Be Careful What You Wish For!

Be Careful What You Wish For

R.K. Avery


Parents need to be more vigilant when taking children to public places such as parks, beaches and playgrounds. Leaving children alone even for one second can result in what happens to the two parents in this book. Deciding that her family would not be complete without a little girl Bea Miller plans to kidnap a perfect little girl that fits her you might say specifications giving her the perfect family unit. Four sons or boys although wonderful to some not great to Bea who felt that she needed more as one innocent young child falls prey to this sick woman. Justifying to herself and her four sons her reasons, one of the boys stating his dissent and concern, she forges ahead and manages to kidnap little Maggie Taylor in what should have been right in front of her parent’s and sister’s eyes but was not. With their attention drawn in a different direction and her sister building a sand castle, Maggie is easily convinced that this lady was going to take her for ice cream and a pony ride. Parents need to warn their children about strangers. When she finally does have her, why does she try and suffocate her? Using her private journals to explain her life, her past and her reasoning the reader is privy to Bea’s innermost thoughts, feelings and much more.


When the Taylors realize that Maggie is missing the search is on with the help of the police and one dog named Max trained to find missing people. As Officer Butler questions people on the beach, gets a warrant to search their vehicles Bea realizes that she has to take a different tactic in order to get Maggie safely away from her parents and living with her. But, one young girl remembers something and this clue could be the answer to finding Maggie before its too late. Living in a town where it should be safe, Bunting Valley, North Dakota, Bea Miller is determined to cast her own destiny, not really concerned about anyone else and justifies in her mind the right to” take matters into her own hands, and as her estranged father stated: If you want something take it.” The crimes that are uncovered will make you bones chill and send fear within your heart as this sick woman living in this quiet town puts the Bunting Valley Police force to the ultimate test.


While taking that different route or paddle boat ride, Bea is angered by her son who only rented the boat for a half an hour, strikes back at him, and then the unthinkable happens: a voice over a loudspeaker describes Maggie and tells everyone to be on the look out for this young child. So, why does she try to suffocate the poor child and what is her plan to get away? Afraid of what Bea might do to her Maggie goes along with her sick scheme hoping that her mother will find her as the officer questions the man who rents the boats and there are more red flags. This town seems lax in their security measures as we hear the officer’s questions and concerns.


Evidence that might help them find Maggie as Bea loses the one link to her children that could identify her and the police start looking for her son David who appears to have made an impression on those questioned. Speaking with her neighbor Officer Butler gets to know more about Bea, her late husband and her children and the truth behind their births. As the investigation heats up and they learn more they find out about something Bea did when someone tried to break into her home. A routine trip to a supermarket and a two year old child was found missing. Could the adopted child she has be the one that was kidnapped? Just who are these children and why did she take them? What did Bea tell everyone about her children? Why was David arrested and would they find Maggie in time?


As one part of the mystery is solved another is revealed, as the reader is privy to Bea’s journal, her reasons for doing what she did and why she did what she did. Included in the journal she lists people that she loved, was close to and more. Hearing her words, her thoughts and how her father felt about her is tragic. The fact that he blamed her for her mother’s death more than just sad, cruel as Bea just wanted to live her life and be loved. With her Aunt Nita as her only protection she managed to forge ahead but not entirely shielded from the wrath of her father. Reading her thoughts and her journal the reader does not understand why she kidnapped so many children but begins to realize she supposedly wanted someone to love and accept her for who and what she was. Is she insane, does she need help or should they just lock her away?




Born in 1965 the journals take us through her school years, the private celebrations she had with her aunt on her birthday without her father finding out but when he did the explosion would change Bea’s life forever. When her aunt was gone she knew she would have to deal with her father and what the author reveals about what she is asked to do is more than just child abuse. Raped, having an abortion, arrested for shoplifting did she even have a chance at life? Blaming her for the death of her mother and mistreating her from birth because she was not a boy, Bea had so many strikes against her how was this lawyer going to fight for her and can you really feel any empathy for this woman? Teaching her how to panhandle, pretend they were poor and then learning how to take what she wanted even from him, Bea learned to fend for herself at an early age and made no excuses for her actions. As Officer Butler has been given the opportunity to become involved in the case with Detective Stevens the reader begins to learn more about the process of how they will try the case, hopefully get her convicted and what life holds in store for the other children. But, it gets worse as we learn what he did to her at age 13, what he expected of her and the end result. The diary continues and what we learn is quite compelling as she is forced to do things with men and the end result is more than just tragic.


When the truth comes out, the victims facing her, the parents of the children that they lost telling their stories one young man faces some harsh realities about the woman he called mother for so many years. Just what will happen to David in the end? What about Mickey, John and Joshua?

Author R.K. Avery shares her the fact that she was kidnapped from a beach as a small child and used this as the starting point for this novel. Telling the reader how Bea came to kidnap Joshua, Mickey and Ben as the diary takes us to 1997. Working in a hospital just imagines what Bea could do and having access to small children in the nursery frightening. As you hear her voice during the trial, her justifications, David’s feelings for her and the rationalizations she comes up with you wonder why she became so twisted. The one thing that this plot does not have many surprises as the evidence is revealed in the journals and you learn what she did in her own words. One young boy wearing a black tee shirt causing suspicion. One woman who rationalized her right to take children she felt were better off with her and the truth is told behind her husband’s death.


With the trial about to take place Officer Butler continues sharing the diary with readers. The ending you will have to learn for yourself. The decision you will have to decide on your own if you agree with the final outcome. The ending will surprise you the verdict stated and the fate of one woman might not surprise you but the fate of on young man rests in the words of his mother. Just what happens you will have to learn for yourself as something tells me we have not heard the last of Bea? A novel that I read in one day and a journal whose words were bone chilling. Let’s see what author R.K. Avery has in store next for readers. Told in diary form from 1965 to 2010 this novel should remind parents, caregivers, grandparents and sitters never to take their eyes off of a young child, never leave them alone in a public place, watch them in a supermarket and make sure you always know where they are. Be Careful What You Wish For you may not always bet what you want.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer







Confessions of a Predatory Lender: My thoughts

Confessions of a Predatory Lender: Irma Fritz


Christy and Megan are best friends and have decided to venture out into the world together taking on Loan Officer Boot Camp and trying to deal with the pressures of having to start a career, pay rent, live together and of course make tons of money to afford the lifestyles they want to become accustomed to. So, at 23 why not go for the gold as you might say. Christy and Megan want to live life to the fullest and from day one they learn that things come with hard work, sometimes at a price.


 Megan loves to eat and what really gets anyone on a diet is that she can eat her way into oblivion and never gain weight. Whereas, Christy just looks at food and gains weight. But together they make a great pair. Both of these young girls grew up on Palouse farms. Christy is hoping to help pay her family’s mortgage on their farm since her parents used their money to fund her college tuition. Megan comes from money and is used to the good thinks in life and she lived on a huge farm. Christy’s parents are hard workers and barely make ends meet but these two girls are best friends and take The Goode Mortgage Bank by storm but first they have to survive Money Lenders Boot Camp which might sound tough but not to these two who came fully equipped with what it takes to overtake the rest of the group, form their own alliances with those in the front row and never look back.


Billy Buckley is their mentor and instructor and from the start you might think he’s a drill sergeant but some of the scenes and Christy’s own analysis of the people in the class will make you laugh. If Felix Unger and Oscar Madison can live together so can Christy the neat freak and Megan the slob or can they? As you listen to Christy’s assessment of the people in her class you begin to wonder if some needed makeovers, some looked like they did not belong and then others who would provide fun and entertainment when they would meet at the café after work or class or just hanging out with a pizza. So, remember: if you don’t graduate from Boot Camp you don’t work for this great company.


 But, Christy’s voice is not the only one you hear remember there is Billy and although he might seem tough his job is to make sure that everyone in the class succeeds and watch what happens when they don’t. Let’s not forget Ed who seems to feel he has his pulse on the industry and who Megan nicknames: real turd since she loves giving everyone nicknames. Of course since I have always struggled up until now with my weight, I can understand how Christy feels and my sister who could eat as much as she wanted reminds me of Megan. Christy loves to cook and is quite structured and organized while Megan is sloppy, throws things all over the place and needs more than just an alarm clock to get ready for the day.


Confessions of A Predatory Lender allows the reader to enter the world of finance, money lending and hear the innermost thoughts of the loan officers as they clinch, cinch and make those mega bucks deals. Christy appears to be a natural as does Megan and as we meet her boss Francis who seems stoic, staunch and definitely no nonsense we realize that it is going to take more than just hard work for these two to make it up the corporate ladder. Christy and Megan are all excited and hope that they will succeed and survive the training. Wanting to show they are team players, Christy along with Megan forms the UNITED FRONT ROW LOAN OFFICERS GROUP consisting of the six people in the first row. But, they branch out and mingle with the others hoping that working together as a unit will bring success.



But, Christy takes us through her first big deal, we learn the ins and outs of closing on a house, mortgages and much more as we are swept away from the start by her enthusiasm, gusto and her inner drive. Megan is straightforward, speaks her mind and although great at what she does and should be promoted but its Christy that the upper management promotes. Goode Mortgage is the company where they are hoping to get that coveted job.


From landing their first deals, closing their first loans both Megan and Christy are shining stars. Money pouring in, checks that are huge and spending it on whatever they want and just wanting to enjoy life.  Author Irma Fritz takes the reader deep inside this corporation and teaches the new moneylenders and us the insider scoop of what it takes to become a moneylender.


As the author reveals more about the Mortgage Company we learn some of the ins and outs that these loan officers use in order to make sales, loans and increase revenue. The commission checks are huge and both Megan and Christy seem to be reaping the benefits until something changes the dynamics of the company and possibly their friendship as Christy is promoted to Team Leader wondering how Megan will handle it? But, when push comes to shove and startling truths are revealed these two friends will stop at nothing to get what they want but maybe not in the conventional way. Realizing that things that are going on in this company might be questionable they agree to remain, make sure they rise financially and hopefully come out on top. As Christy needs to help her parents, Megan needs to fend for herself but will the hands of greed ruin their friendship and what will the final outcome be?


Meet the head of the company and hear his long speeches, agree with his every word and make sure that you are a team player. Big Lou is what most call him and yet Christy can’t seem to get the words out. As she enters the world of upper management, finds out their goals for her and learns first hand what it takes to fit in, get the top and stroke the boss’s ego, you won’t be disappointed. Frances Loyalo Bell, her supervisor, Steve Rogers the executive vice president and a cast of characters that will definitely keep you glued to the printed page and the mortgage rates to find out just what happens when two naïve, smart, and definitely business savvy 23 year olds compete in a world filled with moneylenders and greed oriented people.


Not everything will remain on an even keel and mortgage rates change, romances fizzle out, the company’s dynamics might not remain the same and the end well you have to read that for yourself as Christy narrates the story in her own words in her to the reader. Just where do their allegiances lie and who comes out on the financial scale at the top and who is yesterday’s news?


Can two young, enthusiastic and naïve 23 year olds take on the big leagues and make some, as Big Lou would say Cashola? Can this morally oriented girl got against what she knows is right just to get ahead? Will their friendship remain or will it fall apart? How does Christy handle things when she has to make some tough decisions in her life, in business and with her customers? What is more important? The deal, your integrity, making money or just living life at all cost. Humor, at times sad, at definitely insightful, this is one book that will provide great discussions for those in book clubs, those that are money lenders and anyone that wants to discuss a great novel.

Fran Lewis: reviewer