25 perfect days: my thoughts

25 Perfect Days: Mark Tullius



Would you want to live in fear, face oppression or lead a life where you are dehumanized, manipulated and controlled by others? Would you want to be part of this imaginary place where your life and everyday being is planned and orchestrated by others? What would you do if you lived in a world where the government made all of your decisions, your individual rights were taken away and the end result would be a world where the government controls absolute authority and centralized control over every part of your life where you and everyone else are subordinated to the state and if you dare to go against or oppose their doctrines, ideals, political views or cultural mores you will be more than just silenced or suppressed? People do not realize when change is about to occur and subtle and covert things happen and we often take a while or backseat and wait to find out the outcome. But, we need to keep our eyes wide opened, our minds clear or what you are about to learn about will not be fiction but fact as the author of 25 Perfect Days takes the reader on a road, not one you want to travel into a world that no one wants to live in. How will you survive if the world has contaminated water, food storages that cannot be rectified, a religion that you are forced to follow and some who feel that only the elite deserve to live and rest need to be eliminated. Hitler killed and exterminated along with many others. Those who would not hesitate to imprison those whom they considered dissenters led what would happen if the world as you knows it?


Would you live in a world where you would be oppressed? Would you want to live with higher taxes, a health care system that did not provide what you need and as they did in many of the concentration camps experiment on people? What would you do if all that you heard on the news were what they wanted you to hear and not the truth? Let’s begin our journey and you decide whether you will fight back or become one of them.



What would you do if you came face to face with a murdered, rapist, killer for five minutes? At the end of the first of the 25 stories you have to decide for yourself what you would do if you came face to face with a killer who raped and murdered your child or sister. The story Five Minutes Alone starts the reader on a journey that will take you inside the minds of many people that control your every move, life and decide whether you live or die. Many will be terminated, exterminated because they dare to express their own feelings, go against what is expected, want to have a child or dare to want to keep their child and not give it to the cult called The Way. Each story interlocks with the ones coming before it and the events are chronicled over a forty- year period. Each reverting back to that terrifying five minutes where decisions were made and many lives changed. What happens to Jeremy and Justin the two brothers whose sister was murdered? Find out where they wind up when you read Fourteen Angry Marchers and learn part of Justin’s fate and understand what happens to Jeremy when you read Thirteenth on the List but their stories are far from over and their fate not sealed until they meet again and in the story titled Eleven Times More Likely. The first story begins in 2036 and the next you find yourself dealing with Angry Marchers one year later. The time spans of these events change but the messages are loud and clear as people no longer have the right to bring up their own children, some are placed in cages hoping to be taken and cared for and others will never see the light of day. Families are separated and children sent to live with and become servants of the Way. Others live in fear of the Controllers and that they will be able to detect and hear their every word and eliminate them. Some are tortured at the hands of those in charge while others are connected. Weight and height specifications determine whether you are live or die. Food that is contaminated, water that is not purified, health care and medical care to those that can afford it, fear reigns and young children forced into slavery.


What would you do if your food were genetically modified, if experiments were done on you or your children to benefit those in charge? What would you do if you have to pay higher taxes, could not speak your mind, worried about what you said about the government or dared to rebel?


Welcome to a world where everyone is programmed to do what others tell them to and where those that disagree will not see the light of another day. But what happens when some do not care and defy the authority of others? Correction officers who inflict pain on others. A man named John Longely that will inspire you and whose son becomes a Disciple but why? A man named Julio who goes to the DMV with his sister and is arrested for buying bleach. Imagine having to decapitate your limbs in order to fit the weight requirements set by those in charge. Imagine having to deal with body scanners, weapons and inhuman treatment as part of your daily life? Imagine a man who thinks he is God and runs a cult called the Way and says he is doing everything for the benefit of mankind. What about those that live their lives hoping to escape but sacrifice themselves for their family?


Reality or fiction? Are we blind to what might really happen? Could anyone fight back and rebel? Each story reverts back to that precious five minutes when four people had the chance to take matters into their own hands and what happens you just won’t believe. Is it love, faith, courage, brainwashing, fear, hate or just plain complacency that allowed this to happen? Would you be able to live in a dystopian society? The stories deal with the lives of many different people whose voices you hear throughout the book and whose feelings and thoughts will surprise and astound the reader as they weave a plot so intricate and deadly you won’t know what the final outcome is for society and the world until you read the last page and wonder if the author has more to come for these people and possibly 25 more days into the future to see what comes next.


Should the government tell you how much you are allowed to weigh, what you are allowed to eat and if you are allowed to drive a car and get a license? What about the fact that this government allows only a certain percentage to drive, where they work and overpopulation is controlled through sterilization and mass extermination. The Way is the religious group at the center of this corrupt and dysfunctional world. Twenty- five perfect days or forty years to find yourself living a permanent nightmare. You decide when you read this novel. Characters that are unique, vividly described and a story that will keep you wondering: Fact or Fiction? Real or Imaginary? Could you live through these 25 Perfect Days? What’s your definition of Perfect?


I read this book in one hour and could not put it down. It is thought provoking and gives the reader much pause for thought.

Fran Lewis: reviewer



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