is that your mother in law under the bed

Is That Your Mother-In-Law Under the Bed: Barbara Fletcher


What do you do when you find out that your husband is cheating on you? What do you do when you realize that after seven years of marriage you need to call it quits? What happens when your husband the cheat and his new mistress decide its time to take you out of the marriage equation? What do you think you do? You do what anyone, including me would do, call your mother and tell her the facts and hope she has the solution. Now, if Edith is anything like my mother she won’t hesitate to go into action mode and take her sister, Edna, who reminds me of my own aunt my mother’s sister, and get the evidence they need to take this guy down.



Roger and Gloria had an illicit affair at a hotel and Ellen caught them just about red handed. Disguised, not thinking she was going to be recognized she has what she thinks are the incriminating photos of these two leaving the Kellington Hotel.  With Edith and Edna on surveillance you just never know what these two will find out or do. How about breaking and entering into Gloria’s home and coming face to face with her nephew the police officer telling him a story about a lost dog. Next, these two decide to really get the goods on Gloria and what they find out is that she is not even loyal to Roger and has another one on the side. Putting her through the system the Eddie learns that she does not exist at least under the name she gave Roger. Just who is she and what is her story our two sleuths I am sure will find out.  But, when Eddie runs the plate of the guys car that came to visit dear Gloria they two sisters learn that they are not dealing with a solid citizen and better watch their step but not before they get some solid prints and put a voice activator in Roger’s car. Don’t ask. But, you have to admit that these two are hilarious, the poor young cop will never be the same and Ellen just might get more than the money and the goods on Roger. So, what happens when Roger invites Ellen to go to lunch and a handsome stranger shows up in his place? What happens when they eat, drink and someone snaps a photo of them? What happens when Edith and Edna tape Roger and Gloria setting up Ellen? What happens when they find out just what Gloria has been up to in the past and who her next victim or victims might be?


But, what happens next is really quite funny as poor Edith has to get the incriminating evidence against Roger while hiding up the bed in their hotel room listening to their grunts and groans plus his marriage proposal to Gloria while married to Ellen a vowing to rid the world of her as soon as possible. Their antic watching Gloria and Roger joined by her ex-husband Jeremy whose plan it is to rid the world of both Ellen and Roger will give you sidesplitting laughs and keep you wondering what is going to happen next. Two fifty year olds standing on the balcony of a hotel hanging over the railing to spy on Roger and Gloria. Actually caught and seen but covering for themselves you just had to be there I guess to see what these two were doing and how hard they were trying to frame the three who wanted to get rid of Ellen. But, what about Ellen why didn’t she realize that Brad, the guy that keeps turning up instead of Roger at lunch and dinner might not be on the up and up?


When Eddie fills them in on who Jeremy really is and they learn he might be wanted in several murders all linked to Gloria who just happened to be married to the murder victims and what will the final result be remains to be seen as Edith and Edna meet with Eddie, the cop to go over what they’ve learned.


So, what happens when Roger sees the photos of Ellen and Brad looking too cozy? Why does the green-eyed monster of jealousy rear its ugly head? Is he going to leave Ellen and allow Gloria’s plan to work? Will he wise up and realize what is really happening?  Exactly how is Gloria going to fix this and what will her partner do if she doesn’t?


Buying a digital camera and some other equipment the sisters are hot on the trail to get the evidence the police needs to get Gloria and her partner. Added in we meet Jujo a co-worker of Eddies and together they deal with the new Lucy and Ethel forget Ricky and Fred.


When the truth comes out and the players realize that Brad might be a liability what happens next will endear you even more to Edith and Edna. Gloria, Roger and her partner hoping to eliminate both Brad and Ellen while Elle remains clueless about the entire plot. Roger hoping Gloria will finally allow him to move on with her but the end result will definitely be anything what you or the characters will expect.


When the two sisters spill it all to Eddie and he spills it to his superior would you believe he thinks that they are great and does not reprimand them for what they have done? Gloria and her partner want Brad dead. Then they want Roger gone after she snags him and rids himself of Ellen any way he can and not have to cough up any money for a divorce settlement. Added in Ellen is totally unaware of everything so what will happen when she realizes Brad’s true role in all of this? Just who winds up in jail and who remains hiding under the bed?

Is your Mother-In-Law Under the Bed proves that two seniors pushing 60 have more spunk than younger people, more agile and definitely quite resourceful as the ban together along with one poor son or nephew on the police force to take down a murderer and his accomplice. When Brad shows signs of recovery Gloria and her partner take action. Who else is involved and just how will Edith and Edna help solve the case, get the evidence for the police and tell Ellen the honest truth? An ending that will make you wonder what the police ever did before these two came into the picture. Edith and Edna will stop at nothing to protect Ellen from learning the truth about Roger but will Gloria spill it? Who gets caught and who gets away? What will these two decide to do next? Fortunately, author Barbara Fletcher is on the case and I can promise you that you have not heard the last of these two zany sisters. “ Is That Your Cousins in the Closet,” is the sequel followed by “Is That Your Neighbor In The Basement? Two quirky ladies with a definite taste for the dangerous, fun, the exciting and definitely not boring. Remember age is just a number and if you get to know these now 60 year old young women remember: 60 is the new 40 and never judge a good detective by their age. Edna and Edith: make sure you get the latest equipment when you handle you next case. What happens to Ellen and will Brad survive the attack on him? What about Roger? Will he fork over the millions Ellen deserves?  If that your Mother-In-Law Under the Bed? You just never know! What happens when you find out your husband is cheating and he might want you out of the way? Read this hilarious book and find out what Edna and Edith did?


Fran Lewis: Reviewer


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