Here by Mistake: My thoughts

Here by Mistake: My thoughts.


Here by Mistake: My thoughts

eignets with strawberriesHere by Mistake: David Ciferri


Entering the basement of an old mansion that belonged to his Aunt Faye was Brandon’s passion. Wanting to search through all that she left within the cluttered basement his goal. But, first Brandon had to obtain the keys to what he hoped was a room filled with treasures. Asking the one person that handled her finances to allow him into the basement was fruitless. Stating that everything within this room was boxed, catalogued and earmarked for someone or someplace. Most would go to a charity chosen by his Aunt and the rest would be dispersed according to her wishes. Had she wanted Brandon to see what she had accumulated over the years she might have placed a note about it in her will. But, Brandon along with his two friends Sarah and Stephen were determined to find a way. But, sneaking into the house after purloining the keys in a very clever manner, the three friends will find themselves entering a world they never knew existed except in history books and reliving some of the events as they are transported back in to the 1965, New Orleans.


Brandon is quite inquisitive and as they explored the basement of his aunt’s house they found many interesting things dating back to 1965 including a suit of armor, stuffed animals and first edition books. What would you do with a first edition of Gone with the Wind signed by the author? As the explored the stacks and the entire room they came across a small recess or niche in the wall. Along with Brandon came his friends Stephen and Sarah who at first were hesitant about even entering the house but their loyalty and friendship to Brandon won out as they come closer to the niche. Searching for something and wanting to live his dream, Brandon has photo in his hand from 1965 and as he approaches this niche something happens and the next thing they know they are all in Aunt Faye’s house in New Orleans. But, when Faye enters the house she has no idea who Brandon is and what happens next will amaze the reader as they begin their exploration of a time period that they have only read about. With Stephen as their resource for information their only concern is how will they get back home, will they find the niche and who will help them. Quinton                  is the man who was hired to handle his aunt’s finances in the past and the one person who told them they could not enter the house in the present. So, finding him and hoping they can convince him to help them find their way back will not be easy. Just how they did this is quite ingenious as Stephen’s backpack, his trademark that he always has with him has certain books that when Quinton saw the copyright and heard what Stephen had to say, finally believed that they were from the future. Sarah showed him her cell phone; Brandon was floored with the lack of remote controls, the poor pictures on the television and a newspaper article from the future that would explain a blackout that would occur in the past.


They are particularly fascinated by a decorated niche, which upon inspection suddenly transports them back in time to 1965, New Orleans. Hardnosed, impulsive and often speaks before he thinks, Brandon enters into a new world that takes him and his two friends on a journey they will never forget. Entering the Latin Quarter and meeting Quinton 40 years younger, the three friends learn the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, prejudice and distrust as three friends test more than just friendship trying to get back to 2005.


As the three time travelers convince Quinton in the past that Brandon knows him in the future we reenter a world where television programs provided more than must entertainment. Where the Beverly Hillbillies was a top rated show and VHI and MTV were just letters of the alphabet. Remote controls were not invented. Laptop computers and cell phones unheard of and three teens in dire need of finding the Niche in order to get home. But, when they enter Faye’s house in the past the niche is gone and trying to acclimate to where they are was not easy, as Stephen became the target of some tough teens, a nasty storeowner and at times Brandon’s thoughtless remarks.


Driving an Easel, Quinton leads the way to helping them find their way back home but not before warning them that the events in the past better not alter the ones in the future. As Brandon shoots his mouth off, gets in trouble with his friends and does not follow directions when told to stay put. Curiousity might do more than just kill a cat if he does not take heed to the warnings given.


The Edsel was an automobile marque that was planned, developed, and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company during the 1958, 1959, and 1960 model years. With the Edsel, Ford had expected to make significant inroads into the market share of both General Motors and Chrysler and close the gap between itself and GM in the domestic American automotive market. But contrary to Ford’s internal plans and projections, the Edsel never gained popularity with contemporary American car buyers and sold poorly. The Ford Motor Company lost millions of dollars on the Edsel’s development, manufacturing and marketing: Wikipedia: Imagine driving in one of these as the four set off to leave New Orleans for New York and hopefully backtrack to Aunt Faye’s house finding the niche and returning home. But, what will they find when they cross over? Will they find themselves older? Will anyone even realize they were missing?


While getting to know the time period each one of the young teens gets more of an insight into themselves, their fears and Brandon comes face to face with Reginald. Reginald or in the present in 2005, is really his nasty, overweight next door neighbor Jonesy a mean old man who is all alone and hates everyone. But, when faced with him in the past and seeing him being bullied by several teens, Brandon, Stephen and Sarah do more than just come to his aid. Learning the true meaning of friendship, realizing the differences they have might not matter, Brandon even helps Reginald realize he is far from a loser. But, as things happen within the novel the time travelers tend to change some events and what will happen if Reginald comes back with them? What will happen when Quinton realizes who and what he is in the future? With the help of the old Edsel and Reginald they make it back to the house, find the niche and hopefully return home. The history of the time period, the food, the television, the prices and the people they met, this is one experience that they might never forget.


Take a trip back to New Orleans; visit the Latin Quarter, Reginald and Quint as they were back then. Will they get back to the present? Will they ever find the Niche? Would they want to return to the past for more adventures? As Sarah plays peacemaker in between tears and worrying about her mom, Stephen plays historian and solid thinker, Brandon is rash, over zealous and often speaks before realizing what he says, this is one book you just might want to share with kids in school to understand the meaning of friendship, prejudice, understanding and trust.


What would happen if you enter a room, found a small recess within the wall, got sucked in and transported back in time 40 years and you lost your pathway to return? As Brandon, Sarah and Stephen meet Jonesy in the past, Quinton and many more their actions change many things in the present but are they for the good? “ To the Young Who Believe and Who Search: Speak the Dream and Breach the Boundary: Join these three teens as they use the niche to help them find whatever they are searching for. An ending that will surprise you and an author that created a novel that definitely requires more adventures for these three teens, more life lessons to be learned and more fun for readers to join them if they decide to return to: Back to the Past!


Here by Mistake: That Depends on who you ask? The food, the music, the sports, the television programs, no remotes, no cells, the technology of the present that they lacked in the future are all shared in this remarkably heartwarming and hilarious novel. But, honestly: Howard Johnsons and Beignets: Real nostalgia: Real Southern comfort treats:

Let’s give this book: FIVE TASTY BEIGNETS that our time travelers relished and ate while back in the past and one extra one for this reviewer in the present.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer



ew Orleans Beignets Recipe





Night Harvest: my review

Title: Night Harvest

Author: Michael Alexiades

ISBN: 978-1620454855

Publisher: Turner


Scrubs, gowns, gloves and a sterile field in an OR that is properly prepared to receive a patient for surgery. Instruments are placed, their numbers counted and checked for proper functioning and proper count. The final preparation of a sterile field is performed, the surgeon is assisted with his gowning/gloving and the assists surgeon drapes and passes off suction/cautery lines. But, what happens when certain protocols are pushed aside. What happens when an unexpected emergency occurs, panic sets in and things go downhill? The circulating nurse transports the patient to the procedure room and assists with positioning the patient. F.J. Pervis was awake when all of the preparations for his surgery were being put in place. Before the anesthesia was placed within the IV in his arm and the final skin prep has been completed the surgeon, Dr. Warren Nathan entered the room and waited for the patient to be put to sleep. As Pervis insisted on forgoing the needed MRI and wanted to expedite matters by having this knee surgery without the proper pre-op clearance, Dr. Nathan agreed and what happens would rock the inner walls and operating room of Eastside Medical Center. When Dr. Gregory Toll places the drug within the IV and the surgical team begins what should have been a routine operation, the Pervis goes into cardiac arrest. When the final code is called and all of their efforts failed, he is wheeled to his temporary resting place, the Morgue. Demetri Makropolis is the fourth year medical student that was assigned to assist with this case. Observant, astute and definitely quite skilled he realizes that something does not ring true about the final outcome. Deciding to brainstorm what might have happened with his father a retired police detective brings to light some hidden secrets that if uncovered would not only put him in danger.


Thinking he was still alive and not able to communicate Pervis opens his eyes and tries to tell the 2 orderlies transporting him to the morgue that he is still alive. But, what happens when the CEO and the head of Orthopedics face the press, one reporter named Jack Bigelow asks too many pointed questions and the conference is abruptly ended. Hoping to push aside what happened they cannot cover-up what they learn next. Someone managed to get into the morgue and steal the body. Wait until you learn why!


“The hypothalamus is an organ that serves as an important link, along the hypothalamic-hypophyseal axis, between the nervous system and the endocrine system. It is located within the cranial cavity, in the cerebrum, right below the thalamus. It also forms the floor of the third ventricle in the brain. “ What does this have to do with why Pervis was killed? How about is this killer is about to remove his brain and perform a craniotomy on Pervis in order to harvest and use this tissue to prolong his life? What if this brain tissue is injected into the neck of a person and is used to extend his life? anatomy/1112796054/hypothalamus/#MFEYVsFzmZE157vM.99



 What if this person is a doctor hiding in plain sight of everyone within this medical center, getting around unnoticed and has access of passageways, tunnels and waterways that are unknown to anyone without the proper blueprints or knowledge that they exist?


When the information comes to light Detective Patrick McManus would have the greatest challenge in his life to stop this maniacal killer. The tapes are of no help and the feeds throughout the hospital come up dry and the only way he can stop this person is to figure out just how he managed to steal a body from the morgue unseen.


Conferring with his father our fourth year medical students learns about a missing homeless man that was never found and learns about links to the past that will make your skin crawl. Managing to cleverly get access to the old medical records with the help of a young girl named Maria, Demetri begins to uncover information that just might put him, Maria and many others in danger as this killer strikes again.


Sharing his expertise in the field and describing each surgical case in detail author Michael Alexiades allows readers to not only enter each operating room along with the patient and staff. Allowing readers to hear the voice of this doctor as he rationalizes for us his actions and motives. Imagine having done this many times for more than 100 years? Could this man really be ageless? What would happen if he did not kill all of these innocent people?


Frustrated, called on the carpet many times McManus finds himself between more than just a rock and a hard place when constantly chastised for his lack of success. But, within the higher echelon of this hospital two people know the identity of this killer but why won’t they alert the police and why won’t they stop him? The stage is set and the killer is on the lose and what happens will stupefy readers as one detective, hospital staff and a retired detective risk it all to prevent more killings. An ending that will leave you breathless hoping this author will write a sequel and to learn what happens next. Eastside Medical Center: Enter at your own risk!


Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal: Mike Offit




Idealistic, smart and career oriented Warren Hament enters the world of investment banking, bond trading and finance in the early 1980’s hoping to have a lucrative career in the world of high finance. But, Warren is naïve in many respects and as we walk the halls of Weldon along with him, go through the initial intake or interviews the world of top-tier banking comes alive for the reader. Warren is smart, astute and cunning in many respects and is able to circumvent the abuse, insults and unprofessional way some of those interviewing him acted. Hoping to land a plumb position with Weldon, Warren knows the right words, uses the right phrases and is offered a position on the spot. But, sometimes what you wish for might not be exactly what you should want. Jaded and thinking that he would rise to the top, become rich almost over night and never do anything to undercut a client, steal from this investors or even do anything amoral or illegal, the author brilliantly proves that wrong. The world of investment banking is brought to light and the world of an inside trader is not only disreputable, cruel and hardnosed. Lured into the world so many young men and women forget the real reason they went into this field and become hungry for power, money, and wealth and are sucked into playing the game at any cost.




As Warren becomes more familiar with company procedures and meets the players involved you hear their voices, enter the smoke filled rooms as deals are discussed and made and meet Larissa, his soon to be girlfriend as she wangles her way into his life, his bed and career. Smart, beautiful and hungry for the same things as Warren, she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants. With the help of his mentor, Bill Dougherty, Warren rises to the top, helps with his accounts and learns early one the true meaning of disloyalty, deceit, betrayal, lies and fraud.




Warren attended Columbia and lands this job as a bond trader at Weldon Brothers and things his life is about to change for the better. As we learn more about this company, the higher ups and hear the boardroom meetings, learn more about how deals are made anyone studying to be a bond trader, financial analyst or learning more about insider trading and how backroom deals are made will get a perfect education as the author’s own experience in the field is shared. Every step of the way the author shares many deals, trades and explains how bonds are sold and much more. His technical experience is shared and we learn that the world of trading in the 1980’s is no different than today. But, things start to heat up and accidents or are they murders happen when a student falls down a flight of stairs and is in a coma and another dies in a skiing accident. As things start to settle down and his friendships and loyalties are formed his mentor and colleague is murdered. A murder that rocks the company but not in the way you might think. Nothing personal is just that: no one really cares about the victim just the end result for the company, how it will affect their goals, productivity and who will profit from the murder: Who gets his book, his desk and his deals? When Warren is handed them on a silver platter he is quick to take on the responsibility thinking that he will follow in the footsteps of his mentor. Rising to a rich star of the company you learn head on that Warren and his friend Anson are all in it for the money and not for the benefit of the client. It’s just business and as the author states: Nothing Personal: No one really cares about the other. No one would hesitate to make a deal that would undercut the profits of the client and line their pockets with gold. But, when Warren questions the other traders and even his girlfriend, he begins to realize that he better learn to play the game or find himself in a dangerous position as pointed out to him by a close friend.




But, things begin to change and the police question him in the murder of his mentor. Cooperating in every way they attempt to ease his fears that they are only searching for clues and information while actually considering him a suspect since he directly profited from the murders. But, someone is watching and waiting and then Warren learns about a hidden secret that would change the course and direction of his life forever. When Anson’s secretary hands over his computer to Warren what he learns opened up a whole new world for him as he found bank accounts on his computer and with the help of his girlfriend Sam what he learns will astound readers. Enlightening Warren about what he ex-boyfriend managed to cheat her out of and get away with allows readers to understand how many can be channeled to different countries, banks and invested in places that no one will ever find it. As Sam relates her story and how her money wound up in Liechtenstein banks and the author explains how you just won’t believe what they pull off and how. As Warren and Sam manage to con several bankers and the millions they accumulate would change their world if no one found out. Throughout Chapters 34- 46 the reader gets a real education on how Warren and others like him make millions, sell, trade and propose specific deals to their clients hoping that they profit more than them.




With the police stymied and the two murders unsolved Warren still looks good for them both but there they have no solid proof. But, things change and word gets out to someone about his goals, his feelings for Sam and Warren is dealing in a world that is tainted, corrupt and dangerous. Greed, sex, abuse, money, hate and jealousy are at the top of the issues list as well as a young and hot girlfriend who would move more than heaven and earth for Warren but just how remains to be seen.




With the accounts and a fortune in hand, a killer on the lose and a career that could go up in smoke at any point, just what will be Warren’s final fate. As Warren sets the trap for the killer and hopes the person will take the bait the author leads us down one more path explaining the end result for so many as some decide to leave Weldon and Warner, which companies are about to fold or are in trouble and one young investment banker whose future hangs in the balance. From New York, the Hamptons, Dark Harbor and Europe inside the trading houses, banks and boardrooms author Mike Offit gives readers a better education in this field equal if not better than sitting in a course in any college. Put your friendships aside and your own interests at the top and you just might find a career in this field.  Enter the world of trading and learn their secrets and hear their conversations and learn the true meaning of undercutting, betrayal, deceit, and corruption.




Warren Hament is a strong enough character to bring back along with Sam to find out just how far he will go to keep what he has, whether he gets caught in the crossfire, if anyone finds out what he did and if everyone rides home in a convertible limo to safety. This is one novel what truly defines the meaning of the phrase: Nothing Personal: It’s all about money, power, success, the list of accounts, greed and indifference. Each trader, financial analyst, banker, VP and Managing Director has his/her own agenda and after reading this novel you will truly understand just how far someone will go to get accounts and at what cost.




Fran Lewis: reviewer