Lullaby: My review


Lullaby: Amanda Hocking


The bond between sisters is often so great that some can complete the sentences of the other even before the words come out. But, what happens when one sister is captured and her family threatened if she does not go along with her captors? How far will Harper go to find Gemma and return her to her family? How many risks will be taken and how many lives will be in danger? Can you hear the song of the sirens if you do they might wind up dead? But, before all is said and done only one song will be heard.


Gemma has no choice but to go with the sirens and adhere to their way of life. We meet her as she interacts with Thea, expresses her feelings about her condition, cannot seem to eat and the starkness of the house where she is being kept is almost as bare and stark as her new life. Each siren more evil and cunning than the next as Gemma is recruited by these three unusual figures that can transform into other shapes.  Penn, Lexi and Thea are the three sirens, violent, evil and dangerous and Gemma needs to become one of them. But, can she? The second in the Watersong Trilogy, we also meet Harper her sister, Daniel the man she seems torn about and Alex, Gemma’s boyfriend who is devastated about her disappearance but figures out where she might be.


As the author enlightens readers as to how Gemma came to be a siren we learn the affect it has on her body and why she’s fighting them. Unable to eat and hold down food, fearful that she won’t return home, her body has become part mythical creature and part mermaid. The song of the siren keeps her focused on their agenda and learning how and why she was chosen chilling. While her sister Harper, Daniel and Alex search for her add Facebook pages and hopefully get some hits and help, the history behind the sirens why one was killed and their goals are revealed.


We meet Alex, Gemma’s boyfriend who stands guard on her house and will not leave until he finds her. Daniel who has feelings for Harper but pushes him away because of her search for her sister, yet he does not give up. With Daniel’s help and guidance Harper finally opens up and tells him what she feeling and allows him to help find Gemma.


Gemma is miserable only leaving and going with the sirens because they threatened to harm her family. Three evil and wicked sirens can Gemma stand up to them or will she permanently change? The reason for her change and why they took her was for their own selfish purposes and the key was to find another siren before the next full moon. Her new body awkward at times having scales and not legs, dealing with Penn, Lexi and Thea Gemma had to find a reason to stay alive and remain that way. How far will Gemma go to protect the people she loves?


The author allows the reader to hear both Harper and Gemma’s innermost voices, concerns, fears and apprehensions. But, will both Alex and Daniel be able to help find Gemma and what can they do that Harper cannot? Enter Marcy, who works with Harper in the library and who covers for her so she can find her sister. But, each time we see Gemma she is tormented by Penn and the other sirens that her body begins to fall apart and if she does not swim and revitalize herself she and the rest will die. There is much more as Gemma tries to bond with Sawyer who at first seems naïve about his relationship with Penn but knows that she cast a spell on him causing him to react to her the way he does and submit to her every command. Imagine being turned, unwillingly into a siren, which according or our author is a mermaid that can enchant people with their voices, usually men. The song of the siren is quite powerful. As Harper, Daniel and Alex search for Gemma and we learn more about Nathanlie their mother who suffers for TBI yet seems aware that Gemma is missing. Knowing that these sirens are monsters and evil would Gemma do their bidding or will she stay true to who she is and rebel?


Choices are decisions we make and have to live with the good and bad of them. The consequences that we endure as a result of poor decision making will become part of what we deal with as Gemma relates to the reader in Chapter 12 telling us that she has made the choice to join the sirens, spend her life with them and needs to deal with it. Leaving behind her family, friends and boyfriend for their own protection was more than just a small sacrifice. Joining the sirens in watching a movie, swimming and spending her day with them would create conflicts within her for Sawyer as she too seemed drawn in by him. Realizing that she could no longer restrain herself she decides to take his car and blow off some steam. But, what would be her next step and will she ever return home as Harper and Daniel clean Bernie’s house after the funeral and his murder.


But, Gemma needs her space and what happens will place within the realm of the sirens as she meets an overbearing man in a restaurant and takes action when he follows her and becomes more of a siren than she would like. Not remembering the entire incident but the end result killing someone Gemma’s life would never be the same. Would this bond her with the sirens and what about Penn’s attitude towards her?


As you come to know Gemma even more you realize that she’s concerned about her actions, what is going to happen to her next. But, sometimes bad choices might bring unexpected results as Daniel makes a strong connection between the sirens and the murders of young boys and just might figure our where Gemma is and bring her back home. What happens next will surprise the reader and let you know that Harper will stop at nothing to protect her sister but what about the sirens and what will they do when they realize that she’s missing?


When the sirens come face to face with Harper, Daniel, Alex and Gemma what happens will surprise you, the twists and the turn plus the surprise ending will definitely make you want to read Tidal the next in the trilogy. Just what does Penn have in mind for Gemma? Will she figure out what went wrong and decide to destroy more people? Will Gemma’s family ever be safe from the sirens? How far or how much will she sacrifice to keep the people she loves safe from harm? What happens to Sawyer and what does Lexi try to do to Gemma?


Sisters forever and some will go more than that extra mile is one issue brought to light in this novel. Friendships, loyalties, caring and the love of two sisters just might outfox the sounds and music of the deadly sirens. Author Amanda Hocking once again pens a novel that keeps the reader glued to the printed page, wearing earplugs so you don’t hear the songs being sung, and hoping that someone will finally short circuit the songs of the sirens. Some lullabies can be deadly and others you just need to tune out.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer




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