The Devil’s Garden: My review

The Devil’s Garden: Brady Christianson


Imagine having your privacy invaded and killers coming into your home and all you want to do is defend yourself and protect your family and you wind up being questioned. Recon Marine Brandon Colson wants to live a quiet life, care for his family and forget the past. But, armed assassins break into this home, he deals with them and then the action really begins. With his wife being questioned in the next room and the threat and stakes too high will he be able to get back his life before it’s too late. Detective Collier is not one to be trifled with and yet as we meet him as he confronts our main character we learn that Colson has his own form of interrogation and takes control of the situation. His sarcasm and flippant attitude make you wonder why the detective didn’t stop the interrogation and take back control. The anger welled up inside of him and came rearing ahead as the detective would not relate any information about his wife and children. The tactics in interrogation quite different as we hear the way Officer Shelley speaks with Mrs. Colson trying to find out what happened and just where to go from there. Her reaction interesting and her defense of her husband compelling.



Then, each of the children is questioned and their responses are quite graphic and descriptive. You can hear the pride in their voices when they speak about their father and how he saved them from being killed. Yet, all three descriptions were different and some mirrored what you might say a real science fiction movie. I really love the youngest child and how she considers the policewoman a stranger and would not tell her anything personal. Great job Eden.


While the police ponder of what they think happened and coordinate their notes from each of the children, the wife and Colson, Brandon recounts on his mind the events of the night and is surely pleased with the outcome. Weapons he has not used for a while and memories of the past as his secret past is about to come flooding into the present. What is amazing is how the author allows his main character to take over the interrogation and turn the questioning around in his favor. Just the way he talks to the doctor is quite remarkable and amazing that they are not tougher on him. When checking on his military career his records were not there or anything medical. But, one startling quotation leads one investigator in another direction and what is revealed will give you the chills. Could Colson have anything to do with Satan and who is he really? Why are his records missing?


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