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Mud Puddles and Muscadines: Pat Brannon


Imagine trying to pass a simple eye test and winding up in trouble. What happens when one young girl and her class have to stand on line, wait their turn, read the eye chart and hopefully pass a really simple test? Well, sometimes what seems simple is really more complicated as one young nine year old found out. Medical staff setting up in their home economics class, preconceived attitude that country kids are not that smart and waiting in line forever for her turn to show the world just how smart she really is. Reading each of the charts she had no problem and knew that her answers were correct. But, something happens that backfires on our young author at the time. Reading every single line and not making a mistake would alert the school that she just might have a problem But did she? After all she only wanted to show everyone that she was smart and do her “school proud.” Showing her parents and teachers that she was smart well, she meant well. Unfortunately, the outcome was a trip to an eye specialist. Her poor mother had to take her to the eye doctor, not go to work and of course she felt awful. What happens and what does her mother do at the very end after the next test is administered? Read the story titled “Eye Can See Clearly Now,” by author Pat Brannon to find out not only what happens but also a valuable lesson that all kids should learn. Mud Puddles and Muscadines is a compilation of real life stories told by author Pat Brannon in her own special way.


There are quite a few great stories in this book so I will only spotlight a few. Doyle Franklin was a great man whose kindness and caring way left a lasting impression on Pat. Going to a country school and having to walk miles was not easy. But, Pat did it until she did not have to any more. Doyle Franklin was a bus driver who went out of his way for the students on his bus and whose undying love for Pat made her feel special. Living in the country on a dirt road Pat and her family lived a short distance from her grandmother. Meeting Doyle when he came to visit Ma Baker. Doyle had five kids and wife named Stella Ruth. Pat became friends with his five kids. The families were close and that’s how she started riding on his bus to school in the third grade. But, there is much more to tell. With her parents working in town it was hard for them to drive her to school, it was too far to walk and riding on this bus allowed her to not only get back and forth safely but to get to know this great man. Not only did he make sure she was safely on the bus first, but in Junior High and Senior High School he made sure she got back and forth to her basketball games too. Hating the cold she describes how lucky she was to sit near the heater on the bus and how really great her mother was to plug in the electric blanket to keep her warm when she got home. The author tells more about him, dating one of his sons, basketball and how important it was to her and moving to a new house but what about attending Wonderview School? Just how her family worked this is out is truly amazing. Hear the author’s voice, read her story and find out just why Doyle Franklin was the best bus driver in the world, had a kind heart and believe it or not never complained.


Don’t Touch That Dial is the next story I want to spotlight. Granny Hamm is the center of this story. She is her maternal grandmother someone everyone would love to have as their grandmother too. Definitely independent, freethinker and her own person you might agree with our author when she writes, “ she was the real deal through and through.” Not someone who wanted everyone to do everything for her or be catered to Granny Hamm worked in the fields, raised her kids and even picked cotton, canned her own vegetables and never once complained.


Working hard, making sure she provided for her kids, losing her husband when our author was very young, Granny was special and she states a riot to be around. Sounds like my kind of grandmother. Mary Ellen, the author’s mother was her middle daughter. Pat describes her mom as a real jewel in every sense. What a great way to describe your mother. You can hear the pride in her voice as she tells readers about her mother, her abilities and how proud she was of having her as a parent.


Flashing back to when her grandmother lived with them for a few weeks. Granny lived with them during the week and on the weekend she stayed in her own house to tend to business and go to church. But, Granny was great and every Monday, and you can smell the delicious food as she describes what she brought for them for dinner every Monday. But, the most fun she had was making snow cream with her Granny. Sounds great and awfully cold. But, when her school bus slides into a ditch you have to read what happens and when her parents miss a day of work and she missed school well wait until you read Plan A and knowing our author she had a Plan B too. So, what makes her special: she would play with her and her little brother. She made sure her parents could go to work. She knew all sorts of songs and sang them. She even played I Spy and Jacks with them. These are two great games by the way that my nephews still play when I see them today. Jacks is fun no matter how old you are. Now, Granny would have loved my late sister, Marcia because anyone that loves Ding Dongs and milk would definitely have loved my chocolate loving sister. She loved Ding Dongs and Hostess cupcakes and tons of milk. I on the other hand loved Dolly Madison Ice Cream and coffee. But, Pat understood that her grandmother did not try to slight her but she didn’t bother to buy her apples pies and cokes. So, using the dollar her mother gave her she managed to get her own treats. I told you Pat was enterprising and always had a plan of her own.


Granny was human and she tells the reader when she would get upset or agitated. What her younger brother would do to make her go after him with a fly swatter. That had to be hilarious. Now, if she is anything like my grandmother she loved to watch her soaps. That is when you never ever dared to touch the dial on the set or else! The Young and the Restless, The Edge of Night and my grandmother watched Search for Tomorrow and the Guiding Light. But, things happen and wait until you find out what Pat does. Changing the channel when her grandmother was out of the room. What happens you have to read for yourself and just what she does well wait and find out? But there is much more as the author relates more stories about her Granny, how she knew all of the plots of all of the soaps and what she left with her that no one can take away.


Two poems and a story about Annie Oakley follows but since our author loves Basketball I will spotlight Basketball 101. Moving again to the country meant new friends and a new school. Riding the bus was fun and she loved when they would get stuck in the mud or slide off into a ditch. Retelling us about Doyle Franklin and why riding his bus was the best adds to the story. With her mother close at hand she met her new teacher in the third grade. It is great when an educator makes you feel comfortable and welcome. Even better the author realized and shares with us how important it is to have a teacher that helps raise your self-esteem, treats all of her students special and makes everyone want to come to school. But, what she describes next is right out of things I don’t want to do but volunteered for any way. Two people arrived in her school and wanted to know who would like to play of all things basketball on a peewee team. Now, if you read the first two paragraphs on page 63 you will know exactly how she felt about doing this but you know Pat, she raised her hand and well you guessed it she had to safe face, she had to volunteer and what do you think happened next? You guessed it! Guess who would be on the team? Just how did her team do you won’t learn that from me you have to read that for yourself. Did she grow to love the sport and did they find a coach who just might make them into a winner team?  Her team the Wonderview Daredevils were together for four years under Coach Stafford. What she learned and why the team wanted to do their best for him you will have to read the story for yourself. Hear her voice, the respect she felt and still does for this coach and the memories that are precious. So, where does Basketball 101 fit into this story? To find out the answer to this important question read page 73 and the author will enlighten you herself. Not everything remained the same and things changes. Her message to the coach heartfelt and the ending of the story quite compelling. Each story carries its own message and the poem that starts the book Covers sums it up: Her description of her family, how they dealt with the cold and the warmth beneath the special covers not only creates the warmth and love expressed within the pages of this book but within the hearts and minds of readers too.


Fran Lewis: reviewer



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