Um….Mommy, I Think I Flushed My Brother Down the Toilet again!

Jeff Rivera


Poor Jesse can’t catch a break. Never really wanting to purposely irritate his sister Falisha he manages to always wind up annoying her by saying one simple word: FASEESHA! Now, you might say what is so bad about that and why does Falisha get so angry?  I guess you have to be Falisha to answer that question. But, first let’s find out why her mother is so angry and ready to scream. Too late! When her mother relates that the toilet is not working again you would think she would know the reason. Falisha Whiskers thinks she is so clever and by batting her eyelashes and smiling she might get away with you guessed it: once again flushing poor Jesse down the stinky toilet bowl to the land of YUCK and MUCK one more time. But, this time she might not be so lucky because mom is going to tell her daddy and boy she just better watch out.


Thinking she could talk her out of it she manages to convince her mother to allow her to go down there one more time to rescue poor Jesse but this time conserve on the toilet paper. So, everyone put on your rain gear, raincoat, get your boots on and maybe take a rain hat to prevent the muck from going on your head and let’s see what’s so exciting about the Kingdom of Yuck by going down there with Falisha to find Jesse. The water flushed, slushed and mushed all over all of Falisha and us as we landed in the place riddled with smells and yuck. As we hear Falisha scream in her best hoping to find Jesse voice: JESSE!


Looking around she realized that this place should definitely be on the What Needs To Be Decorated List. Filled with dirt, grit and tons of dust she managed to climb the hills made of smelly jelly fellies in search of Jesse. Voices rang back at her but remember the residents of the place are rude and not too friendly. Would you be if you lived there? Meet the nasty grasshopper and find out what happens when she lets him have it. Imagine meeting a bug names Urpie Burpie you can figure out of cause Burpie Urpies. But, this poor guy has not been to a dentist and his teeth really need some help and you know Falisha she does not mince her words or hide her thoughts.


Now, truth be told Urpie Burpie is really not so bad he’s just mad at the Toilet Paper King! He’s the most in his words, “evil King in all of Yuck Kingdom.” Even more terrible is the fact that the smells are going to get worse and he captured all of his friends. Do you think that Falisha can save them and find Jesse at the same time? This is a really big mission for one seven-year-old girl! But, then we find out something really nice. Our friend is a friend of Jesse and he tells Falisha that her brother really cares about her and says great things about her too. Even poor Urbie can’t pronounce her name right! Poor Jesse is a prisoner of the Toilet Paper King too! So, what is she going to do? Let’s go everyone if you want to find out what happens. We are about to meet the Slumpies and then we are all invited to Urbie’s home filled with tons of bugs that look like him and all who gave her sloppy hugs. Now, our Falisha is smart and will take on this challenge, as she is about to confront this huge King.


Visualize these dear readers a house made of rusty, dusty and musty pipes and a smell that would take tons of Lysol and hundreds if not thousands of cans of air freshener to get rid of the smells. When you see the picture of the Toilet Paper King or meet him in person he is really scary sitting on his throne and made of wet toilet paper.


Can Falisha stand up to this man? Would she really send her father down there to get Jesse back? You won’t believe what happens and just how brave she is? But, he is huge and wait and see what happens next! Why wouldn’t the Slumpies help her? What happened when they all started to cry? What happens and if the save Jesse and those captured by the Toilet Bowl King you won’t get that from me or anyone else that flushed themselves down there. You are going to have to read this for yourself to find out. So, get your rain gear, umbrella, rain hat, boots and raincoat and let’s not forget your plunger and take the journey down the toilet bowl to find out just what happens. This story teaches, friendship, love, loyalty, bravery, kindness and understanding that can be used as a basis for character education lessons by educators and in Sunday school groups. Librarians might find this as a great story for story time. The pictures are colorful and help bring the story to life for young readers and non-readers too. So, what’s taking you so long. Grab a copy on Amazon and start reading, flushing and of course laughing. Will Jesse ever learn not to mispronounce his sister’s name? Will she ever stop flushing him down the toilet and find somewhere else to explore? Only author and writer Jeff Rivera has the answer!


Fran Lewis: reviewer


Let’s give this book: FIVE GOLDEN FLUSHES


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