The Publicist: My review

The Publicist: Christina George


The publishing industry for those that do not know is quite cutthroat. Getting the right publicist and signing with a reputable publisher requires research, luck and having the right agent. Knowledge is power and the more you know about the industry, what is required and how to go about marketing yourself and your book the more apt you are to having a success. But, what happens when your so-called best seller is anything but? What happens when your best seller is one that the publisher does not feel warrants signing a contract and you are left out in the cold? What happens when you are supposed to be on Oprah and she cancels at the last minute? Well if you are Haley you pull a stunt that brings out the press, the world’s best publicist to talk you down and you leave the scene at the end in a whirl and never look back. Kate Mitchell is one of the best publicists in the business on the payroll of Morton and Dean. But, being the best does not mean she gets the top quality authors, books or titles to promote. Yet, she manages to pull many rabbits out of hats, miracles that help her clients and convinces this self-absorbed third-rate author that things will be better and that she will figure out a way to get her on the bestseller list. The Publicist by Christina George takes readers inside the dark side of publishing where we meet the unscrupulous CEO of the company, the hot editor that vies for Kate’s attention and is cheating on his wife, plus the inside scoop of what the word Publicist really means.


Getting to know the characters we realize that basically Kate is dedicated to her job but very lonely. Mac, is bored with his wife and his private life and tends to branch out a lot but when he is given the sequel to a number one bestseller he jumps at the chance to bring Kate in as the publicist for this new title.


Then we meet Mac, the editor in a more confined and closer situation as he and Kate connect in many different ways. Not wanting to leave his wife yet wanting a relationship with Kate, she has to decide if this is what she wants or if she can learn to care for someone else. Nicholas, or Nick is the nephew of one of her favorite clients who Morris and Dean have been trying to disconnect with for a long time. Allan Lavigne had one bestseller and has not written anything since. When Kate approaches him about his contract and the fact that Morris and Dean want him out he has not problem signing off and really knew it was coming. Added in we meet Janet and author of romance novels whose flavor and style is anything but raunchy and who Edward the CEO would like to be rid of too. But, sometimes things do not go as planned and Kate works her magic, does a 360 and comes up with plan that not only saves Janet’s contract, sells out every book at her signing and scares the daylights out of Edward when he realizes what he might have done. Kate is smart, savvy and understands the business so why does she fall for Mac and allow herself to be one of his women? Stating that he cares for her yet will never divorce, meeting Nick and connecting with him which one will she choose? Two men, one woman the Publicist brings the reader up close into the world of publishing and much more.



Authors wanting their books on the top lists, Mac wanting Kate for himself and Nick hoping to change it all for himself. Some authors that were great to work with others that might cost Mac more than just his job and embarrassment to the company. Kate is someone that you definitely want on your side yet when she begins to find herself embroiled with Mac, at times not focusing on her responsibilities and wandering off her mark, the reader wonders just where she will wind up at the end. Caring about Nick yet allowing herself to be drawn in at every step of the way with Mac the conflict does not resolve itself and the answers will not be revealed until The Publicist Two comes out.



Told in the third person narrative we do not really get to hear her voice and her inner most thoughts about many of the situations. Added in it would have been fun to see and hear Kate on a show with one of her authors, I loved what she did when she goes to a quaint bookstore and learns more about Mac and his kindness to the woman who owns the store. Childhood memories flood back for him and we get to see for a moment is vulnerable side.


I think the book would have been stronger is we heard from more of the authors and if Kate would have been allowed to show her real talent as a publicist in other situations and if we got to hear her make the deals with shows, interviews and used her talents more to showcase her work. Getting the Continued Promise the sequel to the Promise was great but I would have liked to learn more about the book, what type of books she and authors she represents. I like the character and would love to see her develop more backbone regarding Mac, maybe learn more Nick and hope that book two focuses more on the industry and less on the romance. Even the first scene does not seem like something a publicist would be asked to do. Hoping that most authors would not pretend to try and do a grandstand play by saying they are jumping to their death, I find that there should have been someone there to take Halley to a hospital for some therapy. The end of that scene did not seem plausible since someone tried to kill herself and just goes on her merry way.


I love the premise of learning about the job of a publicist since I would with so many every day. I also know that they work really hard to promote titles, get signings, interviews, and make sure the authors are well taken care of. But, the side plot or subplot about her and Mac seemed to take away from the fact that she is truly good and dedicated to her job.



In the end you have to decide for yourself just where she might wind up whether Nick or Mac. They are both strong characters and strong men but one is single and the other married with no chance of divorce in the picture. Can she realize that he might eventually bring her down? Can she realize that Nick is right for her or maybe someone else? Will Kate listen when her friend Grace tells her she needs to delete Mac as a lover and focus on other things? What about the author that was supposed to show up for an interview at the end? These questions will remain unanswered for the readers until The Publicist: BOOK 2 comes out. What would I rate this book? Four out of five stars.

Fran Lewis: reviewer



The Last Victim

The Last Victim

Christopher Rudy and George Davis


There are men who find pleasure in debasing women by using their strength, physical power and their anger to assault a person without their consent through sexual intercourse. Rape has many definitions and the FBI Criminal Justice Advisory Police Board, realized that the definition was too narrow and did not include rapes that were inflicted by women against women or men against men.

“So in October, the FBI’s UCR subcommittee Advisory Policy Board voted to recommend the definition be expanded. The new definition of rape, which looks set to be “officially” adopted by the FBI in 2012, is as follows: “Rape” is: …penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” This is where our story begins as one detective and one reporter lay out the facts, tell us the story of one man’s 30 year reign of rape, why it too so long to capture him, how he eluded the police and remained under the radar and why he committed this heinous crime. The Last Victim begins with the story of the final victim who helped capture William E Griffin Jr. the Ski Mask Rapist. Christopher Rudy with George Davis present the facts, allow the reader to hear the voices and thoughts of the victims as one man for 30 years preyed on women from Ohio, Michigan and Arizona to be convicted of only two rapes. Hiding in the bushes outside of many homes, calling these women on the phone with prank calls, rapes at knife-point, countless threats against his victims and forcing them to commit unspeakable acts against themselves in order to give him pleasure William E. Griffin Jr. created each scene, orchestrated each rape and defiled these women so they would no longer feel safe alone in their home. Threatening young children bringing them into the mix, hiding behind a mask as a coward so he could not be seen, using his size to overtake these defenseless women, this monster stole the dignity, and self-worth of so many.


Retired Jackson Township, Ohio, Police Lt. Christopher Rudy, the author of this book attended in March 2009 “Victim Impact” portion of the parole hearing for his horrific man. As the last victim, as the book is titled, Melissa Brown (not her real name) spoke out against this man as did hearing officer Molly Scott (not her real name) states that she cannot keep the victims straight in this case as Melissa explains that she is THE LAST VICTIM.


Each victim endured the same thing at the hand, body and mind of this diabolical man. The case and the voices of the victims are presented in an accurate timeline allowing the reader to follow the investigation over the 30-year period that many law enforcement agencies spent trying to find this rapist and finally bring him to justice. The countless hours, the frustration and knowing that he was hiding in plain sight makes it even more difficult for those involved to come to grips with the fact that he could have been caught many times and managed to find ways to convince the police he was a victim not the perpetrator. Added in are the accounts given of his marriages, the reasons he was able to get out and not be suspected and the naivety of these women to fall for his lies and lines.


Every step of the way the authors take the reader through the entire investigation until Christopher finally catches a strong break and hopefully they will once and for all arrest this person. His parents as stumbling blocks, one person in his family realizing the gravity of the situation and one ex-wife that finally came to some harsh realizations as Christopher was looking at all of the evidence, worked with so many other people he realized a serious mistake was made. No one took this criminal’s fingerprint card to the crime lab. Why hadn’t anyone compared it with unknown latent prints? But, the end is far from over even though he is now in prison. There are many who still believe this man is innocent as he continues to manipulate them, make them believe his lies and preys on their weaknesses costing them more than just their naivety or hope that someone like him was innocent. The final outcome, the judge’s verdict and where he stands now you will have to read for yourself. The hard work that went into finding him, getting him to admit what he did and finally hoping to bring closure for his victims still remains to be seen.


As the authors chronicle the events and enlighten readers about other rapes, laws that need enforcement and the hope that all states will enforce the Adam Walsh Act I have to agree that this crime is one that victims relive daily and will never really be able to find closure. Let’s hope that William Griffin Jr. never again sees the light of day or ever has the hope of freedom. This is one book that has a strong impact on the reader and anyone who understands that Rape is more than just a serious crime against the person it is perpetrated against it is more like a murdering your body, self-worth and defenses.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer





Dr. Nadjwa E. L. Norton Not My Last Breath: Collected Spirit in Print


Dr. Nadjwa E. L. Norton Not My Last Breath: Collected Spirit in Print


Take a deep breath: Inhale then exhale: listen carefully to your heart, thoughts and feelings as you envelop yourself and engulf your inner most thoughts, prayers and feelings into reading Not My Last Breath; Collected Spirit in Print and embrace the prayer/poems that you connect with after reading them several times and thinking about their meanings. The author writes that the poems were written as a “result of a spiritual act designed to further the notion and worldview of poetry as prayer.” Presented to readers in four sections each with a specific purpose. Breathe Life Into Me: Part One: She states, “ compiles a set of poems that serve as prayers for the asking of breath to be inspired, motivated, energized and pushed on.” Trying to Catch my Breath: Part Two: Contains poems that speak to the times in your life that we might be overwhelmed, stressed, dealing with adversity or actively seeking to strengthen our spiritual identities. The poems/prayers in Part Two will help the reader develop more discipline in their individual spiritual life. Monitoring, Regulating, Altering and Exhaling My Breath: Section 3 has poems of prayers that are conversations centered on reflecting self-worth, service, purpose, transformation and critique. Finally, Breathe Freely, the final section contains poems/prayers that lay claim to honor the ways we rejoice in our spiritual identities. Now: Deep Breath: Inhale: Exhale: The poems I will showcase are in each section follow. Be Myself is the first prayer/poem that I read several times. Its meaning is strong as we hear the author’s words as she sits in her room, prays for strength to just handle and make it through the day knowing that she will receive God’s mercy and hoping to be closer to him. “I Would Cry,” is really powerful a prayer/poem that expresses her hope of being even closer to God. Silent tears, noisy tears hoping that each tear would give her some relief-answers-power to change. Deep Breath: Inhale: Exhale: Let’s continue. “There is Pain,” is the next poem in this section that I read numerous times to understand the author’s feelings and messages. I realized that she shares her anguish, hurt, feelings and pain that she has experienced while dealing with the true meaning and hoping to find the solution to understanding this complex word: Pain. As she enlightens the reader to understand that she, like most have no true understanding of pain and she waits, listens, prays, meditates and listens hoping for the answer. Followed by Pain Prayer and Trying to Pray. Finally in Part One: Scared to Be Me encompass how many feel when they are not sure of who they are or where they are supposed to be.


Part Two: Trying to Catch My Breathing has a cadre of poems that focus on prayers that help us to develop more discipline in our spiritual lives. Beginning with “Speak to My Heart Lord, Desiring Silence and Gather Myself Back to Whole. The prayer/poems that I read several times were “Scattered Pieces,” “Win Your Battle,” and “Desiring Silence.” Desiring Silence is quite powerful although only three lines. It is not the length of the poem it is the words and the meanings. Migraines, headaches plague everyone at one time and the only relief often comes from praying to God to alleviate the pain and silence being alone. Did you ever feel like your body and mind seem to be going in different directions? Did you ever feel like you were being torn apart and need to feel whole again? Scattered Pieces expresses these feelings in this short poem that I read five times before deciding how to spotlight it. There are so many times when we all feel like we are going in so many different directions and feel that we are pieces of a puzzle coming part needing and hoping God will guide us into reattaching ourselves and creating a puzzle and person that becomes whole again. Finally Win Your Battle is a poem of hope. Many who have endured defeat, pain, and strife or feel that life is too hard can identify with the words in this poem. You cannot accept defeat; you can Win Your Battle! Never Give Up! Take a Breath: Inhale/Exhale: Continue!

The third section focuses on the times in your life when you reflect on your self-worth, service, purpose, transformation and critique. “Prayer Is, Questions, and Silence is Prayer,” are the three poems that I will spotlight. Prayer Is: short but states in words how not speaking sometimes helps as we reflect in silence what bothers us and how we can find relief without words. Questions asks God to let you know where life is going to take you and when will you arrive promising to use the map that he has given you as your guide. Silence Is My Prayer is my favorite as sometimes no words are needed to communicate the “jumble of thoughts,” within you and silence might bring the clarity you need. Finally, Part Four: Breathing Freely: Rejoicing in your spiritual identities; “ Everyone Needs to Laugh, Faith and Prized Possessions and Sing a Song of Faith are the final three poems that I will spotlight. Laughter is great for the Soul I’ve always thought. This poem is strong, motivating and definitely will help the reader gain a true perspective of how to deal with stress, problems, when you don’t want to cry and need to make the right choices. Appreciating another person’s wonderful personality and laugh is inspiring. Laughter is joyous, powerful, and contagious. Take a deep breath: Laugh out loud: God laughs as they laugh! Sing a Song of Faith allows the author to sing even off key the melody of life and how she wants to deal with tragedy. Prized Possessions: unspoken words, silent prayers, unuttered words: so true: Prized possessions so valuable: her strong belief in God allowing him to communicate within each of us.


Each poem speaks to the reader as the author takes us all of a spiritual journey to understand how poems are prayers and sharing her insight, thoughts, wisdom and innermost thoughts with the reader. Take A Deep Breath: Inhale: Exhale: read the poems. Decide which ones you want to embrace and make them your own. Read them again; Make them yours!


Fran Lewis: reviewer






Sweet Laurel Falls: RaeAnne Thayne



Surprises come when you least expect them and some you might want to live without. About to enjoy her Christmas Party with her book club Maura McKnight never expects two unexpected visitors that would bring her past back into her present. Leaving 20 years ago, Jackson Lange never turned back, never it appears gave her a second thought and lived his own life becoming a successful architect. So, what would draw him back to Hope’s Crossing and what would cause him to stay? Maura McKnight- Parker lost her youngest daughter in an accident. Several teens went out drinking and never thought about the consequences about what would happen when you get behind the wheel of a car. Dealing with her loss and trying to cope with life she is excited to set up this Christmas Book club in her bookstore. Imagine what happens when Jackson walks in along with her daughter Sage.


Jackson Lange never knew that Sage was his daughter or that he even had a daughter in college. Maura kept it a secret. But one look at her, asking her who her parents were, revealed more than words could express. Jackson disliked Hope’s Crossing in this small town of Sweet Laurel Falls. Not wanting to remain there he left only to return to learn about Safe. But, things start to heat up, old feelings arise, tempers flare and two people have to come to some kind of truce. Sage, accepting his presence, still missing her sister Layla that was killed in the accident, is anxious and thrilled to have Jack in her life. But, what about her mother? What about the people in the town and their reaction to Jack? Added in we meet his cantankerous, difficult and impossible to get along with father, Harry Lange one of the wealthiest men in town and who seems to have his hand on the pulse of the economy. So, when Sage invites her father to dinner, prepares a great meal for both of her parents imagine Maura’s reaction when she states that she is not going back to college for the next semester. Taking time off she feels will help her to cope with her sister’s death, decide what she wants to do and be around her mother to help in her bookstore and take online classes too. Maura none too thrilled and definitely set on Sage following her destiny back to school could not believe what happened next.


Not wanting to lose any more time with his daughter he considers moving to Hope Crossing, opening an office and hiring his daughter to work for him giving her a coveted internship in architecture. As the night progressed you can see that the feelings between Maura and Jackson are still there but will their fire ignite along with the flames in her fireplace? Coming out of a relationship with an man named Chris will she reconnect with her first love? As truths come out and the past might reflect on the future Maura learns that Jackson never received the messages that she called tried to stay in touch with her and never returned her calls. Twenty years is a long time and now what will they do as the reason for his return is revealed. Coming back to speak in one of Sage’s college classes, speaking with her and then realizing who she is makes for an interesting story.   Will they decide that the second time around just might make it right? But sometimes connections are made even when you least expect them to be. One father who has just entered his daughter’s life is more perceptive than Maura thinks. Concerned about what might be causing Sage to become so tired and pale both Jack and Maura have different thoughts. When expressing his concerns to Maura and what he thinks might be the cause of Sage’s tiredness and lethargic behavior, Maura defends her daughter but agrees to seek medical help for her. But, when the truth comes out and Sage tells them the problem they ban together to help her. 


Renter the book club that for some reason never read this month’s book but instead is about to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Evie to Brodie. Reminding readers of how they met after the tragic accident that took Layla’s life and critically injured Brodie’s daughter, Taryn, things start to come together for one young woman but what about Maura and what will she and Jack do about the secret that Sage has finally revealed? As Harry attempts to put out an olive branch to his son, Jackson, Sage learns something that might change it all. Secrets, betrayals, lies and hidden feelings are primary in the final chapters of this outstanding novel. Learning what Sage will do with her problem, dealing with telling the truth and facing the world, learning something about the Angel of Hope things take an interesting turn for everyone.


The recreation project given to Jack, remaining in Hope’s Cross a viable option but will all of his effort reunite him with Maura and what will the final outcome be? Then a formal memorial for Layla that means so much to Sage and equally to Maura just might cement their love even more. But, Maura just might not be the only one caught by the love bug and opinions and feelings might just change for someone else. Can everyone put the past behind them and realize that people can change? Can they learn the true meaning of forgiveness and embrace a new life? An ending that only author RaeAnne Thayne could create and a family’s whose lives will never be the same. One young girl would change it all for both Maura and Jack. What about Harry and Mary Ella? The answers can only be found in her soon to be released new novel in April: Current Valley Creek.


Hope’s Crossing, just the name alone brings you warmth, love and makes you smile. The special butterflies at the memorial for Layla reminded me of how much my late sister loved them too. So, to all of the special characters in this book and to our Five Star author let’s give this book: FIVE GOLDEN BUTTERFLIES TO BRING JOY TO EVERYONE WHO READS THIS NOVEL. Can the past really become your present? Only one way to find out: Read Sweet Laurel Falls and find out.


Fran Lewis: reviewer