KIng of Paine

King of Paine: Larry Kahn




There are some men and women that derive pleasure from inflicting pain on other people. Some enjoy luring young girls into their cyber dens hoping to convince them to participate in some dangerous online activities leading to real personal contacts and encounters. The internet is the perfect arena for this and the many different sites that are created can provide more than just a den of iniquity for young girls and even boys. Some prey on adolescents and teens while others younger children. Those in high positions in corporations, government or even law enforcement hide their true identities while either participating in the chase or hoping to find the predator before another underage victim is victimized. When FBI agent Frank Paine, now part of the Cyber Squad finds himself on what should have been a routine operation to bring down an Internet pedophile whose main goal is to hunt and find young underage women and hopefully convince them into submission in what is called BDSM fantasies. Receiving an email that sets the chain of events in motion it points to an young girl and an internet predator. Paine, or as he was known before joining the FBi, King of Paine, did everything he could to keep his online handle you might say a secret. References made to his online name in a real-time sex website, creates quite an internal controversy for him as he thinks he might know who was behind it but now has to figure out why.


The Internet is quite intricate and can provide outlets for sexual predators, hackers and cyber thieves to live as Harry Potter did at times under a blanket or cloak of invisibility and hopefully not be caught. But, when Frank and the head of his unit meet and discuss the events that occurred, the arrest of the man who lured this young girl to named Edna aka Penny to partake in his fun, we hear his inner most thoughts, we learn about his past and we start to understand what he hopes for the present. But, sometimes your past cannot disappear and although you think you left no cyber prints in reality sometimes you do. Some sites require that they are monitored and the users information is logged while others are free and no record can be found. In others the user is hidden under the radar for a short time and when the safety net or curtain is lifted information that the person hopes will remain hidden or confidential can be found.



All roads at first lead to the woman who started it all and who entice him to break the rules. Jolynn Decker is gorgeous, a starlet and definitely not someone you want to trifle with. Revenge is her goal but at whom remains to be seen. Thinking from the evidence that he has so far that she might be a suspect would and reading the transcript of the online conversation between JustplainPenny84 and Bud Davis ATL, he hopes to learn more about these two, how they came together and who might have sent the email making sure he was there when the operation went down. As he hears the voice of this young girl you begin to wonder whether she was a victim or a real time player. When you hear her protests when the sting goes into full force you begin to wonder if this was really an act against her father as she claims or her way of getting back at someone too.



The story begins with Frank Paine and several other agents bursting through a door of a hotel and finding a man standing over a young girl bound to a bed. The man wearing a black mask and the young girl taped, bound and the video camera present which records the rape. The name of the game is control and role-playing with each partner creating a script. One orchestrating the events and the other acting out what was created. Some call the man master while others are just totally submissive but both parties supposedly consent. When the man’s face is uncovered he claims to be the CEO of a major company. The young girl is tries to appear innocent and a pawn in this entire events. But, this was setup by an unknown predator who was following and stalking them both online. Added in is the fact that someone has uncovered his online name or personality and this makes for a first day and first experience tenuous situation that hopefully won’t turn worse.


Roger Martin enjoys drinking, lamenting in what was and has no urge or desire to create a better future for himself since the death of a woman named Rachel. September 11 left many people without spouses, children and grandchildren and Roger blames himself for Rachel’s death stating that it should have been him on the plane and not her going after the story. A former Pulitzer Prize winning journalist his boss decides to give him one more shot at success before calling it done. The disappearances of several elderly and severely ill high profile people sends him of a journalistic high to find out where these people are and what happened to them. Lives intertwine and just how would he and Frank Paine meet and eventually work together? Two separate mysteries could they have one common solution?


Getting to know the characters in this novel you begin to realize that each one is flawed in their own way and each must find a way to forgive themselves for past sins, transgressions and regrets. Frank must learn to forgive and deal with what happened between him and Jolynn and Jolynn needs to let go about their relationship. Roger Martin has not come to grips with Rachel’s fate and is constantly drinking his way through life until he meets Angela. Hoping to find a new direction and rekindle his career as an award-winning journalist will Roger find it when he uncovers the mystery behind the disappearances of some wealthy elderly people. Starting with a well-known poet, finding his way to his house the reception at first was warm but cooled off when he pried too far.


Jolynn created according the Sexual Adventures Club which is an online club that deals with allowing users to seek revenge on another unsuspecting person. Risk and Thrill are her two main words or motto. Using Frank’s screen name to lure young girls and ruin his reputation her goal. But, Jolynn had a grudge to settle and will stop at nothing to get back at Frank as we learn when her brother decides on more than one occasion to take him down. Just how it plays out you will have to decide for yourself when you read it. Frank has mixed emotions bottled up inside of him and in order to find the UNSUB he needs to contain them and focus on the goal. Added in he does some really great research into the Sexual Adventures Club, the CEO of Atlantic Pharmaceutical Ventures and the young girl involved in the sexual liaison to find out just where all the ties and links might be found. Added is Roger Martin’s knowledge about the woman who was supposedly the cause of the rift between Ralston the CEO of the Pharmaceutical Company and Penny the young girl involved. Hoping to find the suspect before its too late and will he prove that his former lover is not responsible while trying to gain respect and trust in his new position with the FBI is going to be quite a feat for this ex-actor. As he finally opens up with one agent will he lose ground with others? With Jolynn admitting to using the Sexual Adventures Club to entice unsuspecting role players into humiliating situations hoping in the long run to ruin or stain Frank’s reputation and what part does Bailey Gage play and where do Penny, Amy and Jolynn fit in with this man. How would he keep his personal life hidden and his secrets under wraps or will it all come out in the end?



As Frank relates what he has learned to the head of his unit Jeronimo Reyes they begin to brainstorm ways to find out more information and the end result is something that Frank hoped to leave in his past. The only way to find out anything was for the King Of Paine to resurface and download the RealTime software and find the answers himself. Adding the suspects or their screen names to his penpal, hoping to connect Frank wanted to learn more about the UNSUB and which male-alter ego he was using at the time. When all of a sudden something changes and he connects with an old flame. As Roger begins to see the link between his new girlfriend and those in the article he is writing titled The Missing. Why send him the email about Nils Rahmstadt the poet and what about Milton Varshov’s reference to moy reka or my river and the sentence heard and said by others” Take me to my river, a peaceful place to die? What was really happening to the terminally ill? Could someone be helping these people and causing their deaths? What about assisted deaths? Hidden secrets, lies, deceits and terminally ill patients, doctors and the wealthy.


But, Roger was astute, smart and although taken with Angela not blinded by her as he realizes that The Missing and Angela are somehow ties together but how he needed to investigate even more. But, another player is in plain sight as one doctor receives an unusual IM and the next thing you just won’t believe.



An ending so surprising and one man who would risk his life, career and much more to find the truth, hopefully save the one he really loved and bring to light the value of the elderly, the importance of showing them respect, finding your own RIVER  and hopefully bringing peace to those that lived behind the walls of this special place. Author Larry Kahn’s novel brings this and many other issues to light such as assisted death, online sexual encounters, FBI ethics and much more. Roger Martin and Frank Paine have the answers. Read Roger’s article to learn the rest. One great novel and one outstanding main character that I hope he brings back for more.




Fran Lewis: reviewer  























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