bans her from seeing Miss Hattie. Narrow-minded people, fearful and those that do not embrace change create major conflicts for Angel. Ronny Jackson is the one young boy in her class that seems to understand but does he? Does power come from the barrel of a gun or in a different way? As the African Studies class brought to light many positives for Angel and the other students, Ronny’s reactionary ideas were more to create a revolution and violence. Things would change after one meeting for the people of Birmingham and many other places as one day in April would bring to light that segregation was on its way out but not without a fight. April 3 would be a day they would never forget when black people would sit at lunch counters, boycott, sit-ins at restaurants and much more to get the message across. One man was working with the Southern Christian Leadership and brought the message to all that attended this meeting. So, why did a group of Black Muslims decide to throw rocks at the windows and why did one young man in her class tell everyone about this closed meeting? Why didn’t they want change?


Author Steve Theunissen takes the reader back to a time when a descending voice could be silenced with violence and the rights of so many were oppressed by a select few. The rise of the civil rights movement, the many different marches, the responses of the many different churches and finally the death of Dr. King, are just some of what marks this important period in time.


The news would broadcast the event as 25 Negroes let by Local Negro Activist Fred Shuttlesworth marched on the Baptist Church on 16th Street and then to the F.W. Woodworth’s Department Store. The police answered by arresting them. But, her mother was afraid, angry and more than upset when her son joined this group and Angel defended it. As Jimmy explains what happened at the meeting to Angel you can hear the determination in his voice, the pride in his words and the hope that someday it would make a difference. Angel took it all in and understood but was torn about how to deal with Ronny even when warned to stay away from him. Next, a boycott of all white stores and the hope that the community would support them so why did Angel want to go to a Black Power meeting with Ronny? What would her family say after learning what really happened to her father and why he was so against change?


As you read page 75 you learn more about what they planned and how their movement was different from that of Dr. King’s. Both wanted freedom for the Black People but both were going to accomplish it in different ways. As her father hears the words of Dr. King he beings to understand the message. But, their father gave them permission to attend the meetings to hear Dr. King and that was powerful enough and a great beginning.


As Angel and her friend Amie talk about how things have changed including her, we hear the words of Dr. King as the author shares his thoughts, his dreams and his ideals with readers on pages 86-88 as Dr. King’s words ring out in the hearts and minds of everyone. Protests, arrests, Dr. King and others in jail and more marches to come. So, what about her relationship with Ronny Jackson and why was he at one of her meetings? What happens when Angel and her friends join the protest at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church? What happens when the police come? Bull Connor an officer of the law what were his motives in pushing back the white people? Just what was he going to do? What happens next will make you shudder and understand the dangers involved when these people just wanted to protest, take a stand and yet the fire hoses came out and so many including Angel and her friend were hurt. What about Miss Hattie caught up in this too? What she learns and where they wind up makes her stand even stronger and prouder?


Something happens that changes everything when a friend is killed and another proves his loyalty we learn more about Angel, her feelings for Ronny and her convictions.


An ending that will definitely surprise the reader and one young girl that will endear you into your heart as Angel learns more about the civil rights movement, the young man that she cares about and what his fate might be, the March on Washington on August 28, 1963 and hear the I Have A Dream Speech and listen to the words and understand their meaning. An ending so powerful it will bring tears to your eyes and the hope that Angel had for the future will take more than just courage to withstand.


This is a book for all students’ middle school, high school and college to read, to understand that what happened in 1963 is still happening in many places even now. One powerful book. One must read for everyone to understand: Angel Eyes: See the world through the eyes of this young girl and you might understand what those living at that time went through and endured.


Fran Lewis: reviewer




Special Offers

Special Offers

M.L. Ryan


Before taking off for work Hailey Parrish decides to answer her emails. Just how dangerous can that be? Well, Hailey loves to read and she’s what you might call a book hoarder. Her shelves are filled with books and her ability to part with them non-existent. What better way to save money and conserve space then to do what so many others have done and purchase a Kindle eBook reader? Living in a confined space and barely making it over to the bathroom without having to climb over something, she decides to take the digital plunge and purchases one from Amazon. Special offers, how can she resist it, allowed her to buy one at a really reduced price in exchange for allowing them to place some ads? The kindle was delivered and her first book downloaded and then the fun and excitement begins. Imagine downloading a book, feeling an electric shock, your cat, namely her cat, starts to hiss at you and your life as you know will never be the same. As we get to know her getter and she starts to read her first book, Pride and Prejudice we enlighten the reader as to her true profession, her past and why this is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to her in quite some time. Hailey’s life appears to be boring, dull and mundane since her divorce. Dating is not in her horizon and dealing with anything but work and her few friends her primary venue for socialization. But, then things change as she begins to feel strange, oversleeps on the weekend, starts to put cream and sugar in her coffee and then decides to let her friends possibility introduce her to a new man. But, not before we learn more about what happened to her but for that we have to fast forward just a bit.


Downloading the book caused her fingertips to tingle, her body to feel weird and Hailey to sleep more hours than she ever did before. Going for a short run she bumps into a really hot guy not realizing that everything that would happen from now on was for a reason and definitely not by chance. So, when she’s home, reading and just trying to sort out her life, someone calls on her cell phone claiming she has called him before. Getting more annoyed each time he calls she does not realize there is more to this than she knows.
Deciding to meet her friends at a bar she encounters her runner and strikes up a conversation. But, when her friends beg off for different reasons something happens that sends her running from the bar and straight home. A voice in her head says he needs her help and she thinks she is losing her mind. Wouldn’t you?


Explanation you just won’t believe as the man in the bar or shall we say Alex Sunderland follows her home and enlightens her to just who he is and who the voice belongs to. Meet Sebastian Kess her new brain mate or voice mate who has no intention of leaving her mind or body any time soon or until they recover his old one and can place him back into it. Sebastian is what some might call a womanizer but one with magical powers just like Alex has. He now lives in her body and cannot leave. Imagine having a man inside your body but not in the normal sense. Listening to Alex’s explanation would have sent most running as far as they can go but not Hailey. A thug he was sent to arrest as our author relates through Alex ambushed Sebastian. He was mortally wounded and decided to test “his theories of convergence to stay alive.” That means entering another body.


Throughout this novel we meet her mother whose goal it is to make sure she feels guilty about not calling her, worried that she might become an old spinster and quotes religion to her in order to keep her pure. Forgetting that she’s divorced does not divert her mother from trying to teach her some old fashioned values. Find out what happens when she goes too far.


In order to remain alive because his laptop was broken and he could no longer receive data his next choice and only choice was the Kindle eBook reader. So, poor Hailey has to accept that she is possessed by a supernatural being, the being is trapped in her Kindle in order to avoid an outlaw who is a sociopath and hopes to someday or somehow rid herself of him. But, can she and Alex figure out how? But, to make matters more complicated or more hysterical no matter how hard Alex tries to channel his thoughts to get Sebastian to communicate with him he does not. He fails to achieve verbal communication and poor Hailey is now the one to relay his words and messages. Sounds interesting and really quite wild but there are much more.


Getting to know Sebastian is really quite interesting as he tries his best not to interfere with Hailey’s normal life and activities but really does not. So, how do you deal with a spirit that thinks you are hot? With the encouragement of her friends Rachel and Daniel they hope she will click with Alex but how does she tell them he’s not really all human? When Sebastian decides to create some uncomfortable moments for Hailey at home you have to laugh, give her credit for setting the ground rules and wonder if you ever really want them to separate because she’s more interesting with him inside of her.


Working became more interesting with Alex there working on the computer and improving their record keeping system. Then, one phone call could change it all as someone claims to know the whereabouts of Sebastian’s body. But, the end result would be they had to leave her house, make their way without anyone knowing where they were going because someone was on to them and Hailey was in danger. Traveling by plane, car and meeting Alex’s Courso friends would enlighten Hailey, bring her closer to Alex, let her in on certain secrets and create a bond among the three of them that just might never break. As Hailey allows herself to reveal her past to Alex, spends time with his friends and then might actually be able to separate from Sebastian the reader learns more about Alex, his life and his feelings for Hailey. Scenes that are quite touching others that are hilarious the reader can’t wait to find out will happen if they ever find Sebastian’s body and if it will ever be returned to him. What happens when they enter the hideaway of the person who took his body? What about Sebastian will he be able to protect Hailey?


When they find Sebastian’s body what happens places all of them in danger and the final result will change things for everyone. Just how this all ends and will everyone return to their rightful bodies or will someone else need to borrow and essence to stay alive before all is said and done? Loyalty, trust, friendship and definitely a unique brand of love are just some of the issues that are brought to light in this novel plus let’s not forget the mixture of two races: human and Courso. An ending that will leave you wondering what is next for our dynamic three, will Hailey’s mother ever stop driving her crazy and realize she’s an adult? Find out when author M.L. Ryan writes the sequel and we all learn what is happens next.


Characters that you will definitely love and a story told in the first person so you hear the thoughts of Hailey with and without Sebastian in her body. You hear her fears, frustrations and you understand her reasons for being cautious with her feelings. Just where she winds up you won’t get from me because I promised the Coursondon’s I would keep their secrets and never tell what happens at the end. Special Offers: Read the ad carefully before you decide to purchase your next electronic piece of equipment. Kindles are for reading except when they come equipped with an extra special something that can change your entire life. So, if you start to read your favorite novel on your ereader and your hand feels tingly and your body seems to have too much electricity, and your feel some electric shocks: You never know you too might have a Coursodon living within you and just imagine what adventures might be in store for you. This is book will definitely make you smile, laugh and lighten everyone’s mood. In case you can’t tell let me just say that this book is perfect when you want to read something that is light, has a great plot and definitely will make you smile. The book teaches readers the real meaning of friendship, understanding, creativity and love. This is a great read any time and a perfect way to start your New Year’s must read: reading list.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

















Dead On Ice: Lauren Carr


Cheryl Smith was out to make sure that Angie Sullivan would pay for what she thinks happened between her and her boyfriend, Ned Carter. What was supposed to be a special night between Angie and Kyle would turn into one filled with revenge, vengeance, hate and accusations. June 3, 1978 would remain in the hearts and minds of many as the events of that night, the final outcome would come front and center in the present. Ruthless, mean, cunning and definitely a bit delusional, Cheryl Smith blatantly accused Angie of more than must stealing her boyfriend in front of a crowd in a skating rink. However, when the dust seemed to have settled and Angie’s friends and Kyle got her away from Cheryl the final outcome would reveal that someone was not going to stop until Angie would not longer be a threat. The following morning when Kyle comes to see Angie her sister Susan greets him at the door and what is revealed will set off a chain of events that will come front and center over 30 years later. Just where was Angie? Why wasn’t she in her room? What happened to her?


Friendships change and people often remain who they are as we fast-forward to the present and a courtroom scene. Albert Gordon is a criminal defense attorney who is defending a DWI against Prosecuting Attorney Joshua Thornton. A courtroom scene so vividly described you can hear each lawyer’s arguments, share their frustrations, feel the tension building and understand the final result. Making this scene and causing more tension is that fact that Albert Gordon was the son of Joshua Thornton’s grandmother’s sister. Albert introduced his noted adversary to the law and now has to face off with him in a court of law. Enter Cameron Gates the girlfriend of our Prosecuting Attorney. Cameron is a detective in the homicide division of the Pennsylvania State Police. But, I would be remiss if I did not introduce my two favorite characters, no it’s not Gnarly it’s Irving and Admiral. Irving is a unique and special cat that belongs to Cameron and he has serious issues. Heaven help poor Joshua if he tries to steal Cameron away from Irving. Admiral is Joshua’s very own Irish Wolfhound and Irving’s friend.


Albert Gordon was a true and loyal Church goer and after the trial ended and the deal was struck he went home. So, what happened that he did not wind up in Church that Sunday and why did Cameron go in search of what happened to him? Cameron is quite smart, clever and needs answers. After calling Albert’s name and doing things by the book she realizes that the only way is to get into the house by let’s say pick the lock entry. With the help of Donny, Joshua’s son together they find out what really happened to Albert. Murdered! Why and who would want to kill this wonderful man? Was it a stroke as the ME thought at first or murder as the evidence just might reveal? But, there is much more to this intricate plot because as we all know author Lauren Carr would not make it that simple and allow the reader and the police to solve just one crime when she can intertwine murders and make it all the more interesting.


Cleaning out Albert’s house we meet Susan Sullivan who is Angie’s sister the missing young girl. We meet Angie’s best friend Brianne Davenport whose reputation is anything but sterling and whose husband’s business is being investigated for embezzlement. Sound like a simple plot. I don’t think so because it gets better. You see, Brianne is there to attempt to offer her help but in reality she offers something else to teenage Donny. Now for the really interesting part. We learn that Angie Sullivan was murdered and that Cheryl Smith is most likely her killer. So, where is deal Cheryl and how does all of this link to Albert?


Albert Gordon defended Cheryl Smith when Angie’s body was found since she was accused of being a suspect in her murder. Cheryl Smith AKA Cheryl Pickens changed her name and became a famous porn/film star. So, how did she wind up dead in Albert’s freezer? Just how long was she in there and why is this going to make him look bad? Will anyone think there was more to his helping her than just being her lawyer? Was he murdered because he got her off? Dead on Ice: Frozen Solid: Cherry Pickens murder victim 3. Who blew up Albert Gordon’s house to cover up Cheryl’s murder?

Retired Police Detective Harry Shannon sheds some light on Angie’s murder for both Cameron and Joshua. Learning more about the murder, the possible motive Cheryl had for wanting to eliminate Angie leads both Cameron and Joshua to a startling revelation. Just why did Cheryl go after Angie and why didn’t Ned tell her they were not having an affair? Who was her ex-boyfriend protecting? Just what link does this have to Kyle Bostwick who was engaged to Cheryl the next person on Cameron’s list to question? Angie left Kyle and was supposed to go home. How did she wind up back at the Yacht Club where her car was found? Killed in 1978 why did it take so long to find the body?



Enter Jan the ME’s wife and reporter. What information does she have that might help Cameron solve the case? Why are so many interested in this murder?


After hearing what Kyle Bostwick has to say, Ned Carter and Brianne different pieces of the puzzle fit together but whose picture will appear in the frame? Ned casts suspicion in one direction, Kyle in another and we learn more about Brianne. But, when Cameron and Joshua question Randy Vincent, Cheryl’s alibi the pieces start forming a picture totally different than Cheryl whose face everyone thought would fit perfectly into the frame. But, Cheryl had her own reasons for not letting on about the truth. Wanting to leave for Hollywood, alone in a car with Randy who passed out from drinking too much, she decides to check out the view. Low and behold Cheryl sees the murder committed, knows who killed Angie and decided to capitalize on it. So, who is the real murderer? There are so many who hated Cheryl just who hated Angie? Added in there is a family secret that could blow this wide open and just what did someone reveal about Angie that would changed everything for her and did this cause someone to murder her?



Author Lauren Carr takes us inside the minds of many people in this small town where gossip reigns, grudges never seem to die and two young people lost their lives but why? Was it really jealousy that got Angie killed? Was it the secret that was revealed? Did Cheryl kill her or did Cheryl know the killer and blackmail that person? Things change when a piece of information is revealed and the truth behind the incident with Cheryl comes to light. Was it Ned that Angie was after or did someone plant that thought in Cheryl’s mind to divert everyone’s attention from the truth? Who was hiding in plain sight and wanted the spotlight on someone else?


Then we are witnessed to a catfight that will make you wonder just who, if anyone, likes anyone in this town. When Doris and Mildred go at it and you learn why you might feel sorry for these two or just double over laughing. Each of these older women has issues with the other just what they are I won’t tell you but I can guarantee the Inquirer or Star magazine would love the story.


Something happens when Cameron enlists Donny’s help to uncover information about the missing red Ferrari. Things go wrong his life is on the line and what happens next will not only change her relationship with Joshua but also put her in check with the police department. Just why doesn’t Brianne feel any remorse for what happens during that operation? What really happened that night at the rink? Just how many people hated Cheryl and who was the one person who needs to rid the world of Angie?



When several are confronted and the pieces fit together more lives will be lost but one will stand out as the killer? Just who decided to take Angie out of the equation and why you will have to learn for yourself? Just who else pays the price for their deceits, betrayals and lies you just won’t believe? Author Lauren Carr takes us inside Hookstown where gossip is not uncommon, the friendships quite unique and the characters so vividly described by the author you really get to know them first hand. Just how many dead bodies are there? How did Cheryl wind up DEAD ON ICE? Read this five freezer novel or better yet: Ask Irving when he’s not snaring at Joshua!


Fran Lewis: Reviewer


Great Artist

Great Artist.

Adrift in the Sound

A Great Artist: Read my review

Maxfield Parris: painter of Magical Make-Believe


Lois v. Harris


The eyes of a 7 year old are often like the windows of the world as they look through the clear glass of a window and see straight ahead at the beauty of the landscapes, the greenery and all that is within the panoramic picture captured by the artistry of the world.


Frederick Parrish from the age of seven looked at the world, the colors, the landscapes through the eyes of an artist with the help and encouragement of his mentor, his father. Attending school in Paris, France he spent most of his time at this easel. His father, his muse you might say, encouraged him to pursue his talents, took him to the Louvre and together they viewed the masters while others perfected their craft copying the paintings of these great artists hoping to sell their work to the rich and wealthy.


Imagine the sights, the education, the cities and cathedrals that he visited and his hope to study architecture as his vocation. As you learn about the life of this great artist the author presents to the reader a special gallery showing of his work on each page. Not only can we learn more about his art but also we can see it first hand, learn about each piece as the paintings come alive, the colors vibrate and the subjects vary. On the page opposite his picture the author shares a well -known illustration painted by Parrish of the nursery rhyme Old King Cole. Imagine as a student exhibiting his landscape and earning his first commission. Frederick Parrish was a visionary. Taught by his father who was known for his etchings. Frederick soon became Maxfield taking on his grandmother’s family name and used the initials MP or Maxfield Parrish. At the age of 25 he was commissioned to paint his first magazine cover for Harper’s Bazaar. Married to Lydia Austin, an art teacher, revisiting the Louvre and copying the old masters. The awe of being in the presences of these great artists and watching other more experienced artists copy and study their work. His art was bold, designing ads, magazines using his imagination, which was limitless.


Author Lois V. Harris does more than must share his life and story with the reader. She takes us on a private guided tour of his work. Each picture either captures a scene, a place, a story he wanted to impart, a magazine cover, snapshot or photograph of the artist himself. Large murals with vibrant reds, browns and pictures so lifelike they capture the emotions and feelings of the figures within the painted canvas.


Nursery rhymes with real life figures, pictures of candy boxes, calendars and cards were just some of the artwork that was sold by this author. A New York gallery showcased his work and the author shares that with the reader. As I looked at each picture I noticed a few commonalities in each one. The vibrant reddish browns, the dark browns, yellows and the ever-present blue sky in the background sets off many of his paintings. The beiges, the deep shades of blue and the landscapes seem to be like his trademark. Although art critics at times complained about his work looking too much like a photograph, he continued on and did not falter under pressure or criticism sticking to his own unique style. Take a trip back in time and visit the world of Maxfield Parrish, the painter, the artist and illustrator. The magical world of make believe or in this case the magical window of the world as seen by this great painter and shared by this outstanding author.


Children can learn a lot from reading about his life. They can even try and copy some of his paintings, study more about him and even find more of his work. This is one great book for children of all ages and for art teachers to use to introduce an amazing and talented artist.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer

Adrift in the Sound: my review

Adrift in the Sound: Kate Campbell


Some people cannot find their way in this world and often get lost in their own thoughts. Lizette witnesses a murder, which let her broken in more ways than one. Finding her way back home to her father only left her empty and more alone. Confronting him about his past caused him to send her away. Drifting about and going through the motions she winds up in a poor area, with other drug users and lives her life as if she’s in a misty or clouded fog.


The year is 1973 and the date is February 2. Lizette Karlson has been drifting through life for so long that when she reenters her parent’s home, her father, anthropologist, Einar Karlson, she brings along with her the past, her own package and memories of being attacked and raped. Lizette remembers her mother, the smell of the paints she used on her pallets, her art studio and the special cookies her mother made. Lizette has serious mental problems, which her father chooses to ignore or just cast aside and not deal with. Lizette is an outcast and leaving her father’s home she returns to the life she led before with friends like Rocket, Sandy and the baseball hopefuls the Dogs. Junkies, losers and castoffs create this powerful picture of people just trying to survive anyway they can. Lizette has nowhere to go and leaves for two different places.



One, where Norwegian fisherman lived n the past and this is where our story picks up when she reenters that world with Sandy and her friends. Although Sandy would prefer to her to leave she cleans her house, tries to help out but Lizette appears to be unstable and most would rather have her gone. Making noises and pretending to be a bird she eventually leaves and heads for the shack she mentioned to her father in the short period of time she was there. Her friend Marion offers her a place to stay and hopefully a way to reconnect with life. Lizette cleans the house of the Rocket and the Dogs but no matter how hard she tries her behavior is odd and they want her to leave. As a result she finds her way into the street, lives with some vagrants and then hides out in Rocket’s again before finding her way to Marian’s. Marian takes her in, cleans her up, feeds and hopefully will get her to take her meds and find her way back into the art world and away from the drugs and alcohol of Rocket and his friends. Concerned about her two closest Native American friends Poland and his wife Abaya finds their friendship a comfort and hopefully along with Marian will find her way back to her art and the world. This is the era when the Viet Nam War and the Hippie movement were often in the headlines and Lizette, lived between a delicate balance of reality and mental frailty. Lizette has her own opinions and which conflict with others and alienates her from her family and friends. Meeting Abaya and Poland you learn more about the Native American culture, their feelings and wanted a potlatch which is defined as: A ceremonial feast among certain Native American peoples of the northwest Pacific coast, as in celebration of a marriage or accession, at which the host distributes gifts according to each guest’s rank or status. Between rival groups the potlatch could involve extravagant or competitive giving and destruction by the host of valued items as a display of superior wealth.” She wanted this after the death of several in their tribe.


An accident happens and Marian’s dog is injured and the true colors about her boyfriend and others are revealed as Lizette seems to be making her way back into the real world wanting to help out, working with Poland and his wife and then taking care of Tucker. Marian is a midwife and along with Lummi and the others Lizette works hard and needs to sort out her past and learn to understand her present. But, can she. Talking to the animals, making bird noises and acting crazy will she ever see the real light of life or day?


Lizette and the other characters each have their own issues, secrets and pasts to deal with. But, an accident takes the life of one person yet the others seem to move on. With Rocket and the Dogs staying with Marian, Fisher, Poland and his wife helping with a newborn named Violet, things seem to be coming together but not for Lizette. When her agent takes her work to a gallery and they make a huge offer why doesn’t she accept the fact that she’s talented and have the showing? Lizette meets with Dr. Finch to renew her medication and get it adjusted and comes full circle with her feelings with her father and makes them known to him at the same time.


But, when things start to spiral out of control and the welfare department comes looking for Lizette just how will she react? The people on Orca Island are a closely- knit family and then something happens to change her feelings about her father. Learning the truth about her mother, what she did with her paintings and the secrets that were buried when she died, Lizette has to decide whether to welcome her father back in her life, accept the fact that she just might be a success and decide what she wants to do with her life.


The Indian culture and their customs so vividly described as they all participate in the Potlatch and we learn more about their stories and legends that many tell as Lizette takes her first steps back into the world with Violet at her side. Just what happens to the Dogs, Rocket and the rest you will have to read and learn for yourself. Relationships ended and old one redefined author Kate Campbell give the reader many interesting thoughts to think about by bringing these unique and special characters into our lives in this outstanding novel; Adrift in the Sound. Lizette Karlson just might learn the true meaning of trust, friendship, and loyalty and learn to have faith in herself while she searches for you and what she is and where she wants to go.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer






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From #Scotland 2 USA @jonmageeauthor wishes you a blessed #Thanksgiving lessons from past need celebrating




From Scotland to America author Jon Magee wishes you a blessed Thanksgiving. From experience he knows lessons from past need celebrating




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#Noelle thought “The First Noel'” was written just for her-in many ways it was.




Noelle loved Christmas and at the age of the, thought “The First Noel” was written just for her. For years that song would break our hearts.

#Noelle thought “The First Noel'” was written just for her-in many ways it was.




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DANGEROUS TRADE, a fascinating tale of paranormal, romance, war, espionage, highly recommended.” Midwest Book Review,




DANGEROUS TRADE, a fascinating tale, paranormal, romance, thriller, highly recommended by Midwest Book Review., video:


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I am #thankful for all my #readers.  Bless you.




I am thankful for all my readers.  Bless you.


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Chief Complaint: Brain Tumor

Chief Complaint: Brain Tumor

Author: John Kerastas


Solving a puzzle and putting the pieces within the frame might seem like child’s play. Each puzzle is unique unto itself and the pieces are specifically shaped to fit within the confines of the outlines drawn in simple and beginner puzzles and smaller, more detailed and delicate on the more intricate and elaborate ones. But, no matter what kind of puzzle it might be the end result is that you complete it and the picture created resembles what is on the cover of the box. Not all puzzles are quite that simple to complete or finish. Some require finding the answers to hidden clues, mysterious happenings and strange events. You might say that sometimes these mysteries require a detective or even a researcher to find out what is causing the problems, the symptoms that a suspect of person exhibits or in this case the changes in vision that one man is experiencing but has decided to table or not seek answers for so that his puzzle will stay unfinished until he’ ready to sort out the small pieces in order to find out what the big picture on the front cover might be. Chief Complaint: Brain Tumor: let’s find out just how our author learned what was happening beneath the hidden recesses of his mind, why his vision seemed to be impaired and why driving a car was becoming not only a hazard to his family and himself but his poor car too.


Before our author would even consider going to the doctor he decided to do some research on his own to start the ball rolling to find out what might be causing his vision problems and what he can discount. He did not have seizures. He did not have headaches. He did not have mental or personality changes. He did not seem to have the basic symptoms of what he would later learn to be a Brain Tumor. He did not have memory problems. But, his right eye seemed to be the culprit. For some reason in the right vertical third of his right eye he states he saw, “ a cascading series of irregular images that looked straight out of a 60’s movie hallucination sequence.” But, the rest of his right eye and his left eye had no problems and his vision and what he saw was like the everyone else.


Putting off till tomorrow what you should have done today helps many people not deal with the inevitable. Minor problems slip under the mass rug and the major ones like these amoebas appearing take the spotlight but have yet to be addressed. You just pretend they are not there or you call them floaters. However, in his case whatever they were would interrupt his train of thought and cause him to lose concentration. But, this did not send him calling for an immediate appointment to see his doctor. Just like most people he decided to put off the appointment. In this way eh would not have to deal with the bad or good news regarding his health. Whether this makes sense or not he went with it until well you guessed it, he could not ignore it any longer. People are busy and most often do not want to stop and interrupt their busy routines, take time off from work to deal with what would come back at him as the startling truth. So, he put it off until he couldn’t.

Serious health issues do not evaporate, vaporize or disintegrate or even vanish. Some can be cured and others require surgery or more treatment. There are those that decide that the bad news as he states can wait a few more days and it won’t make a difference except when those few days turn into weeks and months. Whether it is peace of mind, fear or as he states the calm before the impending storm, whatever it is just might go away by itself, except when it does not.


Next, the author created a poem dealing with his illness that really says it all and showcases his great sense of humor. Putting his monetary affairs was next as he explained that had nothing to do with having an affair with another woman, which he never did. Let’s get that straight. But, to show that he really was trying to handle this in an adult manner but keep his mind active and his sense of fun in tact he shares his will with readers. Cemetery plots are next and of course the final accounting of who gets it all.


First step he survived the operation but the next step was hysterical. Deciding he could go to the bathroom without assistance you might say brought in the cavalry and definitely got nurse don’t bother me in a thither.


Not wanting to read and hoping to pass the time our creative author became addicted to HGTV. Now, don’t tell me you never watched Design on a Dime or House Hunters. So, he watched until they brought him a real treat: green Jell-O not my favorite either. Next, he decided to deal with a real medical problem that he had which was partial blindness.



Sharing his experiences when he first arrives home, how he deals with his family and why his wife created rules that he had to break, you not only get to know John but realize how hard he was working to get his life back in order to be more independent. From listening and choosing the right music to listen to, breaking the rules to use the bathroom at night, (read why and you will definitely agree with what he did,) to being offered a job, John proves that he was not going to ever give up. When his doctor set the goal for him to be walking a mile and half by Dec 2 he was ready to take on the challenge at full speed.


John was determined to get back to normal and with the help of his family and sister, Nancy, a doctor, he would definitely win this battle if he had anything to say about it. When Dr. Rousseau set some goals for him he set three of his own. He wanted to return to his normal activity, which means walking. Next, take advantage of his sister’s doctorial activities and finally regain his normal vision and cognitive skills. John is truly an inspiration for everyone. There are so many people that dwell on the little things, never really appreciate the fact that they are healthy and can learn some really important lessons about values, appreciation and courage from our author. John Kerastas has more fortitude, creativity and courage than most people would after learning that his surgery was somewhat successful but that he had taken a turn for the worse. Still showing signs of blindness in his right eye and now other visual problems in the left plus the added knowledge that he now had some type of infection, changed everything after their Thanksgiving celebration. The end result and what he learns would leave anyone else in a state of depression but not John. What he has to endure and the next phase of surgery you will have to read for yourself to learn just how much courage it took for him to endure more than anyone should and the support he receives from friends and family.


How many people could withstand having someone use a staple on his or her heads and not on paper? How many people would survive that and so much more? But, things changed when his doctor returned from her trip. Imagine wearing a helmet all the time in order to protect your brain. Imagine having to deal with having part of your brain or skull chipped away. So, John has to go through surgery completion, which he describes in detail. He also read many blogs of others how experienced brain tumors, cancer and had to undergo serious surgeries. More time spent in the hospital, doctors trying to rearrange the many doses of medications that worked or did not work to cure his infection. All the while trying not to feel sorry for himself,

His eyesight did not improve, His hope to get a job seem to wane. A brain tumor that he nicknamed the Blob and a man who just wanted to his life backs the way it was before being introduced to the tumor that seemed to like its position and status in his brain and refused to shrink and go away. Just how they replace pieces of your skull I will not share with you as you can read that for yourself in Chapter 6.  But, there is much more as he goes through the next phase of his treatment, deals with many different therapists that would use some therapy of their own in some respects as he learns some valuable lessons about life. Can he drive a car? Will he pass his driving test? Just how amazing is Barbara his wife and his sister Nancy? What happens when there are medication mishaps and jobs that you want to get and hope to in the future? Read this well researched book filled with one man’s real life experience and learn what happens when you refuse to deal with the inevitable, refuse to think you are so ill you won’t survive and realize that one brain tumor is not going to over take your life. Blogging, speaking and writing about his experience proved to be a positive way for John to deal with an impossible situation. For those of you that want to learn more you can read his blog: or better yet read this book.


One man’s journey from start and definitely not finished yet will make you laugh, cry, smile, cheer and realize that rehab is rough, caretakers deserve big hugs and yes laughter and a sense of humor in this case was the best medicine. Chief Complaint: Brain Tumor: If I know John just from reading this book this tumor has no chance of survival against him. Hear his words, listen to his inner most thoughts and find out the new words he wrote to one of my favorite songs: Run Around Sue on pages 110-112.

Fran Lewis: reviewer