Pandora’s Temple: MY REVIEW

Pandora’s Temple


Jon Land


Captain John J. Hightower picked up a stranger on Crete Island. This mysterious and unidentified man remained by the research ship’s deck rail watching the turbulent sea and hoping to see what he was looking for. The ship is the Aurora which has been mapping” the seafloor in detailed grids.” Hoping to find something of unknown size, composition and origin by this man. Not really telling him what he was searching for the man gave him some clues but none specific enough to learn what was hidden beneath the dark waters. This man who Hightower named El Capitan insisted they were missing something but what? What happens will shake the core of the Aurora, feel like they were on a huge nonstop roller coaster ride and then the ship lifted in the air as this huge dangerous wave enveloped the ship and the stranger’s final words were “Far out, Man!” Just what this was still remains to be seen as the story now fast forwards to the present and we meet our main character Blaine McCracken. As Blaine and his partner Sal drive up to the home of drug cartel kingpin Morales, they hope to create a ruse so great that this man and his guards will not realize what the end result might be. Hidden beneath the compound and taken, as slaves are four fraternity brothers that was kidnapped by his man. Trained assault rifles pointing in his direction. Arturo Nieves Morales thinking he has the upper hand what follows just might alert other drug lords that the United States is watching and we won’t allow you to take our kids. Asked by Henry Folsom the head of Homeland Security author Jon Land gives the reader the inside information into this mission and why Blaine was the logical and only person who could pull it off. A veteran of the Viet Nam War McCracken’s fee was simple, honorable and definitely quite heartfelt. Placing the names of those men who did not make it back on the Vietnam Memorial was his only request. The mission explained and the players in place you learn just how tough he and his friend Sal really are as they manage to make their way into the compound a day early, convince the drug lord to see them and then the end result was anything but what you would expect. Sal Belamo handcuffed to a suitcase. Turning the key to release his hands will set off a chain of events that would teach this drug lord who was in charge and that what he was about to lose was more than the simple release of the four boys. As the scene plays out the violence is expected, the explosion that took place shocked not only the guards but Morales too as his whole world was about to go up in huge puffs of smoke and his wife would forever not have to deal with his cruelty anymore. Hired by Homeland Security to rescue the four college students it really disturbs McCracken when one of the students is fatally wounded, help really takes a while to get there and Special Forces cannot be sent. Now, with McCracken and his partner Sal, using Hellfire missiles to infiltrate this drug lord’s compound what happens should definitely wise up any other drug lords who think about doing the same thing.


Paul Basmajian is the chief engineer of the Deepwater Venture as the story moves to the Gulf of Mexico and the stakes become higher and the seas grow rougher as we learn more about the world of environmental sabotage and espionage from two different sides. The purpose of this ship is to break the record for deep water drilling rig. The ship lost oxygen, it went down and the end result was no response to the mayday signal. Those that received the call would report it as a Level Six. The end result will affect the entire world. As the story shifts to McCracken and we learn more about Katie DeMarco the female that managed to escape the ship before being arrested and her role in this intricate plot. Katie was not whom she claimed to be as an assistant to the Operations Manager on the Venture. Katie is an environmental activist and was part of the group called WorldSafe whose mission it was to plant environmentalists in settings where without the knowledge of the other part, learn how they conduct their business and understand how they destroy our environment. Her job on the Deepwater Venture was routine but certain emails that she was about to read from an organization called Ocean Bore were not replied too. Without any way to communicate on the ship she could not alert her boss, Todd Lipton at WorldSafe of what she had found or warn him to abandon his location. As Katie finally communicates with Todd the message is so unclear and the end result will lead her right into the arms of McCracken and his friend Wareagle.


The Deepwater Venture is owned and operated by Ocean Bore and was housed in the Gulf of Mexico where there was little likelihood if any of finding oil. This was to be a record-breaking venture but when the drill reaches its record-breaking depth, what it releases is definitely not fossil fuel.

Retired Blaine and Johnny Ware eagle are asked to investigate and never backing away from danger Blaine and Johnny are going to find out more. Just what is this thing that that seems to be controlling the sea? Could this provide a source for unlimited energy, a nuclear weapon or something that will take us right into Greek Mythology and to one of my favorite stories about Pandora? What they uncover both is a powerful unknown force that is linked to the mythical Pandora’s box and you know that happens when it is opened.


As the mission comes into focus and the reality of what happened to the men on the Deep Venture is revealed Blaine and Johnny investigate for themselves and what they learn and find out will give you more than just deep sea chills. Checking out the damage from the fire and trying to piece thinks together one thing is for sure whatever caused this destruction is still out there or on the ship.


Thomas Landsdale is about to meet his match in Sebastian Roy. Two men with one similar goal to control the power sources for the entire world. One claiming to be concerned about the environment and going Green the other unscrupulous and concerned with profit and monetary gain. So, why did Roy invite this man to visit him and what is wrong with Roy. Well, devoid of emotion and not able to ever see the outside world due to physical disabilities and injuries from a fire, Roy is bent on taking over Landsdale’s companies any way that he can. A home filled with Greek artifacts, urns that tell the stories of gods and goddesses within each part of the urn, Roy tempts Landsdale and taunts him before the final revelation of why he really invited him is revealed. Landsdale calls himself a naturalist and Roy I think more an opportunist. Living in a hyperbaric chamber and in sterile conditions not only as frozen his mind and made him insane but definitely quite dangerous. Discussing energy sources with Roy was quite enlightening finding out his real motives scary. As Roy discusses his reasons for wanting to purchase Landsdale’s companies and his rejects all offers we hear his voice summarize what Landsdale’s companies want to control solar, wind and water power and he even learned that his company won the contract for the battery for every hybrid or electric car manufactured in the U.S. So, why does he want his companies and what happens when Roy reveals more about Landsdale’s family? . But, one billionaire who wants to own all of the energy is just one of the major players there are many more. How about a Japanese doomsday cult and even worse this “dark matter” that seems to be controlling it all. Secrets, lies, betrayals and so many wanting so much but will McCracken be able to stop what has been set in motion? What about Katie DeMarco an eco-terrorist or just someone trying to preserve the environment but what was her real motive and why does Blaine feel there is more to her than meets the eye?


As Blaine and Johnny investigate even further on the Deepwater Venture, Johnny uncovers something that will brings in a man called Captain Seven and his technology skills hoping he can help both men understand what might have caused the men on the ship to vanish and the fact that no weapon could cause what happened to the rig.


Meanwhile Katie DeMarco meets with a man named Twist who is her only link to what happened to her boss and the fact that The Venture should not have been out in the first place drilling so deep. Enter a Japanese doomsday cult leader whose goal it is to flush out of Katie what she learned on the Venture. But, kidnapping her did not bring about his goal as the author enlightens us further as to his mission and what he wants to do to fulfill his late father’s wishes. Imagine the world coming to an end! Imagine being in control of it! But, Katie’s real mission on the ship was not what he thought but to log the truth that the oil industry was still making the same mistakes and never learned from past experiences. But, Katie is smart and what she does not only will surprise the reader but the Japanese murderer too. But, can McCracken go up against this man and the billionaire and save the world? What secrets does this Japanese man not want revealed? What secrets lie beneath the wool of the mitten on his hand? All of these people are keeping secrets within them. All of them have scars whether visible or hidden inside of them


The research that went into writing this novel is extensive. Just learning about oil rigging and drilling plus the oil industry alone is quite interesting. Added in we learn more about the Japanese cult and nuclear and solar power and what would happen if one person controlled it. The author includes information about Pandora’s Temple, its origin and what happened to it. What he includes might seem like fiction but much of what he writes is fact. This fast paced novel will keep you glued to the printed page and holding your breath until you find out what the final fate of each of the major players is and who wins and who loses.


As the links fit together and the pieces of the puzzle are placed within its frame you will find that there are many hidden secrets and many hidden scars that have been uncovered. Was doomsday the real reason behind what the Japanese cult leader wanted? What did the vision of his father reveal and what is the history behind the Desert of Lost Souls and its link to Pandora’s Temple? The search for Pandora’s Jar, the coveted goal what will the final outcome be and what is the link to Pandora’s Temple?


Characters that are tough, hard nosed, straightforward and definitely should never ever join a gated community. Let’s hope McCracken and his entire team come back for another adventure but not before they fine Pandora’s Jar and hopefully put it back where it belongs.  Pandora’s Temple: will it remain under the sea or will it forever be entombed?