Stepping Up Her Game

Stepping Up Her Game: Madison Montgomery



Appearances can be deceiving and all too often the persona or your perception of someone is based on their outer image. What they want you to see or think is often camouflages or masks what is real. Virginia Templeton was and is a powerfully strong, deceptive, manipulative, cold-hearted and highly motivated woman in her own right. When faced with making difficult decisions she’s handled them head on. Releasing her tension at times was commonplace for her as she often had several partners serving her every need. Men were dispensable like the cash in the old fashioned change machines used by street vendors needing quick access to coins in order to complete a sale and move on to the next.


Virginia Templeton went through life clawing and fighting her way to the top and now she was going to have a chance to make her mark as head of The Templeton Corporation: America and Templeton International. But, first, she would need to locate the people that would give her the answers to the questions needed: Why was Templeton Corporation failing financially? What about Templeton International how was she going to raise their capital and keep both companies sound? Control: Vital to Virginia in every situation. Virginia would be more than just uncover the hidden secrets behind her late husband’s financial deceptions and deals. She would have to dig deep and search long and hard to find out where she wanted to go in life, uncover her true self but first things first she had two businesses to run and a new assistant to train and transform, you might say in her own image. But, first she had a score to settle and a relationship that she needed to end in her own mind. Some require one last chance or attempt to fix others you will learn require unique and final endings in order to satisfy Virginia and bring her closure. Tossing one last look and never turning back Virginia left this final encounter with this man with a huge smile on her face.


Deciding she needed some more fun and definitely another outlet to release her tensions she decided to go to her favorite Hotel: The Lambert where it did not take her even a minute to find the answer to her needs and the rest you can use your imagination or read it for yourself.


Author Madison Montgomery has just warmed up the audience because this story gets ever hotter, the scenes more steamy and at times explosive as she learn more about her assistant, Reesa her plans for her company and the reasons behind the financial problems as she continues to search for answers.


Stepping Up Her Game: Virginia is doing that you better believe it as her first act as the new head is to revamp her staff, revamp her assistant and if you have not caught on yet and do not realize just how ruthless, smart and intelligent she is wait until you learn what she does to the Chief Financial Officer as the author reveals some startling truths about Virginia, her educational background, her credentials and goals. But, the final word and the end result will change everything for her when she learns about the ultimate cover-up and plan to destroy what she has and was working for as one last deception is revealed.


Hidden secrets, lies, betrayals and one man who will stop at nothing to try and take down her world. As she learns more about her late husband, Slater, she comes face to face with two people that would change things even more. Just what happens and what does she learn this reviewer has problems Virginia she will not reveal what I have learned. How does what I know and what you will learn when you read this book change or impact her life in the future you just won’t believe it? What about the fact that the holidays are coming and her maid, Olivia, whose character I love because she can handle our Virginia, wants to celebrate Christmas along with her boss? Will she ever learn to just appreciate life and embrace others? Stepping Up Her Game: She sure does and so does the author. What is next for her? Tough, hard, cold, sharp, smart, perceptive, persistent, determined and definitely never to be under mind or under estimated, she is one woman you do not want to come up against. Author Madison Montgomery Stepped Up Her game in this third book in the Virginia Templeton Series. Let’s Hope we can Convince the author and our Virginia to come back ONE MORE TIME!


Fran Lewis: Reviewer