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Inside the Other Side: Concetta Bertoldi


Some many think that the world is coming to an end from listening to the news, predictions made by those that think they know and others that just want their voices to be heard. Concetta Bertoldi is a medium and she explains in the beginning of the book that the world is not ending we are now she states, “ in the process of creating a new one.” Imagine the vast and infinite possibilities if we really focus on what she is saying and we open our minds to the many challenges that await us in the future. But, she also explains her connection to the other side; her reasons for helping people come to terms with the loss of loved ones. She also explains that although the person is not physically here does not mean that they are not watching over us and loving us from wherever they are. One statement that says it all before I begin to tell you more about her book and her experiences is as she states on page 4: “ Life goes on and we must go on with it. “ Well said. Seeing Ghosts is where I will begin when spotlighting this chapter as the author states that spirits can appear to you in many different forms.










She continues on chapter one explaining for us exactly how she connects with the other side and the fact that it’s an art not a science. Let me explain. She defines her ability as clairsentient, which means that every one of her senses are psychically involved. Some explains the different between her ability and that of someone who is clairvoyant. Physical sensations play an important role especially if a spirit makes any kind of contact with her body. In this way the spirit can relate to the medium the method of how they crossed over to the other side. An important point made is the connection is between the spirit and the person that she is doing the reading for. The author even explains that there are times she might be wrong and that it is difficult to find a middle ground when doing these readings. It is hard to tell when to say more and when you do not say enough. Explaining situations in her own life will clarify a lot for the reader as you read Chapter One. The most powerful part of this chapter is when she relates how she is home with the Dead explaining that they are always around her and sometimes arrive at any moment. She is always there to hear and listen to them and tells why when she is asleep how she can communicate with them more easily.


Chapter 2 Dead People and You: Opening the Connection to the Other Side: The author states that spirits appear in different forms. She relates some personal stories that others have had and we learn about what happened to her friend Madeline. Physical apparitions are explained and how she sees a full body and how she sometimes goes and finds out no one was there and sometimes in her subconscious state she sees them clearly. The one point she does make is that if you are going to connect with a spirit from the other world you need to let that spirit know that you are not afraid to hear or even see them. She continues in this chapter by explaining spiritual power tools, what you wear and Getting through to us or how the soul sends us the message or how we get that message plus visits and warnings. At the end of each chapter the author presents reminders and practices.


There is so much to learn from reading this book that I will only highlight some of the chapters in order for the reader to learn more but still have to read the book to fully understand the messages being related. Chapter 3 is titled Big God and Chapter Four Energy and Body. Chapter 5 Soul Contracts and Life Lessons is where I continue to spotlight her thoughts. The author relates an incident where a woman’s seven-year-old daughter picked out a picture of her grandfather whom she never met. She stated that she met him before she knew her mother. The author elaborated by stating that the young child obviously knew him when she was on The Other Side and that she was here before. The soul she states on page 63 goes on in returns to earth in another physical body. She also states that most people do not remember being on the Other Side in between lives, and we hardly or rarely remember,  “On this side of the veil the agreements we made for our lives here.” She explains in details Why We Return, The Soul Contract and Karma as well as man life lessons. The Soul Contract is almost you might say like an evaluation of our job performance. Every time we complete a life believe it or not you get a review when we return to the Other Side. You go over what you did well and what you need to do better you might even consider what you want to improve in if and when you return. Imagine deciding with God the family you will be born into, your physical condition and everything is for a reason. Think of it as she states as a Soul Contract. Believe it or not you do not have a predetermined or ordained fate and along the way you can change the course, change the way things go and renegotiate your contract. Finding your Path, Karma, Karma and Kids plus Assistance from our Guardian Angels rounds out this chapter. Reminders and Practices will help you on page 77.


Chapter 7 is titled Mission Entities and Mystical Travelers followed by Chapter 8 People Who Need People. We all have many challenges in life and we all have to deal with the loss of family members, friends and the sense of loneliness. Everyone has a guardian angel who has gone to the other side or as she states “the dead guys.” Like the assistant is helps behind the scenes that is the job of these guardian angels. The most difficult time of the year for me are the holidays without my sister and parents. Just like the author I love shopping for other people and during the holidays my sister and I would shop for all of her children and our nieces and nephews together. It was a special time that we had just the two of us together. I really miss that. As the author elaborates about how she tried for ten years to fit into her husband’s family but had difficulty for many reasons it is interesting to note that she was receiving help from her deceased father-in-law. With the help of her father-in-law and some of her guardian angels she realized that she had to make changes and that holidays were up to her to create the joy on her own. The section in this chapter that really impacted me the most was Wall of Grief which reminded me that my mom might not be here in body but she is definitely looking out for me along with my sister and my dad from the Other Side and that they are home safe. Mistakes I’ve Made A Few is the title of Chapter 9 followed by Negativity Chapter 10. Finally Chapter 11 Enough focuses on Looking for Peace and exactly how: Rule One: Begin with a positive mind set, next Rule Two: Don’t Give the universe mixed signals, Rule 3: Reinforce your intention, Rule 4: Put into action, Rule 5: Give it a Boost. Respect and Appreciation and Gratitude for what is Ours rounds out this chapter.


In conclusion the author shares her final thoughts we the reader and reminds us how spirits are in all places. Souls send messages to many people at once and what I love is when she says it’s like having a contact list on your computer. I put a message everyday on my sister’s facebook wall telling her about my day, my events and what I need her to help me figure out. I know she hears me because when I am stumped and feel like I just cannot get the answers for some reason she comes through in some way with the solution. As she states in the final pages “ The Other Side works with all the time, putting something we need in our hands, sometimes even before we know that we need it. You have the free will to choose- do I want to talk with this person? Do I want to do this thing? Read this book and learn more about Inside the Other Side. I did and you will love the real life stories the author shares, the humor and her honesty.

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