Jesus was a Time Traveler: My review

Jesus Was a Time Traveler: D.J. Gelner



Doctor Phineas Templeton is our narrator and is given the job by a man called the benefactor to go on a scavenger hunt. Told when and where he will go and visit within a specific time frame in order to return to his own time period will require that he find his way back to many different places, centuries including prehistoric times when the Dinosaurs reigned. But, first our doctor creates and builds his own time machine, tells us about his benefactor and begins his journey starting in the year 2032 and moving back. Opening the doors and entering this new world hoping to meet non other than Jesus himself but what does happen is not what he expected. The first person named Trent explains how the time machines work, how history cannot really be changed and how even though he is moving back and forth nothing will ever be altered. I am not going to focus on the religious aspects or comment on how he handles many issues related to religion, the church or anything having to do with Jesus himself. I will comment and review on the plot, storyline and the character’s over all appeal, what he hopes to accomplish and where he winds up with his time machine. Phineas Templeton is world-renowned scientist in the area of physics. Telling the story in his own words, taking us back in time to many different worlds he begins in 2032 with the aid of his Benefactor and his monetary backing too while he completes creating his time machine. Just why and where should this lead him? He is supposed to according to this unnamed man or benefactor travel to ancient Judea and meet Jesus himself. Learning and studying many different languages in order to become proficient in case he needs to understand other people, Phineas looks forward to his journey back in time. So, who is this Trent or man that he meets? He is a time traveler from the future which Dr. Templeton learns if Jesus a grad student from Colorado who goes by the name Trent Albertson.


The encounter was odd and the end result brings him back to his time machine that needs some work, a computer that he has to figure out and a letter from this Benefactor that explains it all. But, after reading his itinerary, learning where and when he is supposed to go his anger wells up, he destroys the list, goes for an expensive bottle of liquor and finds out just what will happen if he fails. His first time is supposed to be 1666 and the person he is to meet is Sir. Isaac Newton. Coming out of his wormhole and opening the door of his ship he meets a woman and the greeting and what happens is quite remarkable and odd. We are now in England and he is about to learn more about this great man. Each encounter and each stop on the list allows him to meet many different people that created important pieces of history for all of us to remember. But, in order to return home he has to complete this scavenger hunt, got through time, be able to figure out what the clues left for him by his Benefactor mean and hopefully come back to 2032.



Meeting Sir Isaac Newton is his first stop and where we meet not only Newton but an interesting figure of a man named Hank Fleener who has been enlisted to teach Newton all about the things that were in the books that he had already written. He is also explaining the many laws of motion that he created and spouts off on the way kids learn. Interestingly enough he elaborates on the educational system, the lack of interest of students and the hope that they will try and gain the knowledge on their own. But, Newton seems to cower in front of this man and although he is smart and learning we have yet to understand the exact reason why each point of time is related to one man named Commander Corcoran and more about ChronoSaber the time machine. He also tried to get Finny to become this Commander but without success. Each person he meets introduces him to the person that he came to meet and he learns more about that time period, that person and why this man for some reason does not want to teach physics which seems to be the reoccurring theme surrounding each person we meet including Phineas. As each person he meets learns that he is time traveler the reactions vary and the end result quite unique. Telling Newton about Christ and that time period plus Trent Albertson explains that Trent is now a time traveler and he went back in time and became Christ reliving and creating the miracles, hell and the Bible as a source. So, what did he think of Newton and what was his opinion of him? You have read it to find out. Quite interesting to say the least. Next, stop and place to go is Cozumel, Mexico where his Benefactor who has all of the notes and technology needed to complete his trip and provided the machine sends him to the right place which is my favorite part of his book the era of the Dinosaurs. Imagine seeing the stegosaurus, triceratops and ankylosaurus. These are the veggie eaters but what about the meat eaters? As the author takes the reader back in time describes the vegetation, the landscape, the greenery and finally seeing meeting a female woman who is identified as Chronobase Alpha where he lands, meets some American soldiers and finds himself in a hospital when he awakens. Explaining what happened to him, why and the reasons for his illness he meets Commander Sanchez and beings the next stop on his list as he learns she is supposed to insure his safety but what else does he learn from her and the soldiers? But, what he experiences is right out of a sci-fi movie or you might say a show at a planetarium filled with historical slides and more.  What would you do if you lived in a world where all of your problems were solved by some of the great minds in history? Wouldn’t that be amazing? The questions asked are on page 75 and the historical figure that you might ask as the answer. Would you want to speak to Socrates? I would? Would you want to learn more about dinosaurs? Would you want to meet the King Of Lizards or even Cleopatra? The knowledge base is vast in this book and the entertainment level high as well as a character who has substance and who seems to be willing to learn what those he meets in each time period offers. The most exciting part of this time period or chapter is the vid that describes time travel, the history and the fact that they required a disclaimer definitely regarding safety really ads some humor and realism. They also explain what happens when they try to sent people farther into the future and that they might not be able to come back which is something not perfected nor do they know if they do return. Now, for the second time he meets another person besides Trent that never heard of him and cannot bring him back to his time period. Chapter 9 continues with enlightening him to the many advances weapons used, the T-Rexes and what they think of them and finally meeting Commander Corcoran, dealing with the Mayan soldiers and never really seeing what was happening in front of him as he befriends so many but just what deceits are being withheld by our creative author?




Descriptions of the characters, their appearances and comparing them to humans, communicating with the Mayans we learn how people can become familiar with other customs, languages, on page 119 we find out just how resourceful Finny really is and telling them about the future. However, reactions are unique and not quite you would expect and just where will he wind up next? Victor U. Burnham: Principal is next but why? We learn about betting on games, movies like Back to the Future and the end result well you have to read what he gives them just for meeting him. Not quite what you would expect. Meeting Burnham and learning about how he dealt with the Japanese and being invited to a special party. The reader gets a lesson on the quantum computer, listens to the dispute between Finny and Corcoran and they bring in the New Year but which one I won’t reveal as the reason behind the party, just what Burnham was doing, his donation and new building plus not acknowledging Phineas’s research and advancements. Every step of the way we learn more about him, what he claims he did and just who seems to be taking credit for his work. Added in at the end or beginning of some of the scenes on of the characters holds up the symbol: LIVE LONG AND PROSPER. Just which are real, which people are illusions and where to next?


Author D.J. Geiner leaves the reader many unanswered questions, quite a few twists and turns as the travelers meet many more historical figures, get the hear the great composer Bach play and find their way to WWII France and dealing with the Nazis. Who is the Benefactor and why was he really sent on this mission? What will the end result be and where will he wind up? Should he have listened to his father and gone into business and stayed out of the physics?

Did the author accomplish his goals? Did the main character find his rightful place in history? Where will you find the answers within a special manuscript written by our outstanding author but you might say penned by Phineas Templeton. But, when you read the ending you decide where he winds up, what is next and the final outcome. Jesus is A Time Traveler: Find out just who travels where, what happens to the time machine and where Finny winds up when you read this outstanding novel filled with human, research and one man named Finny who you just might to see more of. Fran Lewis: reviewer




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