Prophecy of the Kings: My review: BOOK ONE

Prophesy of  the Kings

David Burrows





Freedom often comes at a high price. One man wants to escape his life and his home. Another is shipwrecked, savagely beaten and cannot return home to his family. A third is a sorcerer whose past stays hidden for a long time. Vastra is a man of mystery and while Kaplyn our prince and Lars our shipwrecked man team up and start to bond we learn more about their goals, their pasts and passions. As Lars competes in wrestling matches and literally destroys his opponents, Kaplyn enters a different contest and both come out winners. But, this story does not just center around these three and the quest will lead them into the world of demons, wizards and dragons. As we learn more about a demon whose body might have gone to another world but who will definitely return. Trying to save their world. Can they? Demons are attempting to open a passage to the demon world. Will they succeed? The premise of the story is to find the mysterious Eldric and learn why they disappeared. Finding what they left behind might be the only way to safe the world.


As the story opens in Book One we learn about the Eldric and their disappearance. We also learn about the Krell Wars and a demon named Drachar whose shade was banished from the world. As we hear his pleas, we listen to those present as they hope his spirit or shade will never return. But, although the threat might seem to be gone he took with him when departing the only way to defeat the demons. The world of wizards, dragons and humans as depicted by author David Burrows is really not any different than our world is today. There is always someone vying to rule others. There is someone or a group hoping to take over the world run it their way. Legend of Eldric if Book I in this Trilogy where we meet Prince Kaplyn who is not really into being a prince and decides to spice up his life and leave the sanctity of his kingdom. Kaplyn is a figure you come to admire from the start as he rescues Lars in a creative way from the hands of several who want to beat him to death. Enter Vestra, a wizard looking to retrieve or find the Eldric Talisman setting off a chain of events that would bring both Kaplyn and Lars closer to learning more about the Eldric and dangers they never imagined. As their journey begins they learn more about the demons that can possess animals such as wolves as they assist some farmers they are staying with for a night. The pendant is Vastra’s quarry but when Kaplyn risks it all and finds it why does he decide to have it remain with him and not Vestra? What does he learn about Vastra that would endanger, his father, the King? What would happen if he knew who Kaplyn really was?


Hearing the Prophecy one thing is definitely for sure is that we have not heard or seen the last of Drachar. We have yet to meet one more colorful character named Lomar who is an Alvalah, albino living in the center of a forest in a place called Gilfillan.


Will they find the Eldric who disappeared and left certain valuable items in their wake? How will they neutralize the demons? This coveted pendant is their only hope to ridding the world of the demons who want to overtake their souls. Three separate worlds, many events and one final outcome: Destruction or will they succeed? Friendships are formed but deceit lies in the forefront as the reader realizes when Vastra’s true character shines through and his lust for gold, greed and power overtakes more than just him.



As Kaplyn relates his journey, the rooms that were quite distinctive but were they really there, learning about the Krell Wars in detail and the prophecy we wonder just how far he will go to find the Eldric and why risk his life for Vastra? Enter the Baron his close friend who he relates more about his tale, his hope to find Talin and just whether the prophecy will come to pass.


Dinner with the Baron would prove enlightening as several guests relate their goal to establish a new god and hope that the Baron would fund them. Told no and leaving on the spot Vastra spots the Eldric Sword that Kaplyn had hidden. Summoning his librarian to decipher what is inscribed on it sets forth a dangerous and deadly chain of events as demons rise up and several, including the librarian are killed. We also learn about Trosgarth and the monarchs that are being killed to deny the prophecy from coming true. These religious leaders believe in a Priest of Ryoch are feel they can communicate with this god through their guardian spirits called Shaols. Add in is their belief in the Kalanth or the demigods who they claim guard the world.
Hoping to get a message to his father Kaplyn learns of the discontent of his people. His father seems to favor certain classes of people and not others creating this feeling that some are not being protected possibly explaining why the demons attacked the farm and the farmers. The journey continues as they meet the Alvalah and Prince Lomar.


Lomar proves to be more than just a friend and wants to join Lars and Kaplyn on their journey to search for the Eldric. Along the way we learn more about Vastra, the hidden demon that he controls or imp as he is referred as, the betrayals, lies, deceits as four men search for a way to save the world, their individual people and survive. Lamar feels that he owes it to his people to go on this quest before the Tallin Crown as the prophecy states has risen. Being a constellation of stars it is set to be seen the night sky within 60 years which seems like a lot of time to us but to these men not so.


Author David Burrows takes readers inside the minds of each character hearing their motives, innermost thoughts and along the way his descriptions of the many places visited, passed and seen so vividly depicted you feel like you are there. The greenery, the hills, mountains and the place where the albinos live so amazing and beautiful it mystifies readers. Glaciers, snow filled skies, Krells on patrol, one day to enter the cave to find the answers to what is written on the map on the pendant and 60 years when the Tallin Crown will be whole again.


An ending so startling, so violent and unique you won’t see it coming nor will those present. One man set out to gain what he felt was his. One pendant that has the power plus a kara stone what would store magic and hopefully will protect the holder. Who winds up with the pendant?  What about the Kara Stones? Will their power save them? What happens to Kaplyn, Lars and Lomar. What about the threat of the Trosgarth and Aldrace? If Vastra opens the pathway to the other world who will survive? What you learn at the end will caution readers to remember that Vastra is a sorcerer and not to be trusted? The Legacy of the Eldric: Whose lives are risked because they could and would not heed the warnings and turn back? Who stands tall at the end? Who rises up? The answers will come to those who are brave enough to read Book 2: Dragon Rider and learn more. Dragons, wizards, humans, demons, shoals and Krells: Who lives? Who dies? Will they ever find the Eldric?


This is one trilogy that will keep readers glued to the printed page but make you think twice before entering a cave, whether about without the proper light, tools, and definitely beware of demons and sorcerers and dark caverns.


Fran Lewis: reviewer


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