Arizona is Where I Live: Rico Austin

Arizona Is Where I Live

Rico Austin







Get your ski gear, sunscreen, and hat and get on the tour bus and join me on our special tour of Rico Austin’s home state of Arizona. Find out where the fun activities are, the Grand Canyon, the special places of interest, where to hike, bike and even just take a cool swim. Check out the great Map of the State and find out where the many cities are located. Sit back, make sure you have your camera ready and let’s begin our tour with a visit to the Grand Canyon, which happens to be this state’s nickname. The beautiful pictures drawn by Cindy Work makes the scenery and the landscape come alive. Check out the vibrant colors, the details and the amazing way she shows the depth and just how steep this Canyon is. Look at the man on foot and the woman behind him walking carefully, watching every step as they enjoy the greenery, the water below and the amazing site. Did you know that it would take two days to get back up to the top once you are all the way down? Better make sure you have plenty of water or soda pop to keep you hydrated.


I bet you did not know that in this state there are so many animals that run wild and free. Check out the illustrations and see if you can find all of the animals and learn their names. Author Rico Austin like the coyote the best because he sings a special tune. Which animal is your favorite? Check out the colorful illustration of the coyote that Cindy drew? Can you hear him sing? I can just by looking at the illustration and listening?



Next we have the most beautiful picture of the greenery and the animals that live in what looks like the forest. We have my favorite the rabbit and of course the deer. The colorful picture makes you wish you were there too. Quail looking for feed look lifelike. The two precious children playing in the sand look like they are really having fun. The expressions on their faces look so realistic it’s as if they want to invite you to join them.


Learn about the outdoor fun in the summer and some of the history of the state like the state flower and hold tall and old it is. This I think you are grown up enough to read and learn for yourself.


We are going to visit the State Capital in Phoenix, which is pictured in beautiful colors, and the Flag of the USA and the State Flag flying high. But, what makes this special is the author tells the story of the state in poetry or rhyme and the pictures even of the Cactus and the wrens are so real and well illustrated you can fell the thorns as you touch the cactus and say Ouch! There are outdoor activities in hiking, mountain biking and even swimming and what about nature walks? There are so many ways to have fun in this beautiful state that I think you need to explore the rest and finish the tour on your own by reading this great book, learning about the state and then taking a swim with a friend and deciding what things you like to do in your own special state.




If you live in Arizona then you will love the great state flag that all kids can recreate on their own. Just get some red, gold, blue and yellow crayons or paint, paper and a ruler to make your own flag of Arizona and then how about finding out what your state flag looks like and making one?


Where you live is special and everyone should honor their state in some way. How about drawing some pictures on the special page at the end or the book of something you like to do in your state. How about writing a story or a poem about your state too? How cool is that? Maybe you can even send you thought to the Governor of your state or the Mayor to let them know how special you think your state is. Why not make your own book of your own state. Find out the what the state capital is, the state flower, where the fun places are to go, what animals are special and more. This is a great book for kids of all ages and adults to do this special project at home with their children. A definite must read and a great way to teach children about Arizona. Thanks Rico for sending me this special present. Fran Lewis: reviewer




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