Special Offers

Special Offers

M.L. Ryan


Before taking off for work Hailey Parrish decides to answer her emails. Just how dangerous can that be? Well, Hailey loves to read and she’s what you might call a book hoarder. Her shelves are filled with books and her ability to part with them non-existent. What better way to save money and conserve space then to do what so many others have done and purchase a Kindle eBook reader? Living in a confined space and barely making it over to the bathroom without having to climb over something, she decides to take the digital plunge and purchases one from Amazon. Special offers, how can she resist it, allowed her to buy one at a really reduced price in exchange for allowing them to place some ads? The kindle was delivered and her first book downloaded and then the fun and excitement begins. Imagine downloading a book, feeling an electric shock, your cat, namely her cat, starts to hiss at you and your life as you know will never be the same. As we get to know her getter and she starts to read her first book, Pride and Prejudice we enlighten the reader as to her true profession, her past and why this is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to her in quite some time. Hailey’s life appears to be boring, dull and mundane since her divorce. Dating is not in her horizon and dealing with anything but work and her few friends her primary venue for socialization. But, then things change as she begins to feel strange, oversleeps on the weekend, starts to put cream and sugar in her coffee and then decides to let her friends possibility introduce her to a new man. But, not before we learn more about what happened to her but for that we have to fast forward just a bit.


Downloading the book caused her fingertips to tingle, her body to feel weird and Hailey to sleep more hours than she ever did before. Going for a short run she bumps into a really hot guy not realizing that everything that would happen from now on was for a reason and definitely not by chance. So, when she’s home, reading and just trying to sort out her life, someone calls on her cell phone claiming she has called him before. Getting more annoyed each time he calls she does not realize there is more to this than she knows.
Deciding to meet her friends at a bar she encounters her runner and strikes up a conversation. But, when her friends beg off for different reasons something happens that sends her running from the bar and straight home. A voice in her head says he needs her help and she thinks she is losing her mind. Wouldn’t you?


Explanation you just won’t believe as the man in the bar or shall we say Alex Sunderland follows her home and enlightens her to just who he is and who the voice belongs to. Meet Sebastian Kess her new brain mate or voice mate who has no intention of leaving her mind or body any time soon or until they recover his old one and can place him back into it. Sebastian is what some might call a womanizer but one with magical powers just like Alex has. He now lives in her body and cannot leave. Imagine having a man inside your body but not in the normal sense. Listening to Alex’s explanation would have sent most running as far as they can go but not Hailey. A thug he was sent to arrest as our author relates through Alex ambushed Sebastian. He was mortally wounded and decided to test “his theories of convergence to stay alive.” That means entering another body.


Throughout this novel we meet her mother whose goal it is to make sure she feels guilty about not calling her, worried that she might become an old spinster and quotes religion to her in order to keep her pure. Forgetting that she’s divorced does not divert her mother from trying to teach her some old fashioned values. Find out what happens when she goes too far.


In order to remain alive because his laptop was broken and he could no longer receive data his next choice and only choice was the Kindle eBook reader. So, poor Hailey has to accept that she is possessed by a supernatural being, the being is trapped in her Kindle in order to avoid an outlaw who is a sociopath and hopes to someday or somehow rid herself of him. But, can she and Alex figure out how? But, to make matters more complicated or more hysterical no matter how hard Alex tries to channel his thoughts to get Sebastian to communicate with him he does not. He fails to achieve verbal communication and poor Hailey is now the one to relay his words and messages. Sounds interesting and really quite wild but there are much more.


Getting to know Sebastian is really quite interesting as he tries his best not to interfere with Hailey’s normal life and activities but really does not. So, how do you deal with a spirit that thinks you are hot? With the encouragement of her friends Rachel and Daniel they hope she will click with Alex but how does she tell them he’s not really all human? When Sebastian decides to create some uncomfortable moments for Hailey at home you have to laugh, give her credit for setting the ground rules and wonder if you ever really want them to separate because she’s more interesting with him inside of her.


Working became more interesting with Alex there working on the computer and improving their record keeping system. Then, one phone call could change it all as someone claims to know the whereabouts of Sebastian’s body. But, the end result would be they had to leave her house, make their way without anyone knowing where they were going because someone was on to them and Hailey was in danger. Traveling by plane, car and meeting Alex’s Courso friends would enlighten Hailey, bring her closer to Alex, let her in on certain secrets and create a bond among the three of them that just might never break. As Hailey allows herself to reveal her past to Alex, spends time with his friends and then might actually be able to separate from Sebastian the reader learns more about Alex, his life and his feelings for Hailey. Scenes that are quite touching others that are hilarious the reader can’t wait to find out will happen if they ever find Sebastian’s body and if it will ever be returned to him. What happens when they enter the hideaway of the person who took his body? What about Sebastian will he be able to protect Hailey?


When they find Sebastian’s body what happens places all of them in danger and the final result will change things for everyone. Just how this all ends and will everyone return to their rightful bodies or will someone else need to borrow and essence to stay alive before all is said and done? Loyalty, trust, friendship and definitely a unique brand of love are just some of the issues that are brought to light in this novel plus let’s not forget the mixture of two races: human and Courso. An ending that will leave you wondering what is next for our dynamic three, will Hailey’s mother ever stop driving her crazy and realize she’s an adult? Find out when author M.L. Ryan writes the sequel and we all learn what is happens next.


Characters that you will definitely love and a story told in the first person so you hear the thoughts of Hailey with and without Sebastian in her body. You hear her fears, frustrations and you understand her reasons for being cautious with her feelings. Just where she winds up you won’t get from me because I promised the Coursondon’s I would keep their secrets and never tell what happens at the end. Special Offers: Read the ad carefully before you decide to purchase your next electronic piece of equipment. Kindles are for reading except when they come equipped with an extra special something that can change your entire life. So, if you start to read your favorite novel on your ereader and your hand feels tingly and your body seems to have too much electricity, and your feel some electric shocks: You never know you too might have a Coursodon living within you and just imagine what adventures might be in store for you. This is book will definitely make you smile, laugh and lighten everyone’s mood. In case you can’t tell let me just say that this book is perfect when you want to read something that is light, has a great plot and definitely will make you smile. The book teaches readers the real meaning of friendship, understanding, creativity and love. This is a great read any time and a perfect way to start your New Year’s must read: reading list.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer
















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