Night Buddies: Night Buddies; Impostors, and One Far-Out Flying Machine (Night Buddies #2)

Sands Hetherington


What would you do with a crocodile for a best friend? What would you do if one that was bright red, you heard me, not green, but red lived under your bed. Well, John Degraffenereidt, has a real cool friend named Crosley and together as Night Buddies that manage to have fun, adventures and never ever the same ones twice, their fun or their investigations are called Programs and their handler or boss’s name is Crenwinkle. Crenwinkle if the head Night Buddies Amalgamated, and requires that all operatives carry a special ID GIMCRACK in order to make sure that they are the real agent or Night Buddy they claim to be. We would not want any sensitive information getting into the wrong hangs or scales you might say. John and his pal Crosley have what you call on of a kind program. Entering into a store to buy special equipment something strange happens. Never before did the proprietor ever ask for the ID GIMCRACK. Never before did our friend Cros ever have to produce it for Crenwinkle. But, what happens will explain it all. Telling them in a secret location since the headquarters never stays the same for security reasons, Crosley and John learn that tons of red crocodiles are appearing, committing heinous crimes and poor Crosley will have to contain himself in order to solve the mystery.

Imagine a red croc going to the park and painting the ducks green. How awful is that! Then poor Cros was told the All-Night Drugstore gave me a huge supply of mothballs and that is one thing our Cros would never take. He was never there and you can tell just from what he says he is totally upset. But, there is so much more because how did Crenwinkle find them? Well, doesn’t everyone own their own homing transponder so that your whereabouts are known 24/7? Night Buddies John and Crosley have been enlisted to stop these crocs from continuing their crime spree. But, just how will they do it is really quite unique and just what kind of a program will this turn out to be. Imposters are those that pretend to be someone or something that they are not. How will everyone tell the difference between Crosley and his doubles you might say? Who created them and why?


Then we learn more about how they intend to do this. First, they need to go out on a stakeout with the aid of a racing blimp that flies high in the sky. Next, of course they need some grownups to help with this program so let’s meet Fanny who seems to know tons about racing blimps and is going to lend them one. Meet Rodney whose claim to fame are his famous nuclear wieners and who owns an exclusive concession for sauerkraut’s jellybean hot dogs for any “freak that might ever want one.” So, excited that they are going to meet this famous man both Cros and John along with Fanny. But, it’s Fanny who knows how to get the blimp going and doesn’t everyone need to know, I know I do how to work an upgas packer to help fire up the blimp? Portable blimps that you can pick up and take out of the door. What will they think of next and what will they do with the one they picked? Imagine a blimp that runs on magnetic force but before you get out of yours make sure you put it in Hover Lok or it might roll or fly away! Teenagers that insult both John and Cros, crocodiles that spray paint nasty sayings all over town and hot dog wieners that well you might think before you try one yet he needed their help to stop what the imposters were doing. Rodney was unique to say the least and these two had a great Program going. But, what would happen if they could not stop what the imposters were doing? What would happen if no one believed that they were not doing this?


What would you do if you saw yourself doing something wrong and you know it was not you but could not stop what you think you were doing? That’s right you got it! Cros looked down from the blimp and what or whom do you think he saw? None other than a red crocodile who was not wearing his Pineapple Cheesecake Camouflage Vest and what do you think Cros should do?


Trying to warn Rodney who was caught in the thick of things was not going to happen. The Night Buddies Amalgamated was on the case and headed for the park entrance and hoping to save Rodney who was toppled over and whose cart spilled out well you guessed it sauerkraut. If you really want to get in on the action and help out meet Rodney on page 100 and maybe you can think of a way to help this guy!  Stealing Rodney’s cart they went after the imposter Crosley, the police seeing the cart but not helping them. The action is quite fast, what they try to do hilarious and the two Night Buddies do their best to capture the bad guys. But, when Rodney asks if they caught him well: guess not! He disappeared! But, this guy sounded like Crosley and kept saying Night Buddies Amalgamated. Mothballs make poor Cros burb and mothballs are what goes in lizard cheese and green is their favorite color. So, were they on to something? But, our Cros is really smart and he figured out what gang was doing this all over town and now he all they had to was stop them but how? So, what would you do? Our two Night Buddies decided to teach this gang a real lesson in honesty and when someone says something mean about you why not tell the truth about yourself. Activating the script writing mode by the smoke-colored buttons and now if you read pages 129 and 132-133 and find out just what they did. You really don’t think I would give it away do you? As the ugly creatures come into light and they created their own signs that insulted our two great Night Buddies, Crosley make sure that he took an armload of Fro-Madges and wrote well you need to read it for yourself and decide who got the better of who! Just where else did these imposters hide and what other damage and nasty things did they write? You just won’t believe it and you will understand why John and his friends would not let them win until the Program was completed the right way. As the Night Buddies find all of the signs, meet up with these gang members, read what they have written and hopefully can stop them they have a endless supply of pineapple cheesecake frozen yogurt to keep them cool and comfy during their long nights. Mass mayhem, confusion, mistaken identities and a town that is in havoc as on Crocodile tries to contain himself in order to chase these imposters, stake them out, using their flying machine and off the wall ideas and plan can they stop what has started and is spiraling to become a disaster? Some think he’s the crook and others want to call for help. From the train station to all over town until Officer Finnegan and Lonnie caught on of the gang members and what they did well it’s priceless. Author Sands Hetherington teaches children the importance of honesty, teamwork, caring, obeying the rules and the laws and how to be a good friend. Illustrations by Jessica Love to help bring the characters to life. Just what do you think? Can a young boy be best friends with a crocodile, solve crimes and freeze his parents with his special telescope pointed at them. Will they realize what he was missing for so long or will time be stopped? What happens at the end will surprise you? What happens to the moles and the impostors will renew your faith in kindness. An interesting story but at times hard to follow and many unusual words that required the author to put their translations and a glossary at the beginning which many kids might need to use or just make up their own meanings for these words from the context of the story. Crusted Crème Fro-Madge frozen yogurt, special party favors and more this is one story that will definitely keep you guessing. One crocs reputation at stake and two Night Buddies that need to unlock the reason.


Fran Lewis: reviewer 


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