Night Buddies: Night Buddies; Impostors, and One Far-Out Flying Machine (Night Buddies #2)

Sands Hetherington


What would you do with a crocodile for a best friend? What would you do if one that was bright red, you heard me, not green, but red lived under your bed. Well, John Degraffenereidt, has a real cool friend named Crosley and together as Night Buddies that manage to have fun, adventures and never ever the same ones twice, their fun or their investigations are called Programs and their handler or boss’s name is Crenwinkle. Crenwinkle if the head Night Buddies Amalgamated, and requires that all operatives carry a special ID GIMCRACK in order to make sure that they are the real agent or Night Buddy they claim to be. We would not want any sensitive information getting into the wrong hangs or scales you might say. John and his pal Crosley have what you call on of a kind program. Entering into a store to buy special equipment something strange happens. Never before did the proprietor ever ask for the ID GIMCRACK. Never before did our friend Cros ever have to produce it for Crenwinkle. But, what happens will explain it all. Telling them in a secret location since the headquarters never stays the same for security reasons, Crosley and John learn that tons of red crocodiles are appearing, committing heinous crimes and poor Crosley will have to contain himself in order to solve the mystery.

Imagine a red croc going to the park and painting the ducks green. How awful is that! Then poor Cros was told the All-Night Drugstore gave me a huge supply of mothballs and that is one thing our Cros would never take. He was never there and you can tell just from what he says he is totally upset. But, there is so much more because how did Crenwinkle find them? Well, doesn’t everyone own their own homing transponder so that your whereabouts are known 24/7? Night Buddies John and Crosley have been enlisted to stop these crocs from continuing their crime spree. But, just how will they do it is really quite unique and just what kind of a program will this turn out to be. Imposters are those that pretend to be someone or something that they are not. How will everyone tell the difference between Crosley and his doubles you might say? Who created them and why?


Then we learn more about how they intend to do this. First, they need to go out on a stakeout with the aid of a racing blimp that flies high in the sky. Next, of course they need some grownups to help with this program so let’s meet Fanny who seems to know tons about racing blimps and is going to lend them one. Meet Rodney whose claim to fame are his famous nuclear wieners and who owns an exclusive concession for sauerkraut’s jellybean hot dogs for any “freak that might ever want one.” So, excited that they are going to meet this famous man both Cros and John along with Fanny. But, it’s Fanny who knows how to get the blimp going and doesn’t everyone need to know, I know I do how to work an upgas packer to help fire up the blimp? Portable blimps that you can pick up and take out of the door. What will they think of next and what will they do with the one they picked? Imagine a blimp that runs on magnetic force but before you get out of yours make sure you put it in Hover Lok or it might roll or fly away! Teenagers that insult both John and Cros, crocodiles that spray paint nasty sayings all over town and hot dog wieners that well you might think before you try one yet he needed their help to stop what the imposters were doing. Rodney was unique to say the least and these two had a great Program going. But, what would happen if they could not stop what the imposters were doing? What would happen if no one believed that they were not doing this?


What would you do if you saw yourself doing something wrong and you know it was not you but could not stop what you think you were doing? That’s right you got it! Cros looked down from the blimp and what or whom do you think he saw? None other than a red crocodile who was not wearing his Pineapple Cheesecake Camouflage Vest and what do you think Cros should do?


Trying to warn Rodney who was caught in the thick of things was not going to happen. The Night Buddies Amalgamated was on the case and headed for the park entrance and hoping to save Rodney who was toppled over and whose cart spilled out well you guessed it sauerkraut. If you really want to get in on the action and help out meet Rodney on page 100 and maybe you can think of a way to help this guy!  Stealing Rodney’s cart they went after the imposter Crosley, the police seeing the cart but not helping them. The action is quite fast, what they try to do hilarious and the two Night Buddies do their best to capture the bad guys. But, when Rodney asks if they caught him well: guess not! He disappeared! But, this guy sounded like Crosley and kept saying Night Buddies Amalgamated. Mothballs make poor Cros burb and mothballs are what goes in lizard cheese and green is their favorite color. So, were they on to something? But, our Cros is really smart and he figured out what gang was doing this all over town and now he all they had to was stop them but how? So, what would you do? Our two Night Buddies decided to teach this gang a real lesson in honesty and when someone says something mean about you why not tell the truth about yourself. Activating the script writing mode by the smoke-colored buttons and now if you read pages 129 and 132-133 and find out just what they did. You really don’t think I would give it away do you? As the ugly creatures come into light and they created their own signs that insulted our two great Night Buddies, Crosley make sure that he took an armload of Fro-Madges and wrote well you need to read it for yourself and decide who got the better of who! Just where else did these imposters hide and what other damage and nasty things did they write? You just won’t believe it and you will understand why John and his friends would not let them win until the Program was completed the right way. As the Night Buddies find all of the signs, meet up with these gang members, read what they have written and hopefully can stop them they have a endless supply of pineapple cheesecake frozen yogurt to keep them cool and comfy during their long nights. Mass mayhem, confusion, mistaken identities and a town that is in havoc as on Crocodile tries to contain himself in order to chase these imposters, stake them out, using their flying machine and off the wall ideas and plan can they stop what has started and is spiraling to become a disaster? Some think he’s the crook and others want to call for help. From the train station to all over town until Officer Finnegan and Lonnie caught on of the gang members and what they did well it’s priceless. Author Sands Hetherington teaches children the importance of honesty, teamwork, caring, obeying the rules and the laws and how to be a good friend. Illustrations by Jessica Love to help bring the characters to life. Just what do you think? Can a young boy be best friends with a crocodile, solve crimes and freeze his parents with his special telescope pointed at them. Will they realize what he was missing for so long or will time be stopped? What happens at the end will surprise you? What happens to the moles and the impostors will renew your faith in kindness. An interesting story but at times hard to follow and many unusual words that required the author to put their translations and a glossary at the beginning which many kids might need to use or just make up their own meanings for these words from the context of the story. Crusted Crème Fro-Madge frozen yogurt, special party favors and more this is one story that will definitely keep you guessing. One crocs reputation at stake and two Night Buddies that need to unlock the reason.


Fran Lewis: reviewer 



Wake Me Up Inside: Lee Bice-Matheson



Nightmare can often trigger memories that many would prefer to remain dormant. Others can ignite or fuel and event that might change the course of the way we think or our lives in the future. As Paige Maddison descends into a world that seems foreign to her, filled with forest trees, scratches caused by errant branches she focuses on her appearance, what she is wearing and the warmth and comfort of where she really is turns to fear and desperation as she clings to the hope of surviving. Heart racing, time slowing down and this young girl found herself staring at the face of a boy who appeared to be lying in a coffin. So graphically described and vividly depicted the reader becomes totally enveloped in the nightmare along with Maddison experiencing the same things, seeing the same horrors and viewing this young man appearing in his final repose. But, just when she thought the dream might end something happens that would haunt her not only now but in the future as well. A young girl appears out of nowhere stopped and stares at her and then her real world begins to come into focus. Hands cold and clammy she tries to regain her composure and falls back into an unsettling sleep. Wake Me Up Inside is a story that focuses on Paige Maddison whose nightmares will haunt her and whose visions of this young girl will in her dreams.



As she daylight comes upon her she hears her mother’s voice reminding her to get up for school. But, the day has yet to begin and her dream becomes more of a reality as she discusses her father’s upcoming speech to her class, the move to an estate called O’Brien Manor to take care of her grandfather who is ill and the vision of this young girl who appears within the halls of her school. But, not only does the Principal of her school notice something off about her but so does her father notice how pale and drawn she appears as she once again shares her next dream, this time wearing her fancy dress but the setting is the same forest and the dogs or hounds are following her as she once again tries to escape. But, something happens this time that alerts her parents that there might be something wrong with Paige as her mother awakens her for school and she appears more than just troubled. Added in they now bring to light their move, how she feels and why an emotional scene that brings this family even closer. But, whether they realize it or not Paige is having problems and as she alone relates to the reader, “Dreams seemed to rule my life, lately,” she states but what will moving bring and will things change? As they leave for her grandparent’s home not only does her mother have feelings of trepidations but also so does Paige. Arriving would only highlight things even further as her first impression is quite remarkable and the Manor quite both impressive and creating an eerie feeling within her and her mother. Having been estranged from her parents for many years this was her first visit back to her home and finding herself there was quite unsettlingly to Lori, Paige’s mother. Added in as Paige begins to explore this Manor House something happens that creates a chill within her body and causes her family to become alarmed. But, what happens next when she leaves the Manor and meets a young man named Brad will definitely alert the reader to the knowledge that not everything is what it appears to be and that more unusual or paranormal happens still await our main character.

Bradley Adam Parkman seems to have the scoop on what is happening in this estate and their strange but fast friendship will take them within this huge manor, exploring the estate and the experiences that they encounter will rock their inner most core and not be revealed to anyone.


As we get to know the family a little better our narrator Paige with the help of her new friend enlightens the reader in many ways. The house has some secrets hidden within its walls, her grandparents are not revealing everything and the truth behind their estrangement comes out. But, why does Paige seem uneasy every time she tries to fall asleep? What about the ceiling and the light feeling that there are angel’s watching over everyone? What is the spirit that seems to live in this house? Is this house cursed or is there an evil being that is lurking around and haunting it?


Author Lee Bice-Matheson introduces two teens that every parent would be proud of yet are still typical teens. Paige is bright, respectful yet speaks her mind when necessary and Bradley is kind, supportive and quite the match for her. As the author uses Paige’s dreams and innermost thoughts to describe the events and the surroundings. Some are told in the first person whereas others in the third person narrative keeping the reader transfixed, focused and wondering what else is going to happen, the mystery and suspense is palpable throughout the novel as Paige hopes to learn the truth and solve the mystery before it’s too late.


Then the author enlightens us as to the identity of the young girl that Paige sees on the staircase as well as another spirit that wants to remain unseen. While these two spirits decide on their next venture Paige and her mother explore the manor and the amazing porcelain dolls that Paige sees and more then something happens that causes Paige to realize that just maybe everything is not what it really seems.


The author allows Paige to explore the grounds and vividly describes her surrounds that if you close your eyes you can create your own mental picture and join Paige as she explores the all of the area surrounding the estate. But, there is so much more to this story as one family that has been divided for so long just might find their way back together again. One young teen discovers many truths about her grandparents and her mother that will either force them farther apart or bond them even more. As Paige and her mother explore the room filled with dolls, she then finds her way to a cottage where she comes face to face with the image she has been seeing in her dreams.


As Paige requests space to take photos and perfect her craft as a photographer once again she finds herself wandering the grounds, looking at every flower and bird but then she sees an angel with wings and what happens next you just won’t believe. As you look at the artistically crafted cover of the book you see the angel resting and wonder just whom that might be and whether she is connected to Paige in some way. Where does Brad come into play and what exactly does he know that has not been revealed to Paige?


As the gap between generations might be narrowed the one young man seems angered by the joy that Paige exhibits when she sees her new studio. What is the problem that this spirit has and why are they living in the Manor? As another truth is revealed we learn more about the Manor House its connection to another family and the path that one spirit intends to take but why still has not been revealed.


When Paige finds herself within the confines of this long lost cemetery again she comes upon a stone tablet, which sets her mind in motion. As she and Bradley explore some more, find an inscription on the stone and then suddenly Paige senses something is wrong with her grandfather but does not know why? Will she be able to find the answers to this mystery that has been hidden for years? What is the family secret that no one has revealed and will this spirit that wants to play games with those living here win or will Paige stop it cold?




On page 74 the author brilliantly includes the poem: Alone by Edgar Allan Poe to add more to the mystery behind why the evil spirit is trying to destroy and hurt Paige’s family and who the primary target is. The spirit also explains the past, why he is angry and as the poem if you take it apart talks about death, an evil spirit and is carved on the stone tablet that Paige found in the cemetery. One spirit is happy to live freely in the manor while the other seems to feel alone within him or inside. As one spirit understands her fate the other appears to not be able to reconcile how he cannot do things as he did before and feels isolated and Alone. Experiencing life as before is no longer an option and creates a sadness within the reader and more within each of the characters as Paige, Bradley and even the spirits have to learn how to deal with loneliness, sadness, isolation and love. The magnificent descriptions of the mountains, the sun, the sky evoke emotions that can relate to joy, anger or even sorrow. Poe was different and he did not feel that he belonged at times. As we come to the emotional ending and the surprises plus revelations it holds we often reflect that Poe might have used the word “mystery,” to define the unknown or in this poem the dark cloud or threat cast over the family by this spirit who felt isolated an alone.


Just what caused her grandfather’s illness you will learn for yourself when you read the ending and find out just who spirit was awaken from inside and what the fate of this family will be. This is the first in the Paige Maddison series and when you read the final sentences you will know: Snap: Click: Check out the final photo for yourself and feel the chill. This is one book that all YA’s, teens and middle school children will enjoy reading as Paige and Bradley fight and race to save the fate of someone she loves as one young girl and many adults learn the true meaning of love, family, loyalty and friendship.


Fran Lewis: reviewer

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Header:   Dan O’Brien. Novelist. Editor. Consultant.


Category: Science Fiction. Fantasy. Horror. Non-fiction.

Blurb: A psychologist, author, philosopher, freelance editor, and skeptic, Dan O’Brien has published several novels and currently has many in print, including: The End of the World Playlist, Bitten, The Journey, The Ocean and the Hourglass, The Portent, The Path of the Fallen, Book of Seth, and Cerulean Dreams. Follow him on Twitter (@AuthorDanOBrien) or visit his blog at He also works as an editor at Empirical, a national magazine with a strong West Coast vibe. Find out more about the magazine at


Header: Micki Peluso, writer, journalist and author of  . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang


Categories: Non-fiction, poetry, journalism, multi-genre short fiction and non-fiction, biography and memoir

Blurb: Micki Peluso began writing as a catharsis for grief over the loss of her teenage daughter to a DWI vehicular homicide. This led to a career as a journalist–staff writer at one award-winning newspaper and slice of life humorist at her daily newspaper. She has published short stories and articles, and won contests and awards in various print magazines, newspapers and e-zines.She reviews books for two noted book review on-line sites and freelances book reviews. Micki is currently compiling a collection of her work in a book called “Heartbeats . . .Slices of Life”, to be released in late 2013.


Header:   Linda Hales, Independent Author


Category: Childrens Books

Blurb: Linda Hales is a writer, committed to publishing storybooks with a moral for children up to the age of 7.  She currently has two books on her roster, one for each of two new series, ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Andy-Roo’.  In 2013, Linda plans to release two more titles and a coordinated series of matching coloring books.

Header: Clayton Bye, Independent Author
Blurb: Clayton Bye is a writer, editor and publisher. The author of 9 books and a varied collection of short stories, poems, articles and hundreds of reviews, he is in the process of releasing his second anthology of short stories by talented authors from around the world.

Header: Trish Jackson


Blurb: Author of extraordinary romantic suspense and romantic comedy. Spicy, suspenseful and sometimes politically incorrect.


Header: T.R. Heinan, writer, author


Category: Historical Fiction/Horror

T.R. Heinan is the executive director of an international NGO that supports orphaned children. His debut novel, L’immortalité: Madame Lalaurie and the Voodoo Queen, (ISBN-13: 978-0615634715) quickly gained to 5-star reviews and is recommended by New Orleans’ highest rated tour guides. Acclaimed for his careful research, inclusion of the best NOLA urban legends, and descriptive writing style, Heinan has captured the story of New Orleans’ most haunted house in a style that moves from the macabre to the humorous in an inspiring tale of the power of compassion and a meditation on what folks will do to capture immortality.

Delinda L. McCann. Author


Category: Social Issues, Romance

Delinda is a social psychologist and author. Her first career focussed on special needs populations. She is now using her many years of experience to write novels touching on the human condition. While writing about tough subjects Delinda sees the humor in life and tries to give her stories an element of light. Currently she has three books available “Lies That Bind”, “M’TK Sewer Rat: End of an Empire” and “M’TK Sewer Rat: Birth of a Nation.” Her novel “Something About Maudy” is due out in the spring of 2013 with “Taking Gramma Home” to follow in the early summer.


Header: Cherrye S. Vasquez, Ph.D., writer and author of No Tildes on Tuesday


Categories: Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, People & Places, Multicultural

Blurb: Cherrye S. Vasquez is a public school administrator and an adjunct professor. She specializes in Multi-cultural education and holds certifications in Early Childhood Handicapped, Mid-Management and Educational Diagnostician. She loves children and believes that they should love self-first, and affirm their belief in who they are and what they aspire to become in life. Cherrye’s platform topics center on diversity and bullying issues, and topics of relevance which draws effective discourse and dialogue around her platform. She has published two journal books titled: Diversity Daybook: Journal, and Affirmation Daybook: Journal.  Cherrye also worked alongside her daughter Kelly, as they created a little girl’s diary titled, Guess What? Dear Diary, Cherrye is the author and her daughter is the illustrator. Soon, Cherrye will have another children’s chapter book published, Dedicated Identity, to be released summer 2013


Header: R.L. Cherry- Author, columnist, raconteur


Categories: Mystery, Suspense, Historical fiction

Blurb: R.L. Cherry has been writing an oft-humorous column on hot rods and classic cars for The Union newspaper of Grass Valley, CA for over seven years.  His first book, Christmas Cracker, was published in July of 2012.  It is a murder mystery, set in England, with a wise-cracking female detective from Southern California solving the case.  His suspense novel, Foul Shot, about a Chicago Police detective who becomes involved with a wild, troubled woman who changes his life, is to be released early in 2013.  Three Legs of the Cauldron, a saga set in early medieval Scotland, is undergoing editing and scheduled for later in 2013.


Header: Stuart Carruthers, Independent Author
Blurb: Stuart is a writer of fiction and marketing materials and has published 2 novellas of the Harry Patterson Adventures and will publish another in 2013. His first near-fi novel will be published in Q1 of 2013.

HEADER: Marta Merajver-Kurlat, writer and translator

WEBSITE: http//

CATEGORIES: novelist, essayist, biographer, self-help.

BLURB: An Argentinean Literature teacher and psychoanalyst, Marta Merajver-Kurlat has published fiction in Spanish, been translated into English and Korean, and written most of her non-fiction in English. She is currently working on a novel in English under the provisional title of The Men in My Life, to be released soon by Jorge Pinto Books Inc., New York, NY, and starting a project that reflects her studies of Greek myth.

You can check her website to find out about her community and read excellent guest posts, and find her published works on


Header: D. M. Pirrone/Diane Piron-Gelman, author and editor


Categories: Mystery, suspense, historical fiction

Blurb: D.M. Pirrone is the nom de plume of Diane Piron-Gelman, a longtime freelance writer and editor.  No Less In Blood is her first mystery novel. A Chicago native, history buff and avid reader, Ms. Piron-Gelman is a member of Mystery Writers of America (Midwest) and Sisters in Crime (Chicagoland chapter). Her most recent project, A Judgment In Ashes, follows Irish detective Frank Hanley’s quest to solve a rabbi’s murder, with unexpected help from the rabbi’s headstrong daughter, in the harsh winter just after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.



HEADER: Marta Merajver-Kurlat, writer and translator

WEBSITE: http//

CATEGORIES: novelist, essayist, biographer, self-help.

BLURB: An Argentinean Literature teacher and psychoanalyst, Marta Merajver-Kurlat has published fiction in Spanish, been translated into English and Korean, and written most of her non-fiction in English. She is currently working on a novel in English under the provisional title of The Men in My Life, to be released soon by Jorge Pinto Books Inc., New York, NY, and starting a project that reflects her studies of Greek myth.

You can check her website to find out about her community and read excellent guest posts, and find her published works on






The People In Between: Gregory S. Lamb


As the story opens you hear the voice of one young girl as she hopes to find her young sister. Running through the streets dodging the exploding bombs and the sounds of automatic rifles that filled the air, Hanife Yilmaz hopes to find her mother, father and younger sister before it was too late. Looking for her mother,  she went in search of finding her  but when the harsh reality set in what she found caused her to cry in horror, freeze in place and realize what she has lost forever. That was March 1964 as the author brings us to 2001 where we meet the two children born to this brave young woman who lost her battle in life during childbirth.


Kiraz Nora Johensson and her twin brother Nils never knew their mother because she died after giving birth to them. As Nora receives a call from her brother after so much time has passed between them she reunites with him to assist a friend in his gallery and hopefully reconnect with her brother. Hearing their banter, discussion and their short but brief conversation about their past, present and hopes for their futures Nora agrees to the post in the gallery that her brother brokered for her. Cyprus is the setting of this story and the author’s description makes the reader want to visit this enchanting place. The landscape, the history and the picturesque descriptions of so many places allows the reader to feel apart of the journey. Nora accepts the position to care for the gallery and meets Aydin Kostas a Cypriot. The author allows the reader to learn more about Nora’s father a Lieutenant Colonel, USAF who was on a fast track to become a General But, circumstances changed, his plane was shot down, his crewmate captured by the North Vietnamese and he spent the next two weeks evading capture. Fortunately for him he connected with a Special Operations Group and after Vietnam he was among the first U-2 pilots to arrive on Cyprus. But, her brother made some comments about their father and although he visits him in the home where he lives the answer to his comment, “What he didn’t do,” still remains to be revealed.


The history of this country is quite compelling as internal conflicts created fighting between two communities on this island causing the United Nations to have to send in peacekeeping forces in 1964 flashing back to where our story begins and why the young girl in the prologue lost her family and why. These forces are still in Cyprus today. Ten years later Greek Cypriots enacted a military coup with the help of military junta in Greece. However, Turkey used this coup to invade the northern part of the island where the Turkish forces stayed until after the cease-fire. The end result was in the partition of this Island. As a result the violence between these communities and the Turkish invasion that followed caused the unfortunate displacement of hundreds of thousands of people living in Cyprus. In 1975 the state of Northern Cyprus now became The Turkish Federated State of Northern Cyprus. The name was changed to its present one on November 15, 1983. The only country that recognized The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is Turkey. Many Turkish settlers were given permission to live there illegally. Some chose to live and were given permission to live on Greek Cypriot land and property to slant the island’s population or demographics in favor of the Turkish Cypriots. In 2002 the UN Secretary General started new negotiations in order to unify the island and in 2004 both sides agreed on a plan for the island to be unified. Cyprus became a member of the European Union in 2004. Our story continues three years prior to this event in 2001 where Nora and her brother reconnect and begin to visit the many places her mother frequented when she met their father three decades before.


As Nora becomes more assimilated in the life of those living on this beautiful island she learns more about the tragic history, coup, the deaths and the dividing line or Green line that separates and divides the island. A line that marks where the clock stopped in 1974 and a line that divides this beautiful Island of Cyprus. The line stretches from 112 miles from east to west across the island where Greek-Cypriots people have not been allowed to pass or cross. There are some who come there to look to the other side hoping that someday the barbed wires will be lifted and removed so that what is left is not The People that Live In Between. Imagine what would happen if these people as Nora learns more about the island, the history of the family she visited, her brother’s hopes for his future would some day hear the words: You are free to go home to where you were born!


Nora’s time in Cyprus is about to end as her new friendship with a young man named Aydin has begun to bloom. But, there are some secrets not attributed to the island that many do not want revealed and if they were would change the course of many of the events that follow.  Added in the knowledge of the human trafficking that is prevalent on one side of the island and the huge houses that are quite elaborate built by the Russians on the other trying to show the world what they have built. Nora and Nils listen to their father’s account about their mother, meeting her and take a final trip with him as he returns to America and passes away. Finding her way back to Aydin but not before commanding a position as the Press and Cultural Attaché to Cyprus, Nora finally make the decision her father knew she would to marry this amazing young man. But, Nils has many things in his past that he finally admits as he and Yosette, his wife begin their journey together once again. More dissention, more strife a referendum up to finally unite the people of Cyprus and what happens next allows the reader to know that not everything will change. Hoping to find her aunt the young child that disappeared at the start of the book, with the help of someone they meet in Cyprus will Nora get the answers she hopes to find about her family?


As Nora and Aydin’s time in Cyprus comes to an end, a new chapter in lives begins. Things are not always what they seem, the times still volatile and the search for answers yet to come. As you learn the final request of one man and you find out the hidden truths about another will these revelations tear them apart or bring them closer? When the final chapter is written and the author’s name revealed someone should definitely put this novel on the NYTIMES bestseller list. The history, the scenery vividly described, the story of an island, the people struggling to unite and the final outcome for some many call THE PEOPLE IN BETWEEN. Author Gregory S. Lamb reminds us of this beautiful and amazing place called Cyprus and will tempt the reader and tantalize you with the many descriptions of the places visited by each character and the hope that someday the Green Line will be lifted. Here’s to Freedom.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer

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Header: Fran Lewis: Author, Educator, Talk Show Host, Interviewer and Five Star Indie Book Reviewer


Category: Non-Fiction, Horror and Children’s Books

Blurb: Fran Lewis is an author, book reviewer, talk show host and reading and writing staff developer. The author of ten published titles. Fran has published five children’s books, two horror and three non-fiction. She is currently working on the third book in her Faces Behind the Stones Series and A Fourth in her Bertha and Tillie Series.




Header:           Linda Hales, Independent Author


Category:         Childrens Books

Blurb:         Linda Hales is a writer, committed to publishing storybooks with a moral for children up to the age of 7.  She currently has two                  books on her roster, one for each of two new series, ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Andy-Roo’.  In 2013, Linda plans to release two more titles and                  a coordinated series of matching coloring books.



Header: Clayton Bye, Independent Author



Clayton Bye is a writer, editor and publisher. The author of 9 books and a varied collection of short stories, poems, articles and hundreds of reviews, he is in the process of releasing his second anthology of short stories by talented authors from around the world.



Trish Jackson, Author of Extraordinary Romantic Suspense 

Header: Delinda L. McCann. Author


Category: Social Issues, Romance

Blurb:  Delinda is a social psychologist and author. Her first career focussed on special needs populations.  She is now using her many years of experience to write novels touching on the human condition. While writing about tough subjects Delinda sees the humor in life and tries to give her stories an element of light.  Currently she has three books available “Lies That Bind”, “M’TK Sewer Rat: End of an Empire” and “M’TK Sewer Rat: Birth of a Nation.”  Her novel “Something About Maudy” is due out in the spring of 2013 with “Taking Gramma Home” to follow in the early summer.

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Header:           Dan O’Brien. Novelist. Editor. Consultant. 


Category:         Science Fiction. Fantasy. Horror. Non-fiction.

Blurb:         A psychologist, author, philosopher, freelance editor, and skeptic, Dan O’Brien has published several novels and currently has many in print, including: The End of the World Playlist,Bitten, The Journey, The Ocean and the Hourglass, The Portent, The Path of the Fallen, Book of Seth, and Cerulean Dreams. Follow him on Twitter (@AuthorDanOBrien) or visit his blog at He also works as an editor at Empirical, a national magazine with a strong West Coast vibe. Find out more about the magazine


Masha allah: my review

masha’ Allah: Mariah K. Young


The circle of life is not the same for everyone. The trip each one of us takes will not be filled with smooth roads, silver linings or streets paved with gold. Everyone will endure pain, sorrow, tragedy and many obstacles along the way before taking that final bow or curtain. Masha’ Allah is a compilation of stories that are told from the point of view of nine different narrators. Some told in the first person, others in the third but all from the unique perspective of the main character whose struggle to live and survive we hear first hand.


Mr. Felix is about to be laid to rest on a Saturday morning. The setting is a street that usually has lots of noise, people milling around, kids playing and hustlers trying to get a piece of the action as the limo is being driven to place this man in the ground. Just who is Mr. Felix? The streets have been cleared, the path for the limo unblocked and the voice of a child is heard as he allows the reader to follow the car, learn about the people in the community and hear their voices as each one expresses their thoughts about this man. Mr. Felix is gone. The streets are quiet and the people are paying their respects so to speak to this unscrupulous man. Why? You decide after reading it and find out why one young boy stood close to his mother watching it all happen. Next, one-man just wants to have somewhere to call his own. Day laborers ad not uncommon. Many of us see them on street corners waiting for someone to pick them up in a truck to make a day’s pay. Some live in apartments sleeping on cots, or beds lined up throughout the many rooms or one room. Others share beds with strangers hoping to get some sleep or a moment of comfort. One Space is the next story told in the voice of one of the day laborers as he and a man named Felipe and others hope to just make some money, eat, find their way back to where they live and earn enough to send money back home to their families. The narrator of this story has many identities and names as he relates. His goal is to send money home for his wife. Finding work he is excited but more when he thinks he will able to use his phone card to call home and speak with her. Picturing her in many different places, doing many things his hopes fade each time he tries to use the phone and gets nowhere. Working all day and hoping for some respite he is frustrated when he cannot connect with his wife. Going to a bar with some of the men is not uncommon but what happens on the way home to where he lives will leave you wondering just what happened to one man and if this day laborer finally gets One Space to call his own.


The title story of the book is masha’allah and it is told from the viewpoint of a man named Sully who drives a limo. His job requires that he pick up one man daily making sure that the ride is perfect, Mr. Edward is happy and the Lincoln is smoke free in odor. Mr. Ferdinand is another client that he picks up and dislikes any type of odors in the limo and our main character makes sure the limo is spotless. But, when he has some extra time and feels he can use the money and another fare our ambitious driver picks up a women and what he gets is a whole lot more than any driver would expect or want. Throughout the story we learn about his niece who comes to dinner, her boyfriend, his feelings and his friends. Trying to make something extra for his friend Suzy, he picks up with this woman and what happens will definitely make all limo drivers think twice before picking up a fare. The end result is quite startling, the final ride in his imagination as the driver drops off the fare at an unlikely place and for an unlikely reason, and then he thinks about his niece Cherise, when she moved in and predicting what he thinks might happen next. Masha’allah means it’s Gods Will as his niece relates to him. Is it God’s will that he struggles? Is it God’s will that he picked up this fare? Is it God’s will that he remain a limo driver? You decide after reading this compelling story. There are so many stories to spotlight for example the one titled The Front of the House which in this case is told from the point of view of young girl working in a restaurant hoping that the man she cares about will not marry another girl. A wedding party that is planned and the end result turns ugly as the waitress taunts the bride, pockets her tip, upsets the other workers and the end result two lost souls wanting more and one young woman whose promises of the future went up in an illusion that was created for her. Each immigrant struggle with inner conflicts, thoughts and hoping to someday become part of our American culture and a citizen of the United States. Let’s remember our first story once again as a young boy named Dylan whose mom watches him carefully as the horse-drawn carriage carries the body of the man named Mr. Felix to his final resting place. A man who died in prison and whose legacy will live on in a unique way. Living where he does will this child have a chance at life. What about Sully and his niece? What will become of them? Will see she her true calling as a lover of languages and translator? What about the two people left in the restaurant after the wedding? What will the light of the final match show? Let’s not forget the man who worked in Home Depot and was sending money home along with his friend Felipe. Just what is their fate as one sells drugs and the rest wait for work? The next story is about a young boy named Eddie who lives his life using different names and identities. Told in his own words as he enters third grade, the life and what reason behind his deceptions, he has many personas, to many people he is many different things. To one he is Mr. Villanu, on the street everyone calls him Eddie but to others he is Suspect. College and DMV knew him as something else and his paperwork and pictures reflected his many names. No one really knows who or what he really is. No one really suspects him. He hopes!


The next story is titles Raposas followed by Studies in Entropic Botany, which allows on young girl to practice what she has learned about botany and incorporate it into the world of drugs. What about the housekeeper who decides to be enterprising and sets up a salon in her homes of those she cleans? Chinta is quite smart using different houses, many clients and help from friends and her sister Christy. The story is quite interesting, humorous and the end result you just won’t believe. Does she get caught? What about her last customer? What happens you have to read for yourself? Will our enterprising hairdresser continue on or will she settle for cleaning houses? Each story heartfelt, sad in some respects, ironic in others while compelling and thought provoking. Author Mariah K. Young takes the reader inside the minds of nine hard working people just trying to their way around the own circle of life and come out with a smooth rim. I wonder what is in store for each of these characters if the stories were to continue. Well -written, interesting, fast paced and definitely each unique, different and yet the same: The Circle of Life: Which path do you think was the smoothest or are they all the same? Read these stories and you decide.


Fran Lewis: Reviewer







The Sin of Certainty: B.Y Rogers


Some kids like to try new things and one of them is smoking. Thinking they look cool, hot and will prove they are more than just young punks, Danny and Paul venture into an old barn to light up. Not really caring about their surroundings or even wondering what the final consequences might be they lit up, flicked the ashes and the end result would be more than just tragic. Feeling the intensity of the smoke lashing up at them Danny and Paul lit up more than the Kools.

Doyle Max owned the barn where the two boys were smoking and never heard or saw them enter nor was he guilty of setting the fire. However, Doyle Max had a reputation that preceded him and many thought that he had sexually molested and abused both boys for quite some time and then killing these two young white kids would hide the truth and keep him from the hang man’s noose. But, this is the South the year is 1947 and the Civil Rights Movement had not taken shape and forming lynch mobs seemed not uncommon and the man was found guilty, charged and arrested before the final ember of the fire was put out. As one mother phones in the fire another goes out in search of Doyle hoping that he is not found as part of the charred embers in the barn. But, instead when the fire department, just about the whole entire town, the gossipers, the man who runs the diner, the feed store and more show up along with the Mayor what they find will destroy two families and ignite more than the flames in the raging fire. A town that decided the man was guilty even before he could be proven innocent. A town that hates “colored people,” and considers them ignore and not worth the air they breathe. As the fire is extinguished, the police arrive and the investigation begins one woman searches for clues to find out the truth. Rose Henn refuses to believe that Doyle is guilty and as a reporter will leave no stone unturned, no rock uncovered to find out what caused the fire and why these two young boys died. Added in we have Paul, whose father Charley is mean, unruly and hateful who will do anything to make sure Doyle pays claiming that he knew about his abuse towards his son. Ted who is devastated along with his wife Nancy, Danny’s parents and a Mayor who just wants to the man he thinks is responsible to pay. As Rose tries to speak with Charley and express her sorrow the conversation gets more than heated and we know her efforts are futile.


Next, we meet Frank, Rose’s father who supports her thoughts, and understands the prejudice that riddles the people in this town. The medical report not in and the conclusions not found yet they arrested Doyle on the pretense of keeping him safe from harm and because they think he did it. The beginning of the book begins in 1925 with an incident involving Charley that sets the stage for the chain of events 22 years later.


As Rose is learning from the Doc that she has an ear infection he aptly convinces her to tell him what seems to be on her mind and why she thinks that Doyle might be innocent. But, Rose would not let it be and when it is revealed that Doyle’s grandfather is in nursing home she proceeds to visit him and what he reveals explains what happened to him in the army and the prejudice within in troop and the help he received. One incident would ring out in Doyle’s mind and the honest truth behind his plight would bring Rose into action and hopefully prove his innocence. The description of what happened to him in the army is not unheard of and the aid that he received from his Lieutenant quite compelling. The cruelty of the men who bullied him and the one man who said they went to far still haunts Doyle and his grandfather too. Why would anyone believe him? They mistrusted him back then why would anyone stand up for him now?


A town so filled with hate, prejudice and the secrets that lie beneath the ground that are buried down deep as you hear the voices of two men discuss the past and the evidence that would change things for both of them. Added in we learn more about Charley, his actions and his behaviors that make you wonder about the kind of parent he was and much more. Not finding any evidence of abuse on Paul after an incident where he was injured, Doc intimates that there is more to this than meets the eye but reveals nothing.


Rose revisits the small town, goes into the diner and the conversation over coffee with the Mayor, his son a others alerts the reader that she might need to be careful and the warning given to her heeded. Yet the Mayor believes his own words, tries to convince her of Doyle’s guilt, relates a story about a fire that he supposedly set which confirms in Rose’s mind that there is much more to learn before the her paper goes to press and the final pages are printed when the truth just might be revealed. One woman who is fighting against a whole town and one story that goes back 22 years. Just how does this all link together?


But, a town meeting turns heated and ugly as the Mayor squares off with Rose and words fly and the accusations sail across the crowded and heated room. The Mayor’s son, a Judge tries to deal with crowd and the Reverend Fox sees the faces and hears the cries of the women as each one tries to visualize what might have happened to their sons or daughters as a result of what is being implied. Added in we learn the truth about what happened to Dorsie, Doyle’ mother and many questions regarding one night would forever haunt many. What did this woman do to deserve what was done to her? What does Doc Walters know that he cannot divulge? But, Rose is persistent, relentless and with the guidance of her father she begins to see where the missing pieces need to be filled in and the reader gets an inside look at a town too blind to see what is right in front of them and people so narrow minded and hateful that one incident that took place 22 years ago would come back and haunt the entire town. Just who will remain standing at the end and who will face the hangman’s rope?


When Rose decides to pry even further the evidence she is looking for seems to have disappeared. But, the Mayor seems to hold all the cards and the end result you just won’t expect of believe. When Doyle is secretly released from jail someone follows the trail to his home and what is revealed and happens will shake the innermost core of the people of this town. Just who survives and what really happened that night in 1925? What happens when one man tells his story to Rose and what happens that will destroy more live? The Sin of Certainty: Just how sure is anyone that a crime has been committed? Just why did everyone in this town think that Doyle was guilty? Sin: an offense against religious or moral law as defined by Webster’s Dictionary. Each member of this town was hard pressed to hide the truth about an incident that tore about lives of two people on in 1925. Coming back to haunt them 22 years later the truth would not set anyone free but would forever shatter the lives of many. What is the final judgment and who will pay for his sins? Who will live with the guilt? One father will stop at nothing to find out the truth and one reporter will sacrifice it all in order to negate the towns desire to accuse Doyle Max of what they think is: The Certainty of Sin. Author B.Y. Rogers takes us inside the minds of the people of this small Southern town who have insulated themselves within the confines of their community hoping to keep their deep dark secrets buried along with the dead. Matches: Don’t get too close to the fire you might get burned! For anyone that has teens and want to stop them from ever trying cigarettes you might have them read this book and find out what happens when you play with smoke and it turns to fire. Loyalty, deceit, lies, cover-ups, fraud and one town covered with a veil of darkness. The Sin of Certainty: one thing I can say for sure you want to read this novel filled with so many final twists and one explosive ending you will stay glued to the printed page from start to finish.

Fran Lewis: reviewer


Let’s give this book: FIVE GOLDEN ROSES