Maxwell: A special raindrop


 Title: Maxwell the Raindrop Who Wouldn’t Fall. The author is Joe Moore The ISBN number 978-1-4507-0733-6.   The publisher is   self-published.



Raindrops are precious and each one has its own special job that might help to water a flower, cool off a person on a hot summer’s day or even create their own puddle with all of their raindrop friends. But, what happens when a storm is brewing, the wind dies down and the dark black cloud slows down right over a beautiful town? Most raindrops are excited and cannot wait to get out from inside this cloud that has housed them and kept them confined for so long. Some just want to land smack dab on top of a house, on someone’s head or even blob down and bounce off and land in a big puddle. As you hear the voices of the happy raindrops there is one lone raindrop that goes off by himself because, Maxwell would not fall.


Maxwell could not decide if he wanted to fall because he did not want to be a raindrop. He wanted to be a bird. Birds fly. Birds are free and that was what he told the Wise old Cloud. But the Wise Old Cloud explained that even though a bird appears to be carefree it needed rain to survive. So, we learn that birds need rain and without it they might die. Important lesson learned. Birds do not know where life will take them next so maybe the next time the storm cloud is ready to burst Maxwell would decide to fall.


The dark cloud slowed down again and this time the other raindrops decided that maybe they would do somersaults, or dance on the wind. But, poor Maxwell was still not ready to fall. This time he wanted to become a rainbow. Staring down at the people below he saw he began to think that maybe raindrops were not welcome since most people did not want to get wet because they carried umbrellas. Once again the amazing Wise Old Cloud explained to him that rainbows are beautiful but does it really know if it makes people happy? Max thought about it but was not ready to fall. The other raindrops fell all over a farmhouse, some created their own puddle and you can hear them laughing and having fun but poor Max seemed all alone and so sad. Then, he explains to the Wise Old Cloud that he dreamed of being a flower. Flowers are beautiful but remember they cannot live without rain or they will wither and die. Throughout this colorfully illustrated book we meet many raindrops that smile, jump, laugh and enjoy life as who are they are, a raindrop. So, why can’t Maxwell embrace who he is by falling?


 Something happens as he thinks about his fate and something triggers a change. Just what that is you will have to find out for yourself as Max has one final decision to make in order to help something that might not survive if he does not fall. What does he do and what is his final decision you will learn when you read Maxwell: The Raindrop Who Wouldn’t Fall by author Joseph Moore.


Author Joseph Moore relates the story about a raindrop named Maxwell who could not decide if being a raindrop really mattered to anyone including himself. Everyone wants to be needed and everyone wants to feel special. Children can learn from Maxwell that sometimes just when we think we are not happy with who we are, what we are capable of doing, something or someone comes along and makes us feel special and the world seems to shine even more. As the Wise Old Cloud tried to impart to Maxwell: Raindrops fall: It’s what raindrops do! So, will he fall? What will his decision be? Maybe young children will write letters to him to encourage him to fall and help nature, birds and even people to survive. Raindrops are special. Will Maxwell ever learn that he is too? So, the next time you see tons of raindrops falling from the sky maybe one just might be Maxwell. Teachers can do some great lessons about rain, what causes raindrops to fall and why. Children can create some great pictures of Maxwell and the other raindrops and add their own commentaries and maybe even decide where else raindrops can fall.




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