Hoo Hoos Song: MY REVIEW

Hoo Hoo’s Song


Amanda Kleback


Journeys can take you anywhere in the world but some are more special than others. Imagine going to a special place where up was up and down just might be up too. Imagine a place where everyone smiled and no one put on a sad frown. Imagine bringing joy to someone because they needed you. Meet Hoo Hoo the bear. Guess what! He was just delivered with his friend Santa Hoo Hoo to my door and imagine how happy I was when he came to my house to be my special friend. I was reading a really sad book when the doorbell rang and the postman delivered this great big brown box. Inside the box there was two amazing bears. One is all white with the cutest round brown nose and brown and white ears that poke out on each side. One eye has a special star and the other a half moon and both are black and shine so brightly. Hoo Hoo was a happy bear that was never sad, had no troubles but he knew that something was missing in his life he just had to find out what. Then, all of a sudden while he was fast asleep in his bed he knew just what that something missing was. If you listen real hard and pay close attention you just might hear soft humming coming from your heart the way Hoo Hoo hears one coming from his. It is a special song that lets him know that out there somewhere is a person that needs a special friend and it was his time to share.


With determination and a strong heart filled with kindness Hoo Hoo set off to parts unknown to find his special friend. Imagine traveling over a marshmallow glacier or hiking over a Caramel River. Hoo Hoo loved the sweet caramel and he was so brave going over the big waterfall filled with caramel. But, not every part of his journey was easy as it took him three days to eat through the Taffy Forest. But, at the end he met some really great friends sitting and waiting for the bus to come near stop sign. The brown dog, the cute brown bear and each one with a song. Hoo Hoo’s song was kind, sweet and he never heard this song before. But, then something amazing happens and we meet so many bears which are different colors. You might way they depict the differences in us all and the many races in the world that make each of us unique and individual.


Each of the bears buckled up for safety and then their journey began. Each bear arrived at the store that would hopefully bring them that special someone to take them home. So, the brown, green, purple, our Hoo Hoo, red and even blue bears sat and waited and waited. Each one tired from their long journey and each with a special song in their heart. But, miracles happen and you won’t believe it as Hoo Hoo jumped up and he heard someone singing the same song that was in his heart. Can you see the beautiful red heart the illustrators put on Hoo Hoo? Can you see the amazing illustrations that help make the story come to life?


So, what do you think Hoo Hoo did? Wasting no time and making sure that he wound up with the right person he jumped right into the cart of the person who needed him. Now, I bet you would like to know more about the person who just might take him home. Well, I promised Hoo Hoo I would not give that away and he would like you to read his story and take the journey with him and find out just where he winds up.


When you are feeling blue, and the world does not seem like a happy place just listen to your heart, hear that special song and just maybe your postman will ring your bell and bring you a special friend to make you smile.


Added in the illustrators added a picture of Hoo Hoo for you to color and make your own Hoo Hoo bear any color that you would like. Plus a special surprise on the last page, which I cannot give away.


This is a special story that all children will love to hear many many times and will enjoy reading. Everyone needs a special someone to make them feel safe and secure.  Hoo Hoo’s Song: Listen and pay close attention: do you hear it? Just listen to your heart and you will hear your song! Some journeys are exciting and some just make you smile!


Fran Lewis: reviewer

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